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Episode 194


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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, episode 194 for May 11, 2009, Red Shirt Guy Gets It.

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Welcome everybody to TWiT. Just want to kind of explain what we are doing which is a little bit out of the ordinary. It turns out that the twits have an unusual reverence for Mother’s Day and I extended invitations to fully dozen people to be on the show and some I haven’t heard from, Kevin Rose I still haven’t heard from, Debbie Jones I haven’t heard from, Wil Harris I haven’t heard from; but those I heard from are with their mommies and I think that’s a wonderful thing.

But here’s a bunch of guys who don’t like their mothers. And we’re also going use – we’re also going to use TalkShoe today to open it up to our audience. So, I’m calling this the volunteer TWiT. Let’s start by saying hello to Alex Lindsay who is always welcome on the show. Alex is one of the hosts of MacBreak Weekly and he is of course the Head of the Pixel Corps, and lives down the street. So, we pretty much get him in here.

Alex Lindsay I just wandered over.

Leo Laporte He is a freebie. So I’ll tell you; somebody else who just wandered in; Brian Daniel Eisenberg, he is at He was just in town from Seattle. You were a visiting a lot of different things, yeah?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I have been, yeah. I started out at the Star Trek viewing that Arrington put on and met with Scoble and crashed TechCrunch headquarters, crashed FriendFeed headquarters, then had lunch with Louis, well Louis is the one that took me down to both TechCrunch and FriendFeed. And then, gosh, then I was at Scott Beale’s event last night.

Leo Laporte Well you were doing the whole scene.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg So it’s been a very, very important productive trip.

Alex Lindsay I didn’t realize it was so “happening”. You know, I don’t even know that most of this stuff exists. Someone’s left me off…

Leo Laporte We live within inches of the San Francisco epicentre of all things, Web 2.0 and yet because we’re about an hour North by car, we get this great kind of removal too. And I don’t mind that so much.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I love it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you live in Seattle. So, you are also at an epicentre.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah, but there is a little –

Leo Laporte You were saying it’s a little more relaxed.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg It’s a little more relaxed and it’s not – the investment community, I think, is not quite as evolved as well...

Leo Laporte Well, that’s why it’s not relaxed. There’s money and there’s everybody is hoping to make – everybody is hoping to score. This is where people are gunning to make money.

Also here Louis Gray. I don’t know what Louis is doing here on Mother’s Day, he is a proud papa, brand new papa.

Louis Gray Well, the good news is the twins are asleep right now. So that won’t last forever. I was told the audio is coming into you guys but not over the stream. So there might be some work to do there. My mother’s doing great; my wife is also taking a nap. One of the advantages is you try and sleep when the kids sleep and that’s how we got time for you guys.

Leo Laporte I’m so glad you could be here, Louis is a regular on FriendFeed as well. He’s at, a great blog site, in fact you’ve become a kind of almost an instant FriendFeed and Twitter celebrity because of your great blog posts and Twitter’s been very, very good to you, hasn’t it?

Louis Gray All right, I appreciate that. It’s an interesting thing – I am one of the few people who was on FriendFeed well before Twitter. I was really kind of a lagger on Twitter because I didn’t want to get into that. But I recognize that you kind of have to go where the people are; you can’t be a hold-out and say one way is the right way.

I got onto FriendFeed very early on and saw the benefits that were there and continue to champion the service. I don’t think it’s a situation of either / or, you can really do both in tandem and they are good complement.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I would agree with you 100%, I mean, I think that FriendFeed gets a lot of its content, frankly, from Twitter. So, FriendFeed – I don’t know what FriendFeed without Twitter is –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And now FriendFeed is also a Twitter client. I mean –

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s how I use it.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I don’t post anything to Twitter anymore.

Leo Laporte No, I post on FriendFeed. Exactly.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I post on FriendFeed and then it gets blasted out to there and Facebook. But I try to reduce the echo.

Leo Laporte I already broke the promise, because I said this is – we’re weren’t going to do any social media today.

Alex Lindsay And we jumped right into it.

Leo Laporte And we jumped right into it.

Alex Lindsay It’s all Louis’ fault.

Leo Laporte Let me introduce one more person. One of the things I try to do with this WEEK in TECH is get an international perspective. 30% of our audience is outside the U.S. U.S. tech companies in particular I think, well, the companies themselves understand that it’s an international business.

