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Episode 187


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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, episode 187 for March 23, 2009, So Say We All.

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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, episode 187, and what a great TWiT this is going to be, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got a massive crew in the house starting with my great friend, good buddy, Kevin Rose from Digg and Revision 3 and and Diggnation.

Kevin Rose Thanks for having me, Leo,..

Leo Laporte I am so thrilled.

Kevin Rose ...I’m glad that I could actually make it out here.

Leo Laporte I am really glad you could be here. Do you like it? You got some tea?

Kevin Rose Got the tea going, got the laptop, Wi-Fi. I’m pretty much set.

Leo Laporte We could put a table there if you want. Oh, you got the table. David Prager doesn’t. David, do you go anywhere without Prager? Is he your bodyguard? You know I saw a TWiT. Tell me if this is true that you had a bodyguard in Austin?

Kevin Rose There was security in Austin...

Leo Laporte Yes.

Kevin Rose ...but it wasn’t like a bodyguard.

Leo Laporte But it was crazy at that Diggnation.

Kevin Rose I mean there’s like – there was – how many people came by, 2,500 or something like that.

Leo Laporte Wow.

David Prager Yeah, the venue capacity was 2000 and then I think they crammed a couple more hundred in.

Leo Laporte Wow.

David Prager It was, it was – I mean every time we’ve done anything like that -- outrageously flattering. I mean and it’s all because of Kevin there.

Leo Laporte Oh, yes, he is a star.

Kevin Rose It’s just, well, people get crushed if you don’t have security saying like hey, get back and go over here.

Leo Laporte No you have to do that, yes. You have to do that.

David Prager But if you do a search on Flickr for like South by Southwest Diggnation, you will see you can find piles of – I think Digg has a photo pool.

Kevin Rose Yes, we did.

Leo Laporte But that’s not all, ladies and gentlemen, no. The star power continues. Mr. Jason Calacanis is also here.

Jason Calacanis Hello, hello, thanks for having me.

Leo Laporte Best known for poker.

Jason Calacanis Yes, lost 1,200 last night.

Leo Laporte Did you?

Jason Calacanis Yeah, at my own game.

Leo Laporte Did you – and your own game. That’s not right.

Jason Calacanis It’s terrible.

Leo Laporte You know the worst thing is when you tap out at your own game and you have to like serve sandwiches. That’s really awful.

Jason Calacanis Yes, it was not fun.

Leo Laporte Did you – you were in the celebrity poker for the world poker tour. How’d that go? How long did you...?

Jason Calacanis I did really good. I came in 90th out of 420 people or something 410 people.

Leo Laporte Does that mean you won? You won money?

Jason Calacanis No, I think I didn’t get in the money but this was every one of the top poker players in the world like Ferguson and Phil Hellmuth and all these guys so...

Leo Laporte Must be fun to sit at the table with the guys like that.

Jason Calacanis Yes, I was at one table. It was like six pros including the guy who has one more tournaments in cash in the last 30 years than anybody, and also Shannon Elizabeth and then the guy from Mad Men. It was just crazy. Mekhi Phifer, all these guys were there. It was very cool.

Leo Laporte He knows when to hold ’em, he knows when to fold ’em. Gina Trapani is also here. Formerly – well, I don’t want to say formerly of LifeHacker. You started LifeHacker?

Gina Trapani Yes.

Leo Laporte Now, it’s but you’re still LifeHacker associated, right?

Gina Trapani Yes, I am. I still write there once a week and bother all the editors there, tell them what I want to see.

Leo Laporte I continually go back to LifeHacker because I will do a Google search on how to use, what is it, that geek code, and then there will always be a Gina Trapani article. About anything I want to do, you have been there first.

Gina Trapani Excellent. Thank for that.. I’ll pay you later for saying that.

Leo Laporte Actually, it is good that you’re there because then I don’t have to redo it all. Also a newbie with us for his first time on this WEEK in TECH from ABC, Dan Patterson is here. Also Hi, Dan.

Dan Patterson Hey, how are you, Leo? Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Leo Laporte You were also at South by... Who wasn't? Was everybody at South by Southwest except me?

Gina Trapani Yes.

Leo Laporte Gina, did you go?

Gina Trapani Yes, I did.

Kevin Rose Have you not gone at all?

Leo Laporte I have never been. Can you believe that?

Kevin Rose You’ve got to go

Leo Laporte It would be so much fun.

Gina Trapani Yeah, you’ve got to go.

Leo Laporte So, but the impression I got this time, and of course this is at a distance, was it was just one big drunken orgy.

Kevin Rose That’s about after – yeah.

Leo Laporte And yes.

Kevin Rose ...after about six or seven in the night, that’s true, yes.

Dan Patterson You know you can filter through that. Well, I filtered through it by get – filtering through Kevin’s party and back but there’s – it’s a big drunken party but if you have meaningful conversation with people, you really can connect, and I can’t tell what this did for – everyone talks about the networking but really the personal relationships that develop there and kind of evolve there are tremendous. So, yes, you can party but you can also go – I hate to say ‘go to work’ but if you go and have the mindset that I am going to communicate with people and all the tools that we use just kind of facilitate that, you can have a wonderful time without and do the parties but without really getting stuck in the drunken muck.

Leo Laporte Were there any great seminars, sessions, that people really enjoyed? Because you don’t really hear about those.

Dan Patterson I would like to think mine was. I was privileged enough to speak with Lawrence Lessig and Amber Ettinger, Obama girl, Alex Wellen who is the guy who does all the cool prank stuff at CNN.

Leo Laporte We know Alex pretty well.

Dan Patterson Yes, yes.

Leo Laporte He is at CNN now, huh? That’s cool.

Dan Patterson Yes. Yes. Mark McKinnon who is a campaign strategist. So, that was – it’s humbling just to be on stage with Lessig. It’s like smart person, smart person, smart person, Lawrence Lessig.

Leo Laporte Kevin, what did you enjoy?

Kevin Rose Well, I didn’t get a lot of time to go to the talks this year. I was just in and out. I was there for three days and then bounced out. But...

Leo Laporte Were you doing meetings? What were you doing that was keeping you busy?

Kevin Rose Oh, we have got a big launch coming up in like a week and a half...

Leo Laporte Whose we? Digg or Revision 3?

Kevin Rose Yes.

Leo Laporte Oh, yes. You want to tell us anything?

Kevin Rose Oh, we talked about it a little bit. We’re doing a software-based, or not software-based but a web-based kind of short URL service with a tool bar....

Leo Laporte Oh, yes?

Kevin Rose ....that allows you to Digg on sites and trade around Digg links on networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and you name it, with these kind of shorter Digg URLs. I mean that’s got a bunch of different stuff. It should be like....

Leo Laporte That’s going to be huge.

Kevin Rose It shows you related content from that source...

Leo Laporte That’s going to be huge.

Kevin Rose ....just a whole slew of different features. So,....

Leo Laporte Wow.

Kevin Rose It’s going to be fun.

Leo Laporte So, I use now because I get stats.

Kevin Rose Yes, you get stats with this as well.

Leo Laporte So, I will get that plus.

Kevin Rose Right and it doesn’t have to be a submitted Digg story. So, you can just go. I think the most brilliant piece of it is how you actually create these. So, all you have to do is click in your address bar and this doesn’t work today but it will when we launch. You type in and then leave all of the rest of the URL in there that you are on and you hit enter. And that passes that full URL to Digg and then we re-forward you to the tiny, the shorter Digg URL.

Leo Laporte This is so smart because you are going to get a lot of data about what people are interested in over and above what you already get from Digg, right?

Kevin Rose Yes, we see many people who are passing around, how many people are viewing it. Then we can also...

Leo Laporte Can you monetise that kind of information?

Jason Calacanis Yes, I was just going to ask that.

Leo Laporte What do you do with it?

Kevin Rose When you click on the related content within that bar, we have as it folds down the content, kind of expands out. It’s hard for me to explain without you actually seeing it but there is ads on there as well but, more than anything, it’s to get more people digging in and embarked....

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose ...and feeding more data into our system.

Leo Laporte It’s just really clear. I mean I think about it with Twitter, it’s just very clear that all of this activity that is going on is generating a cloud of information about what people are into – I mean this is what Digg essentially did. How do you capture what they are interested in but you know more and more and more.

Kevin Rose Right. So, for us, it’s just adding in more of those connections into Digg and refactoring that into our own promotion stuff. So, we want to be able to look at like what’s being re-twitted. Like, that might be....

Leo Laporte Right, that’s huge.

Kevin Rose ... a rule in Digg’s promotion later on.

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose We are going to look at a bunch of different sources, see how people are sharing and spreading this information around the web.

Leo Laporte Seems huge. It seems like Scoble’s posited that what Twitter makes money when he says – okay we made – they made an announcement that Scoble’s pregnant, Scoble’s wife I think actually although it’d be quite an announcement if he were pregnant.

Jason Calacanis It looked like Kevin was about six months’ pregnant actually.

Leo Laporte Robert, you mean, yes. Not Kevin, he looks – he is getting skinny here. I don’t what we are going to do with you but he said – now, if Twitter were really on the ball, I should have been receiving tweets about, not that I don’t want to but I should be receiving tweets about stuff that – where to buy my bassinet and baby shoes and stuff like that because that information is of use.

Kevin Rose Yes, there is a really, I thought, a great use of Twitter even though it could get very spammy...

Leo Laporte But that’s the problem.

Kevin Rose Yes.

Leo Laporte You got to be careful, judicious.

Kevin Rose Somebody twitted out that they had a cold, and weren’t feeling well.

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose So, Zicam like that nasal spray monitors the search term cold and send a TWiT back to this person like, “Hey, sorry, you are not feeling well. Here’s a coupon....

Leo Laporte That’s so....

Kevin Rose ...for like 10% off.”

Leo Laporte That’s so smart.

Kevin Rose Wasn’t that crazy?

Leo Laporte I think that’s so smart.

Kevin Rose That was like all automated but I mean obviously they’re the first to do it so it’s kind of cool now but I...

Leo Laporte When a hundred people do it.

Kevin Rose When thirty different companies....

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose sending me like you needs these vitamins.

Leo Laporte How does Twitter stop that?

Kevin Rose Yes, I did.

Leo Laporte How does Twitter stop that though, right?

Kevin Rose Well, they just have to be careful in looking at who’s spamming, make sure people aren’t sending out hundreds of thousands of these kind of spam.

Leo Laporte I want to talk about Facebook too in just a little bit but I do want to continue to talk about South by Southwest and Gina tell me about your South by Southwest. What went on for you there?

Gina Trapani Well, it was my fifth one. I have been to the last five, including this year. And it was definitely the best one I’ve ever been to just because I hit on some good panels and just had some good meetings and conversations with people. It’s true that you know the sessions are kind of hit or miss. Although I did get a couple of good ones this time, but it’s really about like conversations and I am not much of a party girl so that all happens in the hallways mostly for me or at lunch or whatever. So, it was a good time.

Leo Laporte My friend, Craig Severson that does a conference called LobbyCon where you take, you just have the lobby conversations, forget the presentations. It is all about the lobby.

Kevin Rose Did you hear about BaconCon?

Leo Laporte No.

Kevin Rose Yeah, it’s supposed to be – it’s all about bacon.

Jason Calacanis That sounds awesome. I may go to that.

Leo Laporte I don’t know. I am over bacon. I can’t eat bacon anymore. Jason what was your, what was... I know, I know shocking. There is a website called, I think it’s baconizer. That will add bacon to any website.

Kevin Rose Oh yeah, yeah Baconator.

Leo Laporte The Baconator!

Kevin Rose Yeah, yeah. That was one of my favourites. You just add the URL in front of crates of, piece of bacon...

Leo Laporte That’s a slice of bacon. I don’t really get it but okay. Jason, how about you? What was, what’s it like for a wheeler-dealer like you at – in Austin?

Jason Calacanis I’m sorry, Austin. Where is that?

Leo Laporte You didn’t go.

Jason Calacanis No, I didn’t go. I have too much work to do. I have been. I really enjoy it. Actually, it’s a great conference because...

Leo Laporte It seems like a very friendly conference.

Jason Calacanis What’s good about it is is most of the conferences that Kevin and I go to and is, you know, they are like CEOs and markers and VCs. It’s not actually people who do work. It’s people who take credit for other people’s work and so when I go to South by Southwest, it’s like you get to sit in the audience and actually hear people who actually do real work, talk about how they do their work and it’s a much more interesting conference although most people tend to not be the best speakers but they tend to have the most insights. So, you have to deal with a little less polish, a lot more substance.

Leo Laporte I prefer that. I prefer that.

Jason Calacanis Don’t you? I mean it’s a BarCamp. You know when it’s a BarCamp, then it is just like...

Leo Laporte Yeah exactly.

Jason Calacanis Ten bad communications to one good one.

Kevin Rose You get the PodCamp vibe but because it is people who may not be professionals. You also get the energy of people who don’t have professional life dragging down their energy but it’s a wonderful chance to meet people in all levels of three different industries really.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Well maybe someday I will go.

Kevin Rose I’m telling you next year what we should do is we should like rent out – we did stubs this year for the Diggnation stuff.

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose But let’s rent out something over the entire day, pick a day like on the weekend.

Leo Laporte Just take over somewhere.

Kevin Rose Take over somewhere and do back to back different podcasts.

Leo Laporte I would love to do that.

Kevin Rose You bring TWiT like we’ll just do all the different ones that we do.

Leo Laporte We will stream the whole thing.

Kevin Rose That’d be fun.

Leo Laporte Jason and I were talking about getting a rock and roll bus. That would have been fun.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, driving there.

Leo Laporte Yeah driving there.

Jason Calacanis A big party bus.

Leo Laporte We just didn’t have enough time Jason but if – but I think if we start planning now, yeah a big party bus.

Jason Calacanis Tyler will take care of it for next year like you can rent one of these...

Leo Laporte They are not expensive, yeah.

Jason Calacanis Like tour buses. The tour buses like whatever. It would be a couple of grand.

Leo Laporte They sleep twelve.

Kevin Rose Are we going to shoot it like real world style?

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis It will be absolutely. And one person has to get off the bus in each city.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s great!

Jason Calacanis Phoenix! Alex Albrecht you are off the bus.

Leo Laporte Survivor, I love it.

Kevin Rose Can you get pretty good bandwidth on the satellite internet so you can be doing stuff while driving?

Leo Laporte We all have the video cards. I think we...

Kevin Rose Are you just bouncing on a ball, Leo? Is that?

Leo Laporte Yeah, I’m sorry. You didn’t notice that I like to bounce some times. I get excited, I bounce. I’m sorry. It’s not, it’s a little creepy.

Jason Calacanis I didn’t get a ball.

Kevin Rose That's his happy bounce.

Leo Laporte It’s a little creepy. I understand. I look like Tiger behind the desk. Woo-hoo! We’re going to go on a bus to Austin! Hoo-hoo! So I think if we rent this bus, we stop like and do Twit-ups and broadcasts all the way like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, you know on the way and then we get to Austin and then I think you are right. We get a venue for the whole day. Okay, we are going to do this.

Jason Calacanis I am serious. I’m down with this.

David Prager Well, you might as well get a venue and do it. I mean if you get a venue, you’re going to have a – a place for a couple of days. I mean as long as you get down there like just days Saturday and Sunday.

