MacBreak Weekly 336

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 336

MacBreak Weekly 336: Taking Andy Private

We have a recap of MacWorld, MacPro illegal in Europe?, the next iPhone, and more.




Macworld/iWorld Recap

  • Leo: Is it a declining conference?
  • Jean: Based on the number of Mac vs iOS developers, if it's not just iWorld by next year I'd be surprised.
  • Rene: No Omni booth, they had a private event instead.
  • Jean: There were a lot of attendees: everyone was busy talking to attendees and press
  • Leo: Not just Macworld: internet is obsoleting lots of physical conferences, PC Expo and Comdex are long gone
  • Rene: Macworld Live stage and panels were well attended

Rene's Macworld panel: Is Apple giving up on Pro customers?

  • Rene: Not giving up on pros so much as enabling less advanced users to do more advanced things
  • Leo: Many pros look at the Mac Pro not getting updated, and they're faced with tough decisions about whether to switch to a platform that has up to date hardware and software
  • Andy: Apple has an 18 month shot clock to lay out its plan for innovation over the next 5 years. Small iterations on existing products won't be enough.

Best of Macworld/iWorld

Mac Pro sales ending in EU due to safety regulations

MacRumors vanity URLs


  • Rene: This URL shortener now works for all apps
  • Leo: Not perfect, using the short URL with 'istopmotion' leads to 'mystopaction'. App Store search stinks.

Apple blacklists Java plugin again

Ars Technica

Typing "capital F"ile:/// will crash any OS X app using data detectors

Open Radar

New untethered iOS jailbreak


Instagram now has a website


Dell going private


Apple gets 3 of top 5 spots for mobile phone sales


Stealth AppleTV update

  • Rene: Slightly smaller body, but AnandTech reported that the CPU has been upgraded to a die-shrunk A5X

Honda announces new cars with Siri integration

Early opinions on BlackBerry 10

Picks of the Week

  • Rene's picks:
    • AnoStyle follow-up: They now do black
    • Spaceteam, a fun co-op game. Free with in-app purchases
  • Leo's pick: OWC Envoy Pro. $79.99
    • USB 3 enclosure to use MacBook Pro Retina blade SSD after you upgrade it


  • GoToMeeting
  • Gazelle
  • LegalZoom
  • Audible

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