MacBreak Weekly 226

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 226

MacBreak Weekly 226: Sausage Fingers

Easy to kill iPad, FCC rules on net neutrality, fever, the Facebook and branding, fun with Word Lens, and more.



Picks of the Week

  • Andy Ihnatko
    • iPad Game: True Backgammon HD by CompuLab, Markus Gommel
      • Beautiful UI, watch the iPad play itself,
  • Justine Ezarik
    • iPhone App: DailyBooth by DailyBooth, Inc.
      • Ghosting Feature, Live map on website,
  • Clayton Morris
    • iPhone App: Cobra iRadar by Cobra Electronics Corporation
      • Requires separate hardware purchase, Highway/City modes, Speedometer, set alerts to mark speed-traps, crowd-sources those alerts,
  • Leo Leporte
    • iPad App Updated: Flipboard by Flipboard Inc.
      • Google Reader integration, Publisher partners are designing Flipboard specific content,

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  • Carb 3
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