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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 405

MacBreak Weekly 405: WWDC Keynote

iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, Apple meets Dropbox head on with iCloud Drive, Siri always on mode, Apple's new programming language Swift, 2.5 Billion for Beats Electronics, and more. View WWDC 2014 Keynote Video or with Twit Commentary



Overview of announcements at WWDC

  • Leo: No hardware
  • Rene: New Programming Language
  • Andy: Focus on key Apple philosophies

OS X 10.10 ‘Yosemite’ announced

  • Leo: Free, available Fall ‘14
  • Andy: Refined interface visuals, new system font
  • Leo: Did NOT emphasis full screen apps! Allows dark theme. Post Steve Jobs development. New Spotlight search.
  • Rene: New search aggregates from many sources.
  • Alex: Apple may be looking toward their own search
  • Andy: iOS and OS X integration
  • Leo/Andy: Apple ID Family sharing plan, multiple id’s under one account
  • Alex: Apple eco-system, tying iCloud to everything
  • Leo: Continuity - phone calls, AirDrop, MailDrop, instant HotSpot, Messages
  • Leo: Apple is providing OS X 10.10 Public Beta at OS X Beta Program

iOS 8 announced

  • Leo: Lots of leaks - Health & Health-kit
  • Rene: Double click home = Multitasking + Contacts
  • Andy: Not just features but change of philosophy, extensibility
  • Leo: Siri “listens” at all times, Notifications from Locked Screen, 3rd party Keyboards, phrase prediction, fingerprint authentication for apps
  • Leo: Health-kit - aggregates information from apps/external devices
  • Leo: Home Automation - not many details
  • Rene: Called Home-kit, allowing developers to create apps that work together
  • Leo: The Verge - 8 features of iOS 8 NOT mentioned
  • Leo: New Photo apps for iOS and OS X 10.10
  • Rene: T-Mobile verified WiFi calling

News for Developers

  • Leo: 4,000 new API’s in iOS, Swift programming Language
  • Andy: Swift = Objective C without the C
  • Leo: Great as a “teaching” language to learn programming, “safe” programming language - protecting programmers from themselves
  • Leo: App Store changes
  • Rene: Moving image of app vs. static image
  • Andy: Bundling of apps for special price
  • Leo: Metal replaces OpenGL for graphics
  • Leo: What Yosemite means for 1Password

Top Questions from Question Engine

  • Question: Joseph R. Jones, Park City, UT, USA

It seems like the extensibility should be sufficient for apps like LastPass and 1Password to fill out forms, using the same actions functionality that they demoed for Bing Translate. What extensibility features are you waiting for from developers?

  • Answer: Leo: The iPhone can be the key to your house (home automation)
Andy: Inter app work-flow
Leo: Second factor authentication
  • Question: Kester Johnson, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

Which update you guys most excited about from the keynote?

  • Answer: Andy: The extensibility of iOS
Rene: All the minor updates I’ve wanted have been integrated
Alex: Home Automation
Leo: Swift programming language
  • Question: Colin Laney, Canada

Was the Swift programming language acquired by Apple or did Apple create it?

  • Answer: Rene: It was something rumored and desired but not expected at WWDC
Leo: Made by Apple to be a more modern language, interactive debugger
  • Question: Dan, Exeter, Devon, UK

Can Apple finally pull off a cohesive and solid iCloud service? The storage pricing seems very competitive, and a welcome change.

  • Answer: Leo: True, Google dropped their prices and Apple did as well.
Andy: Reliability - good potential, Functionality - to be seen
  • Question: David W, Toronto, ON, Canada

Do you think the Apple TV will be ungraded to a game console with the introduction of Metal? It seems like it would be a obvious upgrade now if they add an App Store together with the A7 processor.

  • Answer: Andy: Christmas, adds value to AppleTV
  • Question: Ryan, Honolulu, HI, USA

Did this WWDC Keynote give you confidence that Apple has a clear "vision" without Steve Jobs? (In the face of the constant media headlines of doom and gloom)

  • Answer: All: Absolutely!
  • Question: John Foley, Chicago, IL, USA

What, if any, features were not announced that you were hoping they would?

  • Answer: Andy: Easier Multi-Tasking on iOS
Alex: Opened up AppleTV
Rene: Little things, but happy with what was offered

Apple acquires Beats

  • Leo: Deal went for $3 Billion
  • Andy: Tim called Dre and Dre waited for the 3rd ring to answer
  • Leo: Terrible idea, Iovine is old-school music
  • Andy: Apple is expanding their mind by buying Beats

Picks of the Week

  • Andy's pick: HoRNDIS for free
    • USB tethering driver for Mac OS X
    • Allows you to use your Android phone's native USB tethering mode to get Internet access
  • Alex’s pick: Cisco Meraki
    • Cloud Managed Wireless hardware with remote and international capabilities


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