Leo Laporte David thinks big. It’s what I like about Prager. He thinks big!

Kevin Rose You need a still for Prager that you can pull up. Just like him and then...

Leo Laporte I know.

David Prager Someone was saying they can see my screen over like maybe...

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah. When I go – yeah. Well you know...

Jason Calacanis Stop loading the porn, Prager.

Leo Laporte We could see what you are looking at David.

Jason Calacanis Pornotube!

Leo Laporte So, they are talking about the live video stream and I have got cameras for everybody except David.

David Prager Oh, you can see my screen.

Leo Laporte Yeah, we know what you are browsing dude.

David Prager [ph] It can pop something up bad and... (14:38)

Leo Laporte What were looking at?

David Prager You’ve a 7-second delay right? You can bleep it out.

Leo Laporte No, no I do not. Let’s talk about the new Facebook because boy they are getting a lot of heat. I just saw a BBC article that something like 83% of people responding said they hate it. There is a petition with millions of names on it.

Kevin Rose Is there millions now?

Leo Laporte Millions of names. I hate Facebook.

David Prager Is there a way to determine if this is like any more backlash than the last iteration. I mean it seems like they...

Leo Laporte It’s a bigger change than the last iteration. Don’t you think, I mean it really changes the way,

David Prager Really?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Kevin Rose What’s the complaint? What’s the main complaint?

Dan Patterson Confusion.

Kevin Rose Confusion? That’s, I mean that’s a core of the issue. People, they wouldn’t say they are confused but people are really confused like imagine you see the Twitter box for the first time and you’re used to seeing the news feed. It’s like what is this? What do I do now? I like the old page.

Dan Patterson This might be a lot of – I don’t want to say bubble thinking and I am glad to see Facebook trying, trying to change or at least train their audience to use something that is more like Twitter but one of the problems I encounter whether it’s at work at ABC or even with my friends when I evangelize this stuff it’s very, very difficult to explain what this is for the neophyte and to log into Facebook for the first time and see something that looks like Twitter for our audience, for your audience, it’s very familiar and you kind of feel comfortable with it. But for my mother or my mother’s friend it’s – why is it so fast, this isn’t – this is too much data.

Kevin Rose Right. See that’s the thing I was worried about because with Twitter it feels to me as though, it’s just enough to consume because it’s a little update from your friends...

Leo Laporte It’s simple…

Kevin Rose It’s simple and then when you think about everything that Facebook is bringing together with pictures and events and everything else going on.

Leo Laporte It’s a little much. I have to say it’s a little much.

Kevin Rose It just seems like a little bit of an overload.

Leo Laporte I mean the first thing you see, you go there, you say welcome, what’s on your mind. It’s very, I mean it looks just like Twitter’s stream. You don’t immediately see on the left that you can look ….

Jason Calacanis You know what it looks like more than Twitter, it looks like Pownce. I mean, it’s Pownce.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Dan Patterson Yeah, yeah.

Leo Laporte And you know what happened to them.

Kevin Rose Hey! I’m happy with the countdown.

Leo Laporte Really?

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Leo Laporte Everybody got hired.

Kevin Rose Everybody got hired, we got Six Apart, we got cash; like it was a good deal for everybody.

Leo Laporte Oh good, so that’s a good way....

Kevin Rose Yes, exactly.

Dan Patterson I’m seeing the Six Apart guys on Tuesday and one of the things that they really – we will be running on the new radio website and one of the things that they’re really stoked about, like the thing that amps them up is I don’t remember what they call it, flow or something like that but it’s the integration of Pownce. I was playing around on my own servers and it was wonderful to be able to integrate that with all of my other content internally.

Kevin Rose Yes, I’ve seen some of the stuffs they have been working on. It’s pretty, pretty cool stuff.

Leo Laporte Anyway back to Facebook.

Kevin Rose I will say the fan pages are much better, have you messed around with the fan page stuff?

Leo Laporte Yes. So the idea is that now, see, I have – I’m sure you had this issue too. We put everybody on our regular page.

Kevin Rose Right.

Leo Laporte So you hit 5,000 pretty quick.

Kevin Rose Did they move you over to a new fan page?

Leo Laporte I have a – I’ve always had a fan page. Is there like a button I can push?

Kevin Rose Did you get to 5,000 on your normal page?

Leo Laporte Oh a long time ago.

Kevin Rose Okay so, we’ll get them to move all those people over to your fan page.

Leo Laporte You’re going to call Mark?

Kevin Rose Do you want, well, do you have?

Jason Calacanis I had it done too. There is an issue though.

Leo Laporte Now wait a minute, all right.

Kevin Rose Do you have

Leo Laporte I don’t know.

Kevin Rose We’ll get you that too.

Leo Laporte Wow!

Jason Calacanis We’ll get you done. So the idea is now we with Facebook ….

Leo Laporte Yes, we…

Jason Calacanis No, I’m just saying...

Leo Laporte You and Mark? Are like this...

Kevin Rose They called me, like Dave Morin’s the main guy kind of spearheading this along with Randi Zuckerberg..

Leo Laporte Yes, I’d love to have Dave on. Yes, yes.

Kevin Rose And he was like, hey, we’re starting this new thing, you might want to check it out and he told me like basically they are going to this openness where they want people to have their own identities. So, it’s going to be like that works right now.

Leo Laporte Now would that be your private page or your fan page?

Kevin Rose No, that’s my fan page.

Leo Laporte But your fan page, you maintain in the same way that you do your private page. You post stuff there. But it’s just public.

Kevin Rose Right. The cool thing though is that it used to be that they’d have to go back to the fan page to check it out, to see if you did anything.

Leo Laporte Yes, now it’s on your …

Kevin Rose Now it’s actually like Twitter. So if you go and post something, it goes out to all the people that have you.

Leo Laporte And the other thing I thought it was really interesting is that they’ve gone to a basically an open model. The data is now accessible anywhere, right?

Kevin Rose Yes, so they have APIs coming out for that. So, basically we use services like Twhirl and TweetDeck and all of these others, you are going to see a whole slew of applications interface with …

Leo Laporte Well, I’m using seesmic for Facebook.

Kevin Rose Right, you’ve seen seesmic interesting.

Leo Laporte Yes

Kevin Rose That’s pretty cool.

Leo Laporte That’s just like Twhirl. So Twhirl, people. Yes.

Kevin Rose So the question is….

Leo Laporte But even more than that, I can now say every – I can make everyone instead of having it be private I can now make it for everyone, that’s a new setting. And so presumably other sites could scrape that information as well, right? In other words your profile is no longer kind of your personal profile…

Kevin Rose Right, exactly, it’s more of a public thing.

Leo Laporte But you do control it?

Kevin Rose Right, you control what goes in there. But it’s more of a public thing.

Leo Laporte So is this a good move? I mean, given all the backlash, the confusion that Dan posited, is this a good move for them? Scoble wrote an interesting thing, he said Mark should not listen to all the complaints. They don’t know what they are talking about. This is a tough thing though, you’re in the same boat. I’m sure you get the same thing. I’m sure Jason you get the same thing when you change something on Mahalo or when you change things on Engadget, is the people don’t like change of any kind for one thing.

Jason Calacanis The thing that’s difficult for me is I always looked at the services as serving two different things, two different types of audiences, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis Twitter for me was always more real-time, Facebook was where I went to connect with just a tight group of people, just my friends.

Leo Laporte Yes, your high school buddies, your college buddies.

Jason Calacanis Like all of this stuff, right. And it’s like now the two together I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I think it’s too early.

Kevin Rose I think Facebook just has to be able to do what – I mean, Twitter’s got all the buzz and I think rightly deserved, we can’t stop talking about it all the time it’s because of what it allows us to do.

Leo Laporte I get so much heat, this is why Dvorak is not on this episode because he constantly berates me for talking about it.

Kevin Rose But Facebook has …

Leo Laporte But it’s a story, I’m sorry.

Kevin Rose Facebook’s platform allows you to have that kind of interaction and I mean, whether it’s true or not, they kind of want to able to get – have a piece of that pie and provide that functionality and so I think ...

Leo Laporte Well, here’s what …..

Kevin Rose A good part of the reason you see the homepage the way it is is because they want to be able to grab what it is that Twitter has.

Leo Laporte Here’s what Scoble says, what if you had a – I’m sorry to keep bringing Robert up; this is the last time.

Kevin Rose He goes by Bob actually, it’s not...

Leo Laporte Bob, Bobby Scoble sometimes Bobby.

Kevin Rose Bob.

Leo Laporte You’re joking, he goes by Bob?

Kevin Rose I didn’t, no, I’m serious. He signs some of his emails as Bob Scoble. Like somebody told me that the other day, I’m like really?

Leo Laporte I think there’s an imposter.

Kevin Rose He’s trying to reinvent himself maybe.

Jason Calacanis Sort of like Robert Redford.

Leo Laporte Yes, Bob .

Jason Calacanis If you know Robert, we call him Bob.

Kevin Rose This guy’s name over here is Bob, you can call him Bob Rose.

Leo Laporte Dr. Robert. That’s what we call him...

Jason Calacanis Good times.

Leo Laporte From the good old days, from back when. So, he said what if you have – and one nice thing is if you use the Facebook application on the iPhone it’s still the same old Facebook. But what if you used it kind of more like Twitter and said “here I am” and it suddenly got information. Robert said okay, what if you said “I’m looking for good restaurant,” oh twelve of your friends like the Bangkok Kitchen next door. Now it’s interesting because these are recommendations from your friends, your real friends.

Jason Calacanis All these services are kind of like starting to overlap each other. Have you played with FourSquare at all yet?

Leo Laporte That was huge itself.

Kevin Rose That’s the new app that allows you to what’s the location base, so if you have an – I think the iPhone is the big platform for it right now. They created an iPhone app. And so you open it up and you can add who you are actually personally friends with or anyone I guess. And so it’s kind of like what Dodgeball used to be.

Leo Laporte It is the same guys. In fact there’s some – there’s some concern that maybe it’s the same code.

Kevin Rose But it’s a little bit more well done I think, it’s cool because it adds like a social gaming component to it as well. Have you seen how this works? They give you badges.

Leo Laporte No I couldn’t because I was not anywhere important.

Kevin Rose So, let’s say you are out and you are like having dinner with your friends, you’re like oh I really like this place, it’s a good burger joint or whatever, right? You check in so you say, and then it’s uses GPS it talks to Yelp and it says is this the location you’re talking about? So, you just check in to a burger place. If you check in there like four or five times, you become the mayor of that place by checking in.

Leo Laporte I love it.

Kevin Rose And you compete with other people and so they have...

Leo Laporte So it’s a game?

Kevin Rose It’s a game. They have these other things like if you go...

Leo Laporte Oh yes, yes.

Kevin Rose Three nights in a row and you check in at three different bars it gives you the bender badge. If you check in with like three people of the opposite sex, you get the player please badge. So you get the player badge.

Leo Laporte Oh my goodness.

Kevin Rose It’s really, it’s really kind of fun.

Leo Laporte But right now only, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, L.A. You have to be in a metro to do this.

Kevin Rose Right. Yeah, yeah.

Jason Calacanis I think this would fall under augmented reality. It’s like mixing Call of Duty 4 with Real Life.

Leo Laporte Well, you need the weapon then is what you’re saying.

Jason Calacanis How many headshots do I need to get to get the headshot badge with the AK-47? Call of Duty reference for those people who …

Leo Laporte Gina did you use – did you use – play FourSquare when you were in Austin? Did you play with it?

Gina Trapani I didn’t, I didn’t, I’m sad that I didn’t.

Leo Laporte It sounds like…

Gina Trapani I’m a slow adopter of this social media crap, I don’t know.

Leo Laporte But I think what’s interesting here is you’re taking – I hate using this term – the social graph, people social graph and integrating it with location, another buzz word and to make it something that’s really powerful.

Kevin Rose Right, absolutely. I mean, last night I was out with friends. I went and got some food and then I pulled up my FourSquare and I was like okay, what is everybody doing. I could see okay Joe checked in at this bar and I had another friend that checked into this place. So you can instantly decide like where do I want to spend my time tonight, right?

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose By seeing where your friends are checking in.

Leo Laporte Now, Dodgeball kind of did this and it was a flop. So what’s going to make this...

Kevin Rose Well Dodgeball was just a little too like you had to go in and manually kind of text in the place where you are at. This was like two pushes of a button…

Leo Laporte It’s very easy.

Kevin Rose …like it brings up …

Leo Laporte Because it has location.

Kevin Rose It has location.

Leo Laporte That’s the key.

Dan Patterson This is the new Dodgeball but it’s …

Kevin Rose And you can click and say I’m here too in two seconds.

Dan Patterson It almost encourages you to keep your network quiet and keep it small like Kevin said if you treat it like Twitter and you’re following a bajillion people then there’s very little difference other than the location but it was fantastic in Austin to kind of know a dozen or so people floating around the city and kind of know that this is our little – there is an elitism to it but it’s kind of like, hey we are the early adopters and we are gathering and I can see where my people are and the people that they are talking to and I can kind of see interactions and relationships being built by knowing that two or more people are in the same location.

Kevin Rose And I also think there’s a lot of like “high-roller” Twitter people that were at South by Interactive and so they want to tell people where they are without telling their 100,000 followers.

Dan Patterson Right.

Kevin Rose So you have your friends who are there with you and you can make it so it only updates for other people in Austin and then they can see where you are, and you can see where they are without having to deal with telling 100,000 people plus where you are and what’s going on, especially if they don’t care.

Gina Trapani Yes, that’s useful for sure.

Leo Laporte I just need some friends.

Dan Patterson I would like to ask you guys going – not to back track on Facebook too much. But I’d really like to ask you guys your thoughts on Facebook Connect beyond the – just the credential and log in structure that it has. I’m curious to see the data because you can push all of your comments and all of this activity around the social web and, Leo, I agree on the jargon, we need to move away from the jargon...

Leo Laporte Well, but that’s the term.

Dan Patterson Right, exactly, exactly. But by being able to pull all of that information into Facebook does a couple things – it changes the game a little bit I think. All of a sudden it brings the entire web into Facebook and of course they can monetize that data on the backend but it also introduces these networks of networks to people who may not be familiar with the social web and how it works. But they’re so prone to putting out VaporWare or products that…

Leo Laporte I use it, I love Facebook, but hold on...

Dan Patterson I think it’s wonderful.

Leo Laporte [26:10] Hold that thought, I do want to find out what people think about it and I still want to talk a little bit more about Facebook. But there are a lot of other stories too; Cisco bought Flip Video. Sun maybe sold to IBM. The iPhone 3.0 Kevin you nailed it. You nailed it dude. He’s got the best sources in the world. We are going to talk more about that in a second...

Kevin Rose Felt good. Felt good.

Leo Laporte And you, you got a rumour, you got a rumour dude. There it is, there’s Flip HD. You show-offs, I got more cameras than you do.

Dan Patterson So, what do you think about Cisco’s purchase...

Leo Laporte Hold on, hold on, hold your horses. I got to pay the bills baby. I got to pay some bills and then Jason and I also...

Jason Calacanis Who is the advertiser, please don’t tell me it’s Audible.

Leo Laporte It’s isn’t.

Jason Calacanis Stop, stop. Who could it be? Go to

Leo Laporte No, no, you won’t guess this one. It’s a new advertiser.

Jason Calacanis You know how I love new advertisers.

