Maxwell's House 77

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Maxwell's House
Episode 77


Choosing a career as a pilot, aviation news, answers to your questions, and more.

  • Aviation in the news…
  • Questions…
  1. Is it dangerous for Hot Air Balloons to fly close to each other? Right-of-way
  2. How to pick an instructor
  3. FBO Fixed Base Operator…are there other kinds…Barnstormers 1926…Air Commerce Act
  4. Commercial Pilot Pay…
  5. Tracking aircraft…How about an app that you point the camera at an aircraft and it tells you the aircraft type and flight number.
  • Learning to Fly…
  1. How much does it cost
    1. 50 to 60 hours of flying
    2. $6,000 to $12,000
  2. Theory of Flight
    1. Weight and Balance
    2. Flight envelope
  3. Engines
  4. FAR’s and CAR’s
  5. Meteorology
  6. Navigation
    1. Winds aloft
    2. Flight planning
    3. Fuel use and reserves
  7. Eye Hand coordination
    1. Inner Tennis
  • Advanced Flying
  1. Why advance beyond your private license?
  2. Commercial License
  3. Night Flying
  4. Instrument Flying
  5. Multiengine
  6. Ski Flying
  7. Float Flying
  8. Aerobatics
  9. Helicopter




Crazy for God - Part One by Frank Schaeffer (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Frank Schaeffer

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