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Frame Rate 145:

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Several episodes ago, I recall some other listener had written in after either of you had mentioned difficulty in finding something really good to watch when you hit a lull. That listener had mentioned Babylon 5. I had written off B5 back when it came out in favor of Star Trek (the way only a teenager can apply zealotry to television franchises).

This last week I picked it up at the library. I'm one pilot, and 9 episodes in and I am blown away by the quality of the storytelling. For something that was made 20 years ago, it's an incredible show. If you haven't given it a shot, I will add my recommendation to your other listener's.

thanks for a great show, and a great community.

Aaron E.

Tom is right. That is all.

Mark in Chicago

I agree with Brian.


Great show and debate. long time viewer first time emailer. I think Netflix coming to cable as an app whether bundled or referral signup (cable gets a kickback for new subscribers) it is good for consumers especially those who never understood the whole roku/googletv/appletv concepts. like Tom says once folks realize they can watch that content not just on their crappy cable box interface but also on smart phones/tablets away from the house it starts planting the seed of cord cutting. It seems like it is also going to put the pressure on HBO to try and break free of the broadcast tier and maybe take that first step of highspeed internet/HBOGO bundling to get out on Netflix turf.


Let me first say, I'm a contractor for a cable company very similar to TWC and I too would like to see the breakdown of the cable industry as we know it. I dont think all of the 67% of people that dont have Netflix, dont know what it is. If you already have a computer, tablet and/or smartphone then I'm pretty sure you know what Netflix is... So we have to know the percentage that has cable with no computer or smart device. Those are the people that are going to be ""discovering"" Netflix. I do not think it will lead to this group of people to discovering Hulu or Amazon either. If they didn't see commercials on cable to know what Netflix is, then they are not seeing the commercials for Hulu or Amazon either whether they have Netflix in their cable package or not.

Anonymous Insider

There is only one loser in this whole battle over Netflix jumping on the cable boxes - Roku.

Having the availability to watch Netflix on all my TVs that have cable boxes is a lot cheaper than going out and buying a separate piece of hardware for each television in my house.



Brian, it's just an app. Shut your face!

Haha! Love the show!

Kyle V.

You guys were FIGHTING on Framerate!

How cool is THAT!

Brian is a little more right than Tom here. Most people here in luddite 'murica are not going to make the mental leap from Netflix on their cable box to Netflix on the actual internet. They're going to use it, which benefits Netflix and Cable, but not the cord-cutter's ideal.


While you guys were passionately arguing your positions about Netflix on cable set top boxes, I think you missed a big issue. If Netflix were to be integrated on these boxes, wouldn't the cable company have a decent amount of control over the interface and viewing experience? I would not put it past a behemoth like Comcast or time warner to screw with quality or interface to hurt people's perceived experience with Netflix. To the few people who have not used Netflix before, this could truly tarnish their brand. I agree with brian that Netflix has very little or nothing to gain from being on a cable set top box, and it does help the cable companies. Just my two cents.

Aaron from Philly

Brian: I can't help but agree with Tom, Netflix has great recognition for its library depth and device ubiquity in the cord cutter world, but not necessarily in circles outside of it. By putting Netflix as an app on cable boxes, they can generate a swath of new users and new interest from the casual consumer. Consider when the first iPhone came out and it came with YouTube and Google Maps baked into it. There is no way that didn't help the casual users of the internet and internet services understand and be ""converted"" to using Google's services, and when Apple eventually wanted to compete with Google with their own Maps, Google was barely hurt from them removing the ""baked-in"" apps. Not only because they had them developed for the store already, but also because they could get their Google services when they wanted it, when they wanted it on whatever.... Netflix is not going to be tied down by this deal, and this is nothing but good for Netflix.

Tom: Brian makes a good point too. Although the reasons for cutting the cord are to ""save money and gain control of watching the things you want,"" Netflix is only a tool that can be used to cut the cord. I began my cord cutting journey because I, like Brian, hate spending that $80 a month. For too long I had been sitting with cable's ""tool-belt"": a clunky remote and an ugly cable box, so I went out and created my own set of tools: Netflix, Chromecast, Hulu, Areo and Frame Rate. Armed with these, I will be cutting the cord on November 1st. By taking this tool, Netflix, and putting it on their own ""tool-belt"" the cable companies are lulling the consumer into complacency. The argument for cutting the cord is not ""you can't get Netflix on your set top box,"" the argument for NOT cutting the cord is ""you CAN get Netflix on your set top box."" By adding Netflix to cable boxes, the already long and arduous conversation cord cutters will be having with cable companies will be getting longer, and the lazy consumers will continue to pay into the cable industrial complex.

Hope this proved useful in helping to settle your dispute, or at least see things from the other point of view. Please continue to make a great show!


Colin from Houston

I'm 13 minutes into episode 144, recorded Monday October 14th.

All I would like to say is, I don't like it when mommy and daddy fight. (insert frowny emoticon here)

That is all.

Tim McMahon

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