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Home Theater Geeks
Episode 51

Home Theater Geeks 51: The Evolution of Music

Electronic music composer Robert Rich tells us how changing technology changed music.


Robert Rich has pioneered new worlds of ambient and electronic music for three decades. He studied computer music at Stanford's prestigious CCRMA while earning a degree in Psychology. In 1982 he first performed his legendary Sleep Concerts, all-night shows meant to sustain hypnogogic states in sleeping audiences. His 7-hour DVD Somnium is among the longest continuous pieces of music ever released. Rich has recorded dozens of albums, ranging from the slow deep ambience of Trances/Drones, to the electro-acoustic world music of Rainforest and Seven Veils, to shadowy cinematic excursions like Stalker and Bestiary. Rich has worked with Steve Roach, Lustmord, Ian Boddy, David Torn, Alio Die, Paul Haslinger, Markus Reuter, and many others. His sound design graces many films, and as a mastering engineer he has applied his ear to hundreds of albums.

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