The people in towns like San Francisco, I bet it’s true in San Francisco and Seattle too, are very provincial, you know; it’s San Francisco or nothing. But really there’s a vibrant, exciting internet community and joining us right now from São Paulo, Brazil, we have a web designer who volunteered, this is the volunteer edition of TWiT, to be here: Carlos Gustavo Xavier. Am I saying that right, Carlos?

Carlos Xavier Xavier.

Leo Laporte Xavier from the land of Cansasha – Cashasha [sic].

Carlos Xavier No, of Cachaça! Hello there.

Leo Laporte Good to have you on, Carlos. One of the things that Brazil has become very famous for is its embrace of open source software.

Carlos Xavier Yes of course. We have a thriving community here.

Leo Laporte Why do you think that is? Isn’t that economic?

Carlos Xavier Well I believe it’s a got a little bit to do with economics. Of course Brazil started as a third world country, we are now in the status of developing country. So, we’re off debt but like our government here, they use a lot of Linux for computer programs, or for the community. So, I believe it’s got a lot of to do with economics but people are also more open to new experiences.

Leo Laporte Well –

Carlos Xavier So I think it kind of fits.

Leo Laporte Speaking of new experiences, this is going to be the first TWiT but we’ve also opened up to the general TWiT community. I said it was a volunteer edition. We’re using TalkShoe today. I think it’s something we are going to probably keep doing. And so I am going to open up real quickly. I am going to unmute all of you in TalkShoe. We are in a room at This is Room 4996, that’s the room we’ll always be in, if you search for TWiT on TalkShoe you’ll find us. And you can go in there, you can be in the room and you can be on the show.

But let me just open it up, unmute and say hello to everybody who’s listening on TalkShoe, hello.


Leo Laporte Who is playing music? Hello, everybody, and somebody’s at the piano. Whoever’s on the piano will you stop playing it for a moment?

Unknown speaker Yeah, turn it off!

Unknown speaker Hello Billy Joel.

Leo Laporte Billy Joel was here, hello everybody. Adam, where are you from?

Adam Hello, I am from Chicago, Illinois.

Leo Laporte Charbacks [ph] where are you calling from?

Charbacks Denmark.

Leo Laporte Denmark, good to have you, Charbacks. It’s a little – audio is not great, but we at least – good to have you online. Chunky, where are you from?

Chunky I’m from Wales in the UK.

Leo Laporte Element1, where are you calling from?

Element1 San Antonio, Texas. It’s like 107 degrees heat…

Leo Laporte He’s burning up in San Antonio. Jeff Carter where are you from?

Jeff Carter Redland from California.

Leo Laporte From California, if somebody’s got – somebody’s got the audio piping back in, so if you could turn that off. I sure appreciate that. You’re probably watching through a [inaudible]. I’m going to have to mute it if you don’t do it. There you go.

Leo Laporte Jonathan, where are you calling from?

Jonathan Carson City, Nevada

Leo Laporte Where?

Jonathan Carson City.

Leo Laporte Carson City. Nevada. All right. Judd Prat [ph] where are you calling from?

Judd Pratt Los Angeles, California

Leo Laporte From LA. Missing Intellect, I hope you are not completely missing, where you from?

Missing Intellect From Los Angeles, California as well.

Leo Laporte I haven’t heard that video game, Missing Intellect. It sounds like fun. NewMediaDesigns, where are you calling from? DHLargo where are you calling from?

DHLargo Oh, it’s Flargo and I am from Seattle, Washington.

Leo Laporte Flargo. I’ll say that right, Seattle. Bruce Turner, where are you from?

Bruce Turner I am in Melbourne, Florida on the space coast where the shuttle’s going off tomorrow

Leo Laporte Oh that’s exciting, that’s exciting. I hear that they have two shuttles on the pad because they want to have a rescue shuttle ready, because this is the first shuttle flight where they couldn’t shelter at the space station because they are in a different orbit this time

Bruce Turner That’s right.

Leo Laporte Very interesting. And to see two shuttles on the pad, it must be at sight.

Alex Lindsay One of the last few times.

Leo Laporte Yeah, let’s hope you don’t see the second one launch. Thank you Flargo. Bruce Turner where are you from?

