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Frame Rate 93

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I went through the box office numbers from the draft then looked at them as if the Movie Draft counted international box office numbers, I found a few interesting things. First off, the Hosts,

Justin would still be in 1st with $2,786,631,154
Brian would move up to 2nd with $1,997,421,296
Scott would move up to 3rd with $1,177,166,168
Tom would move down to 4th with $1,776,992,510
Sarah would still be in 5th with $1,431,176,613
Veronica would still be in 6th with $776,955,712

Second, the Chatrealm,

Dan would move up to 1st(from 7th) with $3,113,215,096
Jeff Collier would move up to 2nd(from 13th) with $2,812,321,748
realtimeserendipity would move down to 3rd(from 1st) with $2,776,325,000
(TayStad) would move up to 7th(from 355th) with $2,520,450,608

Some movies were only released in the US or some did not fair as well Internationally. Some movies did better or gained a lot more in the International market and had more time to do well. Also, some are just now opening Internationally(ie. China).

It would be interesting to at least show the International numbers in the next Movie Draft doc.

One more note, even if movies in the US bomb, but they make a lot of money Internationally, their going to still make sequels. And some movies did ok in the US, but did very very well Internationally(Wrath of the Titans, Battleship, MIB 3, Prometheus, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and The Expendables 2). So expect more sequels!


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This would still allow for automated takedowns but the cost might get so high that publishers might employ human oversight. This would have no effect on small publishers issuing legitimate notice."


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