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Maxwell's House
Episode 76



  • Aviation in the news
  1. Speed X [sic] and Falcon 9
    1. The actual name of the company is "SpaceX" or "Space Exploration Technologies", and was originally one of the competitors for the X Prize won by Scaled Composites with SpaceShipOne. SpaceX Website
    2. Founder of SpaceX is Elon Musk, founder of PayPal and current CEO of Tesla Motors.
    3. SpaceX has a 1.6 billion dollar contract to provide unmanned cargo transport to the International Space Station.
    4. Initially, SpaceX only spoke of cargo carrying (the bulk of the NASA contract) in reference to Falcon 9. Curiously, SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft has always had a window in the door. The company is now much more up-front about future crew carrying capabilities of the Dragon spacecraft.
  2. Will we go to Mars?
  • Questions
  1. Errata in 73…Runway 36 not 00.
  2. Errata…50,000 BTU not 500,000 BTU
  3. What is Pilot-in-Command…
  4. Gyroscope in the new iPhone 4…
  5. Attending EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh)...
  6. Airfoils…to Bernoulli or not to Bernoulli
    1. Depends on speed
    2. Depends on density
    3. Reynolds numbers
    4. No simple model
    5. Model for pilots
      1. Angle of attack
      2. Not at one speed
      3. Some buffet before stalling
      4. Some break suddenly
      5. Know what the warning signs are for the specific aircraft that you are flying.
      6. Know how rain effects you wing
      7. Avoid iceing.
  • Flying floats…
  1. How to fly floats
    1. Soft field T.O. and LDGs
    2. T.O. technique…optimum attitude
    3. One speed…55 mph for the Cessna 185
    4. Flap settings…20 degrees
    5. Power approach
    6. Landing too fast…flip the plane.
      1. Movie “Mother Lode”
      2. Art Scholl (please include URL for video shown on show)
      3. NSB comments…two movie cameras make the investigation much easier.
      4. I went to Lake Lovely Water four times before I landed the first time.
    7. Most landing areas are very long.
  2. Where to fly floats
  3. High Altitude lakes…landing distance…takeoff distance
  4. Preparation for float flying
    1. Sailing…
      1. Reading water
      2. Floatplanes have no brakes or reverse…some exceptions
    2. Gliding…
      1. Mountain air currents
    3. You need to take everything you need for survival. No one is going to help you any time soon.
      1. Survival kit
      2. Tent
      3. Sleeping bag
      4. First Aide
  5. Adventures flying floats
    1. Six lakes within 30 mins flying from Vancouver.
    2. SouthEast Alaska…
      1. Forrest Service Cabins
        1. 3 days
        2. Six months in advance
        3. Boat
        4. Firewood
      2. Big Goat Lake
      3. Friendly people in Alaska
        1. Juneau Alaska…Tarbox family
        2. Petersburg…Very helpful people
        3. Ketchikan…Friendly float pilots


Lift from Flow Turning - first of several pages from NASA's Glenn Research Center, describing correct and incorrect theories of lift. After perusing, click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page to get to the first "incorrect" page. There are five pages in the sequence in all, including this first one.

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