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Episode 188


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This is TWiT. This WEEK in TECH, episode 188 for March 30, 2009, Judge Mental.

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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, and with me today – two old colleagues, people I haven’t seen in years and years and years. Actually people I wish I hadn’t seen in years and years and years and somebody I haven’t seen in years and years and years. Starting with John C. Dvorak, on my left. He is actually in studio drinking a fine 2001 Bordeaux today, the Leoville Barton which he says is pronounced Barton.

John C. Dvorak Barrton.

Leo Laporte Baa-rton.

Becky Worley So mean.

Leo Laporte And he popped the cork on this thing. He said we got to drink it now. That’s what he always does when he gets in here. He says, “Oh! No, you got to drink this right now.” He always finds someone. Oh! No, you got to drink this right now.

John C. Dvorak It’s a fact.

Becky Worley I feel that way about all wine.

Leo Laporte I am so glad to see Becky Worley who I haven’t seen in ages. It’s nice to see you again. Since I saw you last, you had a baby, two?

Becky Worley Two.

Leo Laporte Twins?

Becky Worley At the same time.

Leo Laporte And the show on the travel channel. Is that still on the travel channel?

Becky Worley No, it’s....

Leo Laporte In re-runs?

Becky Worley ...but with the new host. I realized that motherhood and pregnancy genes don’t go well with treasure hunting.

Leo Laporte So, what are you doing these days?

Becky Worley I am working for ABC News, pretty much full time for Good Morning America and...

Leo Laporte Full time? So, you go out there how often?

Becky Worley Two, three times a month.

Leo Laporte Oh! That’s a lot.

Becky Worley Yes.

Leo Laporte It’s full time. Wow.

Becky Worley And starting some Web Elements for them and really trying to figure out. I mean I basically consume tech media all week long and try and figure out what...

Leo Laporte How to spit it out.

Becky Worley Is important for...

Leo Laporte For ABC.

Becky Worley The masses to hear and how to spit it out.

Leo Laporte So, are you there kind of sole arbiter of what’s hot in tech?

Becky Worley Well, there is someone who does business and helps us figure that out, and then I have also gotten this strange beat of weird consumer gadget. So, I review infomercial.

Leo Laporte I am so glad that I don’t have to do that. Are you like Miss Snuggy?

Becky Worley Oh! I...

Leo Laporte The queen of the snuggy.

Becky Worley I actually had an editorial moment where I said the snuggy is so overrated. It’s an airplane blanket with sleeves, we are not reviewing it.

Leo Laporte It’s so stupid.

Becky Worley That was my tough call.

Leo Laporte No, you said we’re not going to cover it. How about the slanket? Did you cover the slanket?

Becky Worley It’s a bathroom robe you wear backwards. I have strong opinions, okay.

Leo Laporte Becky was the first producer of the ScreenSavers and Call for Help, later host on Call for Help. We go way, way back.

Becky Worley Yeah, we do.

Leo Laporte Yes, so nice to see you.

Becky Worley It’s good to see you.

Leo Laporte What are the twins’ names?

Becky Worley Finn and Emalia. Boy and a girl.

Leo Laporte Not Finn and Huck?

Becky Worley Nope. Decided against the...

Leo Laporte Finn and what?

Becky Worley Emalia.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s beautiful.

Becky Worley Yes, it’s a Hawaiian name, and she has had many people call her Omalia. So, when Obama was selected President, I was thrilled a) because he is the first Hawaiian President...

Leo Laporte Hawaiian, yes. Let’s really focus on the important part.

Becky Worley I mean that’s historic there, and secondly, his daughter’s name is Malia. So, people now start pronouncing my kid’s name right.

Leo Laporte So, Malia is a Hawaiian name?

Becky Worley Mary.

Leo Laporte I will be darned. And Emily, Amalia.

Becky Worley Emalia.

Leo Laporte Emalia is just Mary.

Becky Worley Emalai.

Leo Laporte Emary.

Becky Worley Something like that.

Leo Laporte Actually, I didn’t know that.

Becky Worley Yes.

Leo Laporte It’s really cool. Well, it’s great to have you both on. There’s actually nothing to talk about. So it’s good we have some good wine. We’ll have a little cheese a little later on. We can have some bread.

John C. Dvorak We can talk about Twitter.

Leo Laporte No. Okay, now I am with two people and everybody who is listening is going to be so glad who hate Twitter.

John C. Dvorak I don’t hate Twitter.

Leo Laporte You hate Twitter talk.

John C. Dvorak I hate Twitter talk. Yes.

Leo Laporte Yes. Well, I got – you made that abundantly clear two weeks ago. I got more hate mail from people who agree with you and say Twitter’s TWiT’s turned in Twitter.

John C. Dvorak And then the first thing that you do is you bump me.

Leo Laporte That’s it. I am never having them back.

Becky Worley My big beef, and I think this is where Dvorak and I actually agree, is that Twitter is like a fraternity, where everybody is just talking about what’s happening in the house and hey who’s you and...

Leo Laporte Yes.

Becky Worley ...what’s going and I have got friends and you have got friends and what’s new.

Leo Laporte But wait a minute.

Becky Worley It just gets so...

Leo Laporte But wait a minute.

Becky Worley ...laborious.

Leo Laporte Yes, I agree with you and there’s a lot of that. I agree with you, but if you were following Lance Armstrong for instance, you knew that he broke his collarbone before any news organization told you. In fact, I was talking to somebody. Well, it was last week on MBC. Who works for – was it MBC or ABC you said. Yes, we were way behind on the story. We are trying to break this thing an hour later and it turns out an hour ago Lance has Twittered that he broke his collarbone, right? And that’s not news I guess.

Becky Worley Okay but here’s the point. Is if you are an assignment desk editor at a major network, you need Twitter but the signal-to-noise ratio for the...

Leo Laporte It’s pretty high.

Becky Worley ...average person...

Leo Laporte Now, I am with you.

Becky Worley so high that...

Leo Laporte I am with you.

Becky Worley ...we need to minimize, not maximize

Leo Laporte And getting higher.

Becky Worley It’s overwhelmed.

John C. Dvorak Curry was telling me how he was using a – he’s got a little specialized feed to follow the riots in London. This is all the Twitterers who are out there twittering that the police are coming around the corner and all that.

Leo Laporte That’s actually very useful if there is some breaking news and I think it’s going to be more and more that case. You use a search tool, in a lot of ways Tweet Deck will do it, Twirl will do it. Even Twitter has it’s own search deck at You could really follow that stuff.

Becky Worley And Mumbai really proved that and I think...

Leo Laporte Mumbai was a big one.

Becky Worley ...I saw that for the first time.

Leo Laporte But at the same time, there was controversy over Mumbai, because it seemed like some of the news was too fast, was rumour, was speculation or was blatantly untrue people were using it. How long before we start seeing spam and junk and people misusing it too right.

Becky Worley The thing is in my opinion, it’s already jumped the shark, that it’s going to – I think so.

Leo Laporte That’s my favourite phrase, jumping the shark. And there’s another one that goes along with jumping the sharp. I cannot remember what it’s now. Christopher Walken fake, see Walken fake. They pumped him.

Becky Worley It’s Calacanis.

Leo Laporte It’s Calacanis, it is. He does the best impression.

Becky Worley Yes.

Leo Laporte So, get ready for this the University of Virginia, UVA, which was very technical. It’s a really technical school. In fact, I have – actually that’s from Virginia Tech but it’s a good school for technology, has decided to close its computer labs because everybody has already got a computer.

Becky Worley It’s probably a ghost town?

John C. Dvorak That’s too bad, and I say that because there is no other place to anonymously post the porn.

Leo Laporte [7:18] Where you go to spam? Only four freshmen showed up at the University of Virginia in 2007 without a computer of their own, only four. So, the school says, “Why are we running campus computer labs when everybody who comes here comes with their own computer?”

Becky Worley So that somebody can install BitTorrent and use that processing power.

Leo Laporte 72% running Windows, 26% running Mac OS X. That’s kind of a surprise. I thought more Macs were in schools but apparently no, and six out of the 3,013 matriculating freshmen had Linux 6.

John C. Dvorak Those are the boys. Those are our guys.

Leo Laporte They’re our men. Those are the ones listening right now.

Becky Worley But that tells me that it can’t be that heavy of a CS Program if there are only six students there with Linux.

John C. Dvorak Yes, you are right.

Becky Worley If you were in Stanford. If you went to Berkley, it would be...

Leo Laporte In 97, 10 years earlier, still a lot of computers, came with computer. 74% of incoming freshmen owned computers but only 16% of those were laptops. There were desktops. People brought desktops to school. That’s cracked.

Becky Worley So, I am young enough but old enough to have had a computer in college.

Leo Laporte You had a computer, oh you are young?

Becky Worley Dad, my father is here. Five grand, four grand?

Leo Laporte Jim Worley, ladies and gentlemen.

Becky Worley Four grand.

Leo Laporte $4,000. He remembers because he wrote the cheque.

Becky Worley It was four grand, an Apple II.

Leo Laporte You had an Apple II in college.

John C. Dvorak For four grand....?

Leo Laporte For what, to play Choplifter? What did you bring an Apple to your college for?

Becky Worley You know what I did? I made fake ids. I made fake ids. I used to print out, word process, I had this little graphics program that I did and that’s how I got my start in sort of computer geekery.

Leo Laporte There’s a great pie chart on ours technique of incoming students who own computers at the University of Virginia. It’s all blue. It’s just big blue. It’s a big blue pie chart.

John C. Dvorak So, do you remember the old show SCTV with Rick Moranis?

Leo Laporte I know. I am Gerry Todd.

John C. Dvorak It’s hilarious to watch.

Becky Worley Reference, for those of us who aren’t that old?

Leo Laporte No, it’s not that old a show. Watch this. I have got – when you watch the Gerry Todd shows, it’s very important, we got our own lower third graphics. We call those lower third graphics, and I like to change the shade just a little bit every once in a while just to show you that I can do it. Here let me use the fader and wow, look at that.

Becky Worley Heart wipe, please, heart wipe, heart wipe.

Leo Laporte I can do any kind of wipe you want.

Becky Worley I really need a heart wipe.

Leo Laporte I don’t know if I have a heart wipe but I do have the star wipe that’s always a popular one with – yes, we have got the technology here. The ladies love it. There you go. There’s a round, whole wipe. I don’t know what good that is.

Becky Worley Wow, wow, Leo.

Leo Laporte Are you excited? I know it’s pretty darn exciting. I even have, thanks to the miracle of modern digital technology, little robots I can run across the screen any time I want. There he is. He is kind of a – I am sorry. This is the thing the other people...

John C. Dvorak You could actually become that person.

Leo Laporte I am that person. Actually, when I first started doing this, I put a video up from SCTV on the blog saying, “I have turned into Gerry Todd”, and it was pulled, they did a DMCA takedown shortly after. I think...

John C. Dvorak They are losing there.

Leo Laporte What do they care? That show hasn’t been on in years.

Becky Worley Okay, I got one more thing to say...

John C. Dvorak It’s funny.

Becky Worley ...about this computer situation at UVA, which is when I was doing..

John C. Dvorak Why don’t you do comedy? It’s funnier.

Becky Worley ...when I was doing Computer Science 106, which was basics programming in C in grad school, mind you, I was getting my [beep] handed to me and the only way I got through it was just throwing myself on the people sitting next to me in the computer lab and asking for help.

Leo Laporte Right. Where’d you go now?

John C. Dvorak You threw that? What did you do ] again?

Becky Worley I threw myself at them.

Leo Laporte Threw herself at them.

Becky Worley I know and my father is in the room. No, I mean truly, I – the camaraderie that you get in those environments...

Leo Laporte No, I think that’s a shame in a way. I think after all, it’s like saying, “Oh! Everybody who comes to school has their own books.” What do we need a library for?

Becky Worley Right.

John C. Dvorak That’ a good point.

Becky Worley It’s like Starbucks has become..

John C. Dvorak There is a thing at some level especially if you are going to be like a Linux user, or just in the early days when you were a CPM user, you had to have somebody next to you half the time. How do you do this? How do you do that? And people would show each other how – it was a lot of folklore involved with the...

Leo Laporte I think it’s still that way in all learning and I think it’s a mistake to get rid of these central locations.

Becky Worley Well, I mean corporations have figured out that lower the walls in the cube farms, productivity goes up because people talk to each other. So,...

Leo Laporte Oh, I don’t know if I like that.

Becky Worley Well, same is...

Leo Laporte I don’t really want to talk to anybody.

Becky Worley ...that’s the learning environment. I know, no talking for you.

John C. Dvorak That’s all they’re talking.

Becky Worley God forbid you’d have to speak, but there is something for those communal spaces. It doesn’t necessarily have to be around a computer….

Leo Laporte That’s real. I think it’s an excellent point actually. I mean....

Becky Worley Especially when you are programming because everybody hits that roadblock and you just run out of ideas and you need lateral thinking and for that you need help.

Leo Laporte Yes. All right. So, UVA, bring back the computer center.

Becky Worley Bring back the lab, ditch the hardware.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s a good point.

Becky Worley Serve food instead.

Leo Laporte Yes, have little beanbag chairs.

John C. Dvorak Have everybody hooked to a network with their machines.

Leo Laporte Do you think it’s in any way significant? So sorry, I brought this up but I am going to do it anyway. That Britney Spears has passed Barrack Obama on Twitter.

Becky Worley But he stopped twittering.

Leo Laporte No, he twittered again last week.

John C. Dvorak Wasn’t it I the one who years ago said something about Britney Spears?

Leo Laporte You were the one who said. This is when it will jump the shark. Well, you didn’t use those.

John C. Dvorak No, I said that’s when it would become extremely...

Leo Laporte Actually, Ashton Kutcher. Now, that’s really the end of the world. Ashton Kutcher has passed Barrack Obama in Twitter.

Becky Worley Again, like do you read the guys’ twitters? They are so...

Leo Laporte Idiotic.

Becky Worley ...just annoying and egomaniacal.

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley It’s like let’s do a thing that shows Mrs. Kutcher how much the world loves her and let’s all tweet how much we love to meet....

John C. Dvorak Well for a person who hates Twitter, you follow these things. I don’t even have him listed.

Leo Laporte I just wrote your -- I for some reason. I just wrote your CG ad as Demi Moore. I don’t why I did that.

John C. Dvorak She is going to dye her hair.

Becky Worley Just take a visual of that thing in Charlie’s Angels, the surfboard, just run with that for a while.

Leo Laporte Is it

Becky Worley

Leo Laporte What will we find there?

Becky Worley All stuff.

John C. Dvorak Everything but her Twitter name.

Becky Worley Old stuff.

Leo Laporte What’s your Twitter name? Becky Worley?

Becky Worley I think it’s B Worley. I don’t – I really just lurk. I totally lurk. I have no interest in...

Leo Laporte I am kind of losing my interest.

John C. Dvorak You’ve said that since the first day of this thing and you went from one to another, every alternative and then you get really jealous when everybody passes your numbers and you say you’ve lost interest. I mean...

Leo Laporte Okay, get this. This is another Twitter story, as long as we are going to do it. I am just going to...

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible]

Leo Laporte I am going to get out of my system and then I am going to stop and I am going to move on.

Becky Worley By the way, as we look back in history, it’s going to be Stephanopoulos. That was the point when it crossed...

Leo Laporte When George Stephanopoulos went on Twitter. Why?

Becky Worley The McCain interview.

Leo Laporte Oh! That was the stupidest thing ever I – and John said it was a stunt, pure stunt, stupid.

Becky Worley I mean in some senses it gained enough notoriety amongst a certain level of viewer, but I mean when we look back really, I think that might be the point where we all go alright that was it.

Leo Laporte Would you, here’s the question and Twitter has announced it’s going to start charging businesses for an enhanced version of Twitter.

Becky Worley Premiums.

Leo Laporte Premiums.

John C. Dvorak Is there a gun around here?

Leo Laporte Yes, we’ll find one for you.

John C. Dvorak I think there is.

Leo Laporte Probably is. They’ve got everything else. You could brain me with my Emmy. The thing is sharp. I just...

Becky Worley I am just noticing that.

Leo Laporte I think if I die...

John C. Dvorak Keep it in camera shot.

Leo Laporte Oh! Yes, I keep in the shot. You bet. If I die, I want the detective to say, “Those puncture wounds, they look just like the wings on an Emmy Award.” Is there a one around here anywhere? O! My god. It’s on the mantle.

John C. Dvorak And then he would say, “Ah! But it is the small Emmy.”

Leo Laporte Oh, break my heart. I am already dead and you are going to break my heart.

Becky Worley Doesn’t that just mean it has the plastic base?

Leo Laporte It’s got a real base. It’s just not a big round base.

Becky Worley Okay, quick. Reform. What would you pay for?

Leo Laporte Twitter?

Becky Worley I’d pay for followers if I was a business.

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s what Jason Calacanis has said.

John C. Dvorak Why are we even talking about it? Who cares?

Becky Worley No, my job is to keep us on the news.

Leo Laporte I don’t want to talk to anyone.

John C. Dvorak When Jason comes back on, he will talk about it to extremes and so, we don’t need to...

Leo Laporte We don’t need to raise this in any way shape or form.

John C. Dvorak But each person’s probably worth $1

Leo Laporte Mark Cuban’s screaming at referees on Twitter.

John C. Dvorak What’s a referee supposed to be getting there?

Becky Worley One of the – I can’t remember which team it was, they had a player who was twittering in half time, who is twittering in half time.

Leo Laporte Yes, he got in a little bit of trouble.

John C. Dvorak How do we know he is not IM-ing.

Becky Worley What’s the difference?

Leo Laporte Here’s the TWiT. No, he said, no, the player said I am sneaking off to twit during half time and he got in big trouble, Mark Cuban. How do they not call a tech on JR Smith for coming off the bench to tell our player on the ground? Scary part of that same play. This is all in his – you are right. I am sick of it. I want to throw up.

Becky Worley Signal boys.

Leo Laporte I want to throw up.

Becky Worley Who gives a rip?

John C. Dvorak Unbelievable.

Leo Laporte Unbelievable.

John C. Dvorak It was unbelievable.

Leo Laporte You know what’s unbelievable?

Becky Worley I think it’s secretly sponsored.

Leo Laporte Yes, they are paying.

Becky Worley Name of the show is not an accident, people.

Leo Laporte Steve Wozniak survived Dancing With The Stars.

Becky Worley Did you see Denise Richards?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Becky Worley And that other woman? Oh My god, how could they...

Leo Laporte Belinda Carlisle was pretty bad. Oh! You mean the big boobed woman.

Becky Worley How could that happen on ABC?

Leo Laporte Holly go-lightly. What about it?

Becky Worley It’s network television. That was....

Leo Laporte That’s your network. What’s wrong with that?

John C. Dvorak This is your network that you are condemning.

Leo Laporte You felt that was too sexy? What did you think?

Becky Worley It was.

Leo Laporte She was Heff’s former girlfriend.

Becky Worley Oh My god. I mean I have never seen someone with such big boobs be so unsexy in my whole life.

Leo Laporte Exactly right. You’re exactly right.

Becky Worley Oh My god.

