MacBreak Weekly 289

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 289

MacBreak Weekly 289: Apple Event

New iPad, new Apple TV, and much more...




The New iPad

The Show Room

  • RB is in the demo room showing off the new ipad.
    • It's heavier than the previous model, but it's not significantly thicker.
    • (showing off the new iPhoto app)
    • These photos look like a real glossy print, it doesn't look like a screen at all.
    • (showing iBooks)
    • very crisp fonts, no anti-alizing

Reflections Over All

  • LL: What are your thoughts, Andy?
  • AI: Very big deal.
    • They really stepped up and show a device that really can be a replacement to a PC.
    • iPhoto and iMove really show the potential to keep the workflow on the iPad rather than doing post-production on your PC.
    • It's now a content creation device.

Naming of the New iPad

  • LL: Isn't it confusing to just call it the 'new iPad'?
  • SL: There might be a reason for it, e.g. a smaller iPad, so that the iPad is the original size and whatever the new name is going to be.
  • LL: Looking at the Apple Store they use only 'iPad' for both the iPad 2 starting at $399 and the 'new iPad'.
    • So it does makes sense to only call it iPad in the future.


  • AI: iPhoto really seems to be an interesting app that allows us to do anything we want without exporting into other applications, e.g. photoshop touch, etc.


  • LL: They mentioned dictation but didn't talk specifically about Siri
  • AL: I think my kids are not going to be worry to much about being able to write because of the voice recognition.
  • LL: What's the next thing you do, though, in terms of UI?
    • The mouse is gone because of touch
    • The keyboard will disappear because of voice control
  • SL: The other thing, too, is that Siri is not perfect. It's still in beta because it is not perfect and it probably would stay that way for a while.
  • AI: I think the reason why it is not shown as available for the iPad because it is not needed on that device.
  • AL: My complaint is that I want features available on all devices and not only one.
  • LL: I think that Apple is struggling with getting the server capacity up to par in order to serve the demand.

3G or 4G

  • LL: Is 3G/4G really necessary?
  • AL: If you have 3G/4G you are more flexible and you don't need to login and go through soe authorization process


  • LL: Netflix anncounced to be ???


  • LL: If e.g. the SkyMall is going to be available on the iPad, it'll pay for itself in a few month, saving printing costs.


  • LL: iPhoto is a new app on the iPad
  • AL: the photo editing options are sensational
    • This is what Adobe Photoshop touch does but not as intuitive
  • AI: This is key. Apple wants to send a message by showing that it can be intuitive and doesn't have to feel like an existing app, using all the functionalities of the new device.
  • LL: The processor, dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU, really is an interesting choice.
  • SL: A lot of commentators don't recognize that different. Some reports are about a quad-core CPU.


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Production Information

  • Edited by:
  • Show notes: Jean-Marie Schweizer (Bushgeek)

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