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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 407

MacBreak Weekly 407: "I'm a Taste Maker"

Nuance explores possible sale, Tourisme Outaouais 2014, Apple Reaches Settlement on E-Books Suit, Apple design process and product philosophy, iOS 8 Beta 2 tidbits, and more.



Fallout of Beats Purchase

  • Leo: Bono speaks out - "Apple bought Beats for the personnel"
  • Alex: $3.2 Billion too much for 2 people

Nuance Rumor

  • Leo: Nuance was an acquiring company, buying Dragon and all voice recognition and scanning OCR technologies

Nuance Wiki

  • Rene: Siri runs on Nuance servers
  • Leo: Samsung also uses Nuance technology in it's own Samsung Speech
  • Andy: It is very difficult for a company like Nuance to keep up/fight against Apple or Google. Best to sell and move on
  • Leo: Carl Icaan may be pressuring this
  • Leo: Apple actually bought Nouvaris last year
  • Rene: Apple is moving to streaming voice on iOS 8, voice is streamed actively to server instead of when you are done speaking
  • Leo: It's a "fire sale" since Apple, Google and Microsoft all have their own voice recognition now
  • Leo: Dictation Online is a decent Dictation software

Outaouais Ad

  • Leo: Andy? are you moon-lighting?
  • Andy: It is not me
  • Rene: Outaouais is outside Ottawa area near the Quebec/Ottawa border

Apple reached an agreement on the eBooks lawsuit

  • Leo: Apple will pay, an agreement was reached, it is currently sealed awaiting approval of judge
  • Alex: Amazon sold books the traditional method (wholesale/retail), Apple changed it to publisher priced
  • Leo: Amazon claimed this was collusion, causing the supplier to determine the cost, not the market
  • Leo: Plaintiffs - Justice Dept as well as several State Attorney Generals sued, JD wanted oversight only, states continued wanting monetary damages up to $280 Million

Tim Cook/Jonny Ives profiles in New York Times

  • Rene: The crux of the article says Tim Cook is NOT Steve Jobs (duh)/ a couple developers complained about HealthKit w/o hardware "Steve would never do that" (but he DID)
  • Leo: There are facts in the article about Tim Cook that I did not know
  • Andy: There are definate different management styles between Jobs and Cook. Tim is NOT trying to develop "cult of personality"
  • Andy: Why can't the world let go of this? (Jobs vs Cook)
  • Rene: Until recently the main-stream media did not realize how important Tim Cook has been to Apple even prior to Jobs death
  • Leo: We still don't know what "Tim Cooks" Apple is going to be like, it will take time!

Top Questions from Question Engine

  • Question: Steve Kellener, So. Cal.

Will Apple revamp iTunes in the fall? The UI is soooooo dated...

  • Answer: Leo: It's true, iTunes has been left alone
Alex: It does so much, it takes a lot to update it
Rene: It has to be transferrable to Windows
Andy: It may need to have the features unbundled to separate apps
Leo: iTunes 12 Preview from MacWorld UK
  • Question: Andreas Lidnstram, London, UK

What do you think Jonathan Ive talked about when he hinted that they are working with "New Type Of Materials" in the NY Times Interview?

  • Answer: Leo: LiquidMetal
Andy: Sapphire, curved glass
Alex: There will be a LOT of innovation as we get into wearables
  • Question: Chris Pietschmann

What's new in the iOS 8 Beta 2 release?

  • Answer: Rene: The podcast app is default installed (not necessary to download from App Store)
Leo: Safari will stop the automatic transferring to the App Store from links MacRumors Article
  • Question: CBen, Riverside, CA, USA

What is new in OS X Yosemite beta 2

  • Answer: Leo: Too early to talk about that yet... Give us some time
Rene: Photobooth is back
  • Question: Nathan, Houston, TX, USA

Would you recommend Swift as a first language for an aspiring programmer?

  • Answer: Andy/Alex: NO
Andy: If you want to start, start with Ruby. It is usable NOW, it will teach you objective programming
Leo: It's Beta, it's not cross-platform
  • Question: Anthony Perri

When will we see a refreshed iMac? will there be a new design?

  • Answer: Leo: Someday? Yes
Andy: Apple does not intend to update the iMac every year
  • Question: Dale, Seattle

Is the Mac Mini dead?

  • Answer: Rene: No, you should see it go to Haswell
Andy: New form factor coming
  • Question: Adam Waller

New Apple TV set top box this year???

  • Answer: Alex: Absolutely, this year
  • Question: MrJoshua, Coeur d'Alene, ID

@Andy - I appreciated your pieces on Android last year. Does the new direction in philosophy for Apple mean you'll be switching back to iPhone?

  • Answer: Andy: Stronger than "might." A larger screen would make it an absolute

Picks of the Week

  • Andy's pick: Mellow Cooker for $400 (preordered) $500 when available
    • Not only heats/cooks, but it has a chiller so you can set it up before you go to work and it will start cooking automatically
  • Leo’s pick: Reeder 2 by Silvio Rizzi (Mac apps store) for $9.99
    • I won't let RSS die!


  • LegalZoom
  • SquareSpace
  • OffSet

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