Leo Laporte There was no sex appeal and no sensuality, nothing, wooden.

Becky Worley Okay, for those of you who didn’t see it, we are talking about a woman with double D boobs who was less sexy than the Woz. I just want you to like visualise.

Leo Laporte You are actually right.

Becky Worley ...naked of the Woz on a Segway with lasers.

Leo Laporte More attractive.

Becky Worley More attractive.

Leo Laporte More attractive.

Becky Worley More attractive than the double D bimbo. Oh My god, it was so...

Leo Laporte That’s kind of a sad statement but you are absolutely right. Now, how did Woz survice, it must have been in the internet votes, right?

Becky Worley Well, it’s...

Leo Laporte Because he’s the worst you got to admit.

John C. Dvorak Yes, he has got people vote.

Becky Worley This is this effect though there.

Leo Laporte I voted for him 13 times.

John C. Dvorak They know he has got a following. He is going to...

Becky Worley Two theory’s. One mine, one someone else’s. Someone else’s. He was so...

John C. Dvorak It’s fixed.

Becky Worley Absolutely destroyed by the judges who said it was the worst thing.

Leo Laporte They called him a teletubby, the dancing teletubby.

Becky Worley The natural effect for the voter is to sympathize.

Leo Laporte Underdog.

Becky Worley Second thing, there’s some sort of a bot-net out there. It’s possible that Conficker is actually doing...

Leo Laporte

Becky Worley Yes, that’s really right.

John C. Dvorak Woz knows how to do this stuff. He is probably voting for himself.

Leo Laporte, no we had a little interview with him and he said, “It would be wrong.”

John C. Dvorak That means he did it.

Leo Laporte Remember that he and Steve Jobs got to start making blue boxes. He said, “It would be wrong for people to stuff the ballot box for me.” But he was upset, he was actually upset with the judges. He retracted it later but he was upset at the judges. He said, “After week number one...” I can’t decide which is worse. Taking about Twitter or dancing with the stars.

John C. Dvorak I think you are trying to top yourself.

Becky Worley The bottom...

Leo Laporte But nothing happened this week.

John C. Dvorak Yes, okay. Apple sued over various infringements regarding the iPhone.

Leo Laporte Oh that always happens. Apple sues every three weeks.

John C. Dvorak Did anybody turn their lights off at 8:30 last night?

Leo Laporte The Eiffel Tower did but only for five minutes. Did you?

John C. Dvorak I forgot about it.

Leo Laporte I didn’t forget. I saw it was 8:22. I thought do I really want to turn my lights off? Nobody will notice.

John C. Dvorak I wanted to go my...

Becky Worley We are talking about Earth Hour by the way

John C. Dvorak Look at San Francisco because I could see the whole city...

Leo Laporte Oh that’d be cool, did you?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte You forgot?

John C. Dvorak I forgot.

Becky Worley I love Chris Cosach [ph] put on Facebook later that evening. I was sitting in the dark with the baby. Does that count? Accidentally from Howard.

John C. Dvorak AT&T ISPs will act as a cop for the RIAA.

Becky Worley Not 100% true.

John C. Dvorak Okay, give us the facts because, ladies and gentlemen, we are trying to get back to an actual, real old fashioned TWiT show.

Leo Laporte I am just going to drink my wine.

Becky Worley Well, the point is...

John C. Dvorak Drink his blues away.

Becky Worley You’ll have the twitter wine. Well, the question is whether they are just sending the letters, threatening letters saying hey the RIAA has said that they are going to...

Leo Laporte Yes, they asked them, “Would you disconnect somebody.” And they said, “It violates the terms of service.” They didn’t say yes or no, they said, “It violates the terms of service.” They are not going to. This is BS.

Becky Worley It sounds like 80-20. 80% of people who get that letter, they are freaking out.

Leo Laporte People already get that letter. Every ISP’s already passed. Most of the time what they do they get the "John Doe" subpoena from the RIAA, the "John Doe" subpoena, the RIAA only knows an IP address. Would you like some more?

Becky Worley Oh God, did I just kill you guys on that.

Leo Laporte You’ve kind of powered right through that. The RIAA only has the address, does not have the name. They go to the ISP. The ISP knows the name. They say somebody is streaming pirates of the Caribbean 3 endlessly. They are already...

John C. Dvorak That’s what these guys do.

Leo Laporte Yes, they are just streaming. So, already the ISP will send in a...

John C. Dvorak Let’s start it again.

Leo Laporte No, see, it’s come to our attention you’re streaming Pirates of the Caribbean. Would you please stop? And they have been doing that all along. I don’t think they – let’s ask the chat room. Has anybody in the chat room been kicked off? I mean these guys, well of course they’re all online but has anybody had trouble? Has anybody received one of these letters? Have they ever been kicked off? Did they stop?

Most people are going to get that they are going to stop. They are going to steal the neighbor’s WIFI and do it from there. They are not going to keep doing it. No, nobody in the chat rooms. Well, somebody said the RIAA burnt my house to the ground. No, I think that’s not....see somebody get a letter? After the letter, did you do anything? Kept doing it.

John C. Dvorak Then what happened?

Leo Laporte Another guys says typically it’s three strikes.

Becky Worley Ph, this sounds like steroids...

John C. Dvorak Well, these guys know that – they know the details.

Leo Laporte This is the TWiT army then. These guys singlehandedly kept Woz in Dancing With The Stars. Are you kidding me?

Becky Worley It just takes one news story. I mean really this is like single mom who is a nurse working double shifts whose teenage son gets sued by the RIAA and it’s going to eat all her savings.

Leo Laporte And that gets all the attention.

Becky Worley One story scares enough people.

Leo Laporte That’s the point. The RIAA doesn’t actually have to win these cases. What they don’t want is to lose one of these cases because that will get equal attention and maybe encourage the pirates, right?

John C. Dvorak Well, they are bailing out on this. I think this is going to be...

Leo Laporte It’s going to...

John C. Dvorak That’s why they went with AT&T.

Becky Worley By the way, I am just going to be contrarian for a second and despite my tone of voice, I think that there’s got to be a solution. I really think that if piracy is as serious as they are saying – I mean what do you guys think? Is it a percentage? Is it 10%? Is it eating the lunch of this industry?

Leo Laporte [22:11] There is a guy, actually I’ve corresponded with him a little bit. There is a program called World of Goo, $20 great program, Mac, Windows, no copy protection and all that, very unusual for a video game. He says we know that people are pirating it like crazy. In fact, we see the stats, it’s the number one distributed game out there. We don’t put any DRAM and he said for one reason. It does not stop piracy. So, we could put the copy protection but all we would do is annoy our users, the paying customers without in any way stopping the pirates. So, we feel like what we are going to do. We can’t stop it. We are selling enough. And that’s the real point is if somebody downloads Pirates of the Caribbean 3, does that mean they didn’t buy the DVD? I don’t think that guy was going to buy the DVD. Does that mean they don’t see the movie? I don’t think that the guy was – I don’t think they lose money to it.

John C. Dvorak This is the whole argument. This is the argument I have been kind of pushing forever.

Leo Laporte They don’t. It does not cost them really.

John C. Dvorak This is like some of these guys out there who literally collected every known song in the universe.

Leo Laporte But they are not going to buy those.

John C. Dvorak They weren’t going to buy every known song in the universe, and in fact, they don’t have long enough life to listen every song in the universe.

Leo Laporte Poopstech, nice handle, says CD and DVD sales up 14% this year. They’re not losing money.

Becky Worley Po Ops Tech.

Leo Laporte Oh! Po ops tech. Sorry, poops, I mean pops, I mean po ups.

Becky Worley Okay, that’s – this, my beef is this DRM sucks but free market solutions to the problem. I am just curious. I mean I just – I really don’t know.

Leo Laporte I think he’d just live with it. I think he lived with it.

John C. Dvorak Exactly. Times have changed and that’s the way it is. That’s today’s landscape.

Becky Worley How much money is the RIAA and all of these labels, how much money are they wasting by just pursuing this?

John C. Dvorak Lots.

Becky Worley And is that the free market solution they just let it go?

Leo Laporte Well, presumably it pays for itself because most people do settle. I mean it’s only a few thousand dollars. Most people settle when they get that letter. They are not going to fight them in courts. So, they make a few thousand bucks. I bet you it just…. I have many artists say, “Okay, where is the money.” They don’t give the money to the artists when they win by the way.

John C. Dvorak Yes, the money gave the artists – the artist always get screwed.

Leo Laporte The artist always loses.

John C. Dvorak Okay, let’s go to another topic. It seems I’m keeping the show moving, ladies and gentlemen...

Becky Worley I can’t get crankier than Dvorak.

Leo Laporte I know you are not doing the job. Becky, I brought you in here. Conficker. This is an interesting story, it was estimated. We talked about this a few weeks ago that 9 to 15 million people have this worm on their computer right now and don’t know it.

Becky Worley Three to 12 are some of the other estimates.

Leo Laporte Three to 12 million...

Becky Worley Yes.

Leo Laporte ...or Three to 12 people?

Becky Worley Yes, three to 12 people. My mom, your mom.

Leo Laporte That’s three.

Becky Worle That’s the road to the island of Hawaii, right there.

Leo Laporte Right there. April 1st, we know that Conficker variancy which is the most prevalent will go out to the internet to download a new payload but we don’t know what the payload is. Nobody does. Nobody will till April 1st. Symantec, if you go to their website, it says, “Don’t worry about it.” No big deal. We just know that it’s going to – it will just make it harder to detect. That’s all it’s going to do. I think what they are saying is don’t worry it’s not going to erase your hard drive. Of course, it’s not because they want to stay on your system.

John C. Dvorak Whatever happened to those good old days?

Leo Laporte When they erased your drive.

Becky Worle Melissa’s 10 years old last week.

John C. Dvorak The erase your hard disk. They don’t do that anymore. These kids.

Leo Laporte One of the things of Conficker that I love is it prevents you from going to any of the antivirus sites where you can get a removal tool. It removes –these guys are smart.

Becky Worle But okay, so this reporting for domain names on April 1st, it has the power to do that right now.

John C. Dvorak Right.

Becky Worle It’s just that there is a code written into the virus that says April 1st. April 1st is a special day.

John C. Dvorak April 1st is a magic day.

Becky Worle That seems to me like a marketing stunt. That says to me, “I am marketing, I am market...” because this is...

John C. Dvorak The April Fool’s joke is that there is nothing going to happen.

Leo Laporte Nothing is going to happen.

Becky Worle No, I disagree. I think that the possibility is that...

John C. Dvorak I am putting money down. Nothing is going to happen.

Becky Worle There is an auction happening.

Leo Laporte An auction? Oh, it’s a marketing stunt not for us; it’s for the bad guys. What would you like Conficker to do today?

John C. Dvorak Perish this thought.

Leo Laporte Brilliant. That’s right.

John C. Dvorak Could be.

Leo Laporte I think you are right.

Becky Worley Because...

John C. Dvorak But can we get in this auction?

Becky Worley has a lot of malaise.

John C. Dvorak I need to send out some spam.

Becky Worley It has a good storyline for the media to pick up on.

Leo Laporte So, it’s going to get a lot of publicity as it has.

Becky Worley Yes, and I think that if I were...

Leo Laporte That’s brilliant, you are absolutely right.

Becky Worley ... that this would be the way to market to someone who is ...

Leo Laporte So, how do we find that we like you in a Google Conficker auction?

Becky Worley You got to go to or whatever google it is, the darkgoogle...

Leo Laporte

Becky Worley Yes, I am just kidding. I have no idea but...

John C. Dvorak It’s not actually a bad idea for a product.

Leo Laporte Oh man, that’s just brilliant. darkgoogle. Where we got all the stuff that Google won’t.

John C. Dvorak Everything that says no robots. You can put little...

Leo Laporte Yes, although – I ignore robots.txt and search those places.

John C. Dvorak Only?

Leo Laporte Only.

Becky Worley Yes. But I mean the thing is, is do you think that the economy is actually going to take viruses and botnets and turn them from a sort of petty vandalism that they’ve been in the past into actual economic engines?

Leo Laporte Oh it has, it’s happened a long time ago.

Becky Worley But to what extent that ….

Leo Laporte Huge.

Becky Worley … average Joe is aware.

Leo Laporte Seven to $0.10 per computer co-opted. That’s the average going price. Actually the BBC got a little trouble because they bought a botnet, a 20,000 computer botnet for a documentary.

Becky Worley That’s funny.

Leo Laporte They didn’t say, but they said it was surprisingly affordable.

John C. Dvorak So it’s a couple of grand.

Leo Laporte It’s a small botnet 20,000 is relatively small.

John C. Dvorak So if you pay $0.10 a piece.

Leo Laporte Yes, 20 grand.

John C. Dvorak 20 grand.

Leo Laporte And ….

John C. Dvorak 2,000 for 20.

Becky Worley I was told there would be no math.

Leo Laporte $2,200.

John C. Dvorak No, they have 20,000 bots and you’re going for $0.10 that would be $2,000

Leo Laporte $2,000 is cheap.

Becky Worley It’s the blonde not doing the math, by the way.

Leo Laporte Math is hard. So the point being – so then they bought is and then they showed it, they did the documentary, they showed it. And then they made a little mistake, they sent a notice – changed the screen saver, of everybody who is on the botnet just to say hello, this is the BBC. Your computer’s been taken over by bad guys, we suggest you clean it. And they are going to – they are being sued already. They are getting in big trouble because they used the botnet. They used it to change somebody’s computer.

John C. Dvorak They are crazy.

Leo Laporte Stupid thing to do.

Becky Worley That’s got to have something to do with like the semi-written clause of law that if you are trying to do the right thing….

Leo Laporte No, no, in fact…

John C. Dvorak They were trying to do the right thing.

Leo Laporte It happened before.

John C. Dvorak They are trying to get people to watch the show.

Leo Laporte Is there a Samaritan clause?

Becky Worley I think when you are trying to give someone …

Leo Laporte You can’t get sued, right.

Becky Worley ….CPR, you can’t be sued.

Leo Laporte You are not liable.

Becky Worley If you’ve damaged, if you break their rib.

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley Now, whether that has a …

Leo Laporte That’s interesting, that might be – we’ve got to get Denise Howell on this. That might have – that might get them off the hook.

John C. Dvorak Maybe, Britain is different.

Leo Laporte Britain is different in many, many …

Becky Worley They’re more samaritany

Leo Laporte There’s no samaritans. They are more?

Becky Worley They are communists.

John C. Dvorak It’s a fascist state, let’s face it.

Becky Worley See, I’m playing Dvorak before he can even get there.

Leo Laporte Communist isn’t fascist, let’s not confuse the two.

Becky Worley It was an if, it doesn’t matter. It had as much foresight on my side as it did on his.

John C. Dvorak Becky doing the best she can.

Leo Laporte So, here’s another story that you kind of…

Becky Worley You know what my favorite thing about you is you seem misogynistic but you are actually not even...

Leo Laporte He is a pussy cat.

Becky Worley … remotely. I love that about you.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know why you even think that.

Becky Worley It’s just your tone.

John C. Dvorak What is it about my tone? So my wife ……

Becky Worley Your wife on the air….

John C. Dvorak My wife listened to the No Agenda show, once.

Leo Laporte That was her mistake.

John C. Dvorak One time, she says I’m rude. She says, now I understand that you’re rude with everybody, not just with the family. I’m thinking what do you mean I am rude?

Leo Laporte Aren’t wives a pain in the ass.

John C. Dvorak I’m not getting this.

Leo Laporte They always have to be telling the truth and all that stuff.

John C. Dvorak I guess I am rude, I’m just constantly rude.

Leo Laporte You’re not rude.

John C. Dvorak So, here we go, the open cloud movement. I want to talk about – you must have some thoughts on this. The Cloud Manifesto.

Leo Laporte I know you love the cloud stuff, no, I don’t know about The Cloud Manifesto.

John C. Dvorak Well it just came out – some – it’s a group that’s demanding open cloud …

Becky Worley West of the Mississippi.

John C. Dvorak Open cloud meaning it has to follow – any cloud….

Leo Laporte Has to be open.

John C. Dvorak Any cloud initiative has to follow these rules and guidelines. And Microsoft of course is like just blowing its top over this.

Leo Laporte You know who is leading this is IBM. So it’s...

John C. Dvorak IBM is probably behind almost a lot of this stuff.

Leo Laporte It’s not …

John C. Dvorak They’ve been waiting to give the needle to Microsoft for decades.

Leo Laporte IBM – I don’t know if this is a rumor or it’s going to happen. Of course there’ve been rumor that they are going to buy Sun which makes a lot of sense if they are going to be supporting cloud computing. What open cloud means is not Microsoft or Microsoft does it – we have to – I mean, it’s clearly anti Microsoft.

According to the IBM, Reuven Cohen who’s the founder chief technologist for Enomaly, a Toronto based start-up and one of the manifesto authors. The Open Cloud Manifesto is basically a pledge to develop standards that would make it possible to easily – why do you want this? Move applications from cloud to cloud. So if you are on Google Docs, there should be some standards that say I can go use JOHO without having to copy and paste or something so that you are not tied to this single provider. I think that’s right on. Becky Worley Is this purely………

John C. Dvorak Who is going to buy?

Becky Worley ….software based, are we talking about hardware requirements, I mean, how do you ……..

Leo Laporte It’d be software, the whole point of the open cloud is I’m sitting here with my browser and I’m using software on a server and the problem is – and this is the same problem you have with all of these things. You know, you sign up for Twitter and you want to use Jaiku and there’s no portability. There needs to be portability when you – I’ve always thought this, when you put stuff on a cloud ..

John C. Dvorak It’s never going to happen.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s completely against every economic interest.

John C. Dvorak Yes, that’s why I don’t like the cloud. And the other thing is I don’t like about the cloud is the fact that I…

Leo Laporte You don’t like it because it’s closed.

John C. Dvorak That’s one thing and being closed that means, if I am for example a Google user and using Google Docs and I’ve got my Google account and I’m doing, I was googling and all of a sudden somebody at Google takes a dislike to me and just cuts off my account…

Leo Laporte You’re screwed.

John C. Dvorak What am I going to do?

Leo Laporte Yes, well in fact Google is not a signatory, nor is Microsoft nor is Amazon which is the biggest cloud provider. One person that reviewed, I’m quoting from an article in The Wall Street Journal, one person who reviewed the manifesto and declined to participate, they won’t say who, said that companies weren’t given an opportunity to edit the document just say yes or no.

Becky Worley I guess my only question is how prohibitive is this? Because if you think of some eventually, if this goes down to the level where it’s Mom & Pops trying to create their own ………….

Leo Laporte I got a cloud.

Becky Worley Yeah, you basically have it some..

John C. Dvorak Then I’d say it was there. I can guess, it was just like a softball coming over and I couldn’t pull the trigger.

Leo Laporte Hey, you.

Becky Worley How many computers do you …

Leo Laporte Get out of my cloud. No, I got a bunch of servers and I’ve got an IRC, this is a cloud, the IRC. I’ve got the Twitter Army, that’s a cloud.

Becky Worley I’m thinking of this guy down at Alameda Recycling who has like 500 computers. Have you seen this guy? Right off of 80.

