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Frame Rate
Episode 148


Frame Rate 148:


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I wanted to share my inadvertent chicken challenge. I currently have standalone Comcast internet. I call in to them to change my speed, I was actually planning on giving them more money. The customer service rep did the challenge for me and instead set me up with the faster speed at a price that was lower than I was already paying if I was willing to take basic cable. It just goes to the point that they seem to want to be able to count cable TV subscribers.


Hi guys I have listened to the show probably since the beginning and feel like you forget about those of us that actually care what our movies look and sound like. I cut the cord years ago and moved to Comcast Business because I was afraid of the caps that everyone was talking about. At the time the cap was 250GB and we were doing 500+/month. So you can see that we watch plenty of streamed content and most of it looks good but is not in the realm of a good bluray. I'm one of those guys that buys nice stuff and takes the time to set it up properly and I really enjoy the results. I also sit close enough to my TV that when 4K becomes viable I will be all over it. For me I am happy to wait for a season of TV like Game of Thrones to come out on bluray. Sure I'm always behind but I don't like a show less because I had to wait a year. I also pay for the blurays from Netflix which I hope does not die off any time soon. As soon as streaming can deliver the same quality picture and sound as a bluray I'll be all over it until then I want those discs to keep coming.


Hey frameraters I just started my Aereo trial in the Denver market and I must admit I am very impressed with the quality of the service. For $12 a month I can record two channels while watching two simultaneously. And while Denver's broadcast universe is nowhere near as packed with channels as say NY or Chicago's, I was very surprised to discover channels available on Aereo that are not available OTA to my own residence. Plus Bloomberg business news looks sharper and functions better on Aereo than on Bloomberg's own Roku channel. Aereo works on my Roku 2&3 as well as my Nexus 7 and HTPC. For a quality second room tuner it probably even justifies the entry point cost of $8 per month. My old Comcast lifeline service cost around $24 per month for even fewer broadcast channels. Now if Aereo could just link to municipal government broadcasts, all my needs would be met for lifeline TV. On Roku it rounds out a cord cutters needs.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing about Aereo's rollout in other markets on Frame rate.

Carter Boulder, CO

Tom, I know you were an early adopter of Simple.TV and recall you giving it a so-so review on first release which was understandable for a new. I noticed that there was a big update recently and, as some time has passed, I was wondering if you could give us an updated review. I'm a regular viewer and don't recall the update being mentioned. If it has and you can direct me to the episode I missed, I would appreciate it.

Thanks for all the hard work and edu-tainment!

Alex (alexhoward in the chat)

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