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Though many people around the world help in some way to make it a better network, TWiT cannot only be run by volunteers. The following people are on the network's payroll and perform tasks around the office.

TWiT Staff on the 2017 holiday card

Hosts and Producers

Leo Laporte

Leo Laporte Studio.jpg

Owner of TWiT LLC.

Leo is the founder, owner, and Chief TWiT. He also hosts the weekly "Tech Guy" radio show, syndicated through Premiere Networks. He also hosts or co-hosts many of the TWiT shows including This WEEK in TECH, This WEEK in GOOGLE, MacBreak Weekly, TWiT Photo, Security Now, iPad Today, Windows Weekly, Weekly Daily Giz Wiz, Triangulation, Before You Buy, and Know How. Every now and then you will see Leo pop up on another show on the TWiT network especially Ham Nation. Leo also appears on almost all of the TWiT Live Specials

Jason Howell

Jason headshot side.jpg

Jason Howell joined TWiT on September 7, 2010 and is the producer for Tom's shows. He also is a host on All About Android TWiT's show completely devoted to phones and tablets running the Android OS.

Office Staff

Lisa Laporte

Lisa Kentzell.jpg


Lisa is Leo's wife, business partner, and CEO of TWiT.


Victor Bognot

Victor is an editor and the guy who puts together the weekly "Previously on TWiT" recaps seen every Sunday on TWiT.

Anthony Nielsen

Anthony Nielsen joined TWiT in March 2013 as a video editor. Before TWiT, Anthony was videographer and editor for CNET, Forbes, and most recently, PandoDaily. While at Forbes, he won an Emmy in the Interview/Discussion - Feature/Segment category and at PandoDaily, he helped develop the video department from the ground up.

  • Anthony creates a lot of the motion graphics you see on shows since 2013.
  • Anthony is the creator of "Game of Geeks".
  • Anthony is so good that he won an Emmy. Really!
  • Anthony is Batman.

Josh Windisch

Josh is an editor and is responsible for maintaining


Patrick Delahanty

Patrick Delahanty joined TWiT as Web/Digital Engineer in April 2013. He drove his #Road2TWiT road trip from Watertown, MA to Petaluma between April 17th and 20th.

He is the guy responsible for maintaining the web sites. Prior to joining TWiT, he had previously been heavily involved with NSFW including the creation of the BBpedia (now DCTVpedia).

  • Patrick is a Boston Red Sox fan and will continue to harass Iyaz about his Yankees whenever the Red Sox are doing better.
  • Jason is slightly taller than Patrick.
  • Patrick on Twitter

Alex Gumpel


Alex is a board operator and editor. He was promoted from his intern position to staff in May 2011. Alex makes lots of movies for the Inside TWiT blog and is the host of TWiT Edit Facility Update, a periodic Inside TWiT video featuring Alex (and other TWiT staff) in comedic situations.

  • Alex on Twitter
  • Has never worn a pair of jeans
  • Has an unnatural obsession with old Late Night with David Letterman episodes.

Burke McQuinn

Burke is an engineer and TD at TWiT. He maintains and repairs (...and often breaks!) the studio and all things in it.

  • Burke wandered in thru a trap door in the floor (under the stairs) after being recruited by Colleen Kelly in late 2009/2010. He breaks out of his cage in the basement to walk Ozzy.

John Slanina (JammerB)

John is TWiT's lead studio engineer. He maintains the studio, assists guests and hosts, is a board operator, and makes an excellent plunger coffee.


Mike Taylor (Bear)

Bear smile.jpg

Bear is the systems administator of

Russell Tammany

Russell is the expert on everything engineering. Russell was often mentioned in RingCentral ad reads.

  • Russell often takes weekend trips to other continents.
  • Russell brews his own beer.

Other Support Staff

James DeRuvo

James takes the Tech Guy Show Notes.

Past Staff

Iyaz Akhtar

Iyaz Akhtar.jpg

Iyaz was the associate producer and a host for Tech News Today. He was often referred to as someone who "hates fun", but has yet to confirm or deny this. Iyaz also hosted the in beta show ION or In Other News, a show devoted to the news that didn't make the news. Beginning in July 2012 Iyaz and Leo joined up for the show Know How... the first dedicated hands-on how-to show on the TWiT network. Iyaz left TWiT in December 2013 to pursue an editors position at CNET.

Bryan Burnett


Remember remember the 5th of November 2011, because that's when Bryan was hired full time at TWiT as an editor for many of the TWiT Networks shows.

Bryan a.k.a. CrankyHippo in the IRC, can be seen TD'ing Before You Buy, Triangulation, TWiT Photo, TWiS, and riding his motorcycle to work. He blames Tony Wang for his passion for photography and his wallets dispair when looking at new lenses.

Before editing at TWiT, Bryan worked as a drafter at a civil engineering firm along with videography/editing local weddings for Visual Story Media and live webcast for Pacific Clearstream Media.

Radford Castro

Radford Castro.jpg

Radford feeds the engineering team with new ideas disguised as problems and sometimes food. His team is responsible for providing super nice tools, optimizing workflow, video streams, providing overall technical support and the podcast feeds.

More stuff about Radford can be found here.

Bruce Chezem

Bruce Chezem was manager of the Engineering Team. Bruce is fluent in three languages...Geek, Nerd-ese and Bad American English. His ability to switch back and forth at will between these different languages make him the ideal person to translate at meetings of the TWiT engineers and TWiT management. Bruce can also invent meaningless but important-sounding acronyms in mid-sentence.