Leo Laporte What is he doing? He’s got a cluster?

Becky Worley 500 computers in an old recycling bin and he is trying to create a supercomputer on his own mind.

John C. Dvorak Alameda?

Becky Worley Yes.

Leo Laporte Super computers in his own mind, I have a super computer in my mind.

Becky Worley But my point is ……..

Leo Laporte Don’t look at me like that. Would you like some more wine?

John C. Dvorak I need some more water, actually.

Leo Laporte Water and wine for Mr. Dvorak.

Becky Worley Talk about the Google Ads and kicking people off and stealing their money.

Leo Laporte Yes, that was a funny article. I found that on Hacker News. I don’t know how – basically …..

John C. Dvorak Thinking of us stealing the money.

Leo Laporte It’s a pretty funny …

John C. Dvorak Hey, you’re out of here and we’ve taken your money too.

Leo Laporte It’s from, Slash7 is Amy Hoy, her title is ‘Google Is Evil Worse than PayPal. Don’t use Google checkout for your business’. I guess….

John C. Dvorak Is that the way she sounds?

Leo Laporte Look at her and you tell me.

Becky Worley She sounds like a hillbilly who’s living in Austria, that’s just weird.

Leo Laporte Google Is Evil – she is wearing a little straw cowboy hat. So that softens you a little bit. She lives in Vienna, Austria. So, it’s more like Google is Evil, Worse than PayPal. Do not use Google, check out for your business. So,

Becky Worley He’s dying to do his Terminator.

John C. Dvorak You’re turning into a Schwarzenegger.

Leo Laporte He’s from Austria.

John C. Dvorak Exactly.

Leo Laporte Yes, so that’s the only Austrian I know. So, apparently she had a merchant account that was closed but they won’t tell her why. They kept 2,000 of her dollars, big deal.

John C. Dvorak What do you mean?

Leo Laporte Oh I’m sorry, $200.

John C. Dvorak That’s still too much.

Becky Worley But this is – more interesting was the story about the guy, what is his name?

Leo Laporte It’s Scriptaculous which lost $2,000 to Adsense.

Becky Worley And took them to small claims court in Santa Clara.

Leo Laporte What happened?

Becky Worley He won.

John C. Dvorak Of course, nobody goes, nobody follows up on small claims court, is one of the most underutilized resources in the United States.

Becky Worley Great, under $7,000 I think that’s the limit something like that. Is that right Dad?

John C. Dvorak Yes, it changes from place to place.

Becky Worley Yes.

John C. Dvorak But the point is that you can – the other party usually never shows up and the judgment is always against them and you can then attack them they’re, shhh.. Becky Worley Google’s on a paralegal because you can’t actually send a lawyer to a small claims, right?

Leo Laporte Right

Becky Worley And the paralegal basically just read the EULA and it was …

Leo Laporte This is the EULA?

Becky Worley They lost. They lost.

Leo Laporte And the judge said screw EULA and that was it?

Becky Worley And the thing about small claims court is all they can do is force them to pay the money. They can’t actually offer a judgment that changes or offer any type of ….

Leo Laporte So if you’ve been taken for less than seven grand, go. Go, go, go and you are not allowed to bring a lawyer, you just do – you have to do yourself so, it’s a cheat.

John C. Dvorak So you go in there and you beg for the – just beg, make a logical argument and they ask the other…

Leo Laporte Is it like on TV kind of?

John C. Dvorak It’s like Judge Judy.

Leo Laporte Exactly

John C. Dvorak They have the people screaming at them, that thing.

Becky Worley You know what, that would be a great web show, is people wrong on the internet and we have Judge Leo and Judge Dvorak.

Leo Laporte I can do it, I’ll do that, I’ve got the desk. I have a wig somewhere.

Becky Worley That would be so great.

Leo Laporte I can wear a wig.

John C. Dvorak Is that the wig you wear on Fridays?

Becky Worley Like a flame war, adjudicated.

Leo Laporte And the black robe. Yes, of course, we could sit him right there, what, this is made for doing that.

Becky Worley It’s so brilliant.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s a great idea.

John C. Dvorak It could be a big show for you.

Leo Laporte Or for you, Becky, if you want to come here, you could sit on the ball, you could do it.

Becky Worley Oh my god.

John C. Dvorak She can’t be mean enough, Judge Becky.

Becky Worley Shut up Dvorak.

John C. Dvorak See.

Leo Laporte You’d be good at this. I can’t be mean enough even.

Becky Worley I feel bad now.

Leo Laporte See. She feels bad. Shut up, I can’t do it. No, John, I think you’re the one who has to do this.

John C. Dvorak I could do it.

Becky Worley I can wear the really ...

Leo Laporte You could totally do it. Say you are full of it. Get out of my sight. Go ahead let’s hear, how would John C. Dvorak

Becky Worley Would be the flame war?

Leo Laporte We got to come up with the flame war.

John C. Dvorak If you like this, we will go like, what are you kidding me? You have your nerve even coming in here.

Leo Laporte I think this is it.

Becky Worley You paid him in sim dollars. That would be awesome.

Leo Laporte I think we’ve come up with….

Becky Worley Ah it’s great.

John C. Dvorak It’s a great discovery.

Becky Worley Actually the, In The Motherhood, an ABC show just to be completely only talking about ABC shows, from a web series that was the original ……..

Leo Laporte Really?

Becky Worley ... genesis of that. Now prime time show was a web series.

John C. Dvorak I’ve never heard of the show.

Becky Worley It’s just launched. It’s one of those just launching after sweeps and has like Megan Mullally and some other funny chicky type..

Leo Laporte Not that – yes, yes, I saw it. It’s – yes, yes, yes. It looks good.

Becky Worley But it’s just kind of interesting if you think about all the …

John C. Dvorak It looks like, I think, it’s a dog.

Becky Worley It might not live, but I think it’s interesting that the genesis is on the web.

John C. Dvorak It just sounds like a bad idea for…

Becky Worley It’s because you have a …

Leo Laporte So you used the …

John C. Dvorak No, I’ve watched it, I watched it on some TV.

Leo Laporte [37:35] Did you watch the Streamys last night, the Streamys?

John C. Dvorak What the heck - what?

Leo Laporte The Streamy Awards. Come on now, this is the big award.

John C. Dvorak You’re – everything has to have a e-thing …

Leo Laporte The big award show.

John C. Dvorak The Streamys…

Becky Worley ... on the internet

Leo Laporte The Streamys is a big award show for, although I have to say, if you go to Streamy.

John C. Dvorak Did you win?

Leo Laporte No, I didn’t.

John C. Dvorak Well, you are Mr. Stream.

Leo Laporte The kind of the irony is none of the shows were streamed. They were all like Tiki Bar or Dr. Horrible. They were all downloads.

Becky Worley You know this is…

Leo Laporte They didn’t want to call it the downloadies. But look, if you go the website right now,, you get AT&T broadcast operations, you get a – what do you get, what is that. They are putting a color card up.

Becky Worley Have you guys ever?

Leo Laporte What is that? It’s the Stream is down.

Becky Worley Tom Merritt was there and he was ..

Leo Laporte He twittered from there.

Becky Worley He was twittering from there and it was sort of – they need Molly, was basically is – which I don’t know what that meant. But have you guys ever done any...

Leo Laporte Who won? I’m trying to find out who won because…..

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte Web-based video productions, what does that mean? I don’t even know what that means.

John C. Dvorak She is going to explain it.

Becky Worley Well, there’s San Francisco people trying to make web video.

Leo Laporte Yes, like Doctor Tiki, like you – no , no I’m not doing shows.

Leo Laporte But Ninja revision 3,

John C. Dvorak You’re doing a show right now.

Leo Laporte But we don’t – but streaming, it’s only streaming.

John C. Dvorak Yes

Leo Laporte Yes, we’re going to downloads actually, that’s next. We’re going to do downloads.

Becky Worley This is the video, this is the video associated with the show.

Leo Laporte Yes. This is it.

Becky Worley Then there’s New York stuff which is a little bit more news flashy.

Leo Laporte It’s like a ….

John C. Dvorak New Yorky..

Becky Worley And then there is the L.A. version

Leo Laporte It’s like a Rocketboom,

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte L.A. is more like Ask A Ninja or Dr. Horrible’s musical blog which is kind of more celebrity oriented.

Becky Worley Okay, so, let’s look at it from purely cost of production value. Look at this room – the cost was like a bottle of wine. Okay.

Leo Laporte It’s not that bad.

Becky Worley Then you go to New York

John C. Dvorak A bottle of wine by the way is about $250.

Leo Laporte Really, was that expensive?

John C. Dvorak No, no not when it was, now you have to pay that.

Leo Laporte Wow!

John C. Dvorak I mean when it came out it was probably about $40, too late..

Becky Worley Then you go to New York and people are using existing studios and they’re creating web productions, it’s moderately priced because talent’s expensive and they might bring in a producer.

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley Then you go down to L.A. Web productions, 50 grand.

Leo Laporte It’s expensive, really, really?

Becky Worley 50 grand.

Leo Laporte Is it really?

Becky Worley I worked on a web production early days of Yahoo! 70 grand for an episode.

Leo Laporte Oh my god, forget it.

Becky Worley It was criminal.

Leo Laporte Forget it.

Becky Worley I mean, so that’s where –

John C. Dvorak 70 grand.

Becky Worley …like I may think it’s fascinating, this Dr. Horrible’s musical blog. They think it’s just the greatest thing ever.

John C. Dvorak I don’t even know you are talking about. I don’t know what you’re talking about, never heard of this thing.

Becky Worley Dr. Horrible’s? It’s that, Michael Patrick Harris, what’s his name?

Leo Laporte Yes, Neil Patrick Harris, Felicity was in it, Felicia, what’s her name Felicia McGowan, what is it? I’m sorry. Felecia Day. I love Felecia, I’m sorry Felecia.

John C. Dvorak You watched this? Did you watch ….

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s very good, haven’t you seen this? It’s very good.

John C. Dvorak I haven’t seen it.

Leo Laporte Doogie Howser’s is in it.

Becky Worley Doogie Howser. Done during…

John C. Dvorak Then it cost money right there.

Becky Worley It was done during writers’ strike so they had all this extra capacity to use of all these people.

John C. Dvorak And it still cost 70 grand during the writers’ …

Leo Laporte It cost 70 grand, it was well done.

Becky Worley I have no idea what their’s cost.

Leo Laporte I’m sure it cost more than that. I am guessing it cost more than that.

Becky Worley But that’s my point. It’s like…..

John C. Dvorak It’s never going to pay out.

Leo Laporte Well, no you don’t do it to pay out. They don’t do it to pay out. They do it….

John C. Dvorak Why do they do it? They do it just to squander some poor investor’s money, is the only reason I can….

Becky Worley Proof of concept, we are on the cutting edge, we have the money we might as well do it.

Leo Laporte We want a Streamy.

John C. Dvorak Being on the cutting edge, it does not entail spending that much money.

Leo Laporte So, this just in….

John C. Dvorak Being on the cutting edge is doing the whole thing for $500.

Becky Worley And my point is that’s a marathon that you can win, not a sprint you are going to loss.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, I have to figure that out.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know what she said either, I don’t get it. She just does this stuff.

Leo Laporte That involves math. I can’t figure that out. I have too much Leoville Barton. So this is just in. Mark Cuban has been fined $25,000 by the NBA for …

Becky Worley Criticizing via Twitter.

Leo Laporte For twittering!

John C. Dvorak All right, the first Twitter fine.

Leo Laporte The first Twitter fine and he just twittered can’t say no one makes money from Twitter now, the NBA does.

John C. Dvorak The guy is a genius.

Becky Worley That is a brilliant publicity stunt.

Leo Laporte Brilliant, he has monetized Twitter.

John C. Dvorak He monetized Twitter for the NBA. Good work Mark.

Leo Laporte He is a genius.

Becky Worley How much in fine has he paid in the past already? I mean, he’s paid a ton.

Leo Laporte He can afford it. He doesn’t care.

John C. Dvorak He loves paying fines.

Becky Worley What was the stunt he did with the Diary Queen thing, was it payout of a fine, do you remember that?

John C. Dvorak No.

Becky Worley He said something.

Leo Laporte To a Diary Queen?

Becky Worley It’s a long, it’s a long way back, if I remember. He offended someone who happened to work at Diary Queen for the day, in lieu of paying a fine.

Leo Laporte See. Judge Dvorak would have to come up with that.

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte You’re going to work at the Diary Queen, buddy.

John C. Dvorak You’re going to work at the Diary Queen for the next 10 years.

Becky Worley By the way, this is the title of the show.

Leo Laporte What is it?

Becky Worley Judge Dvorak.

Leo Laporte Judge Dvorak?

John C. Dvorak Then to get – the reaction would be I’ll judge him.

Leo Laporte Judge him?

John C. Dvorak He sucks.

Leo Laporte I’ve never met the man.

John C. Dvorak He sucks.

Leo Laporte Video game play may improve eyesight.

John C. Dvorak I don’t believe this, I think this doesn’t make sense.

Leo Laporte Study says this is in Nature Neuroscience, I mean, Nature Neuroscience is a very high end journal.

John C. Dvorak My eyesight has been improving since I got away from the monitor.

Leo Laporte You have to have Amblyopia, do you have Amblyopia?

John C. Dvorak There’s another one. What is wrong with me today?

Leo Laporte Do you have Amblyopia? It’s lazy eye.

Becky Worley Oh I thought that was – I thought you said Namblyopia.

Leo Laporte Namblyopia is another thing in….

John C. Dvorak I can see it improving that.

Leo Laporte You got to like…

John C. Dvorak If you get exercise…..

Leo Laporte And for people who have trouble seeing while driving at night.

John C. Dvorak Oh really?

Leo Laporte Researchers study two groups playing video games 50 hours during a nine-week course. That’s not that much, just an hour a day. One group played action games like Call of Duty 2 and Unreal Tournament 2004 another group played non-action games like Sims 2 which doesn’t require precise visually guided aiming actions. People who played the action games showed improvements in contrast sensitivity 43 to 58%.

Becky Worley That’s significant.

Leo Laporte And no measurable improvement to people who were playing the Sims, but they slept better.

John C. Dvorak I think carrot juice does the trick.

Leo Laporte You know what that came from, by the way?

John C. Dvorak About the carrot juice?

Leo Laporte The common misconception that carrots in anyway improve your eyesight. It was a propaganda, misleading propaganda distributed by the British government.

John C. Dvorak I’m not buying this.

Leo Laporte So, here’s what happened. In World War II, the Enigma machine was cracked by Bletchley Park’s Alan Turing. And they knew where bombers would come in and so forth. They invented ray – oh I’m sorry, it wasn’t the Enigma – it was radar. They had invented radar, they didn’t want the Germans to know that radar existed but this was during the Battle of Britain, bombers were sent from Germany and were intercepted every time. And the Germans couldn’t figure out how were they figuring out where our bombers are coming from.

So the British planned a newspaper story saying this is – I sound like Adam Curry, don’t I?

John C. Dvorak You’re getting there.

Leo Laporte They ran newspaper stories saying it’s because we eat a lot of carrots we can see really, really well.

Becky Worley Misinformation.

John C. Dvorak Although, their carrots were all boiled.

Leo Laporte Yes, well there’s no carotene left. But that’s apparently where the common misapprehension that carrots can in anyway help your eyesight comes from.

John C. Dvorak Well, let me give you anecdotal evidence. For one thing I don’t say it’s the carrots, it’s the carrot juice which – a big giant quart of carrot juice, or a half gallon of carrot juice will have about 50 carrots in it.

Becky Worley Okay Jack Lelan.

John C. Dvorak So, I had to do – I used to work for the Air Pollution Control District and we had a thing called – you had read Ringlemann, in other words…

Leo Laporte Ringlemann?

John C. Dvorak Ringlemann is the thick – is the density of smoke coming off of a smoke stack. And you had to be able to…

Leo Laporte Wow!

John C. Dvorak You had to be able to identify within one …

Leo Laporte They had air pollution when you were young?

Becky Worley It was coal.

John C. Dvorak Exactly, back, we used coal, yes. And we had to stoke it a lot. Anyway so, you had to, you have to be able to identify Rignlemann in kind of blind test within a half of a Ringlemann. But once a year they make it do it at night. So, you have to look at smoke coming off of the smoke stack at night.

Leo Laporte That doesn’t sound easy.

John C. Dvorak That isn’t. So, you look – because you can’t see anything, hey wait a minute, it’s all dark.

Leo Laporte There’s no Ringlemann, they don’t see nothing.

John C. Dvorak It’s dark out so I flunked and so I went and had like I must have drunk two gallons of carrot juice. And the next day. I went out to do the same test because they – you had to come back, I just swear to god I could see through the smoke stack. It was noticeable.

Leo Laporte Really?

John C. Dvorak Noticeable, I had no trouble ……..

Leo Laporte That proves it to me, I’m satisfied.

Becky Worley It’s one of those random Dvorak testimonials that just scares me.

Leo Laporte I believe every word he said there.

John C. Dvorak You can take it leave it. I’m just telling people out there who want to see, who have night vision issues to just drink a big, huge …

Leo Laporte Let me ask you a question, did the carrot juice replace say something in a wineglass?

Becky Worley Oh!

John C. Dvorak No.

Leo Laporte It wasn’t that you were drinking less of anything else.

John C. Dvorak I’m just drinking carrot juice on top of everything else. It wasn’t like I substituted it…

Leo Laporte You weren’t any less drunk, is what you are saying?

John C. Dvorak I wasn’t drunk. You can’t go read Ringlemann when you are drunk, it’s impossible.

Becky Worley You can’t Ringlemann when you’re drunk.

Leo Laporte What are you insane? Get out of my court?

John C. Dvorak Who comes up with these ideas?

Leo Laporte I’m telling you, you hit on a great show.

Becky Worley Oh my god, it’s going to be so great.

Leo Laporte I’d be brilliant.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte Judge Dvorak.

John C. Dvorak She is a producer, she can like put the thing together.

Leo Laporte She is, she is the queen of this.

Becky Worley We’re in the court room right now.

Leo Laporte Let’s do an Audible ad just in case.

Becky Worley I have a real question for you…

Leo Laporte All right.

Becky Worley …about Audible that will…

Leo Laporte Tell me your question. I can answer any question.

Becky Worley I have not used Audible for quite some time.

Leo Laporte So, you did use it at one time?

Becky Worley I had an iPod that was about the size of a shoe box and I downloaded some Audible books on to it for my mother and she had a problem with it. And I’m wondering if they reconciled it and I thought maybe you could talk a little bit about the tech – hey that was the one.

Leo Laporte Was it anything like that?

Becky Worley It looked a lot like that.

Leo Laporte That’s the original iPod five gigabytes.

John C. Dvorak What a clunker.

Becky Worley It is massive.

Leo Laporte Can you believe how big that is?

Becky Worley Look at the fire…

Leo Laporte And the big firewire port on it. They don’t even put that on their home – their computers anymore, it’s too big. I know it’s huge.

Becky Worley So the problem was bookmarking and going back to bookmarks and moving around.

