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Science News Weekly hosted by Kirsten Sanford (Dr. Kiki) brings you the most interesting science headlines of each week. The show was recorded live during Dr. Kiki's Science Hour, Thursdays 4-5pm PT. The show was retired from the TWiT network in July 2012.





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Recent Episodes

Below are recent episodes you can download or watch.

  • Science News Weekly 16Transit the sunVenus moves, we hit dinosaurs with lasers, and spies give space a present.
  • Science News Weekly 15The Dragon Has LandedOlympic rings, dino birds, and the Dragon landing.
  • Science News Weekly 14The Eat Me SignalNeuron's right of way, you should take a bath, and a planet evaporates.
  • Science News Weekly 13Apple Want A Virus?Naked mole rats, gila monsters, robotic arms.
  • Science News Weekly 12Dinosaurs Were A GasWe live with mammoths, probably need to exercise, and life goes on.
  • Science News Weekly 11This Might Hurt A LittleGiant fleas, multi-colored lasers, hungry black hole.

More episodes can be viewed and downloaded here

Show notes

Below are detailed show notes for released episodes. These are updated as soon as possible as time allows and/or as much community effort is put into them.

Additional show notes for Science News Weekly can be found here.

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