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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 410

MacBreak Weekly 410: Please Remove Your Piercings

iPhone 6 sapphire display, Tim Cook's vision for Apple, Apple hires Swiss watch maker, Foxcon to use robots, and more.




  • Mike: Leo is STILL on vacation
  • Andy: Hatred of haggis is based solely on arrogance and ignorance.
  • Renee: Offended by anti-Scottishism, but have not tried haggis.
  • Alex: Back from Rwanda, having attended the celebration the 20th anniversary of the end of the genocide.

Video of iPhone 6 screen

  • Mike: Major demonstration of the durability of the sapphire screen
  • Renee: Sonny Dickson is reputable for getting genuine parts
  • Mike: Apple has applied for a Sapphire laminate patent, this MAY be an example of that
  • Andy: Anything that will protect the screen will be a benefit
  • Alex: Apple steps to the high-er end
  • Andy: Will the end user really care?
  • Mike: Apple needs to cater to the hard-core users who will drive the initial sales
  • Alex: When people understand the efforts involved in creating, then they are more apt to buy
  • Mike: Apple wants people to carry these phones without any cases.

Tim Cook's Effect on Apple (subscription required)

  • Mike: A very good article in the WSJ about how Apple has changed under Tim Cook
  • Renee: The board is the last part of Apple now that does not have Tim's "fingerprint"
  • Alex: Cook is perfect for growing and leading the Apple of now (as opposed to the Apple of the past)
  • Mike: Steve was a "wartime" CEO and Tim is a "peace time" CEO
  • Mike: Apple Pride video When have you seen Apple employees being "warm and fuzzy' people?
  • Alex: Apple is not only competing for users, but also for employees
  • Mike: It seems like Apple is pushing to be much more environmentally friendly now than they were under Steve
  • Alex: I think Apple is competing with Samsung to be the first major manufacturer to be "off the grid"
  • Mike: Tim Cook is more willing to share the attention. Is Federici being groomed?
  • Andy: Apple is now aware that because the presence of Steve in the past created the atmosphere that he was responsible of everything therefore creating the issue of "post-Steve Apple," so now they know they need to show that Apple is a collection of many visionaries, not just one.

iWatch - Apple hires Swiss Watchmaker

  • Mike: I've been wearing the LG Gwatch Notifications on your wrist is life changing.
  • Alex: I DON'T want notifications. But am still excited about other features
  • Mike: GoogleNow on the wrist!
  • Mike: Apple poached Patrick Pruniaux, senior watchmaker sales executive [1]
  • Andy: This hire indicates the product may be more of an expensive, luxury watch versus a "fitness band."
  • Renee: Whatever Apple is working on will be a product LINE, not just a product
  • Mike: All the recent hires seem to be indicating high-end product
  • Renee: For years we've heard "Tim isn't doing enough, no new products" but now the claims of "Tim is spreading the company too thin" are being made
  • Mike: This may be issuing in a new era of marketing process, not products
  • Andy: Apples main product has not been the Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad, it has always been APPLE.
  • Mike: The image of the company drives up the margins

Foxconn to use robots

  • Mike: Foxconn to deploy 10,000 robots
  • Alex: It doesn't appear to affect jobs as Foxconn states that they are hiring 100,000 new employees
  • Mike: Is there a trend for Apple to increase production in the US?

TSA rules

  • Alex: Note, users need to know that the TSA is now demanding portable electronics be turned on to demonstrate it works before passing through security
  • Mike: The TSA seems to be singling out the iPhone and Samsung-Galaxy line phones.

Picks of the Week

  • Rene's pick: Tip - With TouchID you can register a trusted person to access your phone in emergencies
    • Very convienent to delete later
  • Mike’s pick: [ Dodo Case (for iPhone) from $40 (iPad mini) or $65 (iPad)
    • Very customizable and practical

Audible Picks

I Said Yes to Everything by Lee Grant (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Orlagh Cassidy


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