Bruce Turner Yeah, that was me!

Leo Laporte Oh I am sorry. Sanka where are you from? StarTrekDude where are you from?

StarTrekDud Ohio.

Leo Laporte Ohio, no spoilers, okay? TechHelper1, Ryan. I know where are you from. Where are you calling from, Ryan?

Ryan Palm Springs.

Leo Laporte Palm Springs, California. Rachel where are you from? The one woman in this whole show with 800 guys. Where are you from, Rachel?

Rachel Western Winsconsiin

Leo Laporte You are a very brave women. Thank you for being here representing.

Rachel Yes.

Leo Laporte All right, I’m going to put you on hold all of you, so we don’t have that massive sound and I will take you all one at a time in future, we’ll go one at a time through you, so be ready. I would encourage you if you can – to have – it would be great to have headsets, turn off any background audio. If you’re listening on headsets that will be okay. And then we will call on you and you will be able to come up. I am going to get Louis back, we dropped – he dropped off. And we can start talking about the news of the day. And the big story, I think, is the Amazon announcing a new Kindle one month after announcing the old Kindle!

Alex Lindsay The DX.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes.

Leo Laporte I am all pissed. Brian are you pissed?

Brian Daniel I don’t own one so I don’t really care.

Leo Laporte You don’t mind, Louis can you remember – I can’t remember, you’re too young to remember anything, Louis, but can you remember ever a tech company announcing a update to a product a month after announcing the first product?

Louis Gray Apple tends to do some updates similar to that, where they updated the RAM on the iPhone and people…

Leo Laporte Yes, people were pissed. But remember that was, first of all, that was a year later. Second of all, Apple gave $100 discount.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah, a year at one thing.

Leo Laporte This is two months later!

Louis Gray Right .

Leo Laporte What’s the deal?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg They must have had some kind of flaws.

Louis Gray Well, you can’t complain too much, I mean it’s one of those things where the early adopters don’t always get the best deal, but they did have it first. I am not too concerned about it because I don’t have a Kindle at all. You know I am an Apple fanboy, so they have the iPhone version of it, it’s good enough for me

Leo Laporte But here’s the theory and it’s going around, I don’t know Alex, you might want to comment on this because you are from MacBreak Weekly, that maybe this is a pre-emptive strike. I mean, one of the things that’s kind of interesting is they have announced it, but it’s not going to be out till this summer, whenever – that could be the August 31.

Alex Lindsay I do think there is some concern…

Leo Laporte Are they worried about the iPhone or the tablet?

Alex Lindsay Well, I think there’s been some concern that there is a – from a media perspective there’s going to be kind of a black hole in these sector as we reach early June.

Leo Laporte Oh! so that’s it. No coverage after this.

Alex Lindsay Yes, because the problem is, is that if Apple releases a media pad, like if they actually do something in June. They announce it, they probably won’t ship it ‘till the fall, but a lot of people believe that we’re going to see some kind of larger iPhone. You’re not going to be able to get –everyone’s – it’s going to be – everyone’s going to compare whatever that item is for the next three months. Anything is related to the media pad I think is – that’s the challenge.

Leo Laporte I think it’s incumbent at this point on Amazon to do something. A little love for those of us who bought – I’ve bought two Kindle 2s because I got one for myself, and I got two days before the DX was announced for mom for Mother’s Day, a Kindle 2.

Alex Lindsay But we knew that it was going to be released this week because you got the – it’s the Leo curse.

Leo Laporte Now you do have 30 days to return it so I could tell mom – but I’m not going to tell mom return it. There is your mothers’ day gift, she’s loving it, you’ll get a bigger one sometime –

Alex Lindsay Well the question is, is that I think there is a lot of people that don’t necessarily want a bigger one

Leo Laporte It’s not that much bigger, is it?

Carlos Xavier It’s a lot bigger.

Louis Gray It’s 8.7 inches.

Leo Laporte How much bigger is that? It’s like a –

Alex Lindsay No, I think like a four inch – it’s a four inch difference

Leo Laporte It’s not that much bigger.

Alex Lindsay Four inches on the diagonal.

Leo Laporte It’s not like you couldn’t –

Alex Lindsay Here is the thing I think is the way more important than the size is the support for PDF.

Leo Laporte PDF.