Leo Laporte Is that a pint? Are you drinking a pint, think he is getting hammered.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I am having a little Coke Zero.

Leo Laporte Did you buy that soda making machine that you were...

Jason Calacanis No, I got that in a gift pack, but that thing is crazy.

Leo Laporte I don’t think I want anything that makes soda in my life. That’s not a good thing to have in your life.

Jason Calacanis Really cool for the planet though, like if you just -- no more bottles. You never have to go buy bottles.

Leo Laporte There is a service up here in the Bay area called the Seltzer Sisters, you should do this, if you guys live in the city.

Jason Calacanis The Seltzer Sisters.

Leo Laporte The Seltzer Sisters, they come around with – they bought old and refurbished like old 20s seltzer bottles, you know like the three stooges that stick in the pan, seltzer bottles. Not really, it’s actually not very pleasant at all. They film with seltzer and they bring syrup around and everything and you get weekly deliveries of these classical 20s, they’re beautiful glass seltzer bottles.

Jason Calacanis This is in San Francisco? That’s cool.

Leo Laporte Yeah, the Seltzer Sisters, you should do it. Anyway, we are going to come back, we are going to talk more about the social graph and I am going to ask Kevin Rose what the hell that means, but I want to welcome a new sponsor to the show, we are talking carbonite, I am not a stranger to carbonite. I’ve known about carbonite for sometime. They have been advertising on the radio show. I have used carbonite for over a year. In fact I started using carbonite when I lost some podcasts. I accidentally deleted some podcasts. I had no backup. I said I got to find something, carbonite is so cool, you go to, less than 5 bucks a month and this is why I liked it, for unlimited backup now, see these are podcasts are big, but I didn’t have to measure how big they were going to be. You just right click on the folders you want to save your financial documents, your email, your music, your photos, those irreplaceable documents, your podcasts; you right click on it and...

Jason Calacanis What’s the off-code? What’s the offer code?

Leo Laporte Leo.

Jason Calacanis Leo?

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Jason Calacanis I just took out my credit card, here is my credit card.

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Jason Calacanis And I don’t need it.

Leo Laporte Put it away. Wait, wait, don’t put it on the video, we got the number there.

Jason Calacanis Don’t put it on the video

Leo Laporte Cover up the numbers when you do that. You are smart Jason. That wasn’t a black card either, that was a red card.

Jason Calacanis I didn’t get the black card, that was rip-off.

Leo Laporte It’s like 40 grand, right.

Jason Calacanis You have to spend like, a decent amount of money and I qualified for it and they sent me the package and stuff and $4500 a year.

Leo Laporte No, it’s not that?

Jason Calacanis I was like how is it different than the platinum card. They are like it’s black and I was like...

Leo Laporte It’s all about status, it’s all about whipping the thing out.

Jason Calacanis I already have an orange card.

Leo Laporte Friend of mine…orange is plenty, they – the money is still, a friend of mine has a black card and all the pleasure is in putting it on the table, right that’s the whole thing.

Jason Calacanis Well, actually the cool thing about it is it is made out of metal…like it’s sharp…’ding’…

Kevin Rose Yeah, it is made out of metal, so when you set it down on the table it like makes a ‘doink’ when it goes on the table and you basically say like I have the biggest card.

jjj I win. It’s like turning over the nuts.

Kevin Rose The real benefit I always heard this concierge type service.

Leo Laporte You get that on platinum too, you get that on platinum.

Jason Calacanis The main thing is platinum, yeah.

Kevin Rose But you could get say, hey go get this and someone will just deal with the trouble of getting it.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis I get the research online and there’s a channel like a message board of people who worked at American Express and they said its the same exact group of people who do platinum, and gold, and that, and they’re told to just be a little nicer to the people with the black cards.

That’s what the guy said, he said that’s the difference.

lll Oh, hello mister, hello mister Calacanis.

Jason Calacanis It’s like first, or business, or coach. They basically just, it’s how nice they treat you. When you are in coach they hate you, when you are in business they’re like, they like you, and then when you’re in first they love you. It’s just totally attitude.

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Kevin Rose Jason, do I need my card, because I am about to pull out my credit card, do I need my card right now or no?

David Prager It’s going to make a metal thump on the table when you pull it out.

Jason Calacanis Yes, Kevin, no, it’s Jason Calacanis here Kevin Rose, you don’t need it for

Kevin Rose I’ll put this away then.

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Leo Laporte We got two, we got two more commercials, if we do this for every commercial, there’s not going to be a show.

Jason Calacanis I am just trying to, I am trying to pay for the...

Leo Laporte I appreciate it, I appreciate it, thank you very much. You guys are fantastic.

Jason Calacanis I think we broke their system. It’s like 8,000 people finding it at the same time.

Leo Laporte Hey, it’s free, why not. No credit card needed.

Jason Calacanis No, Carbonite.

Leo Laporte And thank you very much Jason, for your support.

Jason Calacanis, offer code TWiT.

Leo Laporte All right, all right, all right, all right, all right. So Facebook Connect, I do love Facebook Connect, this is, you know what I think is going on, is really, it’s all of these guys, it’s just like you using a short code on Digg, doing a , it’s -- these are just methods of finding out what people are doing, right?

Kevin Rose Yes, absolutely.

Leo Laporte And that’s inherently valuable, I mean, it doesn’t mean Facebook is going to put an ad on that.

Dan Patterson You know, Leo, one of the things I constantly tell, when I have meetings with various departments within ABC News throughout the work week, and kind of explain how to do this, I put it in as small layperson’s terms as possible but I meet with different departments so I see their different needs, and one of the things I always tell people is, look, if Google is a path of least resistance between you and information, then Twitter is the path of least resistance between you and people, and I think the more Facebook iterates and moves towards the Twitter model, with that 150 million active users, it could become exceptionally relevant for broadcast, previously it moved slower, it was a little quieter, but if they can train their users to kind of accept this new model with Twitter is okay, with 6 million users, but a 150 million on Facebook is nothing to sniff at.

Leo Laporte 175 now, they are growing at the size of three Twitters, a Twitter every three weeks.

Kevin Rose Yes, but Twitter’s growing pretty fast themselves.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Kevin Rose Yes, absolutely.

Leo Laporte Yes. 1,300% growth in the last year.

Kevin Rose At least Facebook posits the right question, they say what’s on your mind? I am surprised, Twitter didn’t change it to like, what do you feel like saying yet, it just says what are you doing?

Leo Laporte What’s on your mind is much better than what you are doing, isn’t it? But nobody pays any attention to that, do they? We say…

Jason Calacanis I have an observation about this thing with Facebook , one is about Zuckerberg, -- you’re friends with him Kevin, I have had dinner with once at TED and I have met him a couple of times, and he is really a bright kid, but it’s pretty obvious, like, he thinks he knows what the best thing to do is, and really doesn’t care what anybody else thinks, I think he is pretty like determined.

Leo Laporte What’s wrong with that. I think that’s smart.

Jason Calacanis Which is fine, I think it’s great character, and he, I keep hearing, he wants to model himself after Bill Gates and he keeps using that Bill Gates metaphor.

Leo Laporte Well that might not be so smart, but…

Jason Calacanis Well, actually you know what? It’s actually, he’s definitely doing it because he basically took somebody took else’s idea, Twitter’s, and is ramming it down the throats of users, I mean that sounds pretty Bill Gates-esque to me right?

Leo Laporte I am not going to mention Propeller at this point.

Jason Calacanis Well no, I mean listen… You had to go there…Well, I mean, come on, we all know in this industry everybody copies everybody, everybody evolves everybody else’s ideas.

Leo Laporte Yes, there is nothing original, I am doing Chris Pirillo right now.

Jason Calacanis And Kevin Rose is doing, URL shortener.

Leo Laporte I have to say, there are original thoughts, Twitter is original.

David Prager What was Netscape doing it a while ago?

Leo Laporte No, no Twitter is original, Digg was original, I mean there are original ideas out there.

Jason Calacanis But at Facebook is a blatant, blatant knock off.

Leo Laporte You don’t have to be original, this is pretty blatant, this is pretty blatant, but is it a mistake?

Jason Calacanis And it comes after… no, it’s not a mistake, but it’s going to cause a lot of pain in the short term, because people who use Facebook are not bloggers, they are using it as a Rolodex, primarily, and an email system.

Leo Laporte Yes, I mean, they are there to find out what their college, their high school girlfriend is up to, what their brother is up to.

Jason Calacanis Yes, it’s a little…

Leo Laporte But can they turn it around?

Jason Calacanis They should have done it in phases, they should have done it in phases.

Kevin Rose It’s a matter of getting the right amount of data in front of people where it doesn’t make them feel overwhelmed right.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Kevin Rose Because right now, I think, they have it turned like, full throttle a little bit, I don’t know of you have logged in recently, and if you have some active friends, almost all of a sudden your like, I feel like I missed something.

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose Because there is too much going on.

Leo Laporte Right, oh, well, Twitter is like that. I mean, you…

Kevin Rose Yes, but Twitter is, for me is different because it is about ....

Leo Laporte It’s the same 140 characters every time, there’s no photo there’s no video.

Kevin Rose Right, it’s not about like did I miss the photo of my niece, or did I miss an event, or did I miss, you know what I mean, like someone breaking into somebody else’s..

Leo Laporte We all suffer from overwhelmed information, overload, we don’t want to add to that. You want a tool like Facebook to make you feel like you are managing it.

Kevin Rose I think that, the good thing about Mark and what Facebook has done thus far, is they do listen to the community and they go back and make iterations to the stuff.

Leo Laporte He did that with the Terms of Service, I thought that was really responsive.

Kevin Rose Yes, and how many times have they changed the news feed in the last couple of years? They are constantly tweaking this stuff.

Leo Laporte But you can do too much listening to the community too, I mean you can lose your way.

Kevin Rose I agree, there’s a point ...

David Prager Absolutely.

Kevin Rose Yes, you finally got to throw…

Leo Laporte Gina, you use Facebook, right?

Gina Trapani I do, I don’t use it a whole lot, I mean, in the past I’ve really kind of accused Facebook of being this like, company that has Asperger's, because I haven’t felt like they’ve been very good at responding to their users, I mean the privacy thing they did, but you know I have to say, in this case, I kind of agree with Scoble, I mean, we have all run big websites, and we know how people react when there are any kinds of changes…

Leo Laporte Any change drives them crazy.

Gina Trapani Any change at all, and I have to say, I mean, if this many users are freaking out three weeks from now, a month from now, then okay, there might be something to it, but honestly, I just feel like these things need time and people feel upset when things they know change.

Dan Patterson I agree with you 100%. You kind of have to sit, sit back, step away for a few weeks and watch and say, is this a big deal with the community couple of weeks from now? Because often times, it’s kind of the vocal minority, initially.

Leo Laporte Right. A million petitions.

Dan Patterson And like, it’s important to listen to those people. Is it a million now, is it really that many people?

Leo Laporte Let me see, I am going to look at the BBC and see what they say.

Jason Calacanis Yes, it’s over a million, it’s over a million, and it’s 94%.

Kevin Rose Well, still though, my broadcast mentor always used to say, you cannot program a radio station by committee, you have to have one music director.

Leo Laporte That’s right.

Kevin Rose And I think it’s the same thing with Facebook, they should listen and they should pay attention, they should care, but they shouldn’t make business decisions based on some - a very small, but very vocal community.

Leo Laporte All right, let me put you all on the spot. Is Facebook going to lose users because of this? Kevin?

Dan Patterson No way.

Kevin Rose No.

Leo Laporte David?

David Prager I don’t think so.

Leo Laporte Dan says no. Gina?

Gina Trapani No.

Leo Laporte No? Jason, is…

Jason Calacanis No, no, they may lose some employees because…

Leo Laporte Employees?

Jason Calacanis Yes, I will tell you why, if you are going to be sort of draconian about it and say like hey, here is what we are going to do, and your entire team says like, ah, we should have done it different way, you could wind up losing good people, and more of the adults around him might get a little tired of this, because it seems to be a pattern, I mean, I think he sort of shoots first and then he sort of pulls back, it’s his first start up company.

Leo Laporte Does this come from Mark or did this come from Dave, who did this …

Jason Calacanis Yes, and supposedly there is a, it came from Mark, and supposedly there’s an email that says, he said like, oh, we have to, this is on Techmeme but who knows if it’s true, but he just sort of like, we have to be disruptive and, our users will get used to it, which is a very Steve Job’s approach, I mean,

Leo Laporte Because Steve doesn’t give a damn what users think.

Gina Trapani Yes.

Jason Calacanis Where’s the right mouse button on the mouse?

Leo Laporte First thing, I bought a $5,000 Mac Pro, the first thing I do is throw out the mouse, can you put a good mouse in?

Kevin Rose They have never been good, they need to replace that one mouse engineer, right?

Jason Calacanis We had the hockey puck, remember that thing?

Leo Laporte I have got one, I have got one right here.

Kevin Rose You know that guy is just like…

Dan Patterson You talking about the Mighty Mouse?

Kevin Rose Yes, then they didn’t get the Mighty Mouse.

Leo Laporte This is with the iMac. This was the, this mouse it’s round, no hand, except maybe a three year old’s can fit this thing. This is the worst piece of...

Jason Calacanis This is because Steve Jobs makes a decision about certain things, and when he makes a decision, he is making the decision based on somebody who doesn’t do a lot of work on their computer.

Leo Laporte Ah.

Gina Trapani Nice Leo.

Leo Laporte You think that’s a good look?

Kevin Rose That’s a good look.

Leo Laporte It’s like a Bolo, it is, it’s kind of like a, I am going to wear this to South by Southwest this year.

Unknown Speaker What Jason says is the exact, the exact same thing when the iPhone came out, you couldn’t send multiple people SMS messages because apparently Steve Jobs said, why would you want to do that, so…

Leo Laporte Why would you? You still can’t do that, by the way. 3.0 will do that now?

Jason Calacanis You find the same thing keyboard, it’s like…

Kevin Rose Yes, you have been able to do it for -- it was a firmware update…

Leo Laporte No, but there is…

Kevin Rose Send SMS to multiple people and then…

Leo Laporte Oh you can, on the iPhone?

Kevin Rose Yes.

Leo Laporte Oh, I should pay more attention.

Kevin Rose And then the next thing of course which should have come out eons ago, you know the cut and paste capabilities, the email search capabilities, half of the common sense things that I still don’t know why the iPhone doesn’t have...

Leo Laporte I think Mr. Rose deserves a victory lap at this point. You hit it you said everything right, right? Everything was…

Kevin Rose There were some good rumors there, yes.

Leo Laporte You got every one of them.

Jason Calacanis You have, have you gotten to the television rumor, Kevin, because I have got this twice.

Leo Laporte Yes, I am going to, I gotta call you on this one, because Jason you said this six months ago, that there was going to be a..

Jason Calacanis I said it a year and a half ago.

Leo Laporte A year? There was going to be a 24” TV.

Jason Calacanis They have been, I have heard, they are talking about an LCD TV, yes.

Unknown Speaker Yes, I have never heard that.

Jason Calacanis Yes, that has a computer built into it. You never heard it?

Kevin Rose Well, the thing is, it’s not like you can, you can have one source for all Apple rumors, do you know what I mean, like they are very segmented and they are very kind of tight, and you have to talk to a certain person about the iPhone versus the [indiscernible] (40:59). Leo Laporte But you are not reaching out to people, are you, you just have the world’s biggest transom, I mean, people throw stuff at you, right?

