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Maxwell's House was a weekly show hosted by Leo Laporte and Ray Maxwell. Episodes commonly revolved around the real world applications of complex scientific notions (colour science, science of programming, relativity). Ray attempted to elucidate relevant notions, while avoiding two common pitfalls: oversimplifying and simply stating the physical laws governing the phenomena. Ray peppers his analysis with tangents, thematic interjections over his life experiences. As of Spring 2010, Maxwell's House has narrowed its focus to cover mainly aviation.

Ray was a regular guest on Leo's television program The Lab with Leo Laporte in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Ray broadcasts from his home in Vancouver.

In December 2009, Maxwell's House became an official TWiT podcast[1]. On June 24, 2010 it was announced that Maxwell's House 78 would be the final episode. Leo stated that Ray Maxwell will still be appearing frequently in other shows on the network.

Maxwell's House was retired on the TWiT Network with its release of episode 78 on June 27, 2010.


Video Recordings

Older unofficial video and audio are also available.

Ray's Satellite Studio Set-up

As of Maxwell's House 44 Ray introduced video switching at his location with the intent of establishing a satellite set-up for TWiT. The video is captured by a Canon HV20 which is fed into a Blackmagic Intensity Card, this card converts the HDMI video from the camera to anamorphic SD. This card is in a dual processor dual core Mac Pro running at 2.66 GHz, providing four cores total. The software involved includes Camtwist for video switching and Skype for communications with TWiT Cottage. Camtwist provides a software video in for Skype which is transmitted to the TWiT cottage. The inputs to Camtwist can be any camera that is compatible with Quicktime as well as media files and capturing the computer screen, a defined portion of the screen or a defined application. According to Ray in episode 44 this configuration utilised 50% of CPU performance as displayed in the Activity Monitor utility on OS X.


  • Ray has commented that the show's logo is very appropriate, given his background in applied colour science.
  • Leo teases Ray that he does not have a fully constructed website, a fact that has not changed since Ray was a regular guest on Leo's television program The Lab with Leo Laporte.
  • Ray previously recorded 40 episodes of the Lab with Leo in Vancouver.
  • Ray oftentimes uses slides to clarify his presentation. He originally broadcast these to Leo through Adobe Acrobat Connect, but has since switched to GoToMeeting.
  • Ray is a juggler. See Maxwell's House 4



Recent Episodes

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Show notes

Below are detailed show notes for released episodes. These are updated as soon as possible as time allows and/or as much community effort is put into them.

Additional show notes for Maxwell's House can be found here.

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