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Ham Nation is the TWIT show about ham radio. Bob Heil, with various co-hosts and guests, will cover the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire in a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters. Ham Nation premiered on May 24, 2011. The show currently airs live on Wednesday at 6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET with the on demand download available within 24 hours.




For details on contributing videos for potential play during Ham Nation, see this link http://www.hamnationvideos.info


Recent Episodes

Below are recent episodes you can download or watch.

  • Ham Nation 211 KATRINA: 10 YEARS LATER–Gordo's TSA adventure, Boxboro! 2015, spicing up your QRZ.com page, remembering the hams of Hurricane Katrina, and more!
  • Ham Nation 210 Huntsville Hamfest DIY–10ghz contesting with Gordon West, Don returns from Huntsville Hamfest, Kit-Building with CQ Magazine's Joe Eisenberg, and more!
  • Ham Nation 209 Tower Talk With K0MD–The Perseid meteor shower and the airwaves, Dr. Scott Wright and his tower, Shreveport Hamfest and more!
  • Ham Nation 208 Anna W0ANT: The Young Ham of the Year–Microwaves with Gordo, Charlie Emerson N4OKL and Huntsville Hamfest, Young Ham of the Year Anna Veal W0ANT, and more!
  • Ham Nation 207 WE MEET FRED LLOYD FROM QRZ.COM!–Where has Bob Heil been the past few shows? Real Event Drills with Gordon West, Don Wilbanks talks with young hams Kendra and Abbi Wilson and more!
  • Ham Nation 206 HOA 101–Logging software for DX, the mighty woof antenna, and how to build a antenna with HOA restrictions!
  • Ham Nation 205 NEWSLINE IS BACK!–HF if you don't have room for an antenna, Amateur Radio Newsline returns, reusing an old charger and more!
  • Ham Nation 204 KATIE AND VAL EXPLAIN HAM RADIO DELUXE–Ham Radio Deluxe, using a barbed wire antenna, Bob Heil's field day and more!
  • Ham Nation 203 THE FIELD DAY WRAP UP–Field day recap, Amateur Radio Newsline update, new hams at Contest University 2015 in Dayton, what kind of mixer does Bob Heil use? And more!
  • Ham Nation 202 Final Field Day prep–Field Day preparation, 6-Meters: the Magic Band, classifications for Field Day, and more!
  • Ham Nation 201 Get your gear ready for FIELD DAY–What to expect on Field Day, a tribute to Amateur Radio Newsline's Bill Pasternak WA6ITF, building a 4:1 balun and more!
  • Ham Nation 200 We have Joe Walsh as our guest–A look back at 200 episodes, Don's new gear, how Joe Walsh got into ham radio, building a 1:1 balun and more!
  • Ham Nation 199 Special Event stations have created huge pileups–The Ham Nation 200th Episode special event station, what happens on Field Day? George explains baluns, using N1MM Logger+ and more!
  • Ham Nation 198 The Ultimate Builder: Clark W0BT–Field Day is next month, tuning a 10 meter dipole, you could help Amateur Radio Newsline and more!
  • Ham Nation 197 We Survived Dayton!"–Back from Dayton Hamvention, Hams at the Boston Marathon, is my solder expired? And more!
  • Ham Nation 196 A sneak peek at Dayton–We're live from Dayton, Ohio at Contest University with a preview of Hamvention 2015.
  • Ham Nation 195 Duck and Cover!–The Nevada State Convention, Amateur radio efforts in Nepal, connecting antenna systems and more!
  • Ham Nation 194 Meet the Twin Hams!–Bob Heil at NAB and NMX, twin young hams, building a 10 Meter Dipole and more!
  • Ham Nation 193 The Usual Suspects–The 66th Annual International DX Convention in Visalia, Digital Mode Decoding, Earth gloves, and more!
  • Ham Nation 192 K3LR In the TWiT Brickhouse!–The ARRL Rookie Roundup, Tim Duffy is in studio with an announcement, reinforcing cables with Sugru and more!
  • Ham Nation 191 K6TD Tells Us About the Visalia Convention–The upcoming International DX Convention in Visalia, California, 2015 Baker 2 Vegas, building a 2m quarter wave antenna, and more!
