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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 330

MacBreak Weekly 330: Sugaring Off

Apple TV, the startup chime, best apps of 2012, and more.




Apple stock down in $530 range, off from its high above $700

  • Leo: Is this something we should pay attention to?
  • Andy: Only reason to be concerned would be if it goes so low that Apple would become an acquisition target, but Apple's market cap is still so high it's not a concern at all.
  • Don: Apple's done so much this year, the market may have some uncertainly about what's in store for the next 12 months.

Apple first to get new K9 electric bus from BYD

Live Trading News

More Apple TV set rumors

Wall Street Journal

  • Don: Article says Apple is still testing different designs, so probably not getting released any time soon.
  • Leo: A television still seems far-fetched, but the consistent rumors from the supply chain mean Apple must be experimenting, right?
  • Andy: Apple is known for experimenting with many things that never became products, but with so little definitive information, anything's possible at this point.

Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire wants an Apple TV for Christmas


  • Leo: Jeremy says that Apple's television would also have to be a compelling game console... current consoles on the market are mostly old, so there's a chance for disruption, if Valve doesn't get there first with their SteamBox.
  • Don: Apple has been slowly experimenting with live broadcasting this year with its iTunes concert series and keynote, broadcast live to Apple TVs.
  • Leo: Jeremy's thought experiment is about how Apple can use a television to finally create a full entertainment ecosystem for consumers, and the various benefits and ease of use that can come from such integration.
  • Rene: Apple would likely still have to cooperate with existing cable companies
  • Leo: True, Apple would have to reinvent the entire industry to make it work without being beholden to cable companies
  • Leo: TV upgrade cycle not too different from computer upgrade cycle (~4 years), so Apple probably isn't put off by that
  • Leo: Aerio (the NYC company that rents out access to tiny antennas to give subscribers network TV access) added its first cable channel, perhaps the company is positioning itself for feeding content to an Apple television?
  • Andy: To get the kind of fine-grained access to programming we want, we may have to wait until the current 18-year-olds hold executive positions at the networks 15 years from now, then the decision makers will see this kind of access as natural.

Apple's Mac startup chime is now trademarked

Patently Apple

iTunes 11.0.1 restores 'Remove Duplicates' feature


Instagram changes terms of service


  • Rene: Already deleted my account. With free social media services that don't have a business model, the customers are the easiest thing to monetize.
  • Leo: Much of the confusion is related to whether or not the new terms allow Instagram to use or modify user photos for the purposes of creating advertisements.
  • Andy: After talking to a number of different lawyers about this, I'm convinced the language that's in this thing is overly broad
  • Leo: Terms also say that Instagram's ads may not be labeled as such, which by itself is grounds for leaving the service.

iOS 6.0.2 released for iPhone 5 and iPad mini, fixes wifi bug


New Apple system status page for iCloud, stores, and services

Is the iPad/iPhone market saturated in the US?


  • 30% iPhone growth year over year, so concerns likely unfounded for now

Google Maps app released

App Store

  • Andy: While Apple no longer seems to be denying apps based on competing with Apple apps, it would be great for iOS 7 to specify default services for things like maps.

App Store Best of 2012

App Store

Picks of the Week

  • Don's pick: 1Password 4 for iOS by AgileBits. $7.99
    • Brand new interface, including built-in browser for
  • Rene's pick: [ The Transit App. Free or subscription for additional features
    • Great way to get transit directions and map out routes.
  • Leo's pick: Philips Hue LED bulb system. $200 for 3 bulbs and base station.
    • These are RGB lightbulbs, can control the color via mobile apps


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  • Ford

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