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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 149:


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Hi Brian and Tom, About the difficulty in providing TV to internet only customers... I currently work for a cable company in Canada, and used to work as an installer for AT&T|Broadband in Seattle (way back when), and there's a little more to adding TV to internet only customers, than flipping a bit in the computer, even just the basic 20 channels.

To provide internet to customers without TV, a filter must be installed to block all the frequencies except those used by DOCSIS (cable internet), which means that there's even more of a cost to the MSO to add those channels, because an installer has to go out to remove the filter, and in many cases install a digital cable box (because most systems are going to digital only).

Why would they do this then? It's not to bury the story about cord cutters (of which I sort of am one), but rather to look better on the investor sheets. Those investors don't really care about the number of cord cutters, but rather it's all about the balance sheet... Does this year's number look the same or better than last years? Yes=Good No=Bad Even a smaller loss than previously is considered good.

The number of TV subscribers is the most important figure to an MSO because that's the benchmark that the industry has had since the pre-internet/phone world of the CableCo, and it's a legacy that will take a fundamental shift in the industry for them not to care about anymore, probably requiring a new generation of management to take over.

Thanks, and keep up the great shows,

Tim in Calgary

I love Frame Rate, Brian and Tom are awesome together and its always entertaining, but PLEASE get a new scan lines bumper! I avoided hearing Blurred Lines at every turn all summer and now every week I'm subjected to it and it turns into a horrible horrible ear worm. If I was any good at the whole creative video bumper thing I'd send you one, but I'm not, so I'm hoping one of the awesome twit army members will save me from insanity and come up with a new and better Scan Lines bumper.

Love the Show!


As a long time viewer I was kinda shocked that you both kinda poo-pooed the outrage over the changes over at youtube. I'll admit at first even I was kinda like what ever about the change, but a friend who does youtube content explained his problem with the change to me. His channel is boogie2988 on youtube.

Basically there are two big issues that google need to address when it comes to the intergration of g+ and youtube in his opinion. First is the fact that the previous cooment system had a hard limit of characters you could use in a comment. I cant recall the number off the top of my head but it was enough to have about a single paragraph. Now there is no limit so instead of posting actual comments (good or bad) people are now posting whole blocks of text (one I saw yesterday was the entire constitution.) and ascii art of random genitalia.

Another thing that he mentioned was the fact that while yes there is a lot of troll/mean spirited/ idiotic post on youtube, with the previous system they would eventually just get buried. With the new system, the people who post those nasty and even vile post about how boogie should ""go kill himself"" or ""how about you go eat yourself to death"" get brought to the top of the comment system because of the actual fans who tell jerks like this off.

And while yes you can block a user, but the blocking system only blocks that one account, not the twenty accounts that person made with the same name.

I'm not saying that there is an easy fix for these problems, but google may have jumped the gun a little in pushing the change without talking to their producers a little before hand. A number of the producers I follow are turning comments off (boogie2988, totalbiscuit, pewdepie, are just a few.) They admit it probably will hurt their legitimate followers, but not doing it would probably do more harm.


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