Kevin Rose No, I think what happens is, I get some anonymous emails from people that I know their signatures by now, and they kind of like, hey, and then …

Leo Laporte So you know whether to trust them or not.

Kevin Rose Right, exactly, and then also, people come up with conferences all the time.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Kevin Rose Like, “hey, I work at Apple, check this out.” And they tell you something and you’re like, hell yeah.

Leo Laporte I have to say since Steve’s been gone, it seems like there’s much less – it’s much less tight than it used to be – a tight ship, you couldn’t find out anything for a while.

Kevin Rose Yeah, it was really difficult.

Leo Laporte Oh, it was really tight. Yeah. Impossible.

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Leo Laporte Anything you heard, you knew it was wrong because nobody is going to take the chance of getting fired to leak this stuff.

Jason Calacanis Benevolent dictator.

David Prager Just out of curiosity and clearly I am not going to ask to reveal your sources but how worried are the people there? I deal with the DC wonks and I deal with the UN wonks a lot. But how paranoid are people within Apple about the confidentiality, I mean, clearly there’s a background in off-record type of situation but are they worried about any type of backlash?

Kevin Rose I don’t think so, I mean if people walk up to you at a conference and they just say, “hey check this out.”

Leo Laporte Used to be, you’d call them. And you’d be on the phone with them at Apple and they’d say, “don’t ask me about that, I can’t talk about that.” They knew it was bugged.

Kevin Rose Yeah, well, the emails that I get are from crazy. I’ve never heard of domains….

Leo Laporte Right.

Kevin Rose …that are offshore or whatever they may be, and you just look at the signature, okay, X57 have sent me pretty good rumors in the past.

Leo Laporte Oh, good.

Kevin Rose So…

Leo Laporte What about this China Times rumor that Apple is buying touchscreens? It looks like – I have to say when you look at 3.0 it looks like Apple is getting ready for a tablet PC.

Kevin Rose Yeah, I don’t think so.

Leo Laporte You don’t think so?

Kevin Rose No, I think their focus is on the iPhone right now and how they can evolve that. I think there’s a hardware update coming later this year for the iPhone.

Leo Laporte To match 3.0. They are going to give away 3.0 to current users.

Kevin Rose Right.

Leo Laporte But to match 3.0

Kevin Rose But I think there’s some other stuff they’re going to do.

Jason Calacanis Well it’s been a year now.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis It will be a year on – in August for iPhone 2, right. And it was a year between iPhone 1 and 2.

Leo Laporte Well, and here’s the key. And this is – Scott Bourne makes his very good point that this is two years since the original people bought; their contract is now running out. Time to get them in the fold if they’re thinking of moving on to say a Palm Pre. Is the Pre the competition? Gina, are you looking at a Pre? Is that like, the next phone for you?

Gina Trapani I am checking it out. I just switched to the Android myself. So, I think I am happy for now.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s right. You’re an Android user.

Gina Trapani Yeah, I am an Android user. The iPhone thing, like iPhone 3.0 sounds awesome but the 2.0 upgrade just completely screwed up my phone, like just the phone was never the same after that. So, while in theory it sounds great, I’m interested to see what it’s really like.

Leo Laporte I keep trying to use the G1, I’m starting to like the G1.

Dan Patterson How’s the battery?

Gina Trapani Yeah, you know but G1 the handset kind of sucks. Android is great.

Leo Laporte Battery life is terrible. It’s the hardware.

Gina Trapani Yeah, the hardware sucks.

Leo Laporte The hardware is not powerful enough for Android. So there’s lag, the battery life is three hours, four hours.

Gina Trapani Right.

Kevin Rose The screen and the software looks clean, I saw a Twitter app on there the other day and I was like, “wow, this is really like a clean interface.”

Leo Laporte It’s nicely designed.

Kevin Rose Yeah. But the battery life...

Leo Laporte I think we are going to see and this is – I know nothing, but I think we’re going to see netbooks on an Android platform. I think this is natural.

Jason Calacanis Do we think Steve Jobs is going to come back to Apple?

Kevin Rose I don’t think so.

Dan Patterson It depends on what his health problem really is. It depends on if he kind of maintains his current health, I think he will stay retired and kind of just keep a Chairman of the Board kind of role thing going on. Is he Chairman of the Board?

Leo Laporte Yeah, I think so, he is.

Dan Patterson But if he obviously puts weight back on and gains his health back again, I think he will come back.

Leo Laporte I don’t think that’s going to happen. But who knows? None of we should say, none of us know, right?

Dan Patterson Yeah, none of us know.

Leo Laporte Nobody is claiming any inside information.

Jason Calacanis I am just – I’m wondering what would be the major difference in an Apple without Steve Jobs. Because obviously it seems like it’s changed already since he’s not been there a couple of months.

Leo Laporte It does, doesn’t it? It does.

Jason Calacanis And maybe it’s coincidence since there’s a long product cycle, you can’t say cut and paste it’s because he wasn’t there. That obviously was in the pipeline. But it does feel like a different organization, maybe they will let you put any MP3 player into the iTunes, maybe they’ll let you put any application and maybe they’ll unlock the iPhone because that to me screams of a Steve Jobs.

Leo Laporte Well, AT&T is selling an unlocked iPhone, if you’ve got $700 to lay for the 16 bit – the 16-gig version and $500 for the 8-gig version. I don’t know who’ll buy that. I don’t know if they did that because the FCC or what, but…

Kevin Rose I just hope they’ll put the right CEO in place. I want Ives, like he is awesome.

Leo Laporte Really, you think so, more than a designer do you think he could run the place?

Kevin Rose Yeah.

David Prager See I don’t know why do you keep saying…

Leo Laporte He’s got the vision.

David Prager … Jonathan Ives, who’s got no business experience should be a CEO…

Kevin Rose He’s a designer.

Leo Laporte He’s a great designer.

David Prager I mean, unless he is a really good, good CEO to make sure…

Kevin Rose Have you listened to him talk? He’s just a badass, he’s a badass like Jobs is.

Leo Laporte He’s a visionary. There’s no question.

Kevin Rose He’s product visionary without a doubt.

David Prager If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have half of the design of any of the products.

Kevin Rose Oh, absolutely. He’s responsible for anything.

Leo Laporte And somebody like Tim Cook who comes along is clearly the business guy, the guy that can run it, but doesn’t have that.

Kevin Rose Make him a strong COO, make Ives the CEO that would be awesome.

Leo Laporte Gina, who should run Apple?

Gina Trapani I don’t know, I am going to go with Kevin on that, sure. Ives.

Leo Laporte Why not? Kevin knows, I trust him.

Jason Calacanis Kevin Rose?

Leo Laporte Kevin Rose should run Apple.

Gina Trapani Sure, Kevin Rose should run Apple.

Jason Calacanis I will go with that.

Leo Laporte I think he’d be a good – would you be – would you like a hardware job?

Kevin Rose That’ll be pretty badass. If I can work with Ives hell yes.

Dan Patterson So, Bill Campbell, the Chairman of Apple. It’s according to the…

Leo Laporte Campbell is Chairman of the Board, okay.

Dan Patterson Yeah.

Leo Laporte All right. So Steve is just a…

Dan Patterson Just a Board Member.

Leo Laporte …CEO and Board Member?

Jason Calacanis All right, Kevin, so here it is. If they came to you and said –

Leo Laporte $1 and you get paid $1 but you get a jet...

Kevin Rose Do I get those stock options?

Leo Laporte You get the stock options and the jet.

Jason Calacanis Here it is. You – Digg keeps running, you’re Chairman Emeritus, whatever you’re involved.

Kevin Rose Right.

Leo Laporte You could do Digg in a day a week.

Jason Calacanis And you become President of Apple, second only to the CEO and work in the new products group and they give you whatever, some huge amount of stuff. Would you go do it – would you leave Digg full-time to go to be President of Apple, yes or no?

Kevin Rose This is awesome.

Jason Calacanis Yes or no?

Kevin Rose Why are you doing this to me Jason? The problem is everything would leak like a seive.

Jason Calacanis Because I want to see if you’re honest!

Leo Laporte Digg would have the best Apple rumors.

Kevin Rose Yeah, totally.

Leo Laporte You could still do Diggnation.

Kevin Rose Man, it’s Apple. I don’t know that’s a tough call. I think that we’ve got at Digg our product, we’ve got like another two years of really cool [beep] that I want to see out there.

Leo Laporte Do you see yourself segueing in a couple of years to something else?

Kevin Rose I don’t know.

Leo Laporte I mean that’s not a good thing to ask because you don’t want to tell the troops that I am here for a couple of more years. You want to say, “I’m here for the rest of my life.”

Kevin Rose No, I mean, the thing is that I believe and you’ll see with the toolbar and then some releases shortly thereafter that we’ve got some crazy new directions for Digg that we’ve never taken in the past. Look at the homepages and you like, oh that’s the same Digg I have known for the last few years, right?

Leo Laporte All right.

Kevin Rose We’re working on some…

Leo Laporte You need to do that, don’t you? You constantly have to keep swimming.

Kevin Rose To reinvent yourself. Absolutely.

Leo Laporte You constantly have to do that.

Kevin Rose We’ve been around for four years, people get bored.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Did you get bored?

Jason Calacanis Almost five, when is it five?

Kevin Rose Almost five.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Jason Calacanis Crazy.

Leo Laporte And in one week will be the anniversary, the fourth anniversary of me leaving Tech TV.

David Prager Isn’t that crazy?

Leo Laporte Is it four or five? Five. It’ll be five years since I left Tech TV, yeah.

David Prager 2004 is when the whole thing went down.

Leo Laporte April 1st 2004.

David Prager We were all in DC. And it was kind of cool.

Leo Laporte Yeah when we were interviewing the chairman of the FCC, Michael Powell and…

David Prager And it was kind of cool to just be gone when like the ‘s’ hit the fan.

Leo Laporte I remember telling Michael Powell…

Kevin Rose The ass hit the fan?

David Prager The ‘s!’

Leo Laporte The ass is good, that would be a mess.

Leo Laporte Fan ass. No, I remember telling Michael Powell, he is the chairman of the FCC and this guy loved Tech TV and I said, “yeah, I think it’s over for Tech TV.” And he was genuinely like, “oh, that’s terrible.”

David Prager Yeah, a lot of people will were bummed.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s very sad. I want to take another break. When we come back…

Kevin Rose Do I need my credit card for this one?

Leo Laporte Yes. I’m trying to think. When we come back, I had something I wanted to talk to you guys about, well it’ll come back to me.

Kevin Rose I wanna talk about how I didn’t block you on WeFollow.

Leo Laporte I know you didn’t.

Kevin Rose I didn’t block you.

Leo Laporte Twitter did it.

Kevin Rose Twitter didn’t block you either....

Leo Laporte I was teasing you.

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Leo Laporte I don’t know, I am not sure I trust Ev. I don’t think Ev likes me.

Unknown Speaker How do you figure that?

Leo Laporte He doesn’t like me. I don’t want to get in this. People don’t like you when I whine.

Jason Calacanis Do you talk to Ev, have you had him on the show?

Leo Laporte We talked to him when Twitter first started, oh yeah.

Kevin Rose You should have him on the show.

Leo Laporte We’ve asked him to be back.

Kevin Rose And he said no?

Jason Calacanis I’ll get him on the show. I’ll get him.

Leo Laporte He said, “I’m too busy,” which is no.

Jason Calacanis No, no, I’ll get him on the show.

David Prager You’re talking about people that wouldn’t be on TWiT at the same time as other people.

Leo Laporte Oh, there’s a lot of those.

David Prager Really?

Leo Laporte Oh, yeah.

Jason Calacanis Well, that’s especially with me.

Leo Laporte Oh, nobody will be on with Jason.

David Prager Kevin’s sitting here, so we know that he is not one of them. So…

Kevin Rose Why? Who would be on with...?

Jason Calacanis It’s – the only person who wouldn’t be on with me is Cory Doctorow.

Leo Laporte Cory is not the only one, but yes, Cory is one.

Jason Calacanis That’s not true John Dvorak is on with me all the time.

Leo Laporte John would do it, but he is not crazy about it.

Jason Calacanis Well that’s because I challenge John.

Leo Laporte You challenged him. He doesn’t like to be challenged.

Gina Trapani Jason is challenging. That’s a good thing.

Leo Laporte Gina, I think you need to have a rider on your contract that says who you won’t be on with, what kind of M&Ms you want, that kind of thing.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte What’s your rider Gina? What is the showstopper? What is the thing – the one thing with which I will not put?

Gina Trapani Well, I definitely need dark chocolate M&Ms. I think dark chocolate M&Ms are definitely there.

Jason Calacanis It’s pretty tight, pretty tight, good call.

Leo Laporte I am taken. I didn’t know they made them. Where do you get those?

Jason Calacanis Oh, they are good.

Gina Trapani Okay, okay, here’s what you’ve got to do, dark chocolate M&Ms, you put them in the microwave…

Jason Calacanis What?

Gina Trapani …30 seconds on high, okay? Until they – like the shells crack, my friend Troy Mallone told me this - the shell kind of cracks a little bit and starts to sweat. It’s is perfect. You take it out of the microwave and they’re delicious. I am all about the M&Ms microwaved, on high, 30 seconds. Try it.

David Prager Can we try it? Have any M&Ms here Leo?

Leo Laporte Colleen’s going to run out and get some M&Ms, and we’re going to do the…

Jason Calacanis Send Prager.

Leo Laporte No, no Prager is no longer the gopher.

Jason Calacanis He’s your valet right?

David Prager I don’t do that. I am just Kevin’s driver.

Jason Calacanis You’re the valet.

Leo Laporte He’s a turtle, he’s wearing a backwards baseball hat.

David Prager I’m the one drinking beer…oh no, no that’s horrible.

Leo Laporte We can get you some.

Jason Calacanis I think Kevin needs a refresh on his tea, Prager.

Kevin Rose I do actually.

Leo Laporte No, no, we got – that’s why we have Colleen. Colleen’s running out to do that. Did you see though what Skittles did? Skittles put a Twitter stream on their front page.

Jason Calacanis No.

Leo Laporte And everybody was like swearing.

David Prager They got -- it was worth it for them to do that...

Kevin Rose I saw that... I was like why is Skittles so hot right now?

Leo Laporte So now they put Facebook there. Instead of Twitter. People were gaming it.

Jason Calacanis We had a break.

Leo Laporte This is a break, if you would like to drink some Pepsi One or...

Jason Calacanis Pepsi? No. Diet Coke.

Leo Laporte Diet Coke. Coke zero, there’s no reason to drink it, it’s got nothing in it.

This part of the show is – and boy are they sorry, brought to you by GoToMyPC, my friends GoToMyPC from the folks at Citrix.

Jason Calacanis Oh, yes.

Leo Laporte Yes, Jason.

Jason Calacanis No, GoToMyPC is how I did all the interviews for Techcrunch 50; I did about 100 of those in a week on GoToMyPC.

Leo Laporte You probably had your choice of any remote access program, but no, you chose GoToMyPC because GoToMyPC from Citrix is secure, it’s fast, it’s easy to install, you don’t have to configure the router, it does what’s called NAT traversal.

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Jason Calacanis Oh, that’s a good idea.