Alex Lindsay You know because this is how the iPod, I believe, squeezed the record companies into Apple’s hand which is that Apple gave them a legal outlet, but they also created something that anybody could use for anything. And now the issue is, especially when you look at the textbook market, you know what you are looking at is a bunch of students who are – some of whom have access to very high speed scanners. And what you’re going to end up with, I think, is a pirating market for a lot of the text books if they don’t react quickly. So what Amazon now has, is it has the publishing industry between a rock and a hard place. Without doing anything overt, they are able to make it available – people could put up PDFs of anything.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right.

Alex Lindsay As well as –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg That’s big.

Alex Lindsay So the thing –

Leo Laporte Well it is also the textbook community and the academic community. I was trying to KiwiNerd on our chat, at, and she said a lot of the documents that we get are in PDF form, a lot of the scientific papers and stuff. This is definitely aimed at the academic market.

Alex Lindsay But if you are a publisher, you should be worried that this stuff is –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I would be worried as a publisher that my intellectual property is just gone out the –

Leo Laporte DRMs are gone?

Alex Lindsay Well, I don’t know if DRM is gone, but I think that this issue is, is that if they don’t play –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg How is Amazon going to police this?

Alex Lindsay If they don’t play with Amazon, if they don’t produce something that is – if they don’t aggressively move their textbooks to an electronic format, think about bringing the price down to something reasonable, if they don’t play that game I think the issue they end up with is a lot of students circumventing them.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg It’s the same thing that is happened with the music industry and songs being you know – distributed through peer to peer networks. Whereas they finally figured out a model for, you know, iTunes and Amazon for distribution and that’s taking off. And people – I pay for music –

Alex Lindsay But they wouldn’t have done it. They would not have done it if the piracy market was not so prevalent.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right.

Alex Lindsay They would have never given – this whole marked would have moved slower.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And I think you’re right. This could be a whole new wave of piracy.

Alex Lindsay When you have a closed system like the Kindle, you didn’t need – you know, it didn’t put a lot of pressure on publishers. And it’s not the just – the thing to remember is, is just like movie we saw the Wolverine come out. Just like movies, every single book is in PDF format, I mean before it goes to the printer. So the thing – if you have a PDF available, the danger is, is that any of this stuff can slip out.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right. And it’s such a widely known format.

Leo Laporte Carlos, you’re kind of left out in this because there is no iPhone for – I mean no Kindle for outside the U.S. right?

Carlos Xavier Yes there is no Kindle. I get some friends that actually have it, of course they brought it from abroad. They love it but you know, this PDF material is already out there you know. It’s not like –

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s probably on Pirate Bay right?

Carlos Xavier Yes, it’s already out there. It’s not because it now supports PDF that, you know, all this new pirate wave is going to come. It’s already here, right? So I don’t see as it doing more damage than we already have.

Leo Laporte Well, except that it’s on the Kindle platform, which does damage just because if you like the Kindle platform…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I think just, you know, the netbook concept, touch computing – like I can’t mouse with my right hand because I’ve moused for 15 years and I have destroyed my arm. But I want be able to touch – and it’s the glass, it’s the Corning patents that make the iPhone Multi-Touch possible.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s interesting.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And there is – so –

Leo Laporte So Amazon couldn’t do a multi touch?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes, that’s what I understand.

Leo Laporte Oh. That’s interesting.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg So Apple has an exclusive agreement with Dow Corning for the glass that this thing is made out of. But Corning I’ve been told has come out with a new – a new process for new glass that apparently makes this like – look like child’s play.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s in Corning’s interest to make sure that others can get it too, right? I mean they don’t want to –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And so when you think about netbooks, and the Crunch Pad and the thing that Scoble was talking about the other day that he was – you know, some company in China. Having computing devices that are made out of glass, I want four walls and I want them all glass, and I want some sort of projection system that I can compute.

Leo Laporte I don’t think Amazon's going to bring you that, but however, the question is does Apple have a built-in advantage because it has multi touch, it has color. Doesn’t have the battery life. I think that Amazon can't compete with it.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right.

Leo Laporte I would think Corning would get in bed with Amazon if Amazon asked them.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I would think so too, I mean look at Amazon’s growth over the last five years.