Leo Laporte Works great now.

Becky Worley Tell me about it because I have been on Audible on an MP3 player or an iPod since then. So, tell me about the space…

Leo Laporte Audible’s audio format is essentially MP3 but it has a wrapper around it in and they very – they really, I’ve asked them about this – they’ve said we really believe this wrapper is critical because you have to be able to get back to the where you were, where you left off. It has to bookmark it automatically. Now they don’t do any – you know, you don’t need to bookmark anymore, it just remembers where you left off. Oh man we have a lot of commercials to do.

Becky Worley We can do it.

John C. Dvorak Let’s just do them all at once.

Leo Laporte Can we rewind the show for half an hour? So…

Becky Worley And we have one really good story to get to, too.

Leo Laporte Oh good.

Becky Worley Very excited about it.

Leo Laporte Oh I actually have several stories left.

Becky Worley Computer security stuff.

Leo Laporte Well I’ve been waiting for John Markoff to call from The New York Times, I don’t think he’s going to call, so, we’ll get to it. We’ll get to it. He wrote the story in The New York Times yesterday, is what you’re talking about.

Becky Worley Yes.

Leo Laporte They wrap it around with a wrapper, that’s really great. Now, you can, they’ve just added a new enhanced format that is CD quality audio, it’s incredible. I think it’s 128 kilobytes but around it they wrap a wrapper and this works on any device you use, even if you use for instance a lot of people I was surprised to hear the number like number three device that people use is GPS like a TomTom or Magellan that can playback audio files if they support Audible, you’ll get that bookmarking automatically, works very well. It’s transparency. It always go back to your where you left off. That’s what you were asking?

Becky Worley Yes

Leo Laporte Yes, yes, yes, well that’s not a problem. Not a problem.

Becky Worley In the beginning days, I remember it was really tough….

Leo Laporte Oh no, it works great. Oh no it works really well. You don’t even – it’s kind of so transparent you don’t even think about it.

Becky Worley Well, I have to give it a try again.

Leo Laporte So, I do want people to try it., in fact you can tell your mom this,, that’s the website. If you go there, that’s where you can sign up for not a gold account, that’s TWiT, TWiT2 is the platinum account and that’s I think most people are going to want that. That’s two books a month.

And when you do this you are going to get the first two books free, first two credits free. So, you basically get two books, some books are more than one credit but most books are more than one credit and there is a huge selection, 51,000 titles. John Updike just passed away, they’ve got a great selection of John Updike titles. If you want to go back and read what many consider one of the greatest, well, formerly living American novelist. I guess you can’t say that anymore.

Becky Worley Run, Rabbit, Run.

Leo Laporte Run. Rabbit Remembered, Rabbit at Rest, Rabbit Is Rich they are all on there. They specialize, in fact there’s a John Updike audio collection.

Becky Worley Does that angst speak to this generation?

Leo Laporte No, my dad loved it though.

Becky Worley Okay just checking. Very Madmen.

Leo Laporte Doesn’t speak to me at all. It is, it’s Madmen. It’s from that era. You don’t have those problems. No, isn’t that interesting?

Becky Worley Ummm…

Leo Laporte I just downloaded a 40 hour book.

Becky Worley Oh god. Neil Stevenson?

Leo Laporte No, Cryptonomicon is great though, I highly recommend that, yes, highly recommend that. No I just downloaded something called Shantaram which is 40 hours.

Becky Worley I’m feeling your enlightenment from here.

Leo Laporte It is one, two, three, four, five files. Each eight hours, 130 minutes long. They divide it up so you don’t too much of a giant file, you could put -- if you have a smaller device.

Becky Worley Now that your commute is like 12 minutes when do you listen to it?

Leo Laporte It’s pretty hard to listen I know. I hate it. I still have the platinum account, I still listen to two books a month and I just love it. You know that whole story from the carrots came from book that I’ve been reading called Electric Universe, highly recommend Electric Universe. It is the story of electricity, the history of electricity and absolutely fascinating. I’ve mentioned it before but another great pick.

There’s a lot to choose from, that’s the point., go over there, give it a try, sign up today. We know you’re going to love it and we thank Audible so much for their support of this WEEK in TECH. Actually they are great supporter of podcasting in general, they advertising on a – many, many podcasts. They might be the number one podcast advertiser now they deserve your support. iWoz that would be a good one. iWoz, celebrate Woz’s victory his survival.

John C. Dvorak I think it is underrated, the podcasting advertisement opportunity. I don’t think these guys take advantage of it.

Leo Laporte Well, Audible gets…

John C. Dvorak They are like one of the few. And so like in radio, I think has also been always been underrated.

Leo Laporte This is even better because …

John C. Dvorak Because you can stop. No, I mean, you can stop and listen to the commercial twice. I mean…

Leo Laporte Great save Dvorak, Judge Dvorak.

Becky Worley Nice one.

John C. Dvorak Listen on the radio and I go oh what was that again.

Leo Laporte What was that, I want to hear that number again.

John C. Dvorak We can’t go back.

Leo Laporte I think people are more engaged in podcast listening. It’s so hard to listen to a podcast, you got to be – you’ve got to make the effort to listen to it. And I think it works very well.

Becky Worley I think the fact that podcasting revenue is undervalued has to do with the fact that it’s for people who drive and commuters, and …

Leo Laporte That I agree with you.

Becky Worley In the middle of the bell curve. And the middle of the bell curve gets no love and that just doesn’t seem right to me because we buy a lot of dish soap.

Leo Laporte We had, wait a minute, I got to show you, we had an advertisement. I am going to give this to you…

Becky Worley Two.

Leo Laporte I’d give you too if I had them. Here, have some of this.

Becky Worley Is it diaper rash cream, please.

John C. Dvorak What is it?

Becky Worley Booty Goo!

Leo Laporte It’s called Booty Goo.

Becky Worley You know what, I got a wicked case of this going on at my house.

Leo Laporte You’re going to like this. This is the best – smell it, go ahead just smell it.

Becky Worley Wow Booty Goo.

Leo Laporte Wait until you smell this. It’s so good.

Becky Worley When we get a case of diaper rash in our house it’s like Ebola hit.

Leo Laporte No, you’re going to…

Becky Worley Ohh…..

Leo Laporte Yes, they were an advertiser, Booty Goo. It’s a pharmacist I think in Louisville, and he makes things up. And it’s got Egyptian camphor. It’s got some amazing stuff in it.

Becky Worley We use Boudreau’s Butt Paste.

Leo Laporte No, this is better, Booty Goo is better than Boudreau.

Becky Worley All right.

Leo Laporte I think there’s something in the South.

John C. Dvorak Well let me just ask you a question.

Leo Laporte There were more problems with this because of humidity.

John C. Dvorak Let me ask you a question. Why do you have behind the desk?

Becky Worley Leo gets a wicked case of chaffe in between shows.

Leo Laporte When you sit on a ball all day long.

Becky Worley I don’t know, look at you. You know why, because Leo has something called MPAL.

Leo Laporte What’s that?

Becky Worley It’s a terrible something that we diagnosed years ago.

Leo Laporte She was the first to discover that.

Becky Worley It’s called male pattern ass loss. And it’s like, it falls off a shelf. No, you’re sticking it out.

Leo Laporte No I don’t – I have been working out.

Becky Worley I think your ball shows that you’ve got some glutes now.

Leo Laporte I’ve been working out, baby I -- because she’s so ….

John C. Dvorak Working out on the ball.

Leo Laporte Because she so humiliated me with my MPAL.

Becky Worley Your MPAL was bad, it is…

Leo Laporte It used to bad.

Becky Worley It happens to guys when they stop like, when they are just…

Leo Laporte It’s like concave.

Becky Worley When they’re desk dudes.

Leo Laporte It goes concave.

Becky Worley It comes right of the end of your spine and it goes…

Leo Laporte Boom, there’s nothing there.

Becky Worley Yes, but...

Leo Laporte No, no, I have been doing, oh; I have been doing the lifts, and the hems and haws.

Becky Worley Your MPAL is better.

Leo Laporte MPAL.

Becky Worley I have got to get that coined.

Leo Laporte So embarrassed.

John C. Dvorak So, what is this great story you’re going to tell us, about? I don’t really want to have to sit here talking about Leo’s butt.

Becky Worley So Leo, you found this story and send it to me, and I just found that it was fascination.

Leo Laporte [54:38] New York Times’ John Markoff, our friend John Markoff, who some day will be on the show.

Becky Worley Ah, two separate research papers, done, one from Cambridge University, and the other from a College in Toronto, Trinity University, and these researchers were given access to the OHHDL offices, the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Leo Laporte By the way, that was a fake Twitter account.

Becky Worley Oh, you had to bring Twitter in. And the point being is that these pro-Tibetan groups felt that the Chinese government had compromised their email, and was intercepting email, and confidential and top-secret documents. And, what, they had some impetus where a diplomat was called, told not to participate in a meeting with pro-Tibetan groups, and the only way he – that the Chinese could have known about this…

Leo Laporte They had transcripts of his phone calls.

Becky Worley And also a woman who was working for this group was stopped at a border, and they had transcripts of her email.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak That’s it, yes.

Becky Worley And the point being is that they found actual malware on the computers in the Dalai Lama’s offices.

Leo Laporte And not just any old malware.

John C. Dvorak This would be China.

Leo Laporte Not just any malware, it could turn on the camera, it could turn on the audio, they had complete control of his system, but here is the thing, they said, well, and then we looked a little further, and this is everywhere, they found 1,395 computers….

John C. Dvorak If you can get it to work here, you might as well check it over here, you probably got it on yours.

Leo Laporte Mostly Southeast Asia and Asia.

Becky Worley Right, Embassies, NGOs…

John C. Dvorak That’s their sphere of influence, yes. You don’t think, and of course, the CIA they’re going to say, we don’t do anything like that, it’s never happened.

Becky Worley No, I am sure this is happening in widespread…

Leo Laporte That’s why I wanted to get Markoff on, because he’s done a lot of reporting on this, he says that analysts say the Russians are doing it, the U.S. is doing it, and China is doing it, those are the big three, we’re all engaged in this cyber spying, basically, right?

Becky Worley Reading the white paper, I think the interesting thing here is that the reason it’s coming to light is that the Dalai Lama’s group has a policy of openness. And they are making this known.

Leo Laporte Most governments wouldn’t say anything.

Becky Worley Would never say anything.

Leo Laporte We have been compromised, let’s, shut down, let’s not mention this.

Becky Worley Most NGOs, most corporations.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes.

Becky Worley It would be….

Leo Laporte Most banks,

Becky Worley Shareholder issue, it would be a donor issue, it would be an embarrassment, and so the only reason this is coming to light is because it’s their policy.

Leo Laporte Thank goodness.

Becky Worley I just think it’s fascinating, because they are calling it whaling, not fishing. Big targets.

Leo Laporte There was a term called spear fishing which was kind of the same thing where it was targeted fishing, this is whaling because it’s aimed at the biggest, right? Not just…

Becky Worley That’s not a new term, that’s an older term

Leo Laporte Well, spear fishing is an older term, I never heard whaling before.

Becky Worley Me neither.

Leo Laporte Yes, but spear fishing is the same idea, so they’ll send an email targeted, instead of the kind of mass email that a fishing email would go after millions of people, they have targeted, say in something like His Holiness the Dalai Lama wanted you to see this pictures of Anna Kournikova, and that way…

John C. Dvorak That would get me though.

Leo Laporte You would open it.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Becky Worley But this is where they even reference, Minnik [ph] in here, because the way that they initially infected – a monk, was the initial target, they have actually done the forensics and gone back, and what they did is they participated in a message board, and then found a monk who was, had the right email address, sent him a document that was logical, based on the conversations he was participating in.

Leo Laporte How interesting, Wow.

Becky Worley Embedded in PDFs and Word files, was this rootkit, and then, they went, and as the documents were transferred – once they infected that computer…

Leo Laporte They spread.

Becky Worley They intercepted docs he was actually sending to people.

Leo Laporte And would resend. Oh, that’s brilliant.

Becky Worley And embedded in the attachments and resends.

Leo Laporte The point being, if you are willing to be targeted enough, you can absolutely do, it’s very hard to fight.

John C. Dvorak Now, do we know what the software is, and then is it the, say the Dalai Lama was using a Mac.

Leo Laporte Would be have been less vulnerable?

John C. Dvorak Or, let’s take it to the next level, what if he uses a Linux box running Ubuntu 8.1?

Leo Laporte I think if they are targeting you then they can target a, we know the Mac is completely attackable because of this recent "Pwn to Own" contest, where a guy wins the MacBook Air and $10,000, with one click of the mouse, because he knew of a Safari exploit that was previously unpublished, that he was able to take advantage of, so there are holes in…

Becky Worley I think with Mac’s it’s hubris.

Leo Laporte Well, I don’t think it’s completely hubris there are fewer holes, but there are holes, there are lots of them, and there’s lots of holes in Linux too, if you know where to look, and you know, the main point is you need to know which distribution they’re running, you need to know more about the target than you would know to spread it wide, but if you‘re…

Becky Worley They already have the intel.

Leo Laporte Yes, exactly. You know what, you know by then well what computer does the Dalai Lama run, and so they can write something that’s very specific.

John C. Dvorak How about running a little VMware program that rotates you through various operating systems…

Leo Laporte There you go, that’s a good idea.

John C. Dvorak And you never use the same one in the same day, and you just keep jumping….

Becky Worley These guys go into great detail about how to be defensive.

Leo Laporte Very interesting story. What did they say?

Becky Worley And to advise NGOs and such, and they’ve said basically it’s all social engineering.

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley And that at a certain point you know your vulnerabilities from a technical perspective and you can only do what you can afford to do defensively from a technical perspective.

Leo Laporte Right.

Becky Worley But the one place where you have an opportunity to make a big difference is teaching people about the social aspects of this kind of hacking, and I think that’s a really good point, especially corporations who are trying to please their customers, trying to give them information, it’s the whole [indiscernible] (1:00:10) all over again, but actually put into practice.

Leo Laporte Very interesting.

Becky Worley We shall see, no?

Leo Laporte We shall see what happens.

Becky Worley And there’s the other thing that’s interesting is what’s the recourse, we need Judge Dvorak on this.

Leo Laporte I am going to ask Judge Dvorak in a second about a Japanese game that some are saying we should ban, it’s a rape simulator.

Becky Worley Uh, God.

Leo Laporte Oh, boy. Oh, boy, but that…

John C. Dvorak Those crazy Japanese.

Leo Laporte But this, but see, this really puts it, do we, okay, how bad does it have to be before we ban it, is free speech protected for everything, even the most, anyway, this is an article from the Slate, we’re going to talk about that, in just a second, and a whole lot more, but first I want to tell you about my friends at Carbonite.

This is actually, probably an apropos time to talk about Carbonite. Carbonite is online backup for Mac now as well as Windows, and it’s important, and we all know it’s important to backup, but the thing about backup is backing it up to an external hard drive right next to your computer is useless. You’ve got to back it up somewhere off site.

John C. Dvorak Back it up.

Leo Laporte Get it out backed .

John C. Dvorak Beep, beep.

Leo Laporte Back it up, you’ve got to, Steve Gibson sends CDs to his mom, that’s one way to get it off site. I like Carbonite and use Carbonite. Isn’t that funny?

John C. Dvorak I can’t play these CDs.

Leo Laporte There’s no music on it.

Becky Worley Not even in the car.

Leo Laporte What are you doing? I threw them all out, I didn’t think there was anything on them. 13% of hard drives crash in their first year. 43% of people lose files they consider irreplaceable every year, this is the one that gets me. 10,000 laptops a week are reported lost or stolen in U.S. airports alone.

Becky Worley Ouch.

Leo Laporte 10,000 left on the belt.

John C. Dvorak Where is those TSA guys, aren’t they helping us here?

Becky Worley eBay.

Leo Laporte Oh, yes, really? You great deals on laptops from that TSA side.

John C. Dvorak Oh, yes, yes, I bet you can.

Leo Laporte And by the way, only about 3% of them are ever recovered, so this is the time to backup, here is what you do, with Carbonite….

John C. Dvorak I used to just call mine.

Leo Laporte You call your laptop?

John C. Dvorak Yes, and then when it rings and I know where it is and I go and get it.

Leo Laporte You have a phone in your laptop?

John C. Dvorak No, I am just kidding, I am just kidding.

Becky Worley I have GadgetTrak on mine.

Leo Laporte What’s that?

Becky Worley It, if you don’t put in the right password when it gets online it shuts down and starts taking pictures and emails them to you..

Leo Laporte It’s kind of like LoJack, yes.

Becky Worley Yes, basically.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Becky Worley Yes, but you know, just going back to the Carbonite thing…..

Leo Laporte Thank you.

John C. Dvorak She’s good, she’s not as good as Calacanis.

Leo Laporte Thank you.

Becky Worley All right, but I have no impersonation.

Leo Laporte Uh, Carbonite, Carbonite.

Becky Worley I actually just recently had to do the data recovery on an external drive…

Leo Laporte That’s painful,

Becky Worley 500 bones.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Becky Worley And that was the friends and family rate with data doctors, I mean it’s..

Leo Laporte Painful. Carbonite Mac and Windows, less than $5 a month, unlimited backup of your most important, your irreplaceable files, like your email, your music, your photos, just think of all that stuff that’s on your hard drive that you would hate to lose. You don’t need any extra hardware, it’s automatic, you just right click on a folder say yes, Carbonite, keep track of this one, and that’s it, it does it, automatically, in the background without thinking.

Go to, you can try it free, offer code TWiT, or if you use that by the way, after two months, you get two months, I am sorry, if you use that you get it for free without a credit card, and if you decide to sign up you get two months free with the offer code TWiT. now Mac and PC. Is there any more wine?

Becky Worley He’s back, he’s coming back.

Leo Laporte Ah.

John C. Dvorak I think we are out of the wine. So, I need some of that cheese, I think with the….

Leo Laporte All right, let’s bring it in, so…

John C. Dvorak So, here, here we go, let’s go with some more stories.

Leo Laporte A game that let’s you re-enact the Kennedy assassination, what about that, that was JFK Reloaded?

Becky Worley In poor taste.

Leo Laporte In poor taste, but is it as bad as a game that is a rape simulator?

Becky Worley That’s from the Japanese?

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s called…

John C. Dvorak So what comes with this game?

Becky Worley Uh.

Leo Laporte I don’t even want to know.

Becky Worley Can we get it, I mean, okay, I draw the line at bukkake simulators, that’s it.

Leo Laporte Ah.

Becky Worley Sorry.

Leo Laporte New York City….

John C. Dvorak Oh, there goes the show.

Leo Laporte New York City Counsel Speaker Christine Quinn has joined with the New York Alliance Against Sexual Assault and calling for a ban, U.S. ban of the Japanese rape simulator game, the simulator game is called RapeLay.

Becky Worley Where is this sold?

John C. Dvorak This sounds like a publicity stunt.

Becky Worley I mean, Best Buy shouldn’t be running out to stock the shelves, but isn’t this another free market issue?

Leo Laporte Of course you can get it online.

Becky Worley Uh.

Leo Laporte Pirated online.