Leo Laporte Yeah. PC World’s World Class Award for best remote access software again, and now it’s free for the next 30 days. Go to

Jason Calacanis

Leo Laporte Slash.

Jason Calacanis Slash.

Leo Laporte Twit.

Jason Calacanis Twit.

Leo Laporte Thank you.

Jason Calacanis Do I need a credit card or just to sign up with them?

Leo Laporte Yeah, you need a credit card on this one.

Jason Calacanis Oh, well, okay.

Leo Laporte But it doesn’t have to be a Black Card, it could be any card. Any color at all. They are not proud. This is for a one-month free trial. They are not going to charge your card, but they just need that because you know what happens?

Jason Calacanis What’s that?

Leo Laporte There are bad people out there who just keep signing up for the free trial over and over again.

Jason Calacanis Right of course.

Leo Laporte So, they want to kind of limit it to the number of credit cards you have.

Jason Calacanis Kevin, did you – you do a press tour when you have a new product out, do you do like a little press tour and show it to some of the press before you launch it.

Leo Laporte Like a satellite media tour or…

Kevin Rose It depends on how big the product is but normally it’s just like a blogger tour, kind of call up Arrington and a few others and say, “hey, we’ve got this coming out in a few weeks, you want to take a look.”

Jason Calacanis You go and have coffee with them?

Kevin Rose Yeah, totally.

Jason Calacanis That’s how I do it too, but you could do it with the guys in New York too, and they’d really appreciate it and you get the LA Times and you just get GoToMyPC and boom.

Leo Laporte Yeah, Mr. Dan Patterson at ABC News would like to know more.

Dan Patterson So I could use GoToMyPC for that?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis If you were doing a press tour because I know Kevin flies first class.

Leo Laporte Actually, he would probably GoToMeeting for that. GoToMeeting, yeah.

Jason Calacanis GoToMeeting, that’s what I said.

Dan Patterson Is there a free trial that I could use?

Leo Laporte There is., same thing.

Dan Patterson It’s a no risk free trial too, right?

Leo Laporte I get two for the price of one on that one.

Jason Calacanis Wow.

Leo Laporte You guys.

Kevin Rose I love it when they say no risk free trial, has there ever been a trial where it’s like, a risky trial?

Leo Laporte You know, I have a sponsor in the radio where I can’t say free trial, I’m not going to say the sponsor, but I can’t say free trial but I can say no risk trial.

David Prager I think the risk is where you sign up for a free trial and you have to actively remember to cancel otherwise you start getting charged.

Leo Laporte That’s the risk.

Gina Trapani That is the risk.

Leo Laporte That’s the clever – yeah.

David Prager There is like – there’s weird things you can sign up for and if you want to cancel you’d get a benefit, like…

Leo Laporte Like your TWiT donation, which will continue forever unless, you cancel it, just a reminder.

Yeah, we stopped doing yearly donations because every year I would get a message from somebody saying, “what’s this charge?” And I have to say, “you signed up for the yearly donation. So I just said… Monthly, people remember because they see it every month.

David Prager What’s the average, $5 or – ?

Leo Laporte $2. I ask for $2 a month, I figure that’s as cheap as you can get and…

David Prager See, we stopped doing – we stopped doing it for Revision3.

Leo Laporte You don’t do that anymore.

Unknown Speaker We kind of are thinking about having quote on quote “paid memberships” again but trying to wrap my head around what to offer…

Leo Laporte We don’t offer anything.

David Prager Something in exchange, like –

Leo Laporte We don’t offer anything.

David Prager Yeah, I mean –

Jason Calacanis Well, you just have after – after Diggnation... So you have Alex and Kevin and you talking about the show for...

Leo Laporte But you know what happens when you do that? And this happened to you guys too. You gave people early access and then they just distribute it, they kind of, they break it.

David Prager And the content is free, the only reason....

Leo Laporte And then you have to start chasing him around like "Whack-a-Mole."

David Prager To count it, like the same ways you want to be able to…

Leo Laporte You don’t want to get in that business.

David Prager ... be able to tell how many people are watching TWiT.

Leo Laporte A donation to TWiT is because you like what you hear, it’s free if you want to support it, there’s another reason to do it more than, the money is…

Kevin Rose Like NPR.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s like NPR, the money does, believe it or not, I mean, we wouldn’t be here, because for the first two years we didn’t have sponsors.

David Prager You’ve a Light Saber behind you.

Leo Laporte There’s a Light Saber, who’s got a Light Saber? Which of them losers has a Light Saber? Oh, Jason, put it away.

Gina Trapani Jason.

Jason McCabe Calacanis Am sorry about that, I didn’t realise I was on camera.

Leo Laporte Ooo, listen to that sound, that’s very authentic.

Jason McCabe Calacanis Somebody walked into my office and asked for a raise, so whenever they do that, I put the Light Saber on.

Leo Laporte You are asking for a raise, ah?

Jason McCabe Calacanis I find your lack of faith in your stock options disturbing.

Leo Laporte That’s good.

Jason McCabe Calacanis You can use that, Kevin.

Kevin Rose That’s awesome.

Jason McCabe Calacanis Next time Prager asks for a raise, you tell him, your stock options are your raise.

Kevin Rose All right.

Jason Calacanis Jay Addleston [ph] will be less forgiving than me.

Leo Laporte I’ll never forget my tech, valuable TechTV stock options. Yes, we use it upstairs in the bathroom.

Jason McCabe Calacanis Were people suing Paul Allen about that? Like you have always….

Leo Laporte No, we went to a lawyer, and we investigated, and there was no way out, there was a

Jason Calacanis I heard a story from an unnamed source, that they would have these meetings with Paul Allen at TechTV, and they would have to retell him everything that they told him the first time around and he like, wouldn’t remember, and at one point, Paul Allen stood up, he held his, pulled his wallet out of his pocket, and he held it up at this person who I shouldn’t name, and he says, see this, it’s getting thinner…

Kevin Rose No way!

Jason Calacanis And I wish -- if something like that had ever been like, on a YouTube video, it would have gone so viral.

David Prager Wow.

Leo Laporte That’s like –

Kevin Rose He’s had a series of bad investments in the past, right?

Leo Laporte Oh, in the past, in the present, Charter is now in trouble, I think Charter declared Chapter 11.

Kevin Rose Does it really matter, though? I mean, he’s got like a few billion in the bank, what does he care?

Leo Laporte All you’ve got to do is take like, and you should remember this, skim just a little off the top every month, put that aside, and you never have to worry again. Where were we? Do we want to talk anymore about the Apple III, I don’t think so.

Kevin Rose [58:27] Talk about Flip.

Leo Laporte Flip?

Kevin Rose I think that was a good move.

Leo Laporte Why does Cisco buy a portable camera manufacturer?

Kevin Rose Because they want to be able to sell consumer devices, then they started doing LinkSys.

Leo Laporte But how does this fit their product line?

Kevin Rose Well, I think, I think it’s an enormous opportunity, they have deeper pockets, they can spend more money in R&D of engineering and hardware devices, and I think there is a burgeoning market for small personal video recording devices like Apple or...

Leo Laporte I think it’s really interesting that both of you guys walking in with a Flip camera, I think is really, and then Jason sure holds his own.

Jason Calacanis We didn’t plan that either.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Kevin Rose And I think, more and more people are going to be, a video camera that basically fits in your pocket. Seriously, and I think Cisco had a lot of foresight.

Leo Laporte But wait a minute, shouldn’t that be on the phone, really?

Dan Patterson Yes, but it drains the battery so fast on the iPhone, any video stuff.

Kevin Rose Well, again Cisco is in a position where they could decide we want to make a Flip cam that has network access, we want to make a Flip cam that does this or that or something else.

Jason Calacanis Hey, Leo, can I introduce you to my friend.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis This is my friend Samm Levine, if you have ever seen Freaks and Geeks.

Leo Laporte Oh, yes, I am a huge fan. I love that show.

Jason Calacanis And he’s in Glorious Bastards, if you know Quentin Tarantino’s new film, he plays a Nazi killing Mofo.

Samm Levine Yes, I believe that’s how it’s written in the script, Nazi killing Mofo.

Leo Laporte Nice to meet you.

Jason Calacanis What was it like to work with Quentin-Tarantino?

Samm Levine It was the craziest experience in my life.

Jason Calacanis iPhone or BlackBerry?

Samm Levine iPhone. All the way.

Jason Calacanis Okay, Mac or PC?

Samm Levine PC.

Leo Laporte Oh-oh.

Jason Calacanis Split decision.

Samm Levine Split down the middle there.

Jason Calacanis We will talk to you soon.

Samm Levine All right, thank you very much.

Jason Calacanis He’s the guest on, that was a little promo, he is the guest on Kevin Pollak ’s Show, we are doing a little cross pollinization, sorry about that, Leo.

Leo Laporte Cross Pollock-ization. I – no Freaks and Geeks was an amazing show, look at all the people who came out, Seth Rogen, so many people came out of that show, and that’s great, that’s great to see him

Jason Calacanis Samm Levine made a lot of money at the Poker game last night, how much did you…

Samm Levine Is that Leo Laporte?

Jason Calacanis That’s Leo Laporte.

Samm Levine Please tell him I have been a huge fan since ZDTV.

Jason Calacanis Samm says, huge fan since ZDTV.

Leo Laporte Did you tell him, Kevin Rose was in here too, speaking of…

Jason Calacanis You know Kevin Rose from Digg he’s in there too.

Samm Levine Oh really.

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Samm Levine I love him.

Jason Calacanis He loves, he loves you Kevin Rose.

Kevin Rose Oh, tell him I said thank you, I am a fan.

Jason Calacanis Samm wants to know how he can get on the Twitter’s top followers list, he’s only got like, 2000.

Leo Laporte Sure would I like to know, I would like to know that. What is his Twitter handle?

Jason McCabe Calacanis It’s Samm Levine.

Kevin Rose Add himself to wefollow.

Leo Laporte That’s actually a good start, go to, the problem is that

Jason Calacanis You have got to go to wefollow.

Leo Laporte Now this is a flaw in wefollow, if you only have 2,000 followers there is so many people who are going to show up ahead of you, because you rank by followers.

Kevin Rose We have really crazy, like if you go to tag/ I mean everything from feminist to tea, to pastors…

Leo Laporte Yes, but people are looking, so, they’re going to look at actors right? Because he is an actor.

Kevin Rose Yes, absolutely.

Leo Laporte And he’s going to be like 800th, on the list.

Kevin Rose He’d probably be in the top 50, I’d say.

Leo Laporte Really?

Kevin Rose How many followers does he have?

Leo Laporte 2,000.

Jason Calacanis Can everybody tweet to follow Samm Levine.

Leo Laporte Samm Levine, is that how you spell it?

Jason Calacanis Yes, Levine. Everyone follow him, and then he…

Leo Laporte Why should we follow, because he’s funny, because he’s cute?

Jason Calacanis He’s pretty funny, he is a cute guy, he’s single, for the ladies out there.

Leo Laporte For the ladies.

Kevin Rose He’s a simple man who likes simple things like…

Leo Laporte Poor Gina.

Kevin Rose …fancy cars and casinos, according to Twitter.

Leo Laporte Fancy cars and casinos, but he is a juvenile, I mean he plays juveniles; he looks like he’s twelve.

Jason Calacanis I believe he’s, he’s a, he’s man, he’s a boy in a man’s body and a man in a boy’s body. Anyway he kills a lot of Nazis in....

Leo Laporte He’s a mean Mofo.

Jason Calacanispeaker Yes, yes.

Leo Laporte So, you are offering now to Twitter to be on the top list. You should tell Samm this, is now up to half a million dollars.

Jason Calacanis Yes, it is.

Kevin Rose Jason moved it up to half a million dollars.

Leo Laporte Half a million dollars.

Kevin Rose Are you really going to pay half a million bucks.

Jason Calacanis I said if I was a default user for three years.

Leo Laporte He wants three years for his money now.

Jason Calacanis I said three years. I keep upping it because I want to keep changing the deal so it’s better for me. So three years, which means you would get how many people are they going to add in the next three years, Kevin?

Kevin Rose Right. I get you, right now yeah, it’s going to be…

Jason Calacanis How many? Guess, how many they are going to? How many you think?

Kevin Rose In the next three years.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Kevin Rose Twenty million, no more than that.

Leo Laporte Fifty million.

Kevin Rose More than that.

Leo Laporte There are going to be 175 million, they are going to be like Facebook.

Kevin Rose They would be probably Facebook size in three years.

Leo Laporte I don’t think they will be around if they get that big, I mean…

Jason Calacanis All right. So what’s the range Kevin? Worse case scenario what and top line what…

Kevin Rose You probably in three years, you’re probably going to pick up maybe five to seven million followers if that list stayed static at that forty or forty five.

Jason Calacanis Well no, no, 80% of people add those people.

Leo Laporte It is, that’s why if you look at it it’s ten thousand a day for people.

Kevin Rose No, no…

Gina Trapani Yeah but really do you think that’s going to stay that way, I mean don’t you think they are just going to keep it a static list?

Kevin Rose What it’s doing is they select the first twenty-five and then they randomize that list of suggested people so they go through. If you refresh the page, it will show a different twenty-five and so they are going through 75 people…

Leo Laporte Except that for some reason, Whole Foods is always on there and Dell is always on there.

David Prager What does Whole Foods to talk about?

Kevin Rose You get about a third of the people that sign up…

Leo Laporte Do you think new users at Twitter really should be following Whole Foods?

Kevin Rose Yeah, I don’t know.

Leo Laporte They, they, they. Is Whole Foods paying for it?

Kevin Rose No, nobody is paying.

Jason Calacanis Nobody’s paying anything now.

Dan Patterson Do we know that for sure that for sure though?

Jason Calacanis I know it for a fact. Nobody is paying anybody anything.

Leo Laporte And they’d turned down your half a million.

Jason Calacanis Well, I’m friends with Ev and I did this as sort of a half of a joke and half serious because they didn’t include me in the top whatever list when they did it. So I went from being like number five to number fifty, or a hundred.

Leo Laporte Can I ask you a question? Were you supposed to microwave the M&Ms inside the bag?

David Prager Are they miked in the bag?

Gina Trapani No, no like, you gotta put them on a napkin and then…

Leo Laporte She microwaved them in the bag. We’re now going to have a lump. What we got another one. Okay, are these microwaved? Okay, take them out, put them on. This is…she likes hacking stuff. So these were microwaved 30 seconds.

Gina Trapani So, that will be, that’s the entire bag microwaved, okay.

Leo Laporte The entire bag what you think Gina.

Gina Trapani What’s the inside look like? Let’s check it out.

Leo Laporte Let’s open up and see, I don’t know. This is, so what’s supposed to happen, Gina. They’re supposed to glow?

Gina Trapani Well, they are just supposed to melt in the inside and you know make you feel…

Leo Laporte You know, I think this might have worked. There’s a few broken ones…

Gina Trapani Are they still together? Or are they -- are they still in the shells?

Leo Laporte Go ahead David, you get to try it.

David Prager Did the bag melt to the M&Ms though?

Leo Laporte No. The bag is intact.

David Prager Give it to Kevin.

Leo Laporte I’m going to try it, I’m going to try it, there.

Unknown Speaker If it tastes like plastic…

Leo Laporte Oh you are right. No, hmmm…

Gina Trapani Yeah right.

Leo Laporte So you get a creamy middle because the chocolate has slightly melted.