Leo Laporte We don’t know what the deal though with Apple is, I mean maybe they –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Amazon is so closed with divulging anything about what they do. Nobody –

Alex Lindsay I think that also, I think that Amazon is really looking at selling those razors [see “razor and blades” financial model]. You know they are not –

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, it’s absolutely – but why do they charge $360 for the razor?

Alex Lindsay Well because I think they – a big chunk of what we pay there is for the connection. You know you –

Leo Laporte They could take it out, they take 5% of each book they could pay for with the books. I think Amazon – here's my thesis on all this. Amazon has never done a consumer electronics device. They haven't asked anybody, all you had to do is take a look at the Kindle 1 to realize they're not the kind of company that's asking anybody for input; that thing was a joke. And so they're just going on along, they’re bumbling along and they're making mistake after mistake complete newbie mistake, mistake one the stupid design on the Kindle 1. They just made a mistake by releasing Kindle DX two months after Kindle 2. They seem to be missing the boat on the price; I think Amazon just has their head up their butt.

Alex Lindsay No, no that said they're seeing huge growth points in certain age markets.

Leo Laporte We don't know. Here's the other thing, what we don't know is how many they've sold.

Alex Lindsay How many Kindles they’ve sold?

Leo Laporte Yeah. I mean we know they’ve sold Kindles predominantly to people over 50 – over 40 that's because my mom loves it because they got the big font, but Amazon’s not disclosing sales numbers. They are saying we're selling out.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right.

Leo Laporte We don't know.

Louis Gray You mentioned earlier, you were talking about the price and saying that it was too expensive. It has actually gone up in price and not down with the Kindle DX.

Leo Laporte With the new one, yeah. So $100 more.

Louis Gray So you look at Apple, you say people are worried about what Apple's going to do, is just a preemptive strike. This is a preemptive strike against the product that nobody knows actually exists. We’ve all been watching Mac for a long time. They’ve been talking about a tablet for a decade.

Leo Laporte Do you think Jeff might know something, I mean…

Louis Gray I think that everybody thinks they know something. My little sister who works at Apple store retail tries to give me tips on when the MacBook’s coming out. But if you take a look at Apple when they first came out with the iPod, I thought it was undervalued in terms of, you know, it just didn’t have a big enough hard disk, five gigs wasn’t enough for me and it was too expensive. iPhone; people said it was too expensive, and what did they do; they went out and just beat the industry into a pulp. So Amazon can look at them and say this is not too expensive, maybe they can show it as a premium product in a type of marketplace. It doesn't have a lot of competition right now. They're not forced to bring the price down because they don't have a lot of competition in this space for what they do. I think – we are not even talking about Sony's version right, the Sony E-reader? No one’s talking about that.

Leo Laporte No, in fact I own both Sony E-Readers, Louis and I’m a Kindle fan. I abandoned it for the Kindle and that’s for one reason only; the wireless.

Louis Gray Right.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg That’s big.

Leo Laporte That's the killer app on this.

Alex Lindsay Are you buying RSS feeds on that Kindle?

Leo Laporte No. You mean blogs and that kind of thing? No. I don't understand what that's all about. I do get Salon, so I guess in a way that's kind – I mean, I could read that on the web. I also get the New Yorker which is huge. But I don't find it a very good device frankly for scanning these things. I wonder if the DX with a bigger form factor will be bigger – you know the Times supposedly is going to do a deal that will give you the Kindle DX if you can't get delivery. Talk about a company mired in its old business model.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah.

Leo Laporte If you can't get delivery then you can get a DX.

Alex Lindsay Well I think the issue though is that I do think that the advantage of the Kindle is of course that it will last a long time. It's probably easier on your eyes. But I think that also depends on whether you're planning to read an entire book or whether you’re planning to read things in small pieces. I have to admit that I read –

Leo Laporte It's great for a linear book page after page after page, it couldn’t be better.

Alex Lindsay But if you look at reference, if you look at wanting –

Leo Laporte Scanning; it’s terrible.

Alex Lindsay Or if you want – or if you want to add video or color or whatever, I think that anything that Apple produces is larger. And to be honest with you the iPhone, you know, I routinely read large chunks of data from whether it’s or New York Times or other outlets on my iPhone, and I'm quite comfortable with it. It took me a little while, I thought it was a little kludjy when I started, but once you get used to it and I think that a larger screen, I think would be much more compelling to me than a black and white low contrast screen.