Becky Worley Ah.

Leo Laporte Google it and you can find a fully functioning English language version of the game.

Becky Worley I know I am being casual, but I think you draw the line when it’s child pornography.

Leo Laporte It gets pretty awful.

Becky Worley And then, but this is horrible, but…

John C. Dvorak We okay, so we can drop that topic, since you brought child pornography, what about the 14 year old year girl who got busted for sexting?

Becky Worley This is old school.

Leo Laporte Yes, that is, got thrown out of her school, right?

John C. Dvorak No, no, the latest thing she was…

Leo Laporte She was arrested?

John C. Dvorak She was arrested by the cops.

Leo Laporte So what did she sext?

Becky Worley A naked picture of herself, I don’t know which story it is.

Leo Laporte Oh, she was child porn, because she’s a child.

Becky Worley Yes.

Leo Laporte But it’s her own picture.

John C. Dvorak Ludicrous.

Becky Worley This has been going on for the last six months, this story has happened in Wisconsin, in New Jersey, in New Hampshire, there are lots of ….

Leo Laporte So this kid is a sex offender, a registered sex offender now.

John C. Dvorak She’s going to be if they find her guilty.

Leo Laporte Because she texted, she sent her naked…

John C. Dvorak She’s a threat to society, and a pornographer.

Becky Worley Okay, Judge Judy, you are late to the game, so here is the deal, the DA’s is withdrawing charges on a lot of these cases because they want to make an example and they are trying to teach the kids not to do the sexting. The most recent development…

Leo Laporte Yes, but is a, kind of a strong example.

Becky Worley But what are you going to do? You’ve got to teach the kids not to do …

Leo Laporte She wasn’t naked by the way, she was in her underwear.

John C. Dvorak I think she was in her bra, even in this thing.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Becky Worley A group of parents has just come back and sued, counter sued the DA, saying this is too extreme.

John C. Dvorak That came, no that was stage two of this story, stage three is when she just got arrested by the cops like a couple of days ago.

Becky Worley Oh, this is all the same story.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Becky Worley Uh.

John C. Dvorak By the, this guy in Pennsylvania.

Becky Worley Oh.

John C. Dvorak Or Jersey, one of the two, I have got the story here somewhere, I’ll look it up.

Becky Worley This just goes back to my thing about, it started with Shoe Mirrors, and then it was a group of photocopying their asses on the Xerox machine.

Leo Laporte Does anybody ever really do a Shoe Mirrors or is that just apocryphal?

John C. Dvorak The Shoe Mirror?

Becky Worley It’s a technology that’s being used in inappropriate manner…

Leo Laporte It’s apocryphal.

Becky Worley And it’s….

Leo Laporte It’s apocryphal.

John C. Dvorak It’s like the guy throws all the pennies on the stage.

Leo Laporte Yes, hey, pick it up.

Becky Worley Yup, and then it gets old, like the Xeroxing, who Xeroxes their ass anymore? No one.

Leo Laporte Not me, not since…

John C. Dvorak Not since the episode.

Leo Laporte I have learnt.

Becky Worley Assjet 2000.

Leo Laporte [66:44] We had to get a whole new Xerox machine, those things are not cheap. Speaking of Hamsters, Hamsters get nanotechnology now, but we could be waiting for 10 years story in Wired Magazine, a nanowire attached to the back of a Hamster, hooked up to a oscilloscope, the rodents scurried around, it generated 70 millivolts, when it stopped to lick itself, the power levels decreased.

Becky Worley Such a horrible image.

John C. Dvorak Where are you getting these stories?

Leo Laporte Wired Magazine. And the point being…

John C. Dvorak So we could power the universe with rats.

Leo Laporte We can…

Becky Worley As long as they aren’t licking.

Leo Laporte We could have these nano-wires, the zinc oxide nanowires, which when you bend or shake them or stretch them, generate power.

John C. Dvorak Huh, this would be for part of The Smart Grid.

Leo Laporte Well, more like, you could use these for devices, in a human being, you could but out a device in…

Becky Worley Self powered.

Leo Laporte Self powered device.

Becky Worley It would have to be some low voltage device, let me tell you.

John C. Dvorak It could be your cell phone, be hell of a charger.

Leo Laporte Best part of this article is there is a graph that shows how much power generated by running versus scratching.

Becky Worley Whatever happened to those power generators that were going to be in subway stations, and take the foot imprints of people who are coming off the trains and translate that into power?

Leo Laporte Really, somebody was going to that?

John C. Dvorak Yes, I have heard that. Similar to these crackpot ideas.

Becky Worley There have been all this sorts of, we are going to take kinetic energy and turn it into real energy.

Leo Laporte Or wearing corduroy or – why do you have a ukulele?

Becky Worley It makes me feel better.

Leo Laporte She’s like Elvis.

Becky Worley Now my wine’s gone, I’ve got to hold my ass.

Leo Laporte She’s got, she’s got, like Elvis always had a guitar, he never played it.

John C. Dvorak She can play it.

Leo Laporte It’s not tuned, actually that’s pretty good, wow, that’s really good.

Becky Worley I feel more comfortable holding my Elvis axe.

Leo Laporte It’s really good.

Becky Worley It is.

Leo Laporte Why don’t I have a harmonica?

John C. Dvorak You should tune it, if you are any good you can just tune it by ear.

Leo Laporte My dog has fleas; my dog has fleas, my dog has fleas.

Becky Worley My dog has fleas, uh, that must have felt flat.

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s flat.

Becky Worley That’s enough ukulele, please, I have played it twice.

John C. Dvorak Yes, please, anytime.

Leo Laporte Okay, that was good though.

Becky Worley I can play the ukulele….

Leo Laporte What was that song?

Becky Worley Since my baby left me, I found a new place to dwell.

John C. Dvorak In fact, it’s a little known fact, Elvis actually, originally did the song with the ukulele.

Leo Laporte Absolutely, he’s Hawaiian.

Becky Worley Hawaii, baby.

John C. Dvorak He got some advice and went to a guitar.

Leo Laporte I was learning Free Ride.

Becky Worley Oh, that’s tough.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s hard. It’s not the fingering, it’s the picking, I find. Don’t you find? The fingering is not so bad, but the picking, because you, look at that.

John C. Dvorak Okay, "Stairway to Heaven", hit it.

Leo Laporte No, she’s, why don’t you listen? She’s playing something beautiful.

Becky Worley You have to just start with the fingers.

Leo Laporte Look at that though, she’s doing the picking.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte See that’s what I found hard.

John C. Dvorak Okay.

Leo Laporte See you can learn the chords, or the…

John C. Dvorak You just have to practice more, Leo.

Leo Laporte I think so.

John C. Dvorak She obviously has spent some time doing this.

Leo Laporte Did you learn that in school?

Becky Worley Fifth grade.

John C. Dvorak You know what, you should have said, I just picked it up tonight, I have never played it before.

Becky Worley Yes, never seen this thing.

Leo Laporte Well, what? What is that? That’s a small…

Becky Worley Is this a mandolin?

Leo Laporte That’s the smallest guitar I ever saw. What do you do with that? It’s only got four strings.

Becky Worley Actually it’s really cute, my dad is here in the studio and I have my ukulele at home and you can see his took his pen and he wrote my name in it, when I went to fifth grade class, so nobody would steal it.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte Did they have, because you grew up in Hawaii, and you went to school in Hawaii, did they have…?

Becky Worley Yes, Willy, that’s why Willy Nelson has his name on his guitar.

John C. Dvorak There you go.

Leo Laporte Lucille, his guitar, I held his guitar, it’s quite warm. Remember that?

Becky Worley Oh, it’s amazing.

Leo Laporte It’s quite warm, I don’t, you know, -- I felt, and I asked him to hold it, and then I realized after the fact that was kind of, probably intimate.

Becky Worley Intimate. You kissed his wife?

Leo Laporte Yes, you don’t ask to hold somebody’s guitar, but he was very kind. He let me. He was probably high.

John C. Dvorak Well you didn’t just grab it.

Leo Laporte No, I didn’t just grab it.

John C. Dvorak Give me that thing.

Leo Laporte I said may I hold Lucille?

Becky Worley First concert I ever went to, Willy Nelson concert.

John C. Dvorak It’s funny. B.B. King’s guitar is named Lucille.

Leo Laporte It’s not Lucille, what is it? What is the name of his guitar? Willy, he says it, right on it.

Becky Worley My mum had to put me in the car half way through the concert because I was getting a contact high, and I was only seven.

Leo Laporte I did go see him that night, after he came to visit us in "Honeysuckle Rose" to the bus, and it was very smoky in that show. I can understand why your mom was concerned, it was extremely….Okay, so Microsoft says, there’s one very simple reason you shouldn’t buy a Macintosh.

Becky Worley $500.

John C. Dvorak Oh, just one?

Leo Laporte They are boiling it down to cost.

John C. Dvorak Gee, that’s astonishing they’d come up with this.

Leo Laporte Well, wait a minute though.

John C. Dvorak How did that happen?

Leo Laporte Don’t you think they might sell Windows on better functionality, more, I mean there’s a lot of – to choose cost seems like, almost like you’re giving up, like…

John C. Dvorak It’s not almost like you’ve giving up, it’s giving up.

Becky Worley No, I think they’re..

Leo Laporte It’s giving up.

Becky Worley You guys are delusional.

John C. Dvorak Why don’t they say that …?

Becky Worley You live in a bubble where real people…

John C. Dvorak The worst, the worst part about …

Becky Worley With real incomes, you don’t even know.

John C. Dvorak The worst part of it – quiet her for a second, the worst part is the argument plays against them when it comes to Linux.

Leo Laporte Which is even cheaper.

John C. Dvorak Yes, which is even cheaper.

Leo Laporte So, that’s a good point.

Becky Worley Well,…

John C. Dvorak So they are crazy, they’ve got their, they are crazy to make this assertion.

Becky Worley Oh my God, you guys are...

Leo Laporte Can I play this ad? I have to play this ad.

John C. Dvorak Why, what are you talking about?

Becky Worley Because the average person can’t manage a Linux box, the average person can’t afford a Mac.

John C. Dvorak No, no, the new Linux, Ubuntu anyone can run. I am telling you could even, even you…

Becky Worley Oh, I’ve got something in my hand, I can reach right across, Judge Judy.

John C. Dvorak Yes, I know, but that’s a very valuable instrument.

Leo Laporte So what they did is they actually offered people money, they said, this was kind of mean, they said, if you can find – what are you looking for in a laptop? If you can find a laptop for under a $1,000 that has everything you want, we will buy it for you, and so they went out, and, here is the ad-

‘This is Lauren, she told us she wanted a laptop with speed, comfortable keyboard and a 17” screen for under a $1,000, we told her, you find it, you keep it. Here we go guys, now we’re on a mission, and we’re looking at the Mac store, okay, for a $1,000 they only have one computer available, and that’s a 13” screen, I would have to double my budget, which isn’t feasible, I am not just cool enough to be a Mac person.’

Leo Laporte There it is, right there. I am just not cool enough to be Mac person, that’s Microsoft’s selling point.

Becky Worley No, that’s – it’s counter…

John C. Dvorak I love these guys, they can’t come up with anything other than – this is it.

Leo Laporte I am just not cool enough.

Ad – ‘Okay, wow, 250 gigabyte hard drive, four gigabytes of memory, we’re getting good work done here guys, this is like a phone, 16.4” screen, what’s over there, 17 we have the HP over here, we have that one, they both have the 17” display, but the look of that one is drawing me, ah. Okay. This one has all of my qualifications; I am going to buy this computer, ah.

It’s cheap.

Yeah. Congrats Lauren, it’s a PC. How do you plan on paying? Cash, I got everything for under $1,000. I am PC and I got just what I wanted.

John C. Dvorak Sure you did, so what did she buy a [bleep].

Leo Laporte Oh, I don’t know what I am going to do with this show; this show is the rudest show we have ever aired.

Becky Worley Really?

Leo Laporte I don’t know what to do.

Becky Worley Really?

Leo Laporte It’s you Becky.

Becky Worley Is it, is it, really?

John C. Dvorak Yes, you’ve caused the problem.

Becky Worley Well, why’d you serve the wine?

John C. Dvorak So…

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s the wine.

John C. Dvorak Yes, that’s what it is.

Leo Laporte Can I have some more, by the way? Did we finish it?

John C. Dvorak I don’t know, your staff is getting…

Becky Worley I am never going to get asked back. This is the first good marketing strategy Microsoft has taken on in a while.

Leo Laporte You think it’s right on? You think focusing on price is exactly what Microsoft….

John C. Dvorak Only in this economy, I think they are going to make the mistake in thinking this is generally a good strategy.

Becky Worley You know that nine out of ten computers sold on Amazon in the last six months have been netbooks.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s true. Netbooks are huge.

Becky Worley And that goes to show…

Leo Laporte That’s a very good point, they are cheap,

Becky Worley That the consumer is all about thrift right now, and ….

Leo Laporte Just a slurp.

Becky Worley And I think Apple is…

Leo Laporte I’ll just have a little slurp there, John.

John C. Dvorak Of the Barton.

Leo Laporte All right, thank you..

Becky Worley I also have to say that you said that it was mean, what about the $300…

Leo Laporte Talk into the microphone.

John C. Dvorak Try talking into the microphone.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s much better.

Becky Worley I am talking to the wine.

John C. Dvorak And you know the way I see it is, I was at the show the other day, oh, sorry.

Becky Worley That’s not a microphone.

John C. Dvorak Hello, mom?

Leo Laporte So anyway, okay, so, here’s my point. I think, actually John makes an excellent point that they are going to have a problem with Linux, but my point is, I don’t think people are so price conscious that the sole reason they would buy a computer is because it is cheaper. Do you, is that the sole reason you buy a car, because it’s cheaper?

Becky Worley Nobody’s buying cars.

Leo Laporte Well, that was a good one.

John C. Dvorak Well, there’s an answer to do a – yes.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s a good one. So you think, in this economy, all people care about is how cheap it is. And you realize that’s a stupid thing to do if you buy a computer.

John C. Dvorak I think it’s a major consideration, not all.

Becky Worley I completely agree.

Leo Laporte But that’s all they are selling, at no point did they say, it’s more powerful, it’s got more, I mean, there’s a lot of things you could sell Windows with…

John C. Dvorak You could say…

Leo Laporte We’ve got more programs to choose from, it’s got Churros, there’s a lot you could do, but all they said was, you can’t, I am not cool enough to own a Mac. There’s basically, it’s not even price they are selling, they are saying something about , it’s class warfare.

Becky Worley It’s classism, that’s really well put.

Leo Laporte It’s classism.

Becky Worley And I think that…

John C. Dvorak Listening to Rush Limbaugh.

Leo Laporte Listen people let me tell you something about class.

Becky Worley I think that the tech industry as a whole is going to suffer more from this economic downturn as we recover than most other industries, because we have benefitted from the fact that people think technology is cool, they think it’s a must have item, but when the dollars hit the fan, they are going to realize, you know what?

Leo Laporte It’s the first thing they drop.

Becky Worley Seven megapixel, ten megapixel camera, what do I care, I am going to use the old one.

Leo Laporte Well or you could say, conversely that the entire tech bubble has been fuelled by cheap credit, this kind of phony credit, and that people were buying all this crap, and now they are going to stop and they’ll never come back.

Becky Worley And, that goes all the way down…

John C. Dvorak They always come back, I wrote a column this last Friday in MarketWatch discussing the Best Buy numbers because Best Buy seems to some sort of leading indicator…

Leo Laporte Are they surviving?

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte Really?

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte Interesting.

John C. Dvorak But one of the things that’s interesting is that, and I think this proves out is that the tech scene is the first to suffer in a downturn and the last to recover, because it take people a little while to like get their feet wet again.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak But they pull out immediately, they stop buying stuff they don’t need, junk.

Becky Worley I would….

Leo Laporte Because it is junk, it’s shiny junk.

John C. Dvorak Most of it’s junk, yes.

Becky Worley Cell phone numbers, big for them, because what I have seen is Smartphone sales pretty good, and that that would be a place where….

John C. Dvorak Well, Best Buy’s not making, I mean they are losing…

Becky Worley Less.

John C. Dvorak I mean, their growth has gone way down, and it’s going to continue to go down throughout 2010, according to the analysts.

Becky Worley What’s their margin on DTV converter boxes?

Leo Laporte Yes, not so high.

John C. Dvorak By the way, I use my converter box all the time.

Leo Laporte Is it working?

John C. Dvorak The little, say...

Leo Laporte Which one did you get?

John C. Dvorak Channel Master, I got the Channel Master.

Leo Laporte Channel Master.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte The Channel Master 9000, or the 4000?

John C. Dvorak 7, isn’t it?

Leo Laporte The 7000, okay.

John C. Dvorak Or the 9, I don’t know, it’s not a 4

Leo Laporte I was teasing you, I don’t know.

Becky Worley What is your antenna, because I installed one for someone in Richmond and a powered one, and it does, it gets terrible reception, and it’s not that far from you.

John C. Dvorak I didn’t even put a special antenna up, I just used the little stub of the antenna that I had, I just pushed it down so I guess it’d be a small antenna, because you are....

Leo Laporte Welcome back to the analogue TV show, with Becky and John.

Becky Worley How many of us are out there installing these boxes for our friends or grand parents, it’s, I have been doing a fair amount of...

Leo Laporte Really you’ve got a lot of older people in your life with analogue?

Becky Worley Yes, and people who can’t afford cable and satellite.

John C. Dvorak You want to, just try, first start of with the bow tie, the old fashioned UHF or a loop.

Becky Worley I did, it was horrible, and then I had to go to powered and it’s still bad.

Leo Laporte Yagi, get a Yagi.

John C. Dvorak Well, if you want to go outside with it, get a UHF fringe antenna, they’re only about $25, and you can get Sacramento from the Bay Area.

Becky Worley I ain’t going up on anybody’s roof for free, I’ll help, but I ain’t getting up on a roof.

John C. Dvorak You seem like the kind of a roofy girl.

Becky Worley I know what you are saying.

Leo Laporte No roofies, no roofies allowed.

Becky Worley Just because I have man hands, Dvorak.

Leo Laporte Oh, oh, boy.

Becky Worley I cut more wood that you.

Leo Laporte So anyway, I just think this is a mistake for Microsoft to go down this route.

John C. Dvorak Hacked more wood than me, what do you do cutting wood?

Becky Worley It’s good exercise.

John C. Dvorak Okay.

Leo Laporte Are you, do you really, is that what you do out in the back?

Becky Worley It’s a great exercise.

Leo Laporte Do you like have logs brought in?

Becky Worley No, I go down there’s a place where PG&E drops their logs down in town.

John C. Dvorak And you burn these?

Becky Worley No, I give them away.

John C. Dvorak So you give away the creosote soaked PG&E things so that you can poison your friends?

Leo Laporte You don’t want to, you don’t want to burn those, because they’ll ruin your fireplace.

Becky Worley It’s not creosote soaked, it’s not the actual, what you call --

Leo Laporte So, it’s not railroad ties?

John C. Dvorak Oh trees, okay.

Becky Worley But it’s great exercise, I do purely…

Leo Laporte So, you do this, instead of a gym you go and chop wood.