Gina Trapani Exactly.

Leo Laporte And then you get the hard shell exterior and they still melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Have you done this with Skittles?

Gina Trapani I haven’t.

Leo Laporte Well we have a bag of Skittles too, we could try it with.

Gina Trapani We should try it. You could, you can empty out a few onto a napkin if you don’t - if you are afraid of inks from the bag leaking into your chocolate, which might not be so good.

Leo Laporte Yeah, no, I don’t think that’s a good idea. So we are going to put these on…what is the difference between Skittles and M&Ms?

Gina Trapani Well, there is no chocolate involved.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s not good. So, there’s like a jellybean in there, huh?

Kevin Rose It’s like, there might…it’s like Starburst but with a candy coating.

Leo Laporte Okay.

David Prager Then 30 seconds on the Skittles.

Leo Laporte What’s this? Oh look, here try these. These were microwaved in a mug apparently.

Gina Trapani They get a little melty the M&Ms as you’re probably seeing…

Leo Laporte I am sticking with the Lindt 70% cocoa and 10 stark chocolate, forget M&Ms.

David Prager Oh, look at this.

Jason Calacanis Oh, I love that Lindt. Lindt is delicious.

Leo Laporte [66:15] Lindt is good stuff. Cargo plane crashes in Tokyo and they have got a video of it.

David Prager Oh my God.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Jason Calacanis Is there a plane there?

Kevin Rose Will planes stop crashing? Holy hell. We’ve had so many like the last…

Leo Laporte You’re -- now, many people don’t know this but Kevin is not exactly a good flier.

Kevin Rose No, I love to fly. As long as I’ve had like, three or four beers before I go.

Leo Laporte You are a nervous flier a little bit. I know this because we couldn’t get you to come back to Toronto because you didn’t like the flying.

Kevin Rose I hate flying. I hate the whole…I hate everything about it. Like the experience of going to wait, and it’s like, urrgh…

Leo Laporte Yea, it’s awful.

David Prager Yea, but you were live streaming your flight last week.

Kevin Rose That’s true. That was fun.

Patrick Norton He was on Virgin American sitting there, was it Ustream or something else?

Kevin Rose Yeah, Ustream.

David Prager And everyone just sitting there staring at him, staring at his computer.

Leo Laporte All right, now we’ve microwave Skittles. While you enjoy these lovely…

Kevin Rose You gotta try one of these too, come on.

Leo Laporte Hmmm.

Kevin Rose The green. You know the green…

Leo Laporte Hmm, you know these are good. What do the green do? Stop it.

Kevin Rose Leo, how many of those TechTV shirts do you own?

Leo Laporte Oh, I wore this for today for the occasion. I have three or four. They don’t make them anymore, you know.

David Prager Oh wow. That’s really different. The Skittles.

Leo Laporte They are good. It’s not bad. It’s not bad. All right, technology news. I’m sure there is some, TV viewing according to Nielsen is at an all time high.

David Prager It’s because of the economy.

Leo Laporte More people are watching TV while this is from the fall. So maybe the election had something to do with it. More people are watching TV than ever before the average American television -- I thought it was going down.

Jason Calacanis No, I could tell you why it’s going up.

Leo Laporte Get this. The average American television viewers watching more than 151 hours of television a month. That’s five hours a day.

David Prager Are you serious?

Jason Calacanis It’s a very simple reason.

Leo Laporte Why?

Jason Calacanis Because people used to miss episodes of shows. So to get into a show like Damages or Battlestar…

Leo Laporte Right, no, you are right.

Jason Calacanis …Or Lost, you would miss a show, and you’d be like, ah I am not going to start that up. So, now they could make shows that are totally big story arcs, very complex, and know that people are not going to miss anything, and if they do, they go to Hulu. So, now people are getting addicted, I mean I don’t remember the last time in the ‘80s or ‘90s that people were like, “oh my god Battlestar, oh my god Damages, oh my god The Shield, oh my god Lost,” I mean people are addicted to the shows and it’s cliff-hangers again like the serials. So, it’s a renaissance for them if they only had the, you know…

Leo Laporte This is bad for us though for Revision3 and TWiT because we don’t want them watching so much TV. We want...

Jason Calacanis No, no, it’ll be fine.

Leo Laporte Kevin, you don’t care.

Kevin Rose You could always find an hour here or there to fit in some good podcasting.

Jason Calacanis There are different, different types of content.

Leo Laporte Well, I do think one of the changes is that they are counting DVRs now, they didn’t for -- you know when we were on TechTV, 13% of our audience was watching on TiVo and didn’t get counted. If you got a TiVo, Nielsen would come and take your people meter. So that really hurt us because we never, you know, most of our audience was technically illiterate but now they are finally counting DVRs. In fact DVR viewer the rise - the use of recorders has – is gone up now, get this. In the fourth quarter 2008, 73.9 million people used DVRs. I mean how many, there is only like a hundred TV, hundred million TV households total. So, like three quarters of all households are using DVRs now.

Jason Calacanis That’s not.

Leo Laporte So that, but that’s what you said Jason because you don’t miss episodes anymore.

Jason Calacanis And I think it’s -- the big issue now it’s like, oh have I got deleted off the DVR by accident because I ran out of space or somebody accidentally deleted it, I go to Hulu and watch it.

Leo Laporte All right or BitTorrent.

Jason Calacanis Yeah but they are going to do is they are going to get us addicted to this and then the new inside line is when you go to Hulu, maybe in like, it will take a year or two. You are going to have to prove that you subscribe at home.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s what they do with the HBO pay per view....

Jason Calacanis That’s going to be for everything.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Kevin Rose How do they verify that? You just put in your address and…

Jason Calacanis You put in your address, you put in your view. They cookie you, they give you a log in, just like Sirius satellite does.

Leo Laporte Interesting.

Kevin Rose This is the chocolate episode uh?

Leo Laporte Oh, it was either wine or chocolate, and since you declined our wine.

Kevin Rose Awesome.

Leo Laporte Square Space by the way who does your blog, right sent us…

Dan Patterson They do mine too.

Leo Laporte They do, Dan? They sent us some of the best wine, they sent us. Thank you, I must say thank you to Dane who sent us like ten bottles of like really good French wine I know and Californian too.

Kevin Rose You know, I had a chance to sit down with the Square Space guys when we are in – at South by Southwest and not only are they really engaged in making a fun and interesting platform but they are intellectually engaged in how people use websites both on a user backend and how, how front-end users navigate websites and they have, you know, a sincere intellectual fascination with not only toys and gizmos but how do we move from a tinker-type of platform like WordPress over to something that allows you to have that same code-level access but really concentrate on publishing as opposed to tinkering. They are fascinating guys.

Leo Laporte I think you have to be smart now. You cannot come out with a product, widgets, or the websites, and not really be – you have to be Steve Jobs from now on. The bar is rising, and don’t you, Kevin…

Kevin Rose Like in what way?

Leo Laporte I think you have to be a deep thinker. I don’t think you can just say let’s put something out...

Kevin Rose Yes.

Leo Laporte ...and see what happens.

Kevin Rose Leo, one of the things that I constantly tell people within ABC and set the same talking point over and over and over South by South West was that look, our tools and gadgets and gizmos, they are all well and good but really this is not about our tools and gadgets, it’s about determining the way media and information flows in the 21st century.

Leo Laporte And it’s not obvious because it’s changing. We are in an inflection point.

Kevin Rose Exactly, exactly but I keep telling my bosses look, this is the democratization of the dissemination of information, and you need to understand not just how Twitter works, you need to not understand just how Facebook works, but you need to understand things like trust and community and relationship and they sound very, very basic but all of information flow is based on hierarchies of trust and relationships. If you don’t understand that, you can implement any type of toy or gadget over the top of a website, and like you said, you can’t just launch it, it has to be something that’s smart and treats people like they’re smart.

Leo Laporte Does that make sense, Gina? Do you think that...

Gina Trapani Absolutely.

Leo Laporte ...we’re getting smarter?

Gina Trapani Absolutely, absolutely. Oh, I hope we are getting smarter. Some people are getting smarter but yes, to build something meaningful, yes. You have to understand all of those things.

Leo Laporte Your site is

Gina Trapani That was not an intentional plug, but thank you, Leo, I appreciate that.

Kevin Rose One of the things that I see though that troubles me a little bit especially when working with big companies and corporations is that they often times sit back and they just sit on their hands for a little bit, they kind of watch what’s going on but they are scared to get out there and actually play.

Leo Laporte Because their business model is shaky, right?

Kevin Rose But you have to get out there. You have to release early, release often and iterate and that’s something that these big companies are not used to doing.

Leo Laporte Well, and they also don’t understand what’s going on because it undermines their business model and it’s very difficult, but if you’ve built a company on one business model. Well, Jason, can you speak to that? I mean now who’s there?

Jason Calacanis Oh, this is my friend, Kevin Pollak .

Leo Laporte Oh, my god, it’s like Hollywood.

Jason Calacanis I just – I’m just name-dropping.

Leo Laporte Did Martin Shaw call into the show yesterday?

Jason Calacanis Martin Shaw called in, hold on, here talk to Kevin Pollak for a second, he is more interesting.

Leo Laporte I don’t know. I mean I...

Kevin Pollak I’m in the helm…

Leo Laporte Kevin, take the con. Take her out, Mr. P.

Kevin Pollak I am only saying that because it’s Shatner’s 78th birthday today and I am very excited and happy birthday to him.

Leo Laporte Well we’re glad to have you on board, the Starship Enterprise, Mr. Shatner. What do you think, William, of the new Star Trek episode. Here’s LeVar Burton, oh my god.

Kevin Pollak On the Star Trek celebration, it’s Shatner’s 78th birthday. Geordi in the house as well.

Kevin Rose Shatner is 70...

Gina Trapani Nice.

Kevin Pollak 78.

Kevin Rose 78?

Jason Calacanis And still kicking life square in the nuts.

Kevin Rose And he looks so good.

Kevin Pollak Yes, he do. Look at that. We both got the hats. That’s going to be great.

Leo Laporte Well, I got mine. Where is my cap? Is that because you guys are bald or is it just you like to wear the hat, you think it looks good on you?

Kevin Pollak Him, in his case, it looks -- because he looks cool. In my case, I am yet another talented, balding Jew. Now, we’re live very soon shortly after you, and I hope we’d get one-tenth of your audience would be nice.

Leo Laporte We are going to keep everybody and then some.

Kevin Pollak Okay.

Leo Laporte We are going to 60,000 to watch Kevin Pollak vamp live. What is the name of this? Is it the Kevin Pollak Show?

Kevin Pollak It’s called Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, yes, it’s very original.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes.

Kevin Pollak Kevin Pollak’s, one of the many portals where this can be viewed and LeVar Burton, Samm Levine, the first guests in the first kickoff debut show in T-37.

LeVar Burton I better start drinking.

Kevin Pollak Yes, you better start getting liquored up now LeVar. And I want you – by the way, you have to promise now on your show live that you’ll be a guest on mine and Kevin Rose as well, please.

Kevin Rose I think it would be awesome.

Leo Laporte Anytime we would love to do that.

Kevin Rose Absolutely.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Kevin Pollak I want to book you now. I am not going to just take anytime....

Leo Laporte Thursday at 4. I will be there.

Kevin Pollak No, it’s Sunday, every Sunday, 5 p.m.

Leo Laporte Deal.

Kevin Pollak Pacific daylight time.

Leo Laporte Have your person, Mr. Calacanis, have him call my person?

Kevin Pollak I will have my bitch Calacanis call your people and we’ll set this up. And by the way, bitch is the new king of the world just so you know.

Leo Laporte It’s great to talk to you, Kevin. I am a huge fan. I don’t know if you remember. I used to have you on the radio show, on KNBR in San Francisco often and just a big fan of the – of all the success you have had.

Kevin Pollak Thank you very much and of course I remember, it’s still on my resume.

Leo Laporte No, no, no, you don’t.

Kevin Pollak Yes, I do.

Leo Laporte Go do your show, go do the show...

Kevin Pollak Thank you very much.

Leo Laporte Go away...

Kevin Pollak Thank you very much and I look forward to being on your show and you on my show and Kevin Rose, please.

Leo Laporte Good. Deal. Ask LeVar what it was like to be on this show and then say you want to be on it.

Kevin Pollak Oh, okay, I will. I’ll put that to him live. We’re taking live questions as well. So, please offer some of those and now here is Mr. Calacanis, my boss.

Leo Laporte It’s like Bob Hope wandering into the studio. You wouldn’t remember that, you’re too young.

Jason Calacanis I remember Bob Hope.

Leo Laporte You remember Bob, but he, yes, but I mean you don’t you remember him – did you ever watch Johnny Carson?

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Leo Laporte You did, okay. So, you must have been – you were pretty young, yeah. So, Jason I was asking the question, I’ve forgotten now what I was asking. It was something about business.

Jason Calacanis Changing business models, I remember, which business models we’re changing.

Leo Laporte How difficult it is for a company that is built around one business model to suddenly say oh, look at these newspapers, this week Seattle Post Intelligencer, it’s gone online. It’s no longer a print paper. I think that’s a difficult transition because their whole business is built on display ads, full pages play ads, and classified ads neither of which exist on the internet.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, no way they saw that coming.

Leo Laporte Yeah, so it’s a very difficult transition, same thing with the record history. It’s going to be very difficult when you build a business and the entire business is posited on one particular business plan. I think it is got to be tough to say well it’s different now.

Jason Calacanis It’s brutally tough because typically it would involve a different group of people with a different set of DNA. I mean if Digg went to an editorial basis and they picked the stories by editors you would be like oh, well, what do we do with all of these people who are community managers and developers and that’s what’s going to have to happen with newspapers and lot of things and most of the times people can’t make the evolutionary shift. It’s just too difficult, you’re better off just shutting some of this things down and you know what? Don’t cry for the newspapers. It’s an opportunity for young people with new ideas to make better things than newspapers which frankly a lot of them were bought and sold and their editorial was very biased and their ideas were very old. Don’t cry for the newspaper business. I am sick of that. In Gadget as a blog or this WEEK in TECH as a show are much better Lifehacker, et cetera than the tech products that came before them. They are better than ZD Net. They are better than CNET. They are better than PC magazine. Nobody is crying because G4TV is gone. Who cares, who gives a crap about Tech TV? TWiT is better. So, don’t care about the...

Leo Laporte From your ears to Kevin Pollak’s lips. No that’s wrong.

Jason Calacanis If people have this thing like, oh progress everywhere else is good, right, but in the newspaper business progress is bad. Stop killing trees is a good thing. It’s good that they’re not going to kill trees.

Leo Laporte I like the Sunday paper. I mean I like...

Jason Calacanis Well, once a week is fine, but it is bad for the environment.

Kevin Rose You have a Kindle?

Leo Laporte I have a Kindle? Have you ever tried to read a newspaper in the Kindle. It’s not a good experience.

Kevin Rose It doesn’t feel right.

Leo Laporte Well, you know why? The Kindle is a linear device for – great for books, lousy for anything that you want to hop around in right. You can’t hop. There is no hopping. Do you read it on – do you use a Kindle Gina?

Gina Trapani I do and I totally agree, books for sure, newspapers not so much.

Leo Laporte It’s great for books.

Gina Trapani It is.

Leo Laporte I mean I get all my books, if I don’t listen to on audible. I get them on the Kindle.

