Maxwell's House 74

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Maxwell's House
Episode 74



  • Aviation in the news
  1. Gun Carrying pilot is going to hurt himself because his flight attendant girlfriend broke up with him.
  • Questions
  1. What kind of gas does an airplane burn? Can you burn MoGas in an airplane?...Vapor pressure
  2. The Space Shuttle is a glider…Is it a glider in space?
  • Story…The Gimly Glider…pounds vs. Kilograms
  • Navigation
  1. ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)
    1. Flying in a cross wind
    2. VOR (Visual Omni Range)1
      1. How it works
      2. CDI (Course Deviation Indicator)
    3. VOT (VOR Test)…within four degrees
    4. DME (Distance Measuring Equipment)
    5. Pulse timing
    6. ILS (Instrument Landing System)
      1. Left or right of center line…above or below the glide path.
    7. BEACON
    8. GPS (Global Positioning System)2
      1. Timing of pulses from satellite
      2. Corrected for relativity

Notable Comments

1. The definition of VOR is incorrect. It is actually an acronym for VHF Omnidirectional (Radio) Range.
2. In the discussion of GPS, the acronym for the Wide Area Augmentation System was incorrectly given as "W-A-S-S", whereas it is actually "W-A-A-S".

Production Information

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