Green Tech Today 8

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Green Tech Today
Episode 8

Green Tech Today 8: Solazyme

Top 25 Green Tech Innovators Series: Growing algae to produce renewable oils.



  • Using Algae to replace petroleum.
    • It creates a basic substance that can be turned into anything that petroleum or vegetable oil.
  • Growing in the Dark
    • Don't grow the algae in sunlight with them doing photosynthesis.
    • Feed them plan material from other plants (weeds, cellulose, etc) and use that to grow oil.
  • Commercial Uses
    • Jet fuel to cosmetics.
    • Once a good strain is found, build up more of it to test out
  • Feedstocks
    • Waste from a Bio-Diesel plant
    • Yard clippings
  • Scaling Up
    • Biggest challenge is getting the good strains out of the lab and into commercial production.
    • A team dedicated to just scaling up.
  • Food Tech
    • One strain is similar to olive oil
    • They had accidently created a new, very healthy type of cooking oil




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