Kevin Rose Do you have them on the iPhone app too? The clam?

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Kevin Rose It’s cool that it sinks, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah. Gina Trapani Yeah it is.

Kevin Rose Because you can be sitting there and read through a few pages and go back to it...

Leo Laporte Have you played with that?

Kevin Rose Yeah.

Leo Laporte I love it. It’s not easy to read on the iPhone, but it’s not awful.

Kevin Rose It will kill 10 minutes, right...

Leo Laporte You got it. Exactly, exactly.

Kevin Rose ...sitting there and doing something. There is a funny, there is a interesting Twitter account to follow it’s called the media is dying.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I have seen that. It tells you what’s happening.

Kevin Rose It aggregates all the news about what some of the certain newspapers and sometimes they will post things about how Kindle might be changing or not changing the book industry.

Leo Laporte I follow that, it’s really interesting. We need a death watch.

Jason Calacanis It’s not dying, it’s evolving. I mean look....

Kevin Rose You’re absolutely right. It is evolving.

Leo Laporte We are still media. This is media.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, Revision 3, TWiT, you just saw three celebrities in here, they are more excited to work in this medium than they are in the last one and with good reason. I mean...

Leo Laporte They are because they are forward thinking. I mean you look at some, Jimmy Fallon, these guys they know, but there is a lot of guys who are going on I don’t know.

Jason Calacanis You know almost all of them, if you put them in front of it and you show them and I have showed a dozen celebrity type people, the internet and the IntraWeb.

Leo Laporte They get it, it is the same business.

Jason Calacanis What happens is that they just all of a sudden their heads are like, “Oh my God, I can communicate with the audience. Oh my God, the audience is giving me feedback. Oh my God this isn’t real...”

Leo Laporte Careful.

Kevin Rose It’s cutting out the middleman in a lot of cases, like if you take a look at...

Leo Laporte Yeah, absolutely.

Kevin Rose Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher what they do...

Leo Laporte Yeah, they’re right there.

Kevin Rose They’re taking pictures of paparazzi and then Tweetpicking those.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that great?

Gina Trapani Yeah, that’s awesome.

Kevin Rose They call them the paps.

Jason Calacanis The paps got disintermediated.

Leo Laporte I love that.

Dan Patterson Again, it is a different understanding of what trust is and how information flows and when you have a static medium like a newspaper or television or something that is one to many a broadcast, it requires a certain paradigm to understand how that’s communicated. I am sure that those who, the predecessors of traditional media thought very, very similar things. It’s that now we can live in a time where we can have conversations about how and why information is changing and that’s fascinating. I know that old media 100 years ago were having these discussions, but now we can them in a public context. We can allow new ideas to come into the discussion and form how information moves and changes, it’s a vastly different time period.

Jason Calacanis You know what’s really fascinating, Leo our next sponsor is really fascinating.

Leo Laporte You are watching the chat room, aren’t you Jason.

Jason Calacanis Yes I am.

Leo Laporte Jason is getting his cues now from the chat room.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely and our next sponsor, please tell me who it is?

Leo Laporte Ladies and gentlemen...

Jason Calacanis Please make my dream come true.

Leo Laporte This portion of TWiT is brought to you by...

Jason Calacanis No don’t do it.

Leo Laporte

Jason Calacanis Audible, I love it. Have you heard Christopher Walken on Audible?

Leo Laporte You know who does a great Walken is Kevin Pollak .

Jason Calacanis Kevin Pollak does the best.

Leo Laporte He is the king of Walken.

Jason Calacanis I copied my Walken from him. Mine’s about 40% as good as his.

Leo Laporte That’s how you know a guy does a good impression is when you copy his impression, your impression of his impression, you still sound good, that’s a good impression.

Jason Calacanis But I have to say I love Audible.

Kevin Rose He does that reading of The Raven, it is awesome,

Leo Laporte Is that on Audible?

Kevin Rose I don’t know.

Leo Laporte Christopher Walken has a Twitter account?

Kevin Rose Yes, it’s awesome.

Leo Laporte What, is it really him?

Kevin Rose Yes, it is really him. Because Keith Olbermann was all upset the other day because it’s not really Keith Olbermann and his 20,000 followers.

Leo Laporte So, what does he say on his Twitter account?

Kevin Rose They are just crazy TWiTs.

Jason Calacanis Your father gave me this watch.

Leo Laporte You know, who I like? There is a fake Gary Busey that’s pretty funny, kind of out of control.

Jason Calacanis I should read, I should do a dramatic reading of this Twitter account of Christopher Walken. An associate told me he had been cheating on his wife. He asked me not to talk about it and I probably won’t unless it comes up somehow. Thank you, thank you very much. Christopher Walken just did a reading.

Leo Laporte That’s amazing.

Kevin Rose His account is C. Walken.

Leo Laporte C. Walken, that’s amazing.

Jason Calacanis Someone smote for me for my previous comment regarding the Pope, I don’t see a smite option in Twitter, probably a good thing to have though.

Leo Laporte Smite. Alright I am following him.

Jason Calacanis We’ve got to get Kevin Pollak here to just read Christopher Walken’s Twitter account.

Leo Laporte Alright, a dramatic reading of Christopher, maybe you save that for your show, how about that? Save that for your show.

Jason Calacanis But what about Audible? What about Audible?

Leo Laporte 2 you could sign up today, you get the platinum account. I like the platinum because it gives you two books and I go through two books a month easily, it’s no problem at all. Audible of course is, you must know by now is the bookstore on the internet for you, 51,000 titles, not just books. I mean there’s comedy club performances, I bet you Pollock’s on here. There is radio shows, a lot of BBC, classic BBC stuff on there. It is wonderful.

Kevin Rose I get so excited about Audible I just spilled my tea all over your desk.

Leo Laporte I don’t care about the desk. It looks like you spilled it on my chocolate. Forget the desk, save the chocolate!

Kevin Rose Napkin.

Leo Laporte It’s alright, okay. This is an oriental rug but it’s really not.

Jason Calacanis Kevin, I have your friend here, look who is here in my office, do you know Shira.

Kevin Rose Hi, hello, Shira.

Leo Laporte She is cute.

Shira Lazar We’re representing.

Jason Calacanis Say hello to Kevin Rose.

Shira Lazar Hey everyone, hey Kevin, hey.

Leo Laporte Yeah, my name is Leo, but just don’t worry me, it’s okay.

Jason Calacanis How much do you love Audible?

Shira Lazar What?

Jason Calacanis How much do you love Audible?

Shira Lazar Audible?

Jason Calacanis You love Audible.

Shira Lazar Oh, yes, I do.

Jason Calacanis She loves Audible.

Leo Laporte Who is she?

Jason Calacanis Shira Lazar.

Kevin Rose She does like a ton of stuff for, is it ABC out there that she does it for in LA?

Shira Lazar So, so.

Leo Laporte Alright, well there you go. It’s just a Hollywood extravaganza at the Calacanis household.

Jason Calacanis I am sorry, it’s just getting crazy here.

Kevin Rose What is up, does he just invite people over like all day long to just?

Jason Calacanis No what happened is we’re doing Kevin’s show here and I told everybody on my mailing list they could just show up. So, now there’s like 100 people here drinking beer. I am taking cues from you Kevin.

Leo Laporte I thought that this a good party and now I’m feeling like I want to go down there. Anyway, let me mention, just go there. No, no, no, I’m happy.

Jason Calacanis You’re not happy partying with Prager?

Leo Laporte I’m happy, no, I’m happy. This is good. I’m very happy.

Jason Calacanis Prager brings the party.

Leo Laporte Prager is the party. Exactly right.

Jason Calacanis Oh, yes. Did you know there’s an erotic and sexuality section on

Dan Patterson Again it’s great.

Jason Calacanis Play something from the erotic section please.

Leo Laporte All right I guess I can. They have kids and young adults too. Would you like to hear that instead? No, I’ll go with the erotic and sexuality. I’ll just see.

Jason Calacanis We’re trying to get the sponsor value, Leo, okay?

Leo Laporte You go In Bed With Susie Bright. Susie Bright is now my Facebook friend. I don’t know how she knew to ….

Jason Calacanis In Bed With Susie Bright.

Gina Trapani Susie Bright is awesome.

Leo Laporte She is great. I love Susie Bright.

Dan Patterson You know Bobos in Paradise they have on Audible and I just grabbed that. That might be a very apropos pick as well. It might not be erotic enough but...

Jason Calacanis Not erotic enough.

Leo Laporte I actually love Bobos in Paradise. That was a great book. I actually did not listen to it on David Brooks – the author of course, he’s the – he is the conservative columnist for the – the new Bill Crystal on The New York Times. And it’s The New Upper Class and How They Got There. I don’t know what you’re saying by that, Dan, what are you saying by that, what do you imply?

Dan Patterson Well, I wonder sometimes because I have – my family is from Jersey in New York. I grew up in the Midwest and I went to very small school.

Leo Laporte He’s starting to sound like Christopher Walken. Did you notice that?

Kevin Rose That was awesome

Jason Calacanis Everybody is going to do a show with that voice.

Dan Patterson I’m right now two blocks from Brooklyn. I get a lot of the accent but anyway I wonder sometimes and I trying to bring myself into the mindset again as much as I love technology and I love talking about the future of communication. I wonder if we don’t live in our own little bubble. I know that …

Leo Laporte No….

Dan Patterson ….as a career talking about the news bubble and the media bubble that traditional media is in. But I am also a little concerned that to Middle America we may look like a bunch of dilettantes running around with our gadgets.

Leo Laporte I promise you that’s exactly why people hate Twitter, that’s why South by Southwest looks like …

Dan Patterson Yes.

Gina Trapani Definitely

Leo Laporte A solipsist’s love fest. I mean, it’s not….

Dan Patterson Yeah, yeah, and so I mentioned Bobos in Paradise because he does talk a lot about this new class of people who seek out the simulacra as opposed to the authentic and yet we’re all kind of on this desperate search for the authentic. What does Twitter do? It kind of breaks down these barriers so that we can access people on – and so called celebrities on a much more authentic level.

Leo Laporte No doubt.

Dan Patterson But at the same time….

Kevin Rose I had Snoop Dog reply to me the other day. It was amazing.

Leo Laporte You what?

Kevin Rose I had Snoop Dog send me...

Leo Laporte That’s wild isn’t it?

Kevin Rose It was the best thing ever…

Jason Calacanis Word, dog.

Leo Laporte And then you said something about shizzle and minizzle.

Kevin Rose But that’s what he said to me he said for shizzle something like that.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes. My

Kevin Rose His followers are his twizzles.

Jason Calacanis My twizzles!

Leo Laporte My twizzles. I love it!

Jason Calacanis Can you spare a Digg-a-ziggle?

Leo Laporte So Bobos in Paradise, I think this is a great pick, Dan, thank you, The New Upper Class and How They Got There by David Brooks. This isn’t one of his more recent books, I think this is five or six years old but it’s really. Let me play a little bit of it. I don’t think there’s anything erotic in here.

David Brooks The thing that struck me as oddest was the way the old categories no longer made sense. Throughout the 20th century it’s been pretty easy to distinguish between the Bourgeois world of capitalism and the Bohemian counter culture. The Bourgeois were the square practical ones. They defended tradition and the middle class.

Leo Laporte It’s – where Bohemians are now the new Bourgeois that’s very interesting.

Jason Calacanis Is that being read by C3PO?

Leo Laporte You know what? Some of the … What do you expect? He’s a conservative writer for The New York Times.

Jason Calacanis It’s C3PO.

Leo Laporte Yes, so the book, I think, in fact I’m seeing this now. It is on my library. I did listen to it on Audible, it’s Bobos in Paradise, The New Upper Class How They Got There, our pick of the week but you can get two books if you go to and sign up for the beautiful platinum plan, two books a month but the first two are free and we do thank Audible so much.

Dan Patterson You know what’s cool you can do with I think most devices with audio books like Audible’s audio books. You can speed it up.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s great.

Dan Patterson So if you’re driving and you want to listen to something and it’s kind of narrated too slow; you can just speed it up.

Jason Calacanis Oh that is awesome.

Leo Laporte And I have seen...

Dan Patterson And then when it speeds it up it employs something that keeps like the tone down so don’t hear it like a Mickey Mouse talking...

Leo Laporte I think, I’ve seen, Gina, studies that say that we actually comprehend better at higher speeds.

Gina Trapani Oh even better.

Dan Patterson Just give your mind time to wander while it’s trying to speak.

Leo Laporte Maybe that’s it. We ADD types do better when it’s talking very fast because we can’t pay attention oh look it bicycle!

Kevin Rose Well, that’s what the problem with Twitter and Facebook is it just promotes ADD.

Dan Patterson No, no, no. Tabbed browsing promotes ADD.

Kevin Rose Oh yeah totally.

Dan Patterson That is – I’ve got to turn that off sometimes.

Leo Laporte Well, what do you do? You open a lot of tabs.

Kevin Rose Yeah, absolutely like how many tabs do you have open right now? Let’s take a poll. How many tabs?

Leo Laporte One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…

Gina Trapani …..eight… ten, twelve.

Leo Laporte But wait a minute I have two browsers opened so.

Dan Patterson Okay I’m nine.

Gina Trapani 15.

Leo Laporte 15!

Dan Patterson I’ve got 13.

Leo Laporte Oh my good you guys are a mess.

Kevin Rose We are a mess.

Dan Patterson Well, I leave stuff open and until I’m done with it and sometimes to shut my computer down if I don’t save the tabs, I’ll just to have to go back and try to finish each tab so that I can close them all out.

Kevin Rose Do you ever go back to like a tab that has Gmail open with the email that you already wrote and you’re like why didn’t I just hit send?

Leo Laporte Oh yeah all the time. All the time I have unsent mail.

Dan Patterson I hate when that happens.

Leo Laporte Gina, is there a cure for this, is there something we can do?

Dan Patterson Help us.

Leo Laporte Help us life hacker. You are our only hope.

Gina Trapani Step away from the computer, that’s what I do.

Leo Laporte No, I can’t do that.

Gina Trapani Yes, I’m all about the – like forcing myself to single focus like there are times when my tab bar, my tab bar gets to the point where I can’t read. I’m only seeing fav icons that’s what I do like the clean up. You know what I mean or when my – the same thing on the top of the taskbar just kind of do that like clean up every couple of hours like okay close this window, send the email, done with that but, yeah.

Leo Laporte You’re not one of those loathsome Inbox zero types are you?

Gina Trapani I aspire to be…

Jason Calacanis Oh, I am.

Gina Trapani I aspire to be. I don’t aspire to be loathsome but I do aspire to have no email in my inbox. So, I don’t know, I’m not very successful. Let’s see, right now I’ve got – oh, I’ve got 30 in my inbox right now. So…

Jason Calacanis 30 emails? I’d kill for 30 emails.

Gina Trapani I deal of email in an archive immediately. So, yes, I’m one of those loathsome types.

Leo Laporte I’ve 32,948 messages in my inbox 4,114 unread.

David Prager But, do you live in email because…Like I use to…

Leo Laporte I can’t get to Inbox zero. I’ve to do is amnesty I’ll have to delete them all.

Kevin Rose They call it email bankruptcy.

Unknown Speaker Yes, bankruptcy, Lessig invented that.

Kevin Rose You send a ‘reply all to all’ to all unread, saying “I have just declared bankruptcy,” and delete them all.

