MacBreak Weekly 282

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 282

MacBreak Weekly 282:

SOPA protest tomorrow, big rumors, Apple announcement on Thursday, and much more…




Apple Most Valuable Brand In The World

Tim Cook: Highest paid CEO at Apple?

Obama kills SOPA

Rumor: Apple to hold 'iPad 3' & iOS 5.1 event in early February

Producing Apple Products in USA

Apple Market Share

Apple Thursday Event

  • AI: Pages is already a really good eBook builder
    • At the moment there is really not a good reason to go with the iBook store instead of Amazon's Kindle store.
    • If they make it possible to embrace this technology they would have an edge for the iBook store.
    • It would force Kindle to finally adapt the ePub standard.
  • AL: A lot of schools have been very slow in making a decision in regards to choosing a technology.
    • If ePub 3 is established it might be easier for schools to adapt the iPad as their main device for students in order to cover their requirements.
    • We are building a school in Rwanda around the iPad, so we are hoping that something exciting is announced.

iPad 3 Retina Display Rumor

  • LL: Do you agree that the Retina display is coming in the iPad 3?
  • AL: I agree.
  • AI: I agree.
  • DM: I agree.
  • LL: You're all wrong, because a Retina display would fragment the market too much, because developers would have to program for 3 different resolutions.
  • LL: Coming in March?
  • AL: March.
  • AI: March.
  • DM: March.
  • LL: You are right...
  • LL: What about 4G?
  • DM: Doubt it.
  • AI: Undecided.
  • AL: LTE but not 4G.
  • LL: You guys might be right. There is a chance for LTE and 4G in the iPad 3.
    • Bloomberg says that LTE could come to the iPad before the iPhone because of the bigger battery.
  • LL: Will we see an iPhone in June?
  • DM: They have to bring something big for WWDC.
  • AI: I think they have to wait. They might show it off in June but bring it out later.
  • LL: Maybe September?

Tips & Picks

iOS Tip

  • DM: Tab and hold on the +-button in iOS Safari and you'll get a history of tabs.

MacOS Tip

  • AI: CTRL+CMD+SHIFT+3 or CTRL+SHIFT+4 will put the picture into the clipboard
    • CMD+SHIFT+4+SPACEBAR works only on the window.

Picks of the Week



  • Easy on-line invoicing. And, you can win a birthday cake every week (it doesn't have to be your birthday, just tell them that you heard about it on MacBreak)
  • [ Ford Technology) Electric and hybrid technology


The Elephant to Hollywood by Michael Caine (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Michael Caine

Production Information

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  • Shows notes: Jean-Marie Schweizer (Bushgeek)

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