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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 298

MacBreak Weekly 298: FDR And The Coffe Mug

OS X Lion security hole, the new Apple HDTV (rumor), Steve Jobs as FDR, and much more...





OS X Lion passwords can be changed by any local user

Note that this story was originally reported by CNET in September 9, 2011. The blog post referenced by CNET referring to the original discovery of this vulnerability states that Apple fixed this vulnerability in OS X Lion 10.7.2 CVE-2011-3435 and CVE-2011-3436, see Apple's advisory for more info. Leo may have mistaken this old vulnerability for the recent FileVault vulnerability.

OS X plain text password flaw has been around for 3 months and counting

Everyone Has Been Hacked. Now What?


Our Source Has Seen The Apple HDTV, Here’s What It Looks Like

Apple $799 MacBook Air

Liquidmetal Inventor: Apple Will Use It In A 'Breakthrough Product'


Apple Seeks to Gain Control of Domain

AT&T Chief Regrets Offering Unlimited Data for iPhone

After backlash, Sprint CEO to return $3.25M in salary tied to iPhone

T-Mobile to rollout iPhone-compatible 4G HSPA+ 1900 MHz network in ‘large number of markets’ by end of 2012


Study: Apple iPad Accounts for 94.64% of all Tablet Web Traffic

Buying an iPad 2? Here's the rarer, more efficient specimen you need to (somehow) track down

Apple says lack of multi-user support on iPad is a 'known issue,' 'being investigated'


Apple's iOS 5.1.1 update for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone: fixes AirPlay and network bugs, jailbroken already

iOS 5.1.1 patches URL spoofing flaw, two other security vulnerabilities

Two months later, Apple acknowledges use of OpenStreetMap in iPhoto


Steve Jobs plays FDR in this old Mac sales video

Tips & Picks

MacOS Tip

  • AI: Old documents are automatically locked against changes.
    • There is a setting that will disable that
    • Go the System Preferences/Timemachine
      • There is a setting where you can choose the amount of time that should pass before a document is locked.

Picks of the Week


  • Carbonite (offer code: macbreak): online backup for Mac and PC
  • Squarespace (offer code: macbreak 5): Content Management System including hosting
  • Pond5 (offer code: twit25), The World's Stock Media Marketplace

Production Information

  • Edited by:
  • Show notes: Jean-Marie Schweizer (Bushgeek)

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