Leo Laporte I don’t I could even do that. I think I just have on the post on the blog. If you sent me email once. It’s long gone so send it again.

Gina Trapani I have really strong filters and I send lots of canned responses that’s like, I’m really sorry to send you this impersonal thing. But here is the generic answer.

Leo Laporte I have a…

Gina Trapani I’m kind of a jerk obviously.

Leo Laporte I’ve a TextExpander macro S S O R R Y. I send it – it says I can’t help you. Go away.

Gina Trapani TextExpander rocks I used to use it a lot.

Leo Laporte TextExpander is a live saver, yes.

Gina Trapani Yea it really is.

Jason Calacanis Email. What’s his name? The wine guy, Garry... Garry’s like, you get a link back to a video. And he’s like, okay it’s Garry, listen you email me I love that you email me, I love you, I love email, I love everybody and we’re going to kill it together. Or, okay here’s -- I love my family I love the Jets but I cannot respond. But I can love you. You’re killing it.

David Prager And then he gives a list of links to commonly asked questions.

Leo Laporte Yes, I’ve done that, but I didn’t do the video. I really think that’s a good idea and I think the key is to say I love you, right.

Kevin Rose Yeah, just keep saying over and over again.

Jason Calacanis It’s – I just – it’s credible. You’re just killing it. You’re great. You’re going to do great. You’re wonderful – you’re wonderful person I love you.

Jason Calacanis Honestly you’d think like, maybe it’s a little cheesy like the Garry thing, totally endearing, totally authentic, totally a real guy, I love that guy.

Kevin Rose Garry’s for real though. You know what I mean? He’s not just doing it just because he wants like press or people. He’s just a good solid person.

Dan Patterson No, he’s a sincere human.

Jason Calacanis He is – he is, totally authentic and sincere.

Leo Laporte It’s almost like he died and this is his obituary. He was a great guy. He’s never on the show.

Kevin Rose He’s going to have a lot of time on his hand because he’s taken like two months at home because his wife’s about to have a baby.

Leo Laporte Oh, really got a new baby?

Kevin Rose And so like he’s going to be languishing – itching to do.

Leo Laporte Okay, I am going to ask him on TWiT; we’ll have him on next week.

Jason Calacanis Somebody just said this is the best TWiT ever. TWiTters in the chatroom. I’d like everybody in the chatroom to rate TWiT on a scale of one to ten, this episode please.

Leo Laporte I hate it when you do this. Oh this is so painful.

Gina Trapani Oh, oh.

Jason Calacanis Please rate the show. Please rate the show and so put a number and then what you think of the show. Why, like…

Leo Laporte So put 49.

Jason Calacanis One to ten. I got a nine, nine, nine nine, nine.

Gina Trapani We got a million, 2.5…

Jason Calacanis 11, somebody set it to 11.

David Prager 666 apparently a devil worshipper in the chatroom.

Leo Laporte They are raising it to the power of…

Jason Calacanis Yea, you can’t put pi in there, guys.

Leo Laporte Somebody’s said it’s three – three strong hits of LSD. That’s good. I think this is virtual Adderall. Who’s it that said that? Was that you David? That’s what we need.

David Prager That might have been me. But shhhh…

Leo Laporte Was it you Dan?

Dan Patterson Well I do I – I’m just saying – we – well if that’s the metaphor. We need some kind of digital Adderall to focus us.

Leo Laporte Turn off the computers is what Gina says. She’s probably right.

Jason Calacanis Okay, everybody please stop. Please stop right now. No more ratings.

Leo Laporte Are you tallying up the votes?

Jason Calacanis And now.

Leo Laporte And Steve Wozniak is the winner. Can you believe?

David Prager I watched that when you...

Kevin Rose Can you believe Belinda Carlile lost to Steve Wozniak? It’s like, that’s got to be the most the most horrible thing that could ever happen to you.

Kevin Rose Woz brings in ratings. Everyone would kind of want, he is the underdog, right,

Leo Laporte He is mad. He’s actually little angry, because he feels like – you know they never reveal what the online voting was. He feels like they are actually hiding that. That he says the producers planned for Belinda Carlile and me to have a dance off that’s what happened last Tuesday. They wanted that for the ratings. They didn’t care…

Dan Patterson About the votes.

Leo Laporte About the online votes. And he’s right they never tell you what the online votes are. I voted for him 13 times both weeks.

Dan Patterson Lawsuit! Lawsuit! It was 13 different phones, right.

Leo Laporte No, no, if you’re AT&T you can send 13 text messages. You can vote for anybody 13 times. You get 13 votes I guess because that - there were 13 contestants. And then next week there will 12 then 11. So, yes, Belinda Carlile of the Go-Go’s of all people. That’s got to be humiliating. Because frankly Steve was a dancing Telly Tubby let’s face it. He did not….

Gina Trapani O, o, o, but you have to love him. Come on, give the man credit…

Leo Laporte Oh, he – see, and that’s why he won because I think everybody goes his spirit, his heart, he’s loving this, he’s enthusiastic, he’s not a good dancer. I don’t think anybody has that illusion.

David Prager But he is trying so hard.

Leo Laporte He broke his foot.

Jason Calacanis He’s awesome.

Leo Laporte He broke his foot and still danced.

David Prager That’s right.

Leo Laporte Steve-o didn’t even do that.

David Prager What happened to Steve-o?

Leo Laporte His back started hurting and then he did – he threw into the dance the last – oh my, my how come I know this? Oh my God…

Jason Calacanis Welcome to this week in dance.

Gina Trapani Can we just take a minute to acknowledge the fact that Battlestar Gallactica ended on Friday?

Jason Calacanis No spoilers, no spoilers.

Kevin Rose No spoilers, I’ve not watched that.

Gina Trapani Okay.

Jason Calacanis No spoilers, please.

Gina Trapani Okay, no spoilers.

Leo Laporte I’d like everybody to get a glass – everybody get a glass and we are going to say to the Gallactica, the best ship in the fleet. So say we all.

All speakers So say we all.

Leo Laporte I think a great note to end this show. Thank you Gina for reminding us the most important geek event of the week.

Gina Trapani Exactly, I got some of you.

Leo Laporte Was the Battlestar Gallactica? And I thank everybody for being here. Gina you’re the greatest. how many times you have to hold up your little signs there?

Gina Trapani Oh, not very many. I was actually – it was good. I didn’t hold it once. I didn’t even – I got to use seriously you know for a like, a second, at one point.

Leo Laporte Okay, okay.

Gina Trapani But for the must part, I didn’t even use this one which was – which was really exciting. I thought Jason will at least make me use this one at some point.

Leo Laporte The WTF. You didn’t mean that?

Gina Trapani Yes, but he didn’t, he didn’t, so I think this went really well.

Leo Laporte You know I adore you, please back, we love having you on the show.

Gina Trapani Thanks for having me on.

Leo Laporte It is not easy being the one woman with a bunch of loudmouthed guys.

Gina Trapani The one chick - chickman. Yes that’s what.

Leo Laporte The one check, you did great.

Gina Trapani Thank you.

Leo Laporte You did great. Jason Calacanis is Mahalo and he is going to stick around I guess, and you’re going to do the Kevin Pollak show if we could figure out someway… I heart Gina. Audible baby. Why is everything backwards? Is there something going on here?

Jason Calacanis Well you have to write it backwards from…

Gina Trapani You have to write it backwards, yes. You have to sort of flip it around and…

Leo Laporte Oh, something weird is doing it, all right. So, that’s okay. Everybody should watch this is show on their rear view mirror and they’ll understand it. Jason’s at and his new show is coming in a couple of weeks, meanwhile the

Jason Calacanis

Leo Laporte by the way Gina is Gina Trapani on Twitter, Jason is Jason Calacanis on Twitter. Got to give everybody their follower props.

Jason Calacanis I’m also if people want my secret account, slash Jason.

Leo Laporte What?

Kevin Rose He’s slash Jason Twitter.

Jason Calacanis I’ve slash Jason. That’s my secret account.

David Prager That sounds like Friday the 13th.

Leo Laporte You spell it out S L A S H please.

Jason Calacanis No, no just J A S O N.

Leo Laporte You own Jason?

Jason Calacanis Of course I do, you know I do.

Leo Laporte Man, do you have Kevin.

Jason Calacanis You don’t have Kevin, Kevin?

Kevin Rose No, I don’t.

Jason Calacanis Oh sorry Kev.

Leo Laporte Some schmo has Leo.

Leo Laporte I have Leo and Pounce but some schmo has Leo on…

Jason Calacanis I have answers and questions.

Leo Laporte That’s -- questions is the one you want – you’re offering half a million bucks.

Jason Calacanis Yes, three amazing questions a day half a million dollars also, point of just - interesting inside baseball stuff. Not only did I try to buy Digg from Kevin for an extraordinarily low fee.

Leo Laporte Which he turned down.

Jason Calacanis I also – yea, smart move on his part he’ll never let me live that down, he has the emails, they’ll come out his book when he writes – bastard. I love Kevin, always have. But I also tried to hire Gina at least three times and would make -- send her offer letters of increasingly large sums of money and equity and tell her at the very least if you don’t take my offer please make Denton pay you more money. I think she did too.

Leo Laporte Good, did he? I hope he did.

Gina Trapani It was helpful. Thank you Jason.

Leo Laporte That’s wonderful thing.

Jason Calacanis Anything to hurt Denton, yes.

Leo Laporte One of these things Jason does and I know this is – he does these offers so that you can bid up – your current employee. He’s very clever that way.

Jason Calacanis I believe in – I believe talent needs to get paid.

Leo Laporte You stay away from Colleen. That’s all I can say. You stay away from…

Jason Calacanis is that it?

Leo Laporte Yeah… stop it!

Jason Calacanis No, no no, I just wanted to send her an email thanking her for being on the show.

David Prager She’ll work for you.

Leo Laporte She’d work for you in a heart beat Jason. I have no way of keeping her here. She’s already passing out over here. And you know what?

Jason Calacanis And David Prager by the way I just wanted to let you know you did excellent contributions to this show. Definitely call me if you are L.A.

Kevin Rose Stay away from Prager

Jason Calacanis How’s it going there? You still the third guy on the totem pole. What’s the story?

David Prager The third guy in the totem pole? So, what’s the totem pole according to Jason at Revision3.

Jason Calacanis No, I don’t know and then Jay meddles and Kevin meddles I mean let me say a guy like you should be starting to make some more decisions.

Leo Laporte It’s true. He built Revision3. I mean if it weren’t for Prager there’d be no Revision3.

Kevin Rose Yes, no doubt. Prager has put more time and effort into building Revision3 than I have.

Leo Laporte There’s no question about that.

Jason Calacanis No, I know that. Every time I’ve seen you guys taping something or doing something, I see Prager actually doing the work. Right. For every show.

Leo Laporte And don’t forget Pragerpedia. Pragerpedia.

Jason Calacanis What? There’s a Pragerpedia?

Leo Laporte Oh, yes.

David Prager It’s is the Mohalo competitor actually.

Jason Calacanis Oh wow, look out.

David Prager He’s like yes I’m really scared.

Leo Laporte Well there’s some good answers there.

David Prager It’s

Leo Laporte Oh, dot net no wonder it didn’t pop up.

David Prager I’m going to just Twitter that.

Leo Laporte Pragerpedia, wait a minute, let me get there before you Twitter it, oh it’s already down.

Jason Calacanis Prager, you might want get it off of uh…

Dan Patterson Get a better server, Prager.

David Prager Ah there it is, there it is, Pragerpedia.

Jason Calacanis How awesome is that?

Kevin Rose You type in a question it answers it.

David Prager It’s a killer.

Jason Calacanis I got it – I got it now, it’s down...

Leo Laporte What’s a question – what’s a question for Pragerpedia.

David Prager I’m Prager bringing the truth, ask and you shall receive is what it says. I might be – I might not be right but it sounds good. Dan give me a question for…

Jason Calacanis What kind of car should Kevin Rose get.

Dan Patterson There you go. What kind of – that’s good because last he was on Jason you had a good car for him, right. What was that you were going to…

Leo Laporte Kind of car should Kevin Rose get. Will it know an answer to that?

David Prager I don’t know.

Jason Calacanis Internal server error.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s down.

Jason Calacanis 404.

Leo Laporte 404, that’s the car.

Jason Calacanis Farewell.

Leo Laporte Audi, the Audi 404 that’s a fine car. They should have put that website on Square Space is what they should have done. It says Kevin Rose smells like flowers on a rainy day.

David Prager That’s very true actually.

Leo Laporte And I enjoy his company. I hope he gives me a nice share of the money he’ll earn on the Digg/Google sale. David Prager, thank you for being here you are doing great work over there.

David Prager @dlprager.

Leo Laporte Oh, what another guy had broken your house?

David Prager No, the Revision3 motion sensor went off and I was like, a mile away might well I guess I’ll go check it out. And they called the cops and I’m waiting for the cops, so I’m like alright I’ll wait for the cops. And the cops apparently drove around the building and left. I’m like, urgh…

Leo Laporte Yes, we’re getting an alarm system in here and I told Dane, I said they don’t answer the alarm. What did they do? They don’t come.

Jason Calacanis Just leave Stickam up.

Leo Laporte That’s what I’m doing. I’m leaving...

Jason Calacanis How many ratings you’d get for that.

Leo Laporte That’s a good idea. We’ll stream forever. Also Kevin Rose where do you want to plug

Kevin Rose Actually, go check out -- if you are new to the area on Twitter. Check out

David Prager That’s a great site, yes.

Kevin Rose And add yourself to the directory.

Leo Laporte You don’t make money on that. This is for fun.

Kevin Rose There’s no ads. It’s just for fun. But we’ve got some new stuff coming out for Digg in a couple of weeks so make sure to check…

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s sounds cool and the Digg shortener.

Dan Patterson Kevin, wefollow is one of the sites I constantly am sending around through the newsroom at ABC. It’s the directory. Or it’s quickly become the directory.

Kevin Rose I appreciate that.

Jason Calacanis Kevin can you put me in the Beta for that.

Leo Laporte I got an invite for you. I’ll send in out to you.

Jason Calacanis The Tiny URL

Leo Laporte Oh, the Tiny URL. Yes.

Kevin Rose Oh no it’s crashed again.

Leo Laporte Jason Calacanis, Mahalo, Digg Kevin Rose,, or, David Prager at,, Dan Patterson, that’s who’ve left off and thank you for being here. You picked a good show to… You picked a good show to pop your cherry on, my friend. Have some skittles.

Dan Patterson Those cherry skittles are amazing.

Leo Laporte Come here, Danny I get some skills for you. They’re microwaved. They – come sit on my lap.

Jason Calacanis I thought Dan was good. Dan’s a pretty smart guy.

Leo Laporte Dan’s great.

Dan Patterson Yes, thanks.

Jason Calacanis He uses lot of big words, lot of big words.

Leo Laporte Uh oh.

Dan Patterson I’m trying to be as pretentious as possible.

Jason Calacanis No, no, no, he’s got some good insights. I give Dan’s first appearance a seven and half.

Leo Laporte All right. That’s good it’s hard. It’s tough. That’s really a tough thing.

Kevin Rose Everybody in the chatroom rate Dan’s appearance.

Leo Laporte No. Stop. Oh dear, another TWiT is in the can, and I mean it.