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Ham Nation is the TWIT show about ham radio. Bob Heil, with various co-hosts and guests, will cover the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire in a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters. Ham Nation premiered on May 24, 2011. The show currently airs live on Wednesday at 6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET with the on demand download available within 24 hours.




For details on contributing videos for potential play during Ham Nation, see this link http://www.hamnationvideos.info


Recent Episodes

Below are recent episodes you can download or watch.

  • Ham Nation 153 Field Day Preparations–Field Day Preparations and more.
  • Ham Nation 152 JOHN CLEMENS 90th birthday, Gordo ready's for field Day–A special birthday present for John Clemens, Field day with Gordo, soldering the iPhone to Icom HT interface and more.
  • Ham Nation 151 Sea-Pac–Seaside Oregon Sea-Pac Hamfest, QSLing with Valerie, George interviews Randy(K7AGE) and more.
  • Ham Nation 150 Six Meters is ALIVE!–Exploring the six-meter band, inside an IC-7000, constructing an inexpensive 10M Beam and more.
  • Ham Nation 149 How to Use Your Grid Dip Meter–Using a Grid Dip Meter, audio mixers, Dayton after dark, and more.
  • Ham Nation 148 We Survived Dayton!–News from Dayton HamVention, iPhone to Icom interface, extremely low noise antennas, and more.
  • Ham Nation 147 Dayton Preview!–Bob and Valerie report in from Dayton, 2009 Newsline Young Ham of the Year Andrew Koenig, mobile HF radio installs and more!
  • Ham Nation 146 We're All Off to Dayton!–APRS(Automatic Packet Reporting System), mobile beacon to Dayton, MFJ products, and more!
  • Ham Nation 145 K7AGE's Magic Drawing Board–Aluma Towers, running splits, sound card interfaces for PSK31, and more!
  • Ham Nation 144 Joe Walsh(WB6ACU) Enters Ham Radio–Joe Walsh(WB6ACU) returns to the show to talk about how he started with Ham radio, Field Day, questions from the chat room and more!
  • Ham Nation 143 Bob at NAB and DXing with Valerie–Bob's NAB experience, DX Code of Conduct, Arduino ID Timer, and more!
  • Ham Nation 142 Up on the Roof–Don's Solara mobile install, smoke and solder, show me your shack, and more!
  • Ham Nation 141 Joe Walsh WB6ACU Co-hosts!–In this special episode, Joe Walsh(WB6ACU), of the Eagles and the Ham Nation theme talks with the crew! Also Leo Laporte, Tim Duffy, Ray Novak and we announce an addition to the staff!
  • Ham Nation 140 Robert W0VMC Shows Those Monster Broadcast Transmitters–'Heavy Iron' Gurus, reviewing balanced and unbalanced audio, an elementary school ham club, and more.
  • Ham Nation 139 Flying High Over K9EID–Hexcopter flies over K9EID, Acadiana AARA Hamfest, Mobile HF wiring, and more.
  • Ham Nation 138 A World Class Contest Station–Anita and Fred's world class contest station, Green County Hamfest, measuring coax impedance, and more.
  • Ham Nation 137 The World Radiosport Team Championship–The 20-Meter Net Control, the World Radiosport Team Championship, George explains diodes, and more.
  • Ham Nation 136 DX Engineering Acquires Cycle 24 Antenna–Ham Nation from Dayton news, Gordo is on emergency storm watch, Bob explains ground loops, and more.
  • Ham Nation 135 Reel to Real–Bob shows off his old reels, coronal mass ejection expands the 10 meter band, Puerto Rico ARRL Convention, and more.
  • Ham Nation 134 Station Grounding–Bob is inducted to the Hammond Organ Hall Of Fame, how to make a career out of being a ham, compression f connectors, using radio for healthcare, and more.
  • Ham Nation 133 The 2014 Dayton Hamvention Award Winners–Hamvention award winner announcement, Bob's back from his trip with pictures, from CES the FLIR One, RF connectors, and more.
  • Ham Nation 132 Visiting Quartzfest–CES quadcopters, Quartzfest with Gordo, radio propagation 101, how Hams got their name, and more.
  • Ham Nation 131 Getting Wired–Vintage video of Amateur Radio Newsline, the Blizzard of '67, transmission lines, and more!
