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Frame Rate
Episode 153


Frame Rate 153:

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Things I wanted to say before you ended:

1) Quickster was a good idea. Maybe then people that care about quality of a picture and blu-ray extras would have had a good value proposition. Split up the company, 1 for disc and 1 for streaming and I think there would have been use cases for each. Netflix was forced to buy neutered blu-rays for rental. I would pay more for a service that had retail release blu-rays.

2) Book spoilers. Brian: I can almost hear Tom grinding his teeth when you spoil the book version of Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I can kind of understand when JRY does it (and I learned my lesson to never listen to a podcast he is ever on again because of it) when he sits in, but not from a host.

Jason from Boston

There is no bigger news than the end of Framerate. You two better do a show together about cord cutting or else I will be very cross and my wife will cry. Just thought that I would throw an idea out for you two. Can Steam save the HTPC? The Steam box is a pc and a game console that you hook to your tv. One would hope that Steam puts something like XBMC in the Steam store and then add in NetFlix, Amazon, maybe GooglePlay, and of course YouTube. Maybe the SteamBox will be the one box to rule them all?


I was listening to Monday's FrameRate this morning re: Turbo F.A.S.T. on Netflix

It's the first thing Tom mentioned. Animation takes a long time to do. Believe me. I work on the show. We're the fastest studio around and it still takes a long time.

Also, when they say there are only five episodes, it's really more like 10. The episodes are each 11 minutes but they are packaging them like TV so there are two 11 minutes shows per episode. The first one - the pilot - is a 22 minute double length. So it's more like 9 episodes I guess. We're making them as fast as we possibly can.


Love the show and look forward to whatever you two do in the future. Your discussion about a la carte cable solidified my thoughts on channels. Why do we need channels at all in the future? It seems to me that they're just a middle man between money that funds shows and the creative talent that actually produces content. From my outsider's perspective it seems like network executives mainly detract from shows by inserting group think, mass appeal marketing ideas. Networks are just a way to collect shows into groups that often don't make sense and force them into increasingly meaningless time slots.

I get that this rant is all pie-in-the-sky future looking and most of America still watches what's on when it's on, but I'd love to see a future where video entertainment comes via RSS feed or something similar.

Best of luck, Joel Harding

  • Quick note from this wiki editor. I want to thank Tom, Brian and Jason for putting together an intelligent, funny and informative show about cord cutting. I am very honored to have been along for the ride and wish you all, amazing success in the future. One final note, We Got That B-Roll!!


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