MacBreak Weekly 216

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 216

MacBreak Weekly 216: No Mojo For You



  • Windows Phone 7 Launch
    • Official Ad - Season of the Witch
    • iOS and Android are app-centric while Windows Phone 7 will be OS-centric
    • Official Ad - Really
      • "It's time for a phone to save us from our phones... Designed to get you in, and out, and back to life."
      • Opposite of PC (large number of applications) vs. Mac (the right apps doing everything I need to do simply and elegantly)
      • The Mac was always the computer to get stuff done, that you didn't have to fuss with
  • iPhone to Verizon in Early 2011
    • Wall Street Journal says so and the New York Times concurs
    • How much will Apple concede? vCast on the iPhone?
    • Dualband GSM/CDMA? No LTE?
    • iPhone4 or iPhone 5?
  • Possible problem with scoring the back glass of iPhone4 eventually causing back glass to shatter
  • Apple trademarks "There's an app for that"
  • Leo figures he'll never have to buy another desktop for ten-years
    • Andy points out the iPad with it's relatively puny A4 does what he needs it to do
    • Processors and drive space no longer limit productivity
    • We want a bigger pipe into the home
  • Leo got his Apple TV

Picks of the Week

Chris Breen

Andy Ihnatko

Leo Laporte:

Notable Quotes

  • "Maybe I'll buy a Windows computer so I can also play Civ 5 and there's some games that are, you know, still not on the Macintosh even though Steam is... And then I thought, really, the best Windows computer is a Mac Pro, so I decided to buy the Mac Pro." --Leo Laporte
  • Leo: I bought the eight core, the middle one, not the 12 core, not the quad-core, but the dual Westmeres with 8 gigs of RAM, and I'm thinking as I'm buying it this may be the last desktop I'll ever buy because, really, I mean, how much more power does one need? Ever?
    • Leo: ...I mean for ten years, what are we going to do with a more powerful computer? What is it that we need?
    • Chris: The next version of StarCraft.
    • Leo: Oh yeah. Haha. Well, that took ten years.
  • Leo: And they're using these new silicone cables. Do you like the power cable on the... OOOOOOOH. That's sad when I'm fetishizing the electrical cable.
    • Andy: He's into rubber. Okay.
    • Leo: Hahahaha. Alright.

Significant Products

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Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things by Randy O. Frost , Gail Stekeete (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Joe Caron


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  • G2MyPC #8
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