Maxwell's House 73

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Maxwell's House
Episode 73



1. Aviation in the news

  1. Announce that I am appearing on TWIP.
  2. Aviation Week…Aviation Leak…Classified projects.

2. Questions

  1. Where do runway numbers come from?
  2. Commercial flight numbers?
  3. What is de-icing fluid?
  4. Dow UCAR fluid…-28 C…water 0 C…-55 C
  5. Free fall…Do you hesitate to open since you don’t feel like you are falling? Automatic openers.
  6. Engine Sounds…Prop pitch changes…Prop sync.
  7. Flights from North America to Europe are faster than the return.
  8. My outlook on life…Pack as much into life as possible.

3. Navigation

  1. Dead Reckoning
  3. Google search…Airplane navigation excel worksheet
    1. Compass
      1. Variation
      2. Deviation
    2. Clock
    3. Forecast winds aloft
    4. Map
    5. E-6B analog calculator
  4. Pilotage
    1. Map
    2. Looking out the window
    3. I learned to navigate in the Mid-West
  5. ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)
    1. Flying in a cross wind
  6. VOR (Visual Omni Range)
    1. How it works
    2. CDI (Course Deviation Indicator)
  7. VOT (Visual Omni Range Test)…within four degrees
  8. DME (Distance Measuring Equipment)
  9. Pulse timing
  10. ILS (Instrument Landing System)
    1. Left or right of center line…above or below the glide path.
  11. BEACON
  12. GPS (Global Positioning System)
    1. Timing of pulses from satellite
    2. Corrected for relativity



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Production Information

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