Home Theater Geeks 77

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Home Theater Geeks
Episode 77

Home Theatre Geeks 77

Guests Info

  • No guests today.


Tour Of Scott's Studio

  • Scott shows us a number of things around his studio including a Bender figure, Art, Clocks, Bobble heads, and many other items.
  • Fun fact. Scott's studio was designed by his wife who has a Masters in Theatre Arts.

Questions From The Audience

  • Laptop - Where is Scott from and where is he filming from now? (13:41)
  • Laptop - Does Scott live near the Jay Leno set? (16:07)
  • Web1467 - Would like to know where the blanket that used to be in the background went? (21:56)
  • Ambrose - Needs to replace his denon 7.1 AVR and would like to know if Scott has any recommendations? (22:17)
  • Allan Mixs - Has Scott ever played on the Burrows football team? (22:50)
  • SoCal Ray Jr - Has advice on a replacement AVR for Ambrose, The Denon 4311 (24:03)
  • Spencer NH - Would like to know what a good resource is for designing speaker layout in an odd shaped room. (24:39)
  • Web26 - Wants to know if this is the real show or the pre show? (25:44)
  • Scott answers a question about Klipschorn speakers. (25:55)
  • Metro Scene - Inquires about an LED TV that does not pass DTS audio through the optical port and a receiver that does not have HDMI. What can they do? (26:13)
  • Web7685 - Points out Scott forgot to mention in an earlier question that he attended Cabreo College in Santa Cruse. (27:15)
  • What are Scott's thoughts on Bose home theatre systems? (27:35)
  • Scott is asked for his opinion on the best 65" LCD TV on the market? Cost is no object. (28:27)
  • Ken Craley - looks for Scott's approval of Onkyo receivers. (30:51)
  • Is Scott a fan of Martin Logan speakers?(31:06)
  • Are kef speakers worth the price? (32:09)
  • Inexpensive recommendation for replacing built-in TV speakers. (32:31)
  • A quick discussion on TOSLINK cables. (33:25)
  • Identify - Asks if jacks on a wall provide to many connections and therefore affect sound quality. (34:25)
  • Are BEATS headphones the new Bose? (35:10)
  • Tech Dad - Would like suggestions on a wife friendly set of 5.1 speakers and Scott's thoughts on in-wall speakers. (35:49)
  • Zeffer - Asks the age old question. LCD vs Plasma. (39:04)
  • Is THX certified equipment worth the money? (41:18)
  • Laptop - Wants Scott's brain or the knowledge inside. How did Scott learn all of his Home Theatre goodness? (42:51)
  • Does Scott like Yamaha receivers? (43:29)
  • Adam Johnny - says TOSLINK vs Coax? (44:02)
  • "Ray Ray - Has an old Sony rear projection from 2002. What cable is required to connect a VGA computer? (44:38)
  • Is the Onkyo 805 receiver still good or should we upgrade? (45:03)
  • Web4496 - Asks how Scott met the Commander and Chief of TWIT Leo Laporte. (46:29)
  • Skip Live - Ponders this little question. Three identical front speakers or a centre channel? (48:26)
  • Thoughts on the Onkyo txnr509 in a rectangular room with a viewing angle across the width? (50:35)
  • The perennial question. Which is better, cd or vinyl? (53:31)
  • Which value priced 50" TV would Scott recommend? (54:37)
  • iPhone46409 - When comparing sound systems, should you listen to music you hate because a great song on any system may influence you physiologically?(57:45)
  • Eastbend - Wonders if it is harder to test sound quality as you get older? (58:48)
  • A viewer believes that CD is a better source material because it allows you more flexibility. (1:00:31)
  • Has Scott ever done a review of Emotiva audio equipment? (1:01:09)
  • Recommendations for TV tuner software? (1:01:27)
  • KeithSTL has a HTIAB (Home Theatre In A Box) with a dead sub and is wondering what a good replacement would be? (1:01:35)
  • Adam12 - Is scoring points with Scott by complimenting him on how young he looks. (1:02:30)
  • meClaudius - As the CD becomes obsolete, is Amazon and Apple going to continue to update their audio quality or is a search for alternate sources needed? (1:03:01)
  • Is the Onkyo 9.2 receiver a good choice? (1:03:43)
  • How does Scott feel about DLP sets? (1:04:01)

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