Becky Worley Uh-uh.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Becky Worley Yes, it’s really good exercise.

Leo Laporte Do you play rugby anymore?

Becky Worley No, I quit, when I had the kids.

Leo Laporte And the two knee replacements....

Becky Worley And the nose job. I ain’t messing that up, I broke my nose three times in one year, and had to get it fixed when I was…

Leo Laporte That’s a good looking nose there.

John C. Dvorak Your nose looks a lot better than it ever has.

Leo Laporte It’s a nice nose.

Becky Worley I didn’t just get it fixed, I got fixed, I’m not stupid.

Leo Laporte It’s very slim down the middle and it’s got a nice flare at the bottom.

John C. Dvorak She didn’t over do it, she didn’t over do it.

Leo Laporte No, it looks normal

Becky Worley I busted in my cheek bone for a while, and then remember when we came back on the air; I was talking to camera from the side.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes, I just thought you were a little stiff.

Becky Worley No.

Leo Laporte I didn’t realize it was a bad injury.

John C. Dvorak Well, she was showing off the photos to everybody, don’t you remember that?

Leo Laporte I don’t know, I must have blanked that out.

John C. Dvorak She used to have – look at this, look I am a wreck.

Becky Worley Two black eyes.

John C. Dvorak Take a look at this, and you go, oh my God.

Leo Laporte Oh, wow.

Becky Worley I think it’s actually an interesting strategy for Microsoft to reach out to the part of the population that’s been disenfranchised by the hoity-toity black turtleneck wearing Mac users.

Leo Laporte This is the same agency, I am going to point out, that put Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in a normal person’s house to find out how normal people lived. I mean this agency, I think, is all over the map, I think…

Becky Worley Apparently they have learned.

Leo Laporte Or they are just terrible.

Becky Worley Who is it?

John C. Dvorak Terrible, they did something, they said, they had a history of some pretty creative advertising.

Becky Worley I think the ‘I’m a PC’ thing is interesting.

John C. Dvorak I don’t think so.

Leo Laporte I like the ‘I’m a PC’ thing, I think that strikes the right note, which is to say, normal people not class, but just normal people that use PCs, Apple thinks that oh the hip people use. This is kind of along the same lines that the hip people use PCs but actually a lot of people in a lot of areas including hip and not are using PCs.

John C. Dvorak When is the last time we saw an I'm a Mac, I'm a PC ad?

Leo Laporte I think they are still doing them.

John C. Dvorak I haven’t seen one for months on end.

Leo Laporte No, you’re right I haven’t either.

Becky Worley Nothing, I don’t know. You know who did the “I’m a PC” thing is Rob Enderle. He submitted I’m a PC.

John C. Dvorak He was on a TV show?

Becky Worley No, he just submitted that, you know like to all these people who just submit and they’d run it in Time Square...

John C. Dvorak That guy will do anything. He’s shameless.

Leo Laporte Anything to get on camera.

John C. Dvorak Shameless.

Leo Laporte I was for a while recording people saying I’m a TWiT. I was going to do a whole I’m a TWiT campaign. And then Shira Lazar’s doing I’m a geek. You remember the Molson’s ad? I’m a Canadian. She’s got a great script. In fact maybe I’ll get you guys to something from it. It’s a really cute script. And she’s getting geeks all over the place to say.

John C. Dvorak To say I’m a geek?

Leo Laporte Well, it’s a whole script. It’s really geek.

John C. Dvorak I’m a geek. That’s it.

Leo Laporte No, no no, no, no, no.

John C. Dvorak You need a script for that?

Leo Laporte Saying you know like hash tie – hash tag is not a graffiti it’s a..

Becky Worley Right. Skateboarding is not a crime.

Leo Laporte Right. That kind of, the whole thing you kind of along with it.

Becky Worley What do you think...?

Leo Laporte Did you ever see that Molson’s ad, you never saw the Molson’s ad or you’d know what I’m talking about.

John C. Dvorak No, I never have actually.

Leo Laporte It’s a great ad. I am a Canadian. Should I play that?

Becky Worley Really this show is that below the line, Leo.

Leo Laporte I don’t think so.

John C. Dvorak Yes, it’s gotten bad.

Becky Worley I apologize for my participation in that. I know exactly where I caused it.

Leo Laporte I do too. I’m not going to say a thing we’re just going to keep on going no no no no no no no. Don’t be, don’t be silly I’m having a…

Becky Worley Hopefully I’ve redeemed myself with the ukulele.

Leo Laporte You did. That was wonderful. That was beautiful. Another story I thought was – go ahead.

John C. Dvorak Well I was thinking one of the stories that’s kind of slowly breaking. Is that I guess Sprint WiMAX is working here and there.

Leo Laporte Really. Because they’ve been saying it was going to be everywhere.

John C. Dvorak They well, they’ve got it in Portland and they announced ten more cities, none in California.

Becky Worley No it’s all second cities, it’s weird like…

Leo Laporte Weird, stupid.

John C. Dvorak Portland, well Seattle’s going to be one of them and there’s Dallas and Fort Worth. But anyway, the point is that I Twittered I said it. I twittered a bunch of people and this start – I just asked my audience and I said anybody in Portland send me some reports and I’m getting reports back and apparently it’s a very good coverage. You get 6 or 7 mega...

Leo Laporte This is 4G essentially right? Six or seven megabits.

John C. Dvorak WiMAX it’s a little different. And because it is not going through the phone company and so, yes he’s getting six and seven megabits and it’s cheaper than the AT&T DSL and all the rest of the services in a….

Leo Laporte So they are not going to do it for phones they are doing it for home users or…

John C. Dvorak They are doing it for like ...

Leo Laporte Laptops.

John C. Dvorak Laptops.

Leo Laporte Like EVDO, okay.

John C. Dvorak But I think a lot of it has to do. I think there’s a fixed wireless receiver that you can get. They are saying by year-end Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago – that’s a big city. Dallas, Fort Worth they kind of get two for one on that one. Honolulu, did I say that, right?

Leo Laporte Honolulu.

Becky Worley Nice, you did Honolulu.

John C. Dvorak Honolulu

Leo Laporte Honolulu.

Becky Worley Honolulu. It’s not hanalulu.

Leo Laporte Henalulu.

John C. Dvorak Honolulu

Leo Laporte Honolulu.

John C. Dvorak Las Vegas. Philadelphia.

Leo Laporte Now what, you’re Puerto Rican or Cuban. Is this the Cuban?

John C. Dvorak Portland and Seattle. Next year Boston, Houston, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC.

Becky Worley I think Emeryville has some sort of WiMAX reach out right now.

John C. Dvorak No there’s a couple of WiMAX systems actually in the Bay area but they are commercial and they are extremely expensive like 500

Leo Laporte So, do we like WiMAX? We’re excited about WiMAX? Is it going to be great?

John C. Dvorak Well if it, as a backup. I mean, I don’t like the idea of having – I’ve got the one service. I’m using Comcast. They are high speed.

Leo Laporte I like EVDO and I actually carry that little USB thing with me.

John C. Dvorak Now see I don’t do that because I think it’s too expensive. I haven’t got your budget.

Leo Laporte It’s very expensive. And you don’t have the – you have a big -- the cap is five gigs it’s easy to.

John C. Dvorak Boom, you hit that …

Leo Laporte Yes you hit that very quickly.

John C. Dvorak But, I’d like to have some backup system other than the nothing I’ve got.

Becky Worley This is again the Dvorak Bubble. The average person just wants to have wireless that’s as fast as DSL and they don’t have to have a router that they have to manage as well as a cable modem.

Leo Laporte Oh, you mean they want it in the house.

Becky Worley They want in the house wirelessly.

Leo Laporte And out of the house, everywhere.

Becky Worley And they don’t want to have to mange another box.

Leo Laporte I think there’s a huge market and I think people don’t know they want it. But once they get it they will be paying lots for it which is just high speed Internet everywhere.

Becky Worley Is Dvorak crying?

John C. Dvorak I think.

Leo Laporte You didn’t make him cry. You didn’t make him cry.

John C. Dvorak I think you are missing the point, everybody wants no matter what you think. Everybody wants to have a home network running ten gigabit and then they want to just pump their Internet connection in to that home network and just have availability every place else but if they’re floating around in their car they would love to have mobile WiMAX. They just want to have Internet everywhere...

Leo Laporte Ubiquitous Internet is the key

John C. Dvorak But you also need networking, you have to have networking within the house because you’ve got somebody in the backroom or you got some kids and they want a copy of something or they, you want to move some files around...

Leo Laporte So, you think you need a file storage, file sharing, that kind of thing, a network...

Becky Worley You might need a printer network. But I think that the dream is that you don’t have to manage anything when it comes to your connectivity.

John C. Dvorak You are just going to end – the problem is you’re going to end up with, in my opinion is you are going to end up with lost stuff.

Becky Worley That’s how it is now!

John C. Dvorak My – that’s right.

Leo Laporte It’s all we got.

John C. Dvorak Because people don’t pay any attention to the fact that you need to back up. Ladies and gentlemen, back up.

Leo Laporte Carbonite.

John C. Dvorak Which reminds me, I think you’ve got another commercial to give us....

Leo Laporte I do, but I’ll get to it in a moment.

Becky Worley Do you know WiMax by the way? It’s my understanding that it is based on the same microwave technology that they used to do all these live shots for local TV.

Leo Laporte It’s just microwave?

Becky Worley Yes, and has about the same radius, was my understanding.

Leo Laporte But that’s very line of sight.

Becky Worley When Intel was originally testing it, remember they did a ad up in Park City at Sundance about four years ago and that’s basically how they did their whole thing. Straight microwave – yeah, it’s the same technology.

Leo Laporte Really.

Becky Worley Yes.

John C. Dvorak Yes, I think it’s different.

Becky Worley I’ll go do my homework.

Leo Laporte It’s a real problem because it’s very line of sight, if it is microwave and that you know…

John C. Dvorak WiMAX is not, it’s penetrating and it’s all over the place. The reason that Sprint took out their broadband connect, in the Bay area was because they were going to put in something better that was going to be not line of sight. Because I use the Sprint broadband connect for my Internet connection. And I got just a little less than a megabit per second. But it was because my – I have an antenna. They gave me a dish outside the house that was aimed right at Mount Sutro where they had the – I guess all the transmitters and you had to hit that thing, if you couldn’t eyeball it you couldn’t get it.

Leo Laporte [87:24] Can you believe Dell forget to buy before they released the laptop.

John C. Dvorak No, you’re kidding.

Leo Laporte No.

Becky Worley This whole Adamo thing is so sad.

Leo Laporte Now there’s an example of saying, that’s the exact opposite of Microsoft’s ad was which is ‘oh, you can buy a Mac from us, it’s just called Adamo.

Becky Worley Molly put it best, she said this screams out, I’m going to go take my AIG bonus and buy the Dell Adamo. I mean she just hit it right on the head. I was like …

Leo Laporte Oh, ouch. Yes, they forgot to buy and…

Becky Worley And just back up, this the MacBook area competitor from Dell that’s 2000 Plus.

Leo Laporte 2,000, starts at $2,000 always

Becky Worley It’s beautiful.

Leo Laporte I’d be very interested there to see if there is a market for that.

Becky Worley It just doesn’t feel like the right timing.

Leo Laporte No, so according to Lauren the woman we just saw, she didn’t actually really go into the Apple Store.

John C. Dvorak Oh, oh, scandal, scandal.

Leo Laporte 95 Mac which is an Apple rumours site said that if you notice there’s a bald with a jack and stripped shirt walking by, he’s still walking by when she leaves the store. And he walks by again. May be he’s going back and forth.

John C. Dvorak He’s the back and forth guy in front of all Apple Stores. She is ooh it turns out she’s a professional actress.

Becky Worley Oh, scandal.

Leo Laporte See that’s never happened before in a commercial.

John C. Dvorak Oh, well.

Becky Worley Well, that’s I mean, it’s an ad.

Leo Laporte It’s an ad.

Becky Worley Come on it’s an ad.

Leo Laporte Yes but they lied.

Becky Worley Hey, total sidebar the Research In Motion, BlackBerry Apple Store this week.

Leo Laporte Yes, have you tried it.

Becky Worley No, what do you guys think?

Leo Laporte Well, it’s just another me too, it’s like the Adamo. Everybody wants to do the Apple Store. But the problem is you’ve been able to buy Blackberry applications on Handango and a lot of other sites for a long time. I don’t know if this changes the landscape at all. And it isn’t the – it’s never going to be as seamless as the Apple Store. I mean I think it’s the real problem. I mean I love the Bold and then I – what is it, the 8900’s very nice. But it ain’t an iPhone. What do you use?

Becky Worley I’m an iPhoner, but I was late convert because I didn’t want to leave Verizon.

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s a problem.

Becky Worley And I mean…

Leo Laporte Are you still E71 john or did you?

John C. Dvorak I actually, I have the E71 normally, but…

Leo Laporte What do you have today?

John C. Dvorak I got it. But three days out of the week I …

Leo Laporte It’s a Nokia. Beautiful Nokia.

Becky Worley Looks like something you put lipstick on with, turn it around.

John C. Dvorak It’s just compact.

Becky Worley Give me a break...

Leo Laporte You know what, there is it – is it – doesn’t somebody advertise that you can now use your phone as a mirror?

Becky Worley Yes, yes, well the Pre has that. The Pre is so chick focused you would not believe this?

Leo Laporte Is it – do you think that the Pre is aimed at chicks?

Becky Worley Number one: it has the hockey puck so you just don’t have any wires. You put the Pre down on hockey puck and it charges. So chicks hates wires.

Leo Laporte That’s aesthetic. Really?

John C. Dvorak Chicks hate wires.

Leo Laporte You should look under my desk.

Becky Worley I know, there’s no chicks here. And they ain’t never been under there. And so secondly there’s the issue of the mirror.

Leo Laporte The mirror?

Becky Worley There’s is a mirror built into the Pre.

Leo Laporte Is there a mirror in the back? Yes, I see that is for women isn’t it?

Becky Worley When you slide the Pre down that’s a mirror.

Leo Laporte Is that a market? Is there a market I mean is that – that’s kind of there’s they know from research that women want a mirror phone so they can look at themselves in the mirror when they do their lipstick?

Becky Worley I’ve no idea what the research is. Number three, it works with fingernails, the iPhone does not. It needs some electrostatic charge to actually pick up…

Leo Laporte You’re right. It only works with their finger tip.

Becky Worley So, if you are a claw chick you can’t use the iPhone properly.

John C. Dvorak If you are claw chick you can’t use the iPhone. Have you tried – see if you can use this.

Becky Worley I’ve got man hands, I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak Oh well you can’t tell me. So what’s…

Becky Worley This is great. But the Pre is very chick focused.

John C. Dvorak Anyway I was going to say half the other time I’m using a Gphone.

Becky Worley I love the – new one? Wait…

Leo Laporte You like the Gphone? Come on.

John C. Dvorak It’s kind of a clunky phone, but I like some of its features.

Becky Worley Wait, are we talking about the G1?

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte What do you like about it?

Becky Worley I love it.

John C. Dvorak I like the…

Leo Laporte You love it?

John C. Dvorak I like the bar code, I like the keyboard.

Becky Worley I like the glowing pearl.

Leo Laporte It’s sluggish.

John C. Dvorak Oh yes, but that can be fixed. It is sluggish.

Leo Laporte It’s sluggish. Well, it’s bad hardware. I’m not complaining about Android. I think Android might actually have a future. But the hardware is too slow for Android.

Becky Worley And it’s from T1. if you’re a T1 person this kicks the Sidekick’s butt.

Leo Laporte T1?

Becky Worley I mean from T-Mobile, sorry. So if you’re a T-Mobile person and I always look at phones based on carrier.

Leo Laporte Look I get that all the time.

John C. Dvorak Sorry the process Android – process…

Leo Laporte He’s stopped responding.

John C. Dvorak I don’t have this problem that much.

Leo Laporte I get this all the time. The Android process stop responding. You want to wait or cancel. I didn’t even do anything. I opened the phone and closed it. I didn’t do anything.

John C. Dvorak There’s something wrong with your phone.

Leo Laporte There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a piece of crap.

Becky Worley You know what else I love about that phone is the UPC Scanner.

Leo Laporte That is cool there’s like four different applications because you can take pictures of barcodes and then say where can I get this cheaper.

Becky Worley Cheaper. I take that thing shopping with me.

Leo Laporte Do you really use that? They must hate you.

Becky Worley With my iPhone.

Leo Laporte Have you ever been thrown out of the store doing that?

Becky Worley No, nobody’s ever seen me. I mean I haven’t done it enough for it to actually be an issue. But my point about T-Mobile is that most people think about phones based on what’s available within their carrier. Not the way that we think about phones, which is hardware.

Leo Laporte Yes, absolutely. People don’t want to shift. The iPhone has changed that. One third of iPhone buyers are new to AT&T. The iPhone is the first phone people have actually changed carriers. Which is…

Becky Worley Changed for, that is such a testament.

Leo Laporte …a brilliant move for AT&T that you have...

John C. Dvorak By the way you got a confirmation for the meeting tonight with Bambi love.

Leo Laporte Huh, I’ve been waiting for that. This – okay, see I like there is some things I like about this. Francisco.

John C. Dvorak It’s a real person.

Becky Worley I know.

Leo Laporte You could slide this down right.

Becky Worley I know it’s all touch, right?

Leo Laporte It doesn’t work. You are supposed to be able to slide this notification thing down.

Becky Worley May I do this?

Leo Laporte Yes, well how many times did I stroke it?

Becky Worley You’re trying too hard.

John C. Dvorak Well that’s what we’d – all be asking.

Leo Laporte I had to stroke it four times.

Becky Worley I didn’t even go there. I cannot believe this. Uh, on a Sunday no less.

John C. Dvorak You could find the innuendo in everything.

Becky Worley I think that the G1 is going to evolve and the bottom-line is I can’t wait for there to be competition for the iPhone that’s serious. And I think it’s the only one that’s shown up.

John C. Dvorak Well talking about the iPhone, talking about Dell and their Adamo thing. Don’t forget you made this on a few days ago. Michael Dell comes out and says that Dell’s going to kill the iPhone.

Leo Laporte Yes, great. With their phone? Yes. That’s good.

John C. Dvorak That’s good. That’s a classic.

Leo Laporte Well I am glad he feels strong you know he really he believes in his company.

Becky Worley It seems like they’re throwing everything at the wall right now. Just like we’re going to do servers, we’re going to do this, we’re going to do…

Leo Laporte They are troubled, they’re little bit troubled aren’t they?

Becky Worley Well who knows? Maybe it’s time to go big.

Leo Laporte Maybe. Verizon Wireless has confirmed that it is ready to enter the netbook market. Verizon, what are you looking for, John?

John C. Dvorak Well I noticed that my power thing is out.

Leo Laporte Oh, you better plug that in.

John C. Dvorak It’s seven hours on this Toshiba.

Becky Worley Is the whole point here that you don’t have to have an EVDO card? I mean, I don’t get what their point is.

