MacBreak Weekly 413

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 413

MacBreak Weekly 413: The Font Thickens

A closer look at OS X Yosemite, Europe approves Apple/Beats deal, Bose sues Beats, Apple acquires BookLamp to compete with Amazon, Apple to buy 'Swell' radio app for $30 million, and more.



Yosemite Public Beta

  • Leo: 1 Million downloads already
  • Renee: We can talk about it all, but no screenshots or reviews
  • Leo: Not much interface wise, most changes involve use with iOS 8
  • Renee: Apple has a custom font, but never released - Apple Sans
  • Alex: Have notices some audio issues with Hangouts
  • Andy: There are developers who will wait for the Beta to finish before updating their software
  • Leo: The new Finder icon is TOO happy, Calculator has been updated

Apple/Beats deal closer to finalization

  • Leo: Europe has approved the deal, Bose is suing Beats over noise-canceling headphones

Apple Acquires Swell & Booklamp

  • Leo: Booklamp analyzes books for themes
  • Andy: There are times I don't want to read an entire book, but want to read specific passages
  • Leo: Swell fills out Apple Radio with Talk stations
  • Leo: It's nice to see Apple focus on content

New Mac Hardware

  • Leo: Mac mini (Mid 2014) listed in Bootcamp Hardware Requirements support document HT5634 (reference was removed by 7/30)
  • Leo: New MacBooks, Haswell bump
  • Andy: If you were waiting for a major update, forget it and get this now
  • Leo: Probably because Broadwell architecture CPU development has slipped

Apple Patents Smart Navigation Routing

  • Leo: No navigation app pays attention to stop lights* Alex: I use a Speck cover and put stickers on that
  • Andy: Does it matter? Who cares?

Picks of the Week

  • Rene's pick: Revolution 60 (iOS) for Free (Trial) $5.99 (Full Game IAP)
    • iOS game using the Epic Unreal engine developed by an all-female team
  • Alex's tip: If you are involved with a lot of conference calls that require a passcode, use the format "1-800-XXX-XXXX ;code" The semicolon activates a "paused until pressed" button.
  • Alex's pick: Bokeh at Kickstarter
    • The video has all been shot, but they are raising funds for post-production


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