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Frame Rate
Episode 147


Frame Rate 147:

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Thanks for three years of beating the ""what we want, when we want it, how we want it"" drum."


As I was watching Hulu Plus on my TV, controlling my actions through my Android app playing interactively via my chromecast player, it occurred to me that this configuration might be the secret sauce to the second screen challenge.

As chromecast apps becomes more mature on this platform, there is great opportunity that this (under $40) device may become the answer for second screen viewing- effortlessly linking your handheld [tablet / phone] and the tv you already own.

I want to share my theory with the rest of the class. Love the show.

Bill in Connecticut

Cutting the cord since 2001

Like many, my husband and I are trying desperately to get away from madness of paying 100 bones a month for DISH. We get Netflix streaming at the excellent price of 8 clams which allows us to stream on two devices.

I bought a Chromecast. It was working OK (it's really buggy but, well, I'm desperate) until my husband and tried to stream simultaneously.

""You have exceeded your limit of two devices."" My husband was watching directly on his iPad, I was using my laptop to cast to the TV.

I called Netflix and their answer was that the Chromecast counts as a device. WTF? I asked if a Roku or Boxee Box would count as a device: No.

I called Google, well known for their outstanding customer service, and got, you guessed it, no where. ""Call Netflix.""

Netflix blames Google, Google blames Netflix, and here I am w/ a dongle up my, um, nose.

I'm curious as to 1. How this can happen in a just and right universe and 2. Who is to blame.

{Insane conspiracy theory #47- Netflix and Google want this to happen so I'll have to pay for the 12 sheckel 4 streaming plan!}

One the bright side, happy hours are starting a bit earlier in our household in order to ward off the nastiness of being had by Netflix, Google, and DISH. Maybe we'll just shut it all down and replace it w/ a wet bar in the den.

Love the show!!


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