Net@night 182

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Episode 182

Net@night 182:

Better Santa trackers, Yahoo! selling, Likealittle explodes, Instagram's first million, AOL buys About.ME,, and more.


Welcome to Pinboard! Social bookmarking for introverts


Likealittle, a YC-backed “flirting-facilitator platform” launched by former Googlers and Microsofties Evan Reas, Prasanna Sankaranarayanan and Shubham Mittal on October 27th. I’ve also verified this with a source close to the matter.

In addition to having a much better name than competitor, also offers simple but attractive personal analytics.

Its users are presented a dashboard view of the number of times their profiles have been viewed, the number of inbound links to their page and the people they interact with most commonly on other social networks.

Picks of the Week

Site of the Night

Worth Monkey works by searching data all over internet regarding the current asking price and selling price of the used goods you're looking for. It then brings back all of that data and performs calculations on each piece and on the data as a whole, giving you the average low, middle, and high price of the product. As an added treat, it also shows you where you can purchase that product for the highest average price or lower, leveraging your purchasing options and saving you time and money.




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