Ham Nation 3

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Ham Nation
Episode 3

Ham Nation 3: Ham Radio Basics

Frequencies, handy-talkies, making antennas, terminating cables, soldering, and more



  • Frequencies and Antennas
    • Overview of the various frequencies like 550, 640, 1020, 1120 and how ham operators are only allotted certain frequency ranges to transmit on. The relation of Frequencies and how long the antennas need to be.
  • Repeaters
    • How repeater can extend range of signal further distances by retransmitting the original signal. Brief mention of DStar for repeating technology and how this will be covered in future podcasts.
  • Confirmation Card (QSL QTH)
    • How do you confirm that you make contact with remote ham operators. It is done by sending a confirmation card.
  • DX Expedition
    • A trip to a remote island where the group has to get a permit from the local government, license from radio communication authority (ie. local FCC authority), transport equipment to remote island,
  • Signal Distance
    • Describing the idea of how the weather affects how far the signal can travel during the day versus the night.
  • Morse Code
    • Listen to the theme song and you will have learned three letters of morse code. H .... A ._ M _ _
  • Start a contact
    • Call CQ (Seek you) on a band then remote operator responds to CQ with their call letters and conversation proceeds.
  • Call letters
    • Describes how call letter are assigned by region by the FCC.


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  • BSW USA The mixer vendor and brand used to record this show allowing multiple inputs to be controlled and monitored.
  • Logitech C910 webcam This is the model that is used to capture the video of the podcast.


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