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Frame Rate
Episode 150


Frame Rate 150:

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MLB's threat about moving to cable has to be the emptiest threat in the history of empty threats. Guess how many games my local team, the Twins, has on broadcast. Wait, stop counting, you're too high. Yes, they have zero games on broadcast.

I think MLB would prefer if Aereo won. Cable contracts are very lucrative and anything to increase subscriber numbers will benefit the teams.


I've heard you talk about Hulu Plus on previous episodes and you did so on your most recent FrameRate. I know you say that you don't see why anyone would pay for Hulu Plus so I thought I would give you my two cents.

Netflix has the most content and a lot of back episodes of tv or movies while Amazon Prime has some decent content but I use that mostly to purchase episodes of current shows that aren't streaming or to rent movies. Hulu is nice complement because of the availability of current episodes of a lot of shows I watch. I know that you can watch a lot of the same shows through network websites or Hulu in a browser. I still pay for Hulu for the convenience. I like staying in the PS3 for all of my streaming needs without having to connect my laptop to the tv. This is also true in the bedroom where I just have a roku connected to the bedroom tv so I can watch all streaming services there as well. Between Netflix and Hulu there are very few shows that I need to purchase individual episodes of and I don't need any other hardware in the bedroom. <snip>

I will say that I haven't spent much time using Hulu in the browser but switching back and forth between my laptop and tv for different services just sounds annoying. Also, I guess I'm a little different in that the ads don't really bother me that much. You pay for cable and there are still ads there, plus the ads on Hulu are fairly short. When I watch tv through my digital antenna, those ads annoy me. I guess just because their longer. They really shouldn't because I'm not paying anything for the digital signal but they just do for some reason.

Sorry for the long email but I thought you might want to hear from someone (maybe the only person) that pays for Hulu Plus. Keep up the good work on the podcast.


I sent an email to TNT about how I think Tom is on to something about how people resent being forced to sign up for a different service. I think many in the tech media don't realize how much people invest in their online identity and their community there. Think of it this way: a bunch of Catholics are told that if they want to continue to attend service at their church, they will have to convert to Presbyterian. Naturally they're upset, but the response is: "but we're all Christians". If you can imagine the reaction to that extreme situation it may give you a feel for the resentment people feel.


The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of Aereo. I'm in the process of creating the best cord-cut solution, and no OTA box looks as good as Aereo. Maybe TiVo, but they seemed to have been reduced to DirectTV's whipping boy."


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