MacBreak Weekly 337

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 337

MacBreak Weekly 337: Put Another Book on the FIre

The iWatch rumor, a lawsuit from Apple shareholders, the reason Tim Cook isn't building a car, and more.




Apple watch rumor

  • Leo: Is it significant that the Wall Street Journal and New York Times are circulating these rumors?
  • Rene: Apple always has lots of prototypes in the works, so it's not surprising that things like this can leak out. Not necessarily an indication of a product that will ship though.
  • Andy: Coverage in the WSJ and NYT may indicate that it's a 'controlled leak', but there's not much content to the stories, so it's not certain what Apple would seek to accomplish from it
  • Don: After using the new Pebble watch, I could definitely see a use case for an Apple watch

New Mac Pro coming?

  • Leo: Combination of Tim Cook's comments last year, plus the current Mac Pro
  • Rene: Likely a case of second-hand information passed through many different channels

25 billion songs sold on the iTunes store


Tim Cook talks at Goldman Sachs conference

  • Rene: He had the exact same talking points as he would at an Apple conference call

Apple hires OLED engineer from LG?


  • Rene: Tim Cook criticized OLED technology at the Goldman Sachs conference, but Apple is known for taking outside talent and pivoting them toward different technology (like PA Semi, which shifted from PowerPC to ARM once at Apple)

Apple has now paid $8 billion to developers

The Next Web

  • Andy: That number sounds good, but the distribution amongst developers is very uneven and weighted toward games
  • Discussion of the freemium/in-app-purchase business model games and apps are increasingly using

Greenlight Capital sues Apple over preferred stock plan


Picks of the Week

  • Leo's pick: HBO GO for iOS. Free with applicable cable subscription.
    • Now supports AirPlay
  • Andy's pick: Sculptris for Mac by Pixologic. Free
    • Fun and free 3D modeling app, more accessible than professional tools, but skills can transfer to the developer's ZBrush app


  • LegalZoom
  • Squarespace
  • Carbonite
  • RingCentral

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