Louis Gray And you were talking about piracy earlier. Jason Kincaid at TechCrunch said that piracy was going to save the Amazon DX; he said the fact that you can get a PDF on there, it's a lot more advantageous to copy over a 70 page, sorry $70 textbook than it was a $10 paperback. And they're saying that the price differential for the actual media you’re trying to get on there will push piracy.

Alex Lindsay Well, I think it will and I agree with that and I think that – I think also though, is it also makes the Kindle a more utilitarian piece of equipment. When you only could read what you could buy or download through the system, I think it was very – you know, it limited the number of uses you could have for it. But now you can definitely imagine…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg It’s an Internet device.

Alex Lindsay Or – and you can definitely imagine companies been able to distribute lots of PDFs to people for meetings or for information or morning – other pieces of –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right, executive briefings or something.

Alex Lindsay A lot of that stuff was difficult when they were controlling that pipe, but being able to move anything over there provides a lot of other uses for this device.

Leo Laporte I’m going to pick up. This is going to be interesting. I'm going to pick up one of our callers from the TalkShoe. We have got a good bunch of people in our TalkShoe chat room. And I'm going to pick up Rachel Z, who I mentioned is the only woman in our TalkShoe chat room, so Rachel that gives you pride of place. Welcome to this Week in Tech. Rachel you have a Kindle?

Rachel Z. I don't have a Kindle but the thing I actually wanted to comment on is with being able to do textbooks in theory.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Rachel Z. In the future it would be perfect because I'm actually dyslexic. And so when I was going through school, I had to get tapes and listen to them and try to read along and stuff but if they could somehow match up what you're reading in the textbook with the audio and not just the Kindle voice that would be absolutely perfect for dyslexic people.

Leo Laporte You've got to figure that Amazon must be planning something like this. You know they also own Audible. So wouldn't it be great if they tied the audio on I really – because you know my mom tried the automatic voice and she said, you know, by the way it goes “Baraack Obaama”. But she tried the automatic voice and said “it’s too robotic for me”. But what if you had Audible with a good quality reader reading the book, they own Audible; tied it into the text, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Alex Lindsay I could use it in my car.

Carlos Xavier You know who would make a killer voice for books; Apple, with its voiceover –

Leo Laporte With Alex. I think the Kindle voice, you haven’t probably heard it Carlos, but I think the Kindle voice is very much like Alex. I think it's probably the AT&T voice synthesizer which I think is what Alex is based on. No, I don’t mean you Alex, I mean Alex on the –

Alex Lindsay No, actually I think – I often think that it's based on me .That’s the way I view the world.

Leo Laporte So, Rachel would you buy a Kindle if they added that feature?

Rachel Oh yes, hands down. I'm already an Audible listener. And – so now, I have my book in my iPod and it would just be great if they can just be together.

Leo Laporte Wouldn’t that be nice? Yes, if you’re dyslexic, audiobooks are life savers I bet.

Alex Lindsay One of the other things is that I grew up with dyslexia myself and one of the big problems is, a lot of times, what – my form of dyslexia was mostly color related. So, if I had – on a black and white – black on white is the hardest thing for me to read, because my brain –

Leo Laporte Oh, so, you don't mind the black on gray of the Kindle?

Alex Lindsay No, I actually would prefer – I prefer actually light text on black.

Leo Laporte White on black. Yes.

Alex Lindsay Because – or green on black, because really what I read the – green or black is…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I think green on black.

Leo Laporte You guys are old school, you’re the old…

Alex Lindsay Well, but it actually – it’s literally just that I see the patterns, my brain will tend to pick up the patterns of the spaces between the words.

Leo Laporte Right.

Alex Lindsay Which is what makes it difficult for me to read it. And so I tend to avoid reading as much black and white. But all of these readers allow you to start customizing it.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg See my default can be aligned...

Leo Laporte Yes, you’re committee line is ...

Alex Lindsay But it allows you to start customizing how you view books rather than however they necessarily set them up.

Leo Laporte Hey Rachel what are you reading these days on Audible?

Rachel I just finished the audio version of Marley and Me.

Leo Laporte What did you think? That was that movie of course with Owen Wilson and what's her name from Friends?