Leo Laporte They want -- exactly. It’s a netbook that will be sold with 3G built in instead of having that card. The card sticks out a little bit, I guess if you really like the idea of really like notebook. Remember the AT&T sells these notebooks for 99 bucks at Radio Shack but you have to sign up for two years service. It’s the same model as the cell phone economics. We give you a subsidized notebook but you’re going to – we’re going to get you for two years. I think it’s an interesting…

Becky Worley Who does tech support?

Leo Laporte Aah, that’s a good question. If it’s Verizon you’re in trouble.

Becky Worley Well their customer service is okay. But I’m just curious if they are going to build out a whole tech support wing to help you with this, or if they are going to default to whomever the the operating system is.

Leo Laporte It’s from Acer, it’s going to be made by Acer. So I presume they could go to Acer.

Becky Worley But that sounds like one of those, woah…

Leo Laporte It makes sense though you know in a way a netbook costs less than a handset does, I mean they are three or four hundred bucks.

John C. Dvorak There’s less radios in them that’s why.

Leo Laporte Yes, well you got Bluetooth, you got WiFi, and if you have 3G the only thing you’re missing is the phone.

John C. Dvorak The GPS.

Leo Laporte Oh, you’re right. They don’t have GPS.

Becky Worley So, Sony, it has GPS built into it.

Leo Laporte The P90?

Becky Worley Their netbook. But they won’t call it a netbook the one they announced CES.

Leo Laporte The wide one. The weird wide one.

Becky Worley It looks like a purse. And it’s red and it’s gorgeous. 999.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s bad. It’s not good. No it’s not a netbook it’s just a piece of junk. It’s way overpriced. That is aimed at some yacht market. The AIG executive market.

Becky Worley I think that’s another chick product but playing on…

Leo Laporte But it’s wrong. It doesn’t work.

Becky Worley …chicks are dumb. They’ll just buy something that’s pretty and candy apple red. That bugs me.

John C. Dvorak Apparently.

Leo Laporte I have to go long enough from this show so that we can eliminate all the profanity and still have a 15 or 20 minute show left so let’s keep going.

Becky Worley It wasn’t profanity it was references.

John C. Dvorak It’s her fault.

Leo Laporte All the innuendo we just have to go long enough to eliminate the innuendo and still have a show.

John C. Dvorak I’m surprised she’s on network.

Becky Worley I’m taking my revenge right now.

Leo Laporte That’s why she’s doing this because she can’t -- bottled water sexes up snails.

Becky Worley Oh.

John C. Dvorak Who comes up with the stuff?

Becky Worley This is Leo throwing a dart at like Google News.

Leo Laporte That’s exactly what I’m doing at this point.

Becky Worley All right, okay. Explain this story then let’s move on to something actually interesting.

Leo Laporte A German study of commercially available bottled water…

John C. Dvorak Can you do this in German? Come on.

Leo Laporte Yes, will say founds contamination by chemicals that mimic natural sex hormones when the researchers raise snails in the water, they bred with extreme rapidity, a warning sign the chemicals were active.

Becky Worley Shocker, bottled water has stuff in it other than water.

John C. Dvorak Drugs.

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte But the azino hormone that they find in this stuff actually has been shown to reduce virility in boys and early onset of puberty in girls.

Becky Worley Discovery did a documentary.

John C. Dvorak That’s why we have all this sexting. That explains it all.

Leo Laporte What they should do is sue the bottles.

Becky Worley Discovery did a documentary about this 12 years ago showing that there was …

Leo Laporte That’s a bad stuff.

Becky Worley Just a proliferation of confused gender frogs as a result of water being contaminate.

Leo Laporte Is that true, really?

Becky Worley They did doc and said that we’re going to have a bunch of hermaphrodites and lo and behold we manage to be…

John C. Dvorak Just look around you.

Becky Worley A multi gender society that has gender fluidity and a lot of tolerance.

Leo Laporte So blame it on the water. Right, it’s the water.

John C. Dvorak Bottled water in particular.

Leo Laporte It’s the water

Becky Worley What do you guys think about this bill granting nonprofit status to newspapers?

John C. Dvorak Oh, the newspapers are going for the bailout.

Becky Worley I think this is genius.

Leo Laporte Actually it is genius. But can they still operate even -- I mean look at…

Becky Worley We’re profit.

Leo Laporte The San Francisco Chronicle is losing a million dollars a week. Will making the non-profit save them?

John C. Dvorak I can’t see it.

Leo Laporte I don’t see how. How much is their tax bill?

Becky Worley Okay right, they’ve already got a loss.

Leo Laporte They are losing. Yes, they are already a non profit.

Becky Worley How does KQED make money? Because maybe the issue is that they change their status they can seek donations.

John C. Dvorak Donations without being a non profit.

Leo Laporte That’s what I do.

Becky Worley Yeah, but you’re not a 503C.

Leo Laporte No, I don’t -- but I pay my taxes.

Becky Worley Yes, but the people who are donating to you don’t get a tax writeoff.

Leo Laporte No, they don’t and we don’t -- actually my accountant said you really shouldn’t call it a donation in case people think they are going to get a write off. So now I say you know, it’s just money for the booze and women.

Becky Worley It’s amazing that you’ve made this work. I really – it just -- my invisible hand is just blowing up.

John C. Dvorak Not any more, this is going to be the show. This is going to be the show that ends the TWiT Network. It’ll just be all over. You – it’ll be -- and I’m blaming you Worley, I’m blaming you Worley it all was going great until we brought Worley on.

Becky Worley Oh, again.

John C. Dvorak You’ve been putting it off for while.

Leo Laporte I have been and now I know why because she’s just you know…

John C. Dvorak She’s a dirty girl.

Leo Laporte She’s a dirty little girl.

Becky Worley That’s not -- I’m here with my father.

Leo Laporte I adore, I adore Becky.

John C. Dvorak She’s a misogynist.

Leo Laporte I put it off because she was busy being a mommy.

John C. Dvorak She’s actually nice even though you’d think she’s a misogynist but in fact she’s not.

Becky Worley No, you reversed the compliment.

Leo Laporte She’s a sismogynist.

Becky Worley Oh.

Leo Laporte So, now that I know she’s a lumberjack. I want to have her back more.

John C. Dvorak She’s a homogynist.

Leo Laporte I got some wood in the back if you – no I shouldn’t have said that.

John C. Dvorak In the back? How did you accomplish that?

Leo Laporte Almost anything can be interpreted wrongly. I want to talk about…

Becky Worley So bad.

Leo Laporte I want to talk about the Game Developers Conference in just a little bit. And actually a very interesting announcement from Steve Perlman, the guy who created QuickTime and WebTV. He’s got a new product that could change everything.

John C. Dvorak This is your new sponsor.

Leo Laporte It could be. This is really interesting.

John C. Dvorak I visited it.

Leo Laporte I think it is very interesting. But first I want to talk about GoToMeeting and then we’ll get on to that. GoToMeeting from the folks said Citrix. We love Citrix they do those great remote access things like GoToMeeting, GoToAssist, and GoToMyPC. GoToMeeting is so that you don’t have to have these meetings in person anymore. No more travel. You – just you go to, download it right now. It’s free for the next 30 days. You set it up on your computer and then by the way Macro PC and then next time you are on the phone with somebody and you are going crazy because you’re trying to do a conference call and they are either falling asleep, they’re not paying attention. May be they are just not getting what you are saying because just it’s not very visual and you’re saying well it would look like this and they can’t they can’t visualize. You say look I’m sorry. What was I thinking? Go to, here’s the meeting ID nine numbers do-do-do. Suddenly within a minute they are seeing what’s on your desk top. They are seeing your computer screen. They’re seeing the PowerPoint or the keynote presentation. They’re seeing the web pages, the drawings. You can work together you can collaborate.

We just did a GoToMeeting, a great GoToMeeting to plan our new audio system in here and it was amazing. I could see pictures, we could do drawings. That’s in real time I mean it’s already there. It’s just phenomal. Go to you’ve got to try this. It is free for 30 days when you use TWiT. And by the way very affordable if you decide to keep using it.

The one low monthly rate for as many meetings as you want as long as want really makes this useful. You’re in real estate, this would be great for you. You could show houses. Incredible. On line meetings made easy. I’m sure some of your clients, I’m talking to Becky’s dad. He’s at real estate in Hawaii. Some of your clients are in the continental U.S. they want to see the house. They want to see the drawings. They want to see the plans. You’d go – you throw them – you’re there, man, you’ve got them., give it a try today. You’re going to love it. And I thank them so much for their support for the show.

John, I forgot we got to do these commercials a little bit longer. Give you a little more time get up those stairs. Are you okay now?

John C. Dvorak I’m kind of winded, but I think I’ll be okay in a minute.

Leo Laporte There’s some chocolate and cheese. Do you – did you get some chocolate?

John C. Dvorak I think I need some water.

Becky Worley There’s a claw-toothed, claw-foot bathtub up there.

Leo Laporte Yes, isn’t that great? This is an old bread and breakfast. Before that it was -- next door is a lumber magnate and built this beautiful house at the turn of this century. He was a hard wood guy. And of course that’s why we have this wood panelling and he built this for his daughter. He had two daughters when they got married. He built this cottage and as a duplicate cottage about a mile away. And they were for his daughters and it’s a beautiful little cottage.

Becky Worley When you said TWiT cottage, I thought that was a euphemism for strip mall. Like right off the 101, this is the ...

Leo Laporte No, no, no, why would I live so far away from the center of the universe, San Francisco, the Silicon Valley and try to do a technology show unless it was the greatest place in the world? That’s really why I’m here.

Becky Worley I’m afraid to tell any story now because it’s going to have double ententre.

John C. Dvorak Wood in the back.

Becky Worley The last time then I was up in Petaluma was when we had the Call For Help slumber party with lemon drops and hot tubbing.

John C. Dvorak That was great.

Leo Laporte And Knob Creek. I think it was the Knob Creek that did you in.

Becky Worley It was the Knob Creek that did me in.

John C. Dvorak The Knob Creek, eh?

Leo Laporte So, and I came downstairs the next morning a few of you I guess didn’t, rightly so, didn’t want to drive home because it had been a big party and you were a little you know happy. And so we provided sleeping bags we cleared out the living room and imagine my surprise when I came downstairs I stumbled over a sleeping bag with Becky Worley and there’s somebody else in it, too.

Becky Worley My father’s here!

Leo Laporte How did you get both of you’s in that thing? Both of you’s.

John C. Dvorak You’re the one that brought it up you’re asking for trouble.

Leo Laporte No, that was a fun party, wasn’t it? That was such a great party.

Becky Worley To expect discretion in this environment is foolhardy.

Leo Laporte Foolhardy, that’s sounds like a Thureaux quote. To express, expect discretion in this environment would be foolhardy.

Becky Worley I think if I wanted to really do it right I’d say it’s folly.

Leo Laporte Folly?

John C. Dvorak All right. So we have anything else on our…

Leo Laporte [103:30] On live. So what do you think Steven Perlman who has, really has a pretty good track record. He created Web TV sold it 400 some million to Microsoft.

Becky Worley Microsoft.

John C. Dvorak Microsoft, where they just languished.

Leo Laporte Well they killed it but…

Becky Worley I almost worked on that project. They were trying to turn Moesha into a click and buy TV show.

Leo Laporte Really?

Becky Worley So that you could click on Moesha’s top and say that’s a J.C. Penny for $12.

Leo Laporte Now see, I think that’s brilliant. What happened? That’s a great idea.

John C. Dvorak These things have been…

Becky Worley It was way before it’s time.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte That’s the thing, I mean, it could still be – it could be good now.

Becky Worley They’re trying to do that right now with that Google.

Leo Laporte Alex, our friend Alex Lindsay says he does – he really thinks people like REI should be making Web TV shows. Camping with Joe, that are completely clickable. Hey I like that tent. You click on it, you buy it.

Becky Worley Right.

Leo Laporte And it’s content…

John C. Dvorak It’s called a catalog.

Leo Laporte But it’s a catalog. It’s a catalog and its content.

Becky Worley But that’s the whole point like we’re just the state when you can do it with pictures.

John C. Dvorak It’s like the Peterman Catalog where they have a long lecture about the guy in the jungle and he found his hat.

Leo Laporte I love that catalog.

Becky Worley Advertorial. Perlman.

Leo Laporte So he’s created a thing that if it works will actually, I think, revolutionize not only the game industry but cloud computing in general. This is really cloud computing. It’s called On Live. The idea is that you can use cheap old crappy hardware or even a small device attached to you like the size of iPhone attached to your TV and play high end very challenging video games like Crisis, Far cry on these devices because all the work is done not locally on your local computer but done on the server.

They -- now, of course the first thing you think is well okay that makes sense. But how are you going to get this to happen in real time for first person shooter? You’ve got to render the stuff out there on the server somehow this high definition video’s got to come down to my screen I shoot somebody it’s got to go backup, it’s got to all happen. They claim they’ve solved that. They have partners that make me think they maybe something there at Electronic Arts, Atari, Eidos, some of the biggest gaming companies, of course, obviously missing in Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Because this completely kills their market. It also by the way and I could see why Atari and EA are interested it eliminates software piracy. But here’s the interesting play they claimed that they can do this with some interesting packet compression technology. But I think the secret sauce they haven’t mentioned is the partners on this are going to be the Internet service providers. Companies like Comcast and Verizon who are going to sell gaming packages. So buy our Internet Access but if you buy our special gaming package we’ll prioritize this On Live content and then include the $15 a month On Live subscription. You could play any game you want high-end gaming.

Becky Worley Well, they are saying standard def 1.5 meg downstream. And then…

Leo Laporte 720p for 5 megs downstream.

Becky Worley So, that incentive there. But what gamer isn’t going to have the highest speed already if they are playing online multiplayer games?

Leo Laporte Well I don’t think this is aimed at the high end gamer. I mean the high end gamer is going to still have the PC or the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. What it does is – and this why again why the game companies are interested, introduces a whole new casual gamer market. There’s lot of people who don’t play Madden even though they love it. Because they don’t want to go out and get an Xbox, they don’t want to get the disk, spend the money. May be they won’t like it’ but hey, if it’s on your TV already or you could play it on our old Mac laptop. There’s a market for it.

Becky Worley Maybe, I think casual gaming to me screams out Bejeweled and the Wii.

Leo Laporte Well it does – but it won’t in the long run. Look at the Wii don’t knock the Wii. You know they have sold more balance boards than Sony’s sold PlayStation 3’s?

Becky Worley That was – I loved one of the things I’ve read about that. There was a collective sucking in of breath. Specifically for Sony when that was announced by Nintendo.

Leo Laporte That’s so sad.

John C. Dvorak So, the – I went to GDC and looked around saw that stuff.

Leo Laporte What do you think?

Becky Worley That’s the last show I would expect you to go to.

John C. Dvorak Thank you.

Becky Worley You don’t even go to CES and you going to the GDC?

John C. Dvorak I happened to be having -- it was like the two block walk. So, I figured I would stop in.

Becky Worley You are so random.

Leo Laporte I would. I think GDC is interesting.

John C. Dvorak Well, it’s packed.

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak In fact the streets were so – I have been to a lot of shows in San Francisco now and again. And the streets were so packed that it was – I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean it was some…

Becky Worley Really.

John C. Dvorak Yes, I were talking packed.

Leo Laporte Is this around Moscone.

John C. Dvorak Yes, it was just packed, packed.

Leo Laporte Because even like Macworld is not packed.

John C. Dvorak No, it was packed -- the streets. But anyway so I went inside and I -- the place was pretty jumping and they had all these different things going on and I looked at that. I don’t know I’m buying into the lot of this stuff. It’s like…

Leo Laporte You think this is -- now what’s the deal? Do you think that they’re overselling it? It’s not going to be as cool or…

John C. Dvorak No, I, you know the games…

Leo Laporte If they could do it would it be a big deal?

John C. Dvorak The games look good actually and they got the little box they had that you show and something similar to that, and I don’t know it is just something about it, I can’t tell you what it is yet but I have a negative attitude.

Leo Laporte That’s a surprise.

John C. Dvorak Shocking.

Becky Worley Maybe it’s got that sort of feel.

Leo Laporte I think here’s the deal, I mean if you could do this, it is not just gaming, it’s everything, a high-end video editing or anything that’s too challenging for your little box. Now you can do over a server. I think the ISPs jump on this -- who jumps on this because Comcast look, Comcast is dying.

John C. Dvorak There is a variable in here somewhere that I suspect.

Leo Laporte That’s the variable.

John C. Dvorak Going to be – involve gouging.

Leo Laporte That’s the variable. I will tell you why, Comcast says crickey, well they don’t say crickey but they say something like crickey, what are we going to do crickey, crickey, crickey mate, what are we going to do when people can get all the TV that they want free over the internet? I have already talked to these guys. They hate it because they don’t make enough money on bits. They want to charge you for premium services. Here’s a great solution. Oh, yeah we will give you internet service and for 15 bucks more we will give you the Gold service that let’s you play any game you want, lets you do any kind of high-end computing. I think this is who’s really behind all this.

Becky Worley Do you do this on a la carte basis though? I mean that’s the thing, that’s a barrier to me as the perception that you are going to pick up on a monthly premium.

John C. Dvorak No, no, no.

John C. Dvorak Well people pay monthly premium now for HBO. I mean...

Becky Worley I will tell you Business Week is reporting that the number one thing people are looking to cut in their tech bills is their cable bills.

Leo Laporte Really.

Becky Worley And they are slashing -- GMA, biggest hit.

Leo Laporte You know why? You know why Hulu and BitTorrent. People are starting to realise I don’t need to pay for the United States of Terror. I will just BitTorrent, I don’t have to get Showtime.

John C. Dvorak Well, I don’t buy in to that.

Becky Worley I don’t know about BitTorrent.

Leo Laporte You think that’s too complicated for people?

Becky Worley Yeah.

Leo Laporte Alright Hulu then.

Becky Worley Hulu and maybe their...

John C. Dvorak You can’t get HBO on Hulu.

Becky Worley Yeah, but you can get all of the HBO series a year later by just getting Netflix or Blockbuster.

Leo Laporte On DVD. People are happy to get it on DVD.

John C. Dvorak DVD is a good solution.

Becky Worley Yeah, I mean that’s why the BitTorrent thing is may be 1% of the pie. We are talking about lots of other solutions.

Leo Laporte It’s available on iTunes too. I mean maybe that‘s kind of the middle, that’s not the easiest but it’s the middle of the road, people can figure out how to buy Sopranos on iTunes.

Becky Worley I mean, it is ESPN 360 if you ask me.

John C. Dvorak Oh, how do I do this? There it is…

Leo Laporte No, I never underestimate.

John C. Dvorak You see there is a low thing there for the...

Leo Laporte You pressed the button.

John C. Dvorak How much is it?

Becky Worley I just love the bubble, that’s my favourite part about being on the show.

Leo Laporte What is the bubble?

Becky Worley I just feel like...

Leo Laporte That we are out of touch with the common man.

John C. Dvorak Oh, I know that.

Becky Worley Doing a show, I mean...

John C. Dvorak We are not doing the show for the common man. We are doing it for our...

