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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 228

MacBreak Weekly 228: Let The Eagle Score

Latest IPhone photo techniques, the last(?) Verizon rumor, the mighty eagle, alarming apps, Skype taste test, and more.



  • Verizon keynote speculation... Leo plans to schedule coverage just in-case it's a Verizon iPhone Announcement (later in the podcast, there is some mention of using Skype on the iPhone to livestream the event), but Alex wonders if Apple would let Verizon make such an announcement alone. Andy believes Apple would, as long as it's not a significantly different device from the At&t version. Leo expresses speculation about how different this device will be, and if it would be an "iPhone5" but Andy thinks they'd wait for a later date and be more involved in the announcement for an "iPhone5" and this will just be a iPhone4 with CDMA
  • Will Apple attempt to deflate all other CES news with its own announcement? They all agree that Apple has intentionally done this in the past, but have no word on if they are planning anything. However, if the Verizon Announcement is about a Verizon iPhone, that will do the trick.
  • Has Apple saturated the At&t customer base? Analysis of holiday sales report very strong iPad, iPhone, and Mac sales. Neither Alex nor Andy would jump to Verizon without being offered extra incentives. Leo just now realizes he may have been grandfathered into an unlimited Data plan, and that new iPhone plans are tiered. Alex tips us off to pricing differences for exceeding your limit and claims At&t’s plan is easier on your pocketbook for extra data.
  • Leo’s children think that bandwidth issues will clear up when everyone else switches to Verizon. Alex agrees and thinks that At&t has actually done well building up its network, more so than people realize, and that Verizon will have similar bandwidth issues as At&t had. It’s possible that Verizon may underestimate the usage of iPhone users and slow improvements to At&t’s network over the last few years may become more noticeable as some of the weight is lifted off of it by Verizon.
  • CDMA technology does not allow simultaneous phone and data access. Rumors imply a trick to fix this prior to the jump to 4g LTE technology, but these are just rumors. No one speculates that a Verizon iPhone will use 4g LTE tech.
  • Certainly there will be devices at CES intent on “killing the iPad.” as there have been many in the past with similar intentions toward the iPhone. Will competitors close the gap faster this time around? iOS has been around long enough now, and devices have proven themselves to have high consumer interest. Are device manufacturers more apt to plan competing devices and are they better equipped to design products that offer differences. Leo: Competitors don't understand why Apple succeeds. Alex: Competitors focus too much on features and not enough on function. Leo: Competitors should have figured out what their “secret sauce” is by now. Alex: It's ethereal. Andy: Competitors have multiple problems, one being that Google has not yet solidified their tablet operating system. They are still dealing with hardware problems. ~mostly based on the fact that there are multiple hardware versions as opposed to Apple’s singular hardware version for its OS. Andy sites the virtues of the OS developers creating their own secondary software such as word processors, spreadsheet software, presentation software, etc. in order to round out your devices capabilities. Alex agrees and states that Apple’s own app developers set the pace for functional design and show other’s how they intend for UI elements to best be used. ~Andy seems to believe that the success or failure of a tablet will be a good indication of which app store system is more appropriate. He states while both curated and open systems have advantages, it will be interesting to see if a system that turns down apps which it feels aren’t good enough products for its hardware’s customers will win out over an open system who’s overseers allow any innovation at any level of quality.
  • Motorola will presumably have a Honeycomb based Android Tablet on hand at CES.

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