Louis Gray Jennifer Aniston.

Rachel Jennifer Aniston.

Leo Laporte Jennifer Aniston, thanks, Lou. I wasn’t crazy about the movie, but was the book pretty good?

Rachel I loved it, I loved the movie and that's why I got the book. And I listened to the book and I love the book even more.

Leo Laporte You’re a dog owner, aren’t you?

Rachel I – not presently.

Leo Laporte No? Interesting.

Rachel No.

Leo Laporte Well, we are going to – guess what Rachel, you are our first listener recommendation on our Audible. How about that?

Rachel That’s awesome.

Leo Laporte Marley and Me. How long have you been an Audible member, Rachel?

Rachel Since January.

Leo Laporte And you love it?

Rachel Yes, I do.

Leo Laporte I do too, I have to say. Are you platinum or gold account?

Rachel Just gold.

Leo Laporte So one book a month. You mustn’t have a long commute?

Rachel No I have about an eight minute commute.

Leo Laporte It’s hard to get through a couple of books…

I don't have a long commute anymore anyway, but I still have the platinum account. So here's your choice, you can have a gold account with one book a month or a platinum account – now if you get the platinum account folks, which is, you will get two books a month and two free books. And the first one, Marley and Me, this is my recommendation – actually, this is Rachel's recommendation. She says Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog by John Grogan. Which was better, the movie or the book?

Rachel The book.

Leo Laporte Really?

Rachel Yes.

Leo Laporte John Grogan who wrote it, also reads. Let's listen to a little bit of John Grogan. This is Marley and me. Any minute now it will come up., you go there right now you’ll get two, count them, two books. I guess, Josh is shy – John – I called him Josh Grogan, that's another person. Yeah we’re not getting the audio, but that’s all right. Number one, New York Times best seller.

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Rachel Thanks for letting me.

Leo Laporte I appreciate it Rachel. Keep listening to TWiT, and keep reading those Audible books. We're glad to have you as a listener. And Glad to get your feedback on the Kindle. Let's move along to another story, another big story of the week, which was, I'm trying to think...

Star Trek.


Leo Laporte I think this has to do with – I am ‘muting all’ on the – All right now, I should warn people, there's no way we could discuss this flick, no way we could discuss this flick without spoilers. Are we in agreement here?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes.

Alex Lindsay Yes.

Leo Laporte Who's seen it, you saw it, Alex?

Alex Lindsay Yes, yes.

Leo Laporte Oh you saw it, well you will sitting next to me. Did you see it, Brian?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I have.

Leo Laporte You saw the TechCrunch screening. Louis Gray, have you seen it?

Louis Gray I have not.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg No, Louis is the anti Star Trek.

Leo Laporte Okay, Louis, you stick your fingers in your ears and go ‘mee, mee, mee, mee, mee, mee, mee…’ for the next five minutes, okay? Will you do that?

Louis Gray I don’t intend to see it anyway, I know that’s against the rules.

Leo Laporte What, what, what?!

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah, he’s…

Louis Gray My entire family are Star Trek fans, which means I can’t be.

Leo Laporte What? Carlos, have you seen it?

Carlos Xavier No I haven't seen it. I just watched Wolverine.

Leo Laporte Oh, you watched – is Star Trek in Brazil yet?

Carlos Xavier Yes it is. It starts the same day that you guys did.

Leo Laporte I think that the idea of rolling international releases has gone now.

Alex Lindsay Well I think they have to, because piracy really pushed that forward. Because you could see any movie that was released in the U.S. in Africa, I know, within days.

Leo Laporte Instantly.

Alex Lindsay Through – and on DVD.

Leo Laporte Is there a piracy problem in Brazil?

Carlos Xavier Well we have a big piracy problem here. It's all due to economics as well, we have these little Chinese shops on each corner…

Leo Laporte Right.

Carlos Xavier …and they got all these CDs, they are running around from cops and – yes, we do have a…

Leo Laporte That’s what gets me. The movie industry in the United States criminalizes us, you go to a movie, you pay $10.50 for a movie and the first thing you see is an ad saying “stop stealing our movies.” And it's not me. It's those Chinese guys in Brazil, go show them the ad. I don’t need to see that ad.

Louis Gray And I think that one of the thing is –

Carlos Xavier It’s all because of the Chinese guys.