Becky Worley Agreed, but your assessment about technology and its future is a little bit bubble oriented like think about Regis and Kathy Lee.

Leo Laporte We are just ahead of it. I agree, we’re just ahead. It’s not that what we are saying is not going to happen. It’s just that we’re a little bit ahead.

John C. Dvorak I think that she has become an idealist. She works for the big boys – she works for the man ABC and so she’s – reads those memos and the memos are obviously put together by the brain dead executives that run the TV stations.

Becky Worley Oh, who is sounding like Adam Curry now.

John C. Dvorak No, I mean anyone knows what the suit is and the other guys who are running these networks and they dream stuff up that is crazy. Like that show that you were talking about earlier, I mean the thing is an obvious flop before it even the shows up, let’s face reality.

Becky Worley Listen Judge Judy...

Leo Laporte No, not Judge Judy he is talking about the housewives, the mothers, the mothers of...

John C. Dvorak She is calling me judgmental, but the fact of the matter is, I mean and this is when. So, this is the prospect that you’ve adopted openly.

Becky Worley No, they want to be, they want to quit or they want to be on the cutting edge, but the point is the economics speak for themselves. I think Leo’s point is the middle ground for both of us which is that technology is cool, we are looking at the future of the gear but the economics of it are such that I think...

John C. Dvorak Leo likes everything.

Leo Laporte No, I think you are right.

Becky Worley It’s delusional to think that all this stuff isn’t going to fall off the edge of a cliff, it’s like the 20% of all VC projects succeed. I think that’s economics, not technology.

John C. Dvorak That’s a high number.

Leo Laporte The economics are bad right now. We are in a bad situation. We are going to be in a bad situation. I just believe the technology kind of has its own momentum that transcends economics. I don’t think, I think people are not going to buy shiny crap anymore, good, that’s fine. I don’t think that’s what propels fundamental technological revolutions and there is a fundamental revolution going on in media that’s going to happen regardless and in fact in some ways the economy fosters it, look what’s happening in newspapers; that wouldn’t have happened for another 10 years if it weren’t for the bad economy, the bad economy is hastening the fall of newspapers.

Becky Worley For me the great point about computer journalism that if you look back 12 years ago it was Computer Shopper and all the ZD pubs....

Leo Laporte Look at that.

Becky Worley And now they are all gone but look how much more, so much more employment, so much more driving the economy and I hope that the cool factor of tech stays and that we don’t lose that...

Leo Laporte No it will, I think these trends are fundamental. I think one of the reasons, I know people hate it when I talk about Twitter, but one of the reasons I talk about Twitter is it’s a communications trend that is very interesting. I don’t think TWiT, I couldn’t care less about Twitter but the trend is very interesting of how people are communicating in real time. The email is too slow for people. They want to, it could be text messaging we could be talking about, they want the text messaging...

John C. Dvorak I wrote a column recently in PC Magazine saying the death of email. I find that those bunches of people I send them email, they never answer or I don’t even know.

Leo Laporte I don’t answer, I can’t email. I am overwhelmed.

John C. Dvorak You have never emailed ever.

Becky Worley No the guy gets like 5,000 emails.

Leo Laporte It’s gotten worse. It’s overwhelming, but people want more. I think what they want is more interactive, more real time – Kevin Rose told us last week he is doing this three sentences thing. If he can’t answer an email in three sentences he just doesn’t. It’s got to be three sentences or nothing and that’s inspired by Twitter, that’s inspired by the whole idea of the quick short real time interactivity started with instant messaging; that wasn’t quite enough, people are now moving to something more global and that’s what I am saying, but those things, my point is those things happen regardless of the economy. In fact in some ways they may happen faster because of a bad economy than they would have happened.

Becky Worley Well, the newspaper death for sure.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s a, there’s a prime example isn’t it?

Becky Worley Did you read that article about, it was really interesting, they were looking back at a conference 14 years ago where they had the guys at Time Warner looking at how they were going to monetize the internet and it was just ludicrous.

John C. Dvorak These are the people you work for by the way.

Leo Laporte It’s the same people, they are not gone, they are not gone. Who runs ABC?

Becky Worley Disney.

Leo Laporte Is Eiger still in charge. No, he is gone. Is Bob Eiger still there.

John C. Dvorak No, is he, I don’t know. You should know you work there.

Becky Worley I am a contributor, David Weston is the guy who is the head of news.

Leo Laporte Weston signs your check.

Becky Worley He is all about the new technologies and the fact that...

Leo Laporte Because that’s a very fashionable thing to say. I have questioned whether he, I questioned whether they understand it or they have any commitment to that.

Becky Worley Disagree because advertising dollars, the advertisers are scared out of their minds that they are missing the boat on the audience and they are seeking those new...

John C. Dvorak They should be giving Leo.

Leo Laporte They are, guess where they are going, I am rich.

John C. Dvorak More money.

Leo Laporte No, seriously I expected fully in the bad economy that our, we would lose our advertising and we would be totally based on donations for a couple of years. I had business plans. I had business plans, said who I would fire. I totally was prepared for a complete slowdown and I thought how am I going to decelerate this.

John C. Dvorak This isn’t the real one.

Leo Laporte It’s gone completely opposite. The advertisers are fleeing the expensive mainstream media and coming to more targeted cheaper but more effective advertising.

Becky Worley Measurable.

Leo Laporte Measurable too, yeah and that’s really, we have more advertisers than ever before.

Becky Worley And I think that’s...

John C. Dvorak We noticed.

Leo Laporte No, but I am holding the line at three a show, that’s all. We could sell five a show. We could sell six a show.

John C. Dvorak Any bets on this.

Leo Laporte No, no I’m holding the line at three a show. I really think one per half hour is all I can do.

Becky Worley If you have me and Calacanis you could have five.

Leo Laporte We could do more but I don’t want to, I think that’s – no, no that’s the value proposition is, you are not in a cluttered environment you know, we charge more per, our cost per thousand’s higher than broadcast because it’s not a cluttered environment. I don’t want to have 18 minutes of spots an hour, that’s what radio does.

Becky Worley It’s always been...

John C. Dvorak No, radio’s horrible.

Leo Laporte And it’s useless. I was trying to watch Dancing With The Stars, I couldn’t because they do a dance, we’ll be back 5 minutes of spots, now they give the votes, will be back 5 minutes of spot, it was un-watchable.

John C. Dvorak I don’t watch anything that is not DVR.

Leo Laporte I know you have that technique. I just didn’t think it.

Becky Worley I started watching ads, I missed them. Occasionally I stop and watch the ads.

Leo Laporte You’ve been chopping too much wood.

John C. Dvorak No, no, this is, she is actually by the law, by contract working for ABC she has to say that.

Becky Worley But you know what it is because I test these ads. So, now I have stopped to watch them to see what I can test. Now I watch the Infomercials nonstop, speaking of which the ShamWow guy got arrested.

Leo Laporte What?

John C. Dvorak Big news.

Leo Laporte For what, what did he do?

Becky Worley Punched a prostitute.

John C. Dvorak I don’t know, it was a prostitute?

Becky Worley The Smoking Gun reports...

John C. Dvorak He tried to wipe a prostitute off with ShamWow, didn’t work out. Tried to pay with ShamWows.

Becky Worley Smoking Gun is reporting that Vince Offer, otherwise – his real name is Offer Shlomi was arrested in Florida for punching a prostitute. They have negotiated a deal and somewhere in this situation there was a bite and there was a punch and that’s what the Smoking Gun is reporting.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Becky Worley I know I had to break the news at the end of the show.

John C. Dvorak I think he would have snapped her with ShamWow.

Becky Worley That guy’s an interesting – He sued the Church the Scientology once. He sued Anna Nicole Smith for reneging on a movie deal. He did a movie that the New York Post called, I think the quote is and I’m roughly recalling this, the most sophomoric adolescent movie ever made. He is a very interesting character, Offer Shlomi.

Leo Laporte Well, I want to play the ShamWow ad now, I’m very excited.

Becky Worley Hey camera guy are you following me.

Leo Laporte Who’s the guy who shouts? He’s everywhere.

Becky Worley Billy Mays.

Leo Laporte Billy Mays.

Becky Worley He’s actually got a new show.

Leo Laporte What’s his story?

Becky Worley He...

John C. Dvorak He’s got polyps apparently.

Leo Laporte I bet he does.

Becky Worley He and Vince Offer both were pitchmen at flea market and Billy Mays he says he is very discerning in the infomercial products that he picks up and he’s now got a show that’s launching..

John C. Dvorak Yeah. Only the big guys who pay the big money.

Becky Worley Yeah. He’s got a show that’s launching on Discovery called, I believe it’s called the Pitchman and he goes through products with people and decides whether or not it will be a good infomercial.

Leo Laporte Oh this mug shot. Oh...

John C. Dvorak On the Smoking Gun?

Becky Worley Hey camera guy, you following me here.

Leo Laporte He looks like something bad happened.

Becky Worley Oh why? It’s never good.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Becky Worley But you wouldn’t think that the lighting in the ShamWow commercial would be so good that there was such a difference between...

Leo Laporte He looks like he’s wearing hospital jammies. What is he wearing?

Becky Worley He is wearing a hospital gown.

John C. Dvorak Maybe he got beat up by the girl.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Becky Worley That’s what, there was apparently some bad juju to have happened.

Leo Laporte Wow.

John C. Dvorak Hey.

Leo Laporte That’s not good when a prostitute makes you really look bad.

Becky Worley Have you guys ever seen the Extends commercials?

Leo Laporte No, what’s that?

Becky Worley Oh, it must be a East Coast thing..

Leo Laporte You really are’ve really become the expert.

John C. Dvorak You have become this, the National Inquirer of the TWiT show.

Becky Worley I know. Look, there is a fine line between technology and consumer reporting at the mass market level.

Vince Offer Hi, it’s Vince with ShamWow. You’ll be saying wow every time you use this towel. It’s like a chamois, it’s like a towel, it’s like a sponge. A regular towel doesn’t work wet. This works wet or dry. This is for the house, the car, the boat, the RV. ShamWow holds 20 times its weight in liquid, look at this. It just does the work. Why do you want to work twice as hard? Doesn’t drip, doesn’t make a mess? Wring it out. You wash it in the washing machine. Made in Germany. You know the Germans always make good stuff. You can cut it in half, use one as a bath mat, dry the dishes with the other one. Use one as a towel. Olympic divers they use it as a towel, look at that, completely dry. Put a wet sweater, roll it up, it dries your sweaters. Here’s some cola, wine, coffee, cola, stains, not only is the damage going to be on top. That is going to smell, see that. We are going to do this in real time. Put on the spill, turn it over without even putting any pressure, 50% of the cola – you following me, camera guy. The cola starts to come up. No, other towel’s going to do that. It acts like a vacuum and look at this virtually dry in the bottom. See what I’m telling you? ShamWow, you’ll be saying wow every time. I can’t live without it. I just love it.

Becky Worley And now his product is the SlapChop.

John C. Dvorak So, here is what I don’t get about the commercial. I have always thought about this. If the thing soaks up so much water, why would you put it in the washing machine. It’s just going to soak up all the water you...

Becky Worley Dry washing.

John C. Dvorak What happened? My wash...

Becky Worley By the way... I did that thing with the pie pan and soaking up 20 times the water, towel does the same thing.

Leo Laporte Really.

Becky Worley Terri cloth. Space-age technology.

Leo Laporte Did you do that on ABC on Good Morning America?

Becky Worley I have like 12 packages of ShamWow. I have been giving away. I should have brought them.

John C. Dvorak Oh I could use one.

Becky Worley I will bring them next time, the boat, the RV...

Leo Laporte Did you contact the, the ShamWow people.

Becky Worley This is the thing...

Vince Offer Hi, it’s Vince with SlapChop. You are going to be in a great mood all day because you are going to be slapping your troubles away with the SlapChop. Now look, here is a potato, one slap you got big chunks for stew, two slaps home fries in a second. Look at this, if you add a mushroom?

Leo Laporte I would buy anything he sells. This is better than Billy Mays.

Becky Worley Your walking down the Jersey shore and this guy is hawking something. You got your wallet out before you can even turn a step, this guy is brilliant.

Leo Laporte This is actually what Malcolm Gladwell was saying in Outliers that you have 10,000 hours of experience that’s what it takes to become an expert. These guys sold this crap for 20 years. Day in day out they got so good they can’t lose now, right.

Becky Worley CNBC says that ShamWow commercial’s the best infomercial ever and that he is the best pitchman.

John C. Dvorak No, I don’t know. The old days with Barry Boettcher when he used to do those commercials for the Ginsu knife.

Leo Laporte Those are good.

John C. Dvorak I thought he really set the...I think that even Boettcher was better than that because the Ginsu knife came out, when they – they always had these – you know like they cutting through fish and smashing tomatoes...

Becky Worley No, no, it was ...

Leo Laporte They cut a penny.

Becky Worley You would do all the cutting and then you would have razor thin on the tomato, the tomato was the ultimate test.

John C. Dvorak But no, they always show an old -- if you didn’t have this knife, you use a regular knife, you push it down, the tomato just explodes.

Becky Worley Oh no, have you ever had a situation where you are trying to dry the dog but the towel’s sopping wet, oh no. This is my business now. Infomercials have become my business.

Leo Laporte I think this is a good angle for you actually.

Becky Worley It’s fun.

Billy Mays Hi, Billy Mays here for MightyPutty, the easy way to fix, fill and seal virtually anything fast...

Leo Laporte This is early Billy Mays. He didn’t really shout quite as much...

John C. Dvorak I like the ...

Becky Worley He warms up, wait till he gets...

Leo Laporte So, he gets shouting at the end.

John C. Dvorak If you go to the older commercials where they used to use this, some sort of this – I think they started off selling car wax or something, remember those and they would throw lighter food on a Bentley and then light up and then wax it down. So, I ran into one of the guys who leased his Bentley to the infomercial company and he had to sue them because apparently it – it ruined the paint no matter what they showed you.

Leo Laporte Oh my god. The flying spur polished with new, let’s see...

Becky Worley Billy Mays has become such a cult that there are dub-overs of, I mean just on YouTube, just tons and tons. It’s like -- so great and it is fun, I get a lot of the products, I get to test them all. There is some that I love.

Leo Laporte That’s a good gig, that’s a good gig.

Becky Worley There is some that I, you know...

John C. Dvorak Test some computers for us.

Leo Laporte So, you come on GMA and you will sort this stuff out. You will say well this works, this doesn’t work.

Becky Worley I give it a real grade and...

John C. Dvorak So, what’s the best product out there right now for the people who want to know?

Leo Laporte How about that sweater thing? Remember that.

Becky Worley Sweater balls.

Leo Laporte No not sweater balls.

John C. Dvorak Oh the sweater shaver.

Leo Laporte The, the sweater hanger. Remember that.

Becky Worley I haven’t used that. I like...

John C. Dvorak I want that thing where it squeezes the air out, get me one of those.

Leo Laporte Oh those are good.

Becky Worley Oh those are good.

Leo Laporte You have to have a vacuum cleaner, yeah.

John C. Dvorak But there is also one you just roll it and then you push it and...

Becky Worley No, space bags are the best. That’s the one with the vacuum cleaner. I like the H2O mop, that’s a good one. The swivel sweeper.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute the H2O mop, does it use water?

Becky Worley Shocker. They are not real, just sort of subtle in the advertising.

Leo Laporte The H2O mop uses water.

Becky Worley It’s a steamer.

Leo Laporte But it works, you say it works.

Unknown Speaker We all know how our floors get dirty, the spills, the food, the dirt, the pets but how do we get the...?

Leo Laporte This is over produced.

Becky Worley Yeah, it is.

Leo Laporte There is too much production. If you just get a guy on and...

John C. Dvorak They should get Billy Mays.

Leo Laporte They should get Billy Mays.

Becky Worley I went to Telebrands Incorporated in Bergen County, New Jersey to speak with the folks who make a lot of these and they do pitch meetings where they look at all the products that are available and they try to determine what will make a good infomercial and when I was there that day they were really interested in the mangroomer which is a shaver, an electric shaver on an elbow such that a guy can shave his own backyard and they thought that would be a great infomercial.

John C. Dvorak Is this another product out of Germany?

Becky Worley You know the Germans, they make good stuff.

John C. Dvorak They got the hairy backs.

Becky Worley And they thought that could be and I am actually working on my own which is muffin top girdle and I own anyone who is a cybersquatter out there...

John C. Dvorak That’s the style, it’s called muffin tops.

Leo Laporte Muffin top girdle, is it designed to give you a muffin top or to secure the muffin top?

Becky Worley No, it locks it down and it smoothes as it transitions from your area to your jeans.

Leo Laporte Ladies and gentleman, I just want to thank you all for being here. I think it’s time to wrap up. I want to thank Becky Worley, you can find her in the infomercial aisle at Good Morning America.

Becky Worley That’s right.

Leo Laporte And it’s so nice to see you again. Thank you for coming by,

Becky Worley It’s lovely to be here.

Leo Laporte You can come back in a few years once the stigma has worn off.

John C. Dvorak You’re in the cycle.

Leo Laporte No, no you are in the cycle absolutely.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, the two-year cycle.

Leo Laporte There is a couple of cycles. There’s different cycles. John C. Dvorak is at channeldvorak.

John C. Dvorak Oh yes,

Leo Laporte Yes, that’s where you could follow him and all the wonderful goings-on. We want to remind you that we are at That’s where all the other shows are. There are – much of them are – have less profanity and that the TWiT Picks.

John C. Dvorak I don’t think that much profanity per se.

Becky Worley There wasn’t that much profanity.

John C. Dvorak It was just innuendo. Thanks to her.

Leo Laporte I like innuendo.

Becky Worley We have been friends for 10 years.

Leo Laporte And believe me we’ve shared some innuendo.

Becky Worley We have.

Leo Laporte When Becky comes in the door, love goes innuendo. We want to remind everybody TWiT Picks is a place to find many of the products we talk about on this show and Colleen always tells me you got to plug TWiT Picks more so. There it is, and today it’s the apple 15” laptop, my laptop, which I love a lot but all the stuff that we have talked about in the show. Maybe we’ll even do the ShamWow.

John C. Dvorak I think you should start selling.

Leo Laporte I don’t know. I don’t think that...

John C. Dvorak Selling the ShamWow.

Leo Laporte I need to get more experience on the streets before I get..

Becky Worley The streets of Petaluma.

Leo Laporte The streets of Petaluma.

John C. Dvorak I bet you, you could pick up that, that banter rather quickly.

Leo Laporte I think I probably could. I think it’d come to me.

Becky Worley You know Leo would be good, he’s likeable. He’s just fundamentally likeable.

Leo Laporte Coming up in just a little bit, Match Game memories, I forgot to mention that we are going to get Mr. Dick DeBartolo on here. We are going to go back in time and remember the good old days of the Match Game which he was the writer for “Save the Match Game.”

John C. Dvorak I was thinking Dick DeBartolo.

Leo Laporte Dick DeBartolo.

John C. Dvorak I was thinking of the owner of the ’49ers.

Leo Laporte Not Eddy DeBartolo, Dick Dick DeBartolo, it’s very confusing. Another TWiT, is in the can.