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Frame Rate
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Frame Rate 65:

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Last week you mentioned that the quality of dvr recordings is ""double compressed."" This is not the case with digital content. When you record the Walking Dead in hd all that is happening is the dvr is copying over the bits to your dvr's hard drive. When you record sd content or you use some sort of analog conversion like the Haupauge HD-Pvr then there would be a double compression.

You also mentioned that OTA content is at a higher quality than over cable. This is not true for Verizon fios. Verizon pipes over the full data stream that comes OTA. Verizon is less constrained by bandwidth than regular cable providers so they don't bother re-compressing."


YouTube, which dominates the landscape when it comes to videos watched, has its own set of challenges too. Yes, they're building out their original programming and content but it's still early. Even amongst yourselves, I'm sure you can name several more original shows on FOX or ABC than you can on YouTube. Why is that important? Well, you have to keep in mind that television most often is used for branding and mass reach. That's why ratings have become so important. We still need to come to that point where an original online show gets the amount of water cooler talk we see with shows like American Idol, Glee, and Fringe every week. It's very hard to convince the client (and for them, their bosses and marketing teams) to invest in shows they've never heard of.

Furthermore, YouTube, despite being a video site, has yet to develop in-stream video ad spots (mid-rolls). For the most part they focus on pre-rolls and TrueView (click out after five seconds). After that it's overlays and companion banners! Plus most of the time, running on YouTube is more about running CPC across keyword-targeted video and content. I can't even tell my client when they can be guaranteed to see their spot ""air."" I can only hope our bid gets in to the right videos at the right time to the right video. It's not that YouTube isn't an efficient driver of clicks, views, etc. but it becomes more of a competitor to online display media than it is for television budgets."


I needed to vent about the latest unnecessary version of Dr. Seuss's the Lorax. One of my favorite Seuss cartoons from when I was a kid in the seventies was the Ted Geisel approved The Lorax. Just before our kids were born my wife and I found the book and I've read it to my kids so many times I almost have it memorized. The 22 minute 40 year old cartoon is practically word for word from the book. We own it on DVD, it's available in 3 parts on YouTube and my kids love it too. The remake happy Hollywood can't leave well enough alone and are putting out a CGI version of The Lorax at the end of this week. From what I've seen of the previews, there is practically nothing from the book in this thing. Taylor Swift voices a girl who wants to see a real tree. Where did she come from? Do they think kids are that stupid today that they need to lead them into a story like this with an extra character. I can see needing to pad the story to make it to the 90 minute length which seems to be the standard today, but in my opinion, they should not have made this one at all. What's next? A computer animated version of Charlie Brown's Christmas where the kids have to get to the north pole to find the real Santa Clause? I for one am not going to give any of my hard earned money to this one. There, I've said my piece."


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