  • Bruce enjoys watching golf and making cabinets.

Chris Dieterle (deetman)

Chris was the co-admin for, and

Lynn Fu

Lynn was the live events producer for TWiT.

Dane Golden

Former President and Senior Producer.

Photo by Wil Harris

Dane has been hanging around TWiT since 2006. He's the former TWiT editor. On the afternoon of 2-5-2009 before the taping of Windows Weekly, Leo made the mistake of asking for a listing of Dane Facts to be made, and the TWiT Army came through, providing little known facts of Dane.

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson.jpg

Chad is an associate producer at TWiT and a writer for the Inside TWiT blog. When Chad is not working, you can often find him taking pictures of his iconic smile.

  • Chad formerly worked with Brian Brushwood on his world wide magic tours.
  • Chad has made frequent appearances on NSFW.
  • Chad on Twitter

Colleen Kelly


Former Vice President of Engineering.

Colleen helped build, launch, and grow TWiT Live. Amongst other things, she designed, built, and named the Skypasaurus.

She regularly co-hosted This Week in Computer Hardware, PC Perspective, and has made appearances on other TWiT Live specials and shows.

Colleen announced May 1st, 2010 that she would be stepping down from her position as VP of Engineering for TWiT, and going to work for Google. Her last day at TWiT was May 21st, 2010.

Sarah Lane

Sarah lane.jpeg

Sarah Lane joined the TWIT staff full time on June 1st, 2010.

Sarah Co-Hosts Tech News Today live every weekday. She also hosts IPad Today with Leo Laporte, The Social Hour with Amber MacArthur, and iFive for the iPhone. Sarah used to co-host TNT on Mondays and Fridays, but when Becky left the show, she started hosting every day.

In early 2015, Sarah started working for TechCrunch.

Eva Laporte

Eva is Leo's sister and she answered as much TWiT email as was humanly possible and took care of other administrative tasks for Leo's staff, such as managing Brick House visitor reservations and TWiT meet-ups.

Frédérique Louis


Frédérique is the Office Manager at TWiT LLC.

Tom Merritt


Tom Merritt joined the TWIT staff full time on June 1st, 2010.

Tom hosted the daily tech news show on the TWiT network called Tech News Today as well as Frame Rate. You can also see Tom on many of the TWiT Live Specials. His past shows include Current Geek Weekly, FourCast, Triangulation, and Tech History Today.

Shannon Morse

Shannon Morse.jpg

In 2012, Shannon joined TWiT as the new producer of Before You Buy. When not geeking out with work, Shannon enjoys video games, manga, anime, traveling, building computers, and spending time with her family and friends. She has some experience in acting, voice acting, singing, modeling, and broadcast / news journalism.



Leo's pet dog, Ozzy, sometimes appeared on the shows. His job was to guard the TWiT Brick House from thieves, birds and cats. (His weapons were his bark and his cuteness.) Ozzy was a Papillon.

Eileen Rivera

Eileen Rivera.jpg

Former Supervising Producer.

Eileen joined TWiT September 7th, 2010. On May 3, 2012, she announced that she was leaving TWiT to work for CNET. Rivera is still a host on All About Android.

Liz Romero

Liz Romero.jpg

Liz was Lisa's assistant. Liz also hosted the in beta show ION or In Other News. She moved to New York with Iyaz in 2014.

Dr. Kiki Sanford

Dr kiki headshot.jpeg

Dr. Kiki was the host of Dr. Kiki's Science Hour and Science News Weekly. She has previously co-hosted Maxwell's House, Green Tech Today, and Roz Rows. Dr. Kiki appears regularly on many other TWiT shows. She also live streams her "science chats" on her page where you can watch her previous live streams.

Ken Sheppardson (KShep)

Former VP of Engineering.

  • Ken's statement regarding leaving TWiT
    • "After nine months I’m moving on from TWiT. The network is gearing up for a growth phase where what they’ll need is a technical staff with specific experience in video production and studio management that really just isn’t a fit with my background or interests. Over the years I’ve strayed far from my core interests (data analysis, systems modeling, and software development) and it’s time to get back on track."
  • He appeared in this video about TWiT.
  • Ken on Twitter.
  • Ken's web portal.

Zachary Smith

Zach was a combo editor/engineer. He previously worked for Pixel Corps. Nobody coils cables as well as him!

Jeff Stewart


Jeff is a producer / editor at He used to work with Leo at Tech TV. Jeff is the true genius, Lord and Master behind TWiT Edit Facility Update; he concieved the idea in the summer of 2011 and has starred in, edited, and directed most of the shorts.

Tony Wang


Tony is a producer / editor at He was the 2nd editor hired in 2008. Tony has appeared on several TWiT shows and is currently hosting the in beta show ION or In Other News.

Colin Weir


Colin moved from Philadelphia to join the TWiT staff as an engineer in April 2011. His trial by fire was at the 2011 NAB show.

Colin was TWiT's lead digital engineer. His duties included managing the website, ensuring TWiT's streaming setup was functioning properly, and working with the staff responsible for maintaining TWiT's many servers and websites.

He was also the TD for "This Week in Law" and the Associate Producer and TD for "Know How...". Colin was sometimes seen on TWiT Live, such as for FourCast 84.

Prior to TWiT, Colin worked as a Video Production Specialist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

In October 2012, Colin moved back to the east coast.