MacBreak Weekly 334

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 334

MacBreak Weekly 334: Kobe Beef Bandwidth

Rumors about new Apple products in 2013, Apple's upcoming quarterly earnings report, and more.



Apple's quarterly earnings call tomorrow

  • Leo: Is Apple on the upswing, downswing, or hovering?
  • Rene: 3 out of every 5 smartphones Verizon sold were iPhones
  • Alex: Apple's year-over-year growth is still very significant for a company Apple's size

Apple Lisa and Apple IIe are 30 years old

  • Andy: Lisa was a classic example of Apple torpedoing its own product line to position itself better for the future

Apple removes 500px apps from App Store for nudity, raises issue of Apple's editorial practices


2013 Apple roadmap predictions and the pro market


  • Leo: Predictions don't include a Mac Pro
  • Alex: I think the Mac Pro won't be updated again
  • Leo: Just got a call on the radio show from a pro frustrated with Final Cut X not having the needed features to upgrade
  • Alex: Final Cut X opened up Final Cut to a much larger user base, at the expense of high-end pro features, and Apple's not going back
  • Alex: Apple should just license unsupported versions of OS X for the minority that need to run powerful desktop hardware

Apple reportedly searching for writers to enhance Siri's personality


MacBreak Weekly now has a Google+ Community


Picks of the Week

  • Andy's pick: RAM X-Grip.
    • Well made, will hold pretty much any small tablet
    • Lot of different mounts available
  • Rene's pick: Napkin for Mac. $39.99.
    • Easy way to mark-up and annotate images
  • Leo's pick: the new 27" iMac
    • Much lighter, new CPU and Fusion Drive make it noticeably faster


  • Audible
  • Gazelle
  • Lantronix

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