  • Ham Nation 130 Gordo's CES report, and Bob's AGC Receiver Adjustment–Gordo reports from CES, Proper AGC adjustment, keeping a log book, and more.
  • Ham Nation 129 The Mosley CM-1 History–A life saving Ham radio story, Bob interviews Mosley CM-1 Creator John Clemens, how to solder small chips, and more.
  • Ham Nation 128 Deck the Halls–A message from Santa in the North Pole, Heil 12 days of Christmas, QRZ Sweepstakes Winners, freeze your acorns off QRP event, and more.
  • Ham Nation 127 Live from DX Engineering–Bob is live from DX Engineering, humanitarian award goes to a HAM operator, Kempton Rally 2013, CES shots from Gordo, and more.
  • Ham Nation 126 Old Guys Rule–Smoke and solder gender bender, show me your shack, Cheryl's chat room, and more.
  • Ham Nation 125 Thanksgiving QSO–Smoke and solder power pole connectors, Thanksgiving message from Last Man Standing, transmitting from the beach and more.
  • Ham Nation 124 LIVE FROM: Midwest ARRL Convention–Live interviews with numerous people in Ham Radio
  • Ham Nation 123A recap of the Midwest ARRL Convention–We're back from the Lebanon convention, interview with Joe Eisenberg K0NEB, honoring our veterans, a don't try this at home video, and more.
  • Ham Nation 122Gordo joins Bob in the stage and lab at Pleasant Hope–Upcoming ARRL midwest convention, antenna and transmitter switches, Tokyo radio center, questions from the chat room, and more.
  • Ham Nation 121George builds an intercom and Happy Halloween!–Bob's been busy with the Wrecking Crew, how to make a cheap intercom, in depth with multi-band antennas, and more..
  • Ham Nation 120DX Engineering's Grand Opening–Measuring Xformer impedance, DX Engineerings grand opening, photos from Pacific-Con, and more.
  • Ham Nation 119We talk about proper microphone technique–Finish building the FM radio kit, Gordo is at Pacificon, win a chance to hear your callsign broadcast on Last Man Standing, and more.
  • Ham Nation 118Fred Loyd, Founder of QRZ is Bob's special guest–Bob interviews Fred Lloyd AA7BQ founder of QRZ, WA5KUB reports on the U.K. hamfest, the elmering challenge, and more.
  • Ham Nation 117Tim Duffy (K3LR) Discusses Towers and Antennas–FM radio kit part 1, busting antenna myths, news of Colorado floods, and more.
  • Ham Nation 116Analyze This!–Jamboree on the air, Antenna Analyzers, Ham made music video, and more!
  • Ham Nation 115A Tribute to Wayne Green W2NSD–Flooding in Colorado, how to get involved in commercial electronics, tribute to Wayne Green, and more.
  • Ham Nation 114Hallicrafters HT37–Echo link trouble shooting, Bob works Germany with a 1962 Hillicrafters HT37, tribute to John F. Kenndy, and more.
  • Ham Nation 113RF Demodulator–How to build your own RF Demodulator, tracking 20 meter transmitters, ham involvement with wildfires, and more.
  • Ham Nation 112How To Use an Oscilloscope–Monitoring with your scope, tracking down man-made noise, Joplin Hamfest report, and more.
  • Ham Nation 111Gordo Begins Teaching the Instructors –Final part of building your own 6 Meter Yagi, becoming a ham instructor, Young Ham of the Year presentation, and more.
  • Ham Nation 110Bob Shows How to Connect Your Scope to Your Transmitter–Part 2 of building a six meter Yagi, how to make your own a RF sampler, scope transmitters, and more.
  • Ham Nation 109Bob Finishes the Patch Panel–Proper audio cable preparation, building a six meter Yagi, Building an HF Tuner and more.
  • Ham Nation 108George Tests his TNC Raspberry Pi–Return from HAM Holiday, tracking mylar balloons, testing the TNC-Pi, and more.
  • Ham Nation 107Raspberry Pi and Audio –More on tropospheric ducting, hooking up a transceiver to a mixer, and setting up Raspberry Pi.
  • Ham Nation 106Gordo Explains VHF Tropo Ducting–connecting studio monitor speakers to your receiver, building the TNC-Pi and more!
  • Ham Nation 105Bob Launches Another Antenna –Viewer videos, Bob uses an air cannon to launch an antenna, George shows how to 'de-solder', and more!