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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 277

MacBreak Weekly 277: The Lips Are Pointed The Wrong Way

Distracted driving, Spectrum, ATT and why the new iPhone won't be out next year, and much more...




US calls for ban on in-car phone use... even with Bluetooth

  • LL: We should ban fast food too.
  • AI: The things are really are truly distracting are like texting, etc. are leaving bread crumbs and in case of an accident records could show if there was a distrection.
  • AL: My father is a lawyer and he said too, the first thing you do is get the records.
  • LL: Smoking is still allowed.
  • AI: You should say that any time you reach over to touch a button on your phone you are distracted.
  • AL: I don't know what anyone would do in LA if that would be a reality. So many people use their phones while being stuck in traffic.
  • LL: I think chances of congress to pass this is next to none, especially in election year.
    • [searching for auto accidents deaths on Google]
    • US ranks 4th in auto accidents death worldwide.
    • China had 250 000 automobile death in 2002 (US over 45 000)
    • India 199 000

AT&T/T-Mobile Saga

  • [\
  • LL: Is the iPhone Launch date going to be in September?
  • AI: It looks like ATT is not going to be ready for 4G until summer 2012, so it makes sense to expect the iPhone 5 to come later than June.
  • AL: It is tricky, because people have expectations and are holding off on their purchase because they expect a certain release date.
    • The same thing with the Mac Pro. All of us are holding off with a purchase because we believe there is a new model coming out soon.
  • AI: Apple has shown no interest in larger screens or any other features that are rolling out on other phones.
    • It does look like that Apple is focussing on LTE for the next major revision.
    • Another question is interesting: Would Apple consider a skip year for the iPhone model?
    • Although, 2012 is going to be the biggest that Apple has had since the launch of the iPhone; Windows 8 could really push into the market strongly.
  • LL: There is a lot of pressure put on the manufactures in the mobile phone market, isn't there?
    • However, traditionally Apple hasn't paid much attention to what competitors are doing.
  • AL: I kind of consider my 4S being a skip year phone; iPhone 4 Skip.

Samsung Ads against Apple

  • LL: What do you think about the Samsung ads?
  • AI: This a sort of ad that a #2 provider is launching to get at the #1 provider. It's funny, but who cares.
  • LL: It's very funny.
    • Reminds me of the Apple ad with the lemmings (PC users) running off the cliff.
    • A lot of people didn't like that ad.

Samsung is now selling tablets in Australia

  • LL: The lawsuit is still going on but Samsung can sell their tablets at least.
  • AI: So they are saying that if it doesn't have any features it's an Apple idea?
    • So if I have a wall without anything hanging off it I might have to call Apple for their permission.
  • AL: They copyrighted taste.
  • LL: Yes, you can make something it just can't be looking good.

User Interface Wizard Slams Kindle Fire, Calls It 'Disappointingly Poor'

  • AL: I still think it's a good device. It's not a replacement of the iPad but it does what it does really well.
    • It's like when Apple came up with a response to the netbooks. They didn't come out with another netbook but were satisfying the market within their universe with their own product.
    • Similarly, Amazon has launched a product that is fitting a specific market within their universe.
    • There are definitely some rough edges that need to be smoothed.
    • The B&N nook is still a lot better in reading magazines than the Fire.
  • LL: His issue is the 7 inch size, which are not suitable for finger use.

Radio Shack to offer $30 discount on iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 starting Sunday

Apple Seeds iOS 5.1 Beta 2 to Developers, Enables Photo Stream Photo Deletion

  • AI: That deleting feature should have been put in right away.
    • It's another example of Apple not communicating well around iCloud.
  • LL: Out of every picture that I take I don't want all of them to show up.
  • AI: Why wouldn't they have some preview with thumbnails rather than just syncing everything?
    • Sometimes I will sit there and wonder where that one picture is that I want.
  • AL: Are you having any issues with headsets?
  • LL: I don't believe it's the iPhone, I think it's ATT.
  • AL: It only happens when I plug it into the iPhone.
    • My theory is, that it has something to do with noise cancellation.
  • LL: I've only had that problem with ATT.

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.2 with iTunes Match and Audio Distortion Fixes

Apple Founding Documents Sell for Nearly $1.6 Million

Apple Bumps Free Holiday Shipping Offer Up to 2-3 Business Day Delivery

Apple rumored to buy flash memory company for $500 million

Apple Mac Store breaks the 100 million download barrier

'iTunes Rewind' Highlights the Best of 2011; Instagram, Tiny Tower Win Best of Year Awards

Steve Jobs biography is Amazon's bestselling book of 2011

Apple's New Campus Will Put On A Spectacular Show Every Year, Starting On Steve Jobs' Birthday

Le Web 2011

  • LL: Le Web was great and I hope you saw some of our coverage.
    • CTO Next: Jean-Marie Hullot's current product is PhotoPedia
    • He also said that he lived with Steve Jobs for many months.
    • He didn't have anything bad to say about Jobs.
    • Spotify had a big announcement.
    • All the news went to Eric Smith who said that 1/2 of the TVs sold in 2012 will have Google TV in it.
    • Later Googles PR would go aehm.
    • There's also always coffee and wine all the time.
    • A lot of our coverage was very early in the morning here in the US but you can look at the specials on or iTunes.

Tips & Picks

iOS Tip

  • AL: We all know that in iOS 5 we can use the volume button to take pictures from the iPhone
    • What a lot of people don't know you can do that with you volume button on your head set.

MacOS Tip

  • AI: Keychain access has a great feature built in:
    • The ability to take secure notes.
    • Open the app "Keychain Accesss", click on notes and you can take your notes securely.
    • Keychain Access is also version safe so you can open even very old keychain files in a few years.

Picks of the Week


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