IPad Today 38

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iPad Today
Episode 38

iPad Today 38: Airplay apps, Banana TV, Spin hipsters, Land-a Panda, Word Lens, & an iPad 2 case you'll love!


Today's Theme: Airplay Enabled Apps

So, That Happened

Viewer Tips

App Cap Awards

Sarah's App

  • Everyday "Take a picture of yourself. Every day. Make the movie of your face."

Leo's App

  • Land-a Panda HD "The world’s panda population is in decline, and your help is needed! Assist the lovestruck Yang Guang (male panda) to meet with his dream partner Tian Tian (female panda), in this highly innovative puzzle game. With a unique gameplay mechanic, a wide variety of levels, and beautiful High Definition graphics, Land-a Panda is one App Store title you won’t want to miss!"



  • GoToMyPC.com offer code twit
  • G2MyPC 4
  • ad times: :45 - 1:00 and 21:10 - 22:46



Production Information

  • Edited by: Jeff
  • Notes:
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