MacBreak Weekly 420

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 420

MacBreak Weekly 420: Apple Hangover

NFC compatible with Apple Pay only at launch, 2 million free U2 album downloads, Tim Cook on Charlie Rose, a watch guy's thought on the Apple Watch, iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus, and more



iOS 8 ships tomorrow (Sept 17)

  • Leo: Is it ready?
  • Rene: It's as ready as it can be, even more so than iOS 7 was. But there is no testing like 100 Million users....
  • Leo: Should people install it immediately?
  • Rene: If you're a nerd... but if not, let others hit it and bring the issues to the forefront
  • Leo: Is there a look and feel difference?
  • Rene: iOS 8 is more of a functionality upgrade
  • Leo: Some people say Apple doesn't really innovate, but they refine
  • Alex: Apple attempts to do things RIGHT rather than first
  • Andy: If you look at things that are Android first, you will see some half-baked solutions
  • Rene: Apple could have made big phones years ago, but were never happy with the compromises at the time
  • Andy: Sometimes Apple waits to "get it right," but sometimes Apple has no interest in a particular feature
  • Rene: I like the choice to get cutting edge technology today, and that Apple will take their time to make it in their time

NFC in iPhone

  • Leo: NFC will only be available for ApplePay and will not work with external speakers, rings, etc...
  • Rene: At least part of that is because Apple was unable to lock down the "yes/no" tokens for security without taking it through keychain.
  • Leo: ApplePay not until Nov?

Free U2 Album

  • Leo: Did anyone foresee the outburst AGAINST the free U2 album?
  • Rene: It demonstrates the idea of digital property and domain.
  • Leo: It is spam because it was shoved into everyone's iCloud. Getting any other free music from iTunes takes an affirmative action
  • Alex: I bet it was actually less than .5% of the users who were upset about it
  • Andy: Is it a FIASCO? Worth someone getting fired? No
  • Leo: It is embarrasing. Some say it's a "gift," but spammers can say the same thing.

Tim Cook on Charlie Rose

  • Tim was mea culpa on Maps, that it should never had been released
  • (between the lines) Apple just wants to continue making hardware that works
  • Apple is NOT buying Path to develop a social network
  • iCloud was not "hacked" it was a phishing operation
  • Tim did not expect to be CEO (thought Steve would be the chairman for a long time after he became CEO)
  • Steve's office has not been touched
  • Google is Apple's main competitor

Apple Watch

  • Leo: Concerned the Watch does not fulfill the promise
  • Andy: I did not come away from this as excited as I was with the iPhone and iPad, but I am curious as to how it will be used
  • Leo: Benjamin Clymer posted a great review
  • Rene: There was not that "moment" that Apple showed how the Watch fits into the product line or our lives
  • Leo: The Android watch has shown that there is a bigger demand for a round face over a square face

iPhone 6

  • Leo: 24 Million sold in the first 24 hours
  • Leo: How do we feel about the (camera) bump?
  • Alex: I want it bigger with a bigger chip!

Top Questions from Question Engine

  • Question: Aaron Mahler

What are your thoughts on Apple going 16/64/128 and dropping 32 on iPhone6?

  • Answer: Leo: Nobody will buy the 16G, 64G ups the margin over a 32G
  • Question: Mike Wren

Rene or Andy, how heavy did the iPhone 6 Plus "feel"? Does the thinness make up for some of the huge size/weight?

  • Answer: Andy: I did not feel like the 6 Plus was super super heavy.
  • Question: Jeffrey Jamieson, Chilliwack, BC

What are your favorite iOS8 optimized apps that will be released day 1?

  • Answer: Andy: The ones I can't talk about (NDA's)
  • Question: Eric Dichiara

Will we finally see an update to the Apple TV this fall?

  • Answer: Rene: Next spring
  • Question: Anthony Perri

Will we get a Mac event this fall?

  • Answer: Rene: If the Mac products are ready

Picks of the Week

  • Alex's pick: EditReady (Mac OSX) for $50
    • Program for decompressing video into an editable form


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