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Frame Rate
Episode 146


Frame Rate 146:

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I think Brian has a point about YouTube's copyright infringement procedures. The unintended consequence of an extra-legal procedure might be that content owners are more likely to flag videos as infringing just to get them taken down regardless of the merits of the use of the content. Perhaps, if a content creator waives their right to the YouTube process and claims an affirmative defense of fair use for criticism, parody, etc. the content owners would be less likely to file an actual DMCA takedown because they will need to review the video for the actual use of the content and truly determine whether they want to make that claim and take the content creator to court. YouTube had to implement the content ID functionality to get big business content owners off their case but in doing so they may have made it too easy for content owners to take down videos without proper review.

Thanks for the great show,


Peter Dinklage grow up around me in jersey. His mother was my wife's music teacher.

One of his first roles in this indie flick called The Station Agent was filmed in my home town of Rockaway NJ.

P.S. I have story about a shaving cable. I had Comcast and downgraded my channels to just broadcast, so no AMC or SyFy. I found out that I still had access to all the FREE On Demand channels. Even thou I couldn't watch Walking Dead on AMC but I still could on On Demand for free. I don't know if this was glitch in the system because I had full cable then changed. It work until I change to Fios a year later. Thought you guys might think this was interesting.


This may be my new favorite thing about the Chromecast! I discovered that when a block of ads starts to play on Hulu Plus if I switch from casting to my phone and immediately back to will resume the show without ads. Simply repeat this at each ad block throughout whatever you are watching. It takes only about 10 seconds and badda bing....Hulu Plus with no ads! Try it and see. And I suppose.....enjoy it while it lasts? What do you think?


I have listened to Frame Rate now for years and heard you guys discuss this season. I went out and hoovered up the Graphic novels and bided my time with the finger on the Itunes Checkout button yearning for the Ghost of Apple past and the AMC Grinch to soften a little finally Vudu and my digital time machine came through and ""click"".

Now - just this very minute - I finished Season 3 after waiting for it to come down to a reasonably satisfactory (though still unsavoury) price.

I think this was the BEST SEASON EVER how could you not believe that.

Shame on you Tom for disparaging Brian from watching it it held me right through, wasn't to mushy angst-ey as Season 2. Still had a religious problem and so much gore, but brilliant!

The only beef I had was with all that gore and zombie guts how come its only biting that infects you why isn't like Ebola or even HIV where a scratch and any fluids will do it? I get the idea that everyone is infected and on death but not living infections.

Regards and Cheers

p.s. My apologies for any sins against the Gods of Grammar and Spelling as my enthusiasms exceed my abilities.

Gary McNamara

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