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Episode 180

Net@night 180:

Google Chrome OS event, Tumblr tumbles down for a day, Warp your tweets with TweetWarp, A refreshing look at, and more.



  • Facebook redesigns profile pages
    • Profile is at the top of page in a prominent spot so friends have better access to what you're all about (in more detail if you choose to share)
    • Photos featuring you are at the top of your page, so if you're tagged in a picture it's front and centre (you can hide a photo within this set if you wish, which is great because you might not want a certain snapshot in the spotlight.)
    • Wall is on left-hand side of page, but you can still update your status from the middle of the page and choose who can see your update (which allows you to further manage your online privacy)
    • Interests in your info section are more visual, including pulling in images for your favourite things such as TV shows, movies, school affiliation, and more
    • Meaningful relationships beyond family members are easy to add within your profile, so you can highlight relationships with other important people such as best friends or coworkers.

Fast growing lightweight blogging service Tumblr has been down for most of the past day and its users are being mocked for their concern. "Can Tumblr do a Twitter and recover?" laughs economics writer and funny man Paul Kedrosky, for example, on Twitter. "Does anyone outside Bay Area and NYC care? More at 11."

  • Patrick Vaillancourt plans to tattoo 100,000 web addresses on his body. Raising money for charity, needs to complete this by next summer.

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