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Frame Rate
Episode 152


Frame Rate 152:

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The Big Story

"The new networks compete based on the their ability to make the right original programming decisions and secure the best old shows, as well as the prescience of their recommendation engines.
If modern American popular culture was built on a central pillar of mainstream entertainment flanked by smaller subcultures, what stands to replace it is a very different infrastructure, one comprising islands of fandom.
The whole ideal of “forging one people” is not entirely benevolent and has always been at odds with a country meant to be the home of the free."

Another Big Story

Needham & Co.’s Laura Martin estimates that $45 billion of TV advertising would be at risk under such a change, along with 1.4 million jobs, $20 billion in taxes paid by such cable operators as Comcast (CMCSA) and Time Warner Cable (TWC), and $117 billion in market capitalization.

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My name is Ozzie and I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I consider my self a cord cutter, I pay for internet and get free basic cable ike Iaz.

It is my believe that the TV over internet and a la carte tv channels is a dream and many companies like Intel will try and fail because content is so expensive, But a company like Microsoft could in theory create a optional set up box with a cable card, hard drive and six tuners, connected it to the xbox and let the xbox one manage the content via the guide and allow other system like the 360s to stream the content as well as iPads, Roku and android apps, Tivo has a similar service but the equipment is very expensive and you still have to pay for guide subscription on every tv you connect.

I say stop trying to revolutionize tv or disrupt the system don’t waste millions securing content deals must people can get it free or close to nothing when they pay for broadband.

I have and Xbox one and several 360s as well as a Tivo DVR which i need because of my wife who is the only one that watches live tv in our home, my 3 kids rarely turn on a tv and must content in my home is consumed via iPads, apple TVs, Roku and Google TVs. with the help of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

This scenario is true for most people and the biggest hurdle any company must overcome is making the system wife proof not the content.

Always watching


PS, I watch you guys live every monday on my LG Google TV

Since watching your podcast I've picked up on quite a few shows you've recommended over the past year. So I sincerely thank you for great entertainment like House of Cards, Archer, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove and the astounding Justified. It helps that they're mostly on Netflix of course!

Please give me some more recommendations, particularly if they're Netflixable. Maybe you guys should have a favourite shows list to go along with your ""TV club"" idea, or where FrameRate followers can share and rate shows.

My 3 top tips for you guys:

  • Almighty Johnsons
  • Black Mirror
  • Charlie Brooker's: Videogames Changed the World

The latter being an absolute must for gamers of the last millennium, and look out for Felicia Day.


James from the UK

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