MacBreak Weekly 423

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MacBreak Weekly
Episode 423

MacBreak Weekly 423: Pretty and Easy to Use

October 17th Event, Gates talks digital payment systems, New interim Apple PR head, GT Advance files for bankruptcy, Hairgate? and more.



Apple Event - Oct 17

  • Leo: Has either Andy or Rene received invites from Apple yet? (NO)
  • Andy: It's a Town Hall event, and as such will be smaller
  • Alex: Live Stream? Unknown. Nobody I know that was even remotely associated with the Sept 9 event will talk to me about it
  • Leo: Large sized iPad?
  • Rene: Next spring if at al
  • Andy: I don't think Apple will release it unless they have a very specific purpose for it
  • Leo: An OS X / iOS hybrid?
  • Rene: They are just trying to get Yosemite out the door, they have had no time to develop a hybrid
  • Leo: Who is the Micheal Report? (Micheal Mitchel) and do we trust him?
  • Rene: I don't know about him, but nothing in the article is out of the possibility.
  • Leo: The report says not just iPads will be released, but also iMacs with Retina Displays
  • Andy: It would be interesting how it will affect the whole iMac lineup
  • Leo: Things to expect at event: Yosemite should be released, iOS 8.1 and ApplePay, iPads (Air and Mini), MacMini?, lots of updated Apple software

iOS 8 adoption rate at 47%

  • Leo: Adoption rate as slowed/stalled for the last 2 weeks
  • Rene: After last years release of iOS 7 and all the problems, people have learned to wait for such major upgrades
  • Andy: iOS 8 was a complete rebuild of the iOS and there will be issues that are not apparent until after a large group of "typical" users start using it
  • Leo: Does the iOS 8.01 problem have anything to do with it?
  • Alex: It does, but once there is an app that required iOS 8 to run that you cannot live without, then we will see that adoption rate increase (ie ApplePay)
  • Leo: Apple needs to step up and show ApplePay is safer to use than any other method

iOS 8 flaws

  • Leo: Not to belabor the issues, but a few things need to be mentioned: The MAC address randomization (broken)
  • Rene: Steve Arnot tested this, appears to work when iPhone is sleeping
  • Leo: Private browsing not so private?
  • Rene: That is from an iOS 7 feature that screen shot the last window so when you returned it would have something to show.

Steve Dowling chosen as Apple's interim head of PR

  • Leo: Replaced Katie Cotton

GT Advanced files for bankruptcy

  • Leo: GT Advanced filed Chapter 11 protection. Didn't Apple buy these guys?
  • Alex: Apple seems to have bought the building, then leased it back to the company. I think what happened was they were almost in the right place at the right time, invested mega $$ to ramp production and then didn't make the "bid"
  • Leo: According to WSJ, the CEO sold shares the day before the iPhone was released
  • Rene: There will be sapphire glass on the Edition and mid-range Apple Watch models


  • Leo: People are just being whiney!
  • Rene: Christina Warren made a video showing that this is a NON-ISSUE

iPhone 6/6+ camera

  • Leo: The panorama is outstanding
  • Alex: The A8 processor is analyzing the image, pixel by pixel constantly to create a truly seamless image
  • Andy: This is by far the absolute best camera in a phone today.
  • Ales: How is the low-light resolution?
  • Andy: A huge leap over the 5s and Apple has solved the issues with low light imagery. And the new image adjustment features in the Photos app is phenomenal.
  • Leo: HyperLapse is great.
  • Rene: Super Slo-Mo is just as good.

Picks of the Week

  • Alex's pick: Livescribe 3 Smartpen Pro for iOS for $199
    • Lets the user write notes on a special note pad, but it transfers to an app on an iPad
  • Rene's pick: Screen VNC for iOS for $19.99
    • Ability to remotely control your computer from an iPhone or iPad
    • Also Videos from Cingleton for free
    • Videos from the conference in Montreal (smart people talking about smart stuff)


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