MacBreak Weekly 329

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 329

MacBreak Weekly 329: To TV or not to TV

Apple TV made in the USA? What's with the Mac Pro? Maybe you shouldn't use Apple Maps in Australia, and more.




Tim Cook on the interview circuit

NBC, Bloomberg

  • Leo: First time in a while that Apple has made its CEO so readily available to the media

Tim Cook says Apple TV area of 'intense interest'


  • Leo: Near term, likely just an improved box, rather than an actual television
  • Rene: My cable box hasn't changed in the time I've gone from a Palm Treo to an iPhone 5
  • Leo: Jean-Louis Gassée says it's unlikely Apple even wants to make a television
  • Rene: To get around the longer service life of televisions, Apple could just make the cpu/internal hardware upgradable

RED announces REDRay 4k media player


Apple and Google team up for Kodak patent bid


Apple's 'Steve Jobs' iPhone patent preliminarily invalidated

FOSS Patents

Some details of HTC patent settlement with Apple revealed

FOSS Patents

iPhone 5S arriving earlier than next fall?


Tim Cook announces Mac line to be made in United States next year


Apple Maps leads users to dangerous conditions in Australia

The Guardian

  • Rene: Apple doesn't just need to license more maps, it needs to scale up its human on-the-ground effort to get better data.

Half of App Store revenue goes to 25 companies


Office for iPad rumors ramp up again


Picks of the Week

  • Andy's pick: Clone Camera for iOS by Peta Vision. $1.99
    • App lets you take compose a single photo from multiple pictures, cloning objects
  • Rene's pick: Twitterrific by the Iconfactory. On sale for $2.99
    • It's "Star-Wars-blast-door-closing-fast"


  • Pond5
  • Squarespace
  • Carbonite
  • Audible

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