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iPad Today
Episode 64

iPad Today 64: Tasks, ifttt.com, Gowalla, F8, MadPad!

Leo & Sarah on the latest task completion tools, Foursquare, Gowalla, and Instagram all get big updates, F8 is changing Facebook forever, Sarah loves MadPad, Leo loves Soundboard!


Today's theme is...... TASKS!



"Hey Sarah & Leo. My name is Joe Mitchell and I am competing on this seasons Biggest Loser on NBC that starts tonight. I have been a fan since back in The Screen Savers days. I just wanted to let you know I am a HUGE fan and listen to iPad Today, Tech News Today, MacBreak Weekly as well as The Social Hour. We are all home now and I am currently working toward the Biggest Loser finale (December 13th) and you guys help keep me going on my iPad during those long cardio workouts! Thanks for all you do to help get me thru!! FYI... I use my iPhone & iPad to keep track of all my calories each day and is a big part of my weight loss. The iPad does make an appearance and plays an important part at one point this season on Biggest Loser.

Joe Mitchell Knoxville TN"

"You've probably heard of the whole new facebook business, and how a lot of people are complaining (as usual). But did you know that using facebook in Safari offers essentially the same old experience people are used to? Wanna avoid the ticker? Check it on your ipad

Have a good show

Tony from across the pond"


Some extra info: Leo was almost right. The video was shot with a Canon 550D, and a Røde Lavalier microphone.




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