  • Ham Nation 190 Christian Brings Us the Perfect Elmer–The Hawaiian beacon and tropospheric ducting, a new ham and his elmer, George tests his Iambino Keyer for Arduino and more!
  • Ham Nation 189 Dr. Skov Goes to Dayton!–Antenna analyzers, a 13-year-old new ham, basic fundamentals of baluns and more!
  • Ham Nation 188 Valerie and Jerry Report on Navassa–HF Mobile, Sierra Foothills ARC Hamfest 2015, 2015 Dayton Hamvention Awards, listen to a K1N pileup and more!
  • Ham Nation 187 Green Hams and Gear"–Antenna baluns, Gordo visits the Main Trading Company, Antenna testing using WSPR and more!
  • Ham Nation 186 Life on Navassa–Bob makes a distant mobile contact, Orange Texas Hamfest, footage from the Navassa DXpedition and more!
  • Ham Nation 185 Hello New Hams!–New Ham Christian Cudnik, building a field strength meter, iOS apps for amateur radio and more!
  • Ham Nation 184 A Cold Day in Hell, Michigan–HamCation 2015 in Orlando Florida, programming a D-STAR radio, the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and more!
  • Ham Nation 183 Doctor D-STAR is In!–Making your presentation live with demos, what is D-STAR? K1N Navassa is on the air and more!
  • Ham Nation 182 We Visit the American Legion Amateur Radio Club–Gordo Short Shots from Quartzfest 2015, The American Legion Amateur Radio Club, setting up an HF station and more!
  • Ham Nation 181 Sing-Along with Gordo!"–Gordo sings at Quartzfest 2015, Amateur Radio Newsline is back, Don and George's excellent Hamfest adventure and more!
  • Ham Nation 180 Where There's Smoke, There's Ham!"–Gordo and Randy at Quartzfest 2015, how different products are powered, the KP1-5 Project Navassa DXpedition with Bob Allphin and more!
  • Ham Nation 179 Gordo and Bob Return from CES!"–Gordo and Bob report from CES 2015, Quartzfest preparation with Randy, Bob's trick to remember Ohm's law and more!
  • Ham Nation 178 Happy 2015!"–How did these Hams spend the holidays? The ISS on SSTV, tips for better contesting and more!
  • Ham Nation 177 A Ham Nation Holiday!"–Quartzfest 2014, Randy(K7AGE) finishes building and testing Bob Heil's mixer, a Christmas surprise from Amateur Logic.tv and more!
  • Ham Nation 176 Bob Sets Up His 1962 EICO"–The 10 Meter Contest, inside the CheapoDuino, hooking up a 1962 EICO 720 and more!
  • Ham Nation 175 I'm Dreaming of a DX Christmas"–Directional antennas, DX holiday style, Randy (K7AGE) on wiring and soldering a mixer, and more!
  • Ham Nation 174 Green Ham and Fish"–George checks out a FISH8840 component tester, Ham Radio Day 2014 in Paris TX, finding an old call sign and more!
  • Ham Nation 173 Valerie Finishes Her Report on LOTW"–Randy continues building Bob's mixer, more Logbook of the World with Valerie, NIXA Hamfest, and more!
  • Ham Nation 172 Ships Ahoy!"–Putting up a telescopic flag pole antenna, lightweight QRP power source, being a ham at sea, and more!
  • Ham Nation 171 It's Halloween for the Ham Nation Gang!"–Bob Heil shows how to DX on a vintage station.
  • Ham Nation 170 We Visit Valerie's New Antenna Farm!–Gordon West explains why use a dipole.
  • Ham Nation 169 Pacificon and Petaluma!–George Thomas reports on the Ham Nation crew's trip to Petaluma and Pacificon.
  • Ham Nation 168 Live at the TWiT Studio, with Leo Laporte!"–Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Ray Novak and more are live with Leo Laporte in the TWiT studios in Petaluma, California!
  • Ham Nation 167 Last Man Standing Takes the Test!"–SEDCO W4DXCC, Valerie explains LOTW, serial controlled antenna switch, and more.
  • Ham Nation 166 Ham Radio Goes to Hollywood!"–Peoria Superfest, building an Adventure Tuner Kit, protecting your station from lightning, and more.
  • Ham Nation 165 DX'ing Around the World"–Microwave activity weekend, build your own FT-817 Portable Pack, DX'ing all over the world with DXpeditions, an