Leo Laporte It’s the Chinese guys in Brazil. I blame them.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes, I remember my Dad brought back a bunch of DVDs he got in China and it’s like just random quality from the guy who is holding the video camera.

Leo Laporte Oh it’s a shaky cam, yes, yes, it’s hand held. And some of them are Oscar screeners, you don’t know what you're going to get. Yes, you don’t know what you’re going to get.

Well, all right so, I'm going to chase everybody away, except Louis, you don't have to leave because you don't care – wait a minute, how can you not care? You don't like Star Trek?

Louis Gray It's one of those generational things. I don't know what the right answer is Leo. My little brothers and sisters love the fantasy, the DragonLand series, the Star Trek, the Star Wars and it just never hit me.

Leo Laporte You're too old for it.

Louis Gray I like sports and biographies. It was just different.

Leo Laporte I don’t know what we’re going to do with you, Louis. I don’t know Louis.

Louis Gray I don’t know I think I need the agenda in advance next time, Leo.

Leo Laporte It’s okay, you are not going to go see it, so we can now spoil the movie.

Carlos Xavier So, we’re definitely going to have spoilers, huh?

Leo Laporte Are you going to – you are going to cover your ears? No we don’t have to do the spoilers, I don’t know, okay, what’s a spoiler? What’s a spoiler, first of all?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Define a spoiler, yeah.

Alex Lindsay There’s space-ships.

Leo Laporte There’s space-ships. You loved it, Alex, you said it was the best movie you’ve seen since Matrix.

Alex Lindsay Well, I think it’s the best, I think it’s one of best sci-fi since Matrix. I think that it was well done, I think that one of the things that made it –

Leo Laporte $75 million weekend.

Alex Lindsay It’s a good weekend. Now it’s a $130 million budget, so they still have a ways to go to pay it off, but they will.

Leo Laporte They will.

Alex Lindsay They’ve got – and here's the big difference, is they've got great audience review, they've got great critic overview, they've got all the things that are necessary to move to 3 or 400.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And they’ve got the hardcores.

Leo Laporte Right.

Alex Lindsay I mean, the hardcores, the trekkies…

Leo Laporte The trekkers love it.

Alex Lindsay …I mean I was walking last night to the robot games thing that Scott put on and I was past the Metreon and trekkies were out.

Leo Laporte Lot of guys with the ears.

Alex Lindsay Trekkies were out.

Leo Laporte We saw some guys with the Star Trek shirts.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yep.

Alex Lindsay And I think that the thing is, is that what was great though is that while trekkers were in to the process, I think one of the things that was important was that J.J. Abrams didn't come from a trekker background, didn't come from being a huge fan.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right, he wasn’t a hardcore.

Alex Lindsay He came from – I am going to make a great movie, I’m going to tell a great story.

Leo Laporte He didn’t know anything about it, you said, he wasn’t –

Alex Lindsay Not very much. In some of the interviews, he just said ‘I am just not a big Star Trek fan’

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I thought it’s genius how he pulled that wide of a swab.

Leo Laporte You know what the genius is? Spoiler Alert, this is the genius alert, he may – well, this isn’t a spoiler, but he managed to reset the timeline so now he can do anything he wants.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah.

Alex Lindsay Right.

Leo Laporte In other words, he's –

Carlos Xavier I heard that.

Leo Laporte I didn’t say how. But he did something –

Carlos Xavier No, actually, a friend told me before you, so I got it covered.

Leo Laporte But he’s done something, I think, very clever, because he can start the franchise over without being too tied to the fact…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes. He doesn't have to get to a certain point, somewhere in the future, because we have the young…

Alex Lindsay He’s got 100% creative control there. And that’s –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg …he can whatever he needs, because…

Leo Laporte Well and imagine, one of the biggest problems with making a Star Trek movie is the trekkers. I mean they are both the blessing and the curse, because, they’ll say ‘Oh, I am sorry, Mr Spock, there’s no way he could have known that the…’ and so this way he can just say ‘well, it’s an alternate timeline dude. I’m sorry.’

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Well unlike Star Wars I grew as a very young kid when I was – Star Wars came out ’79, ’80 I was like five years old. And I remember seeing it and I – I didn't even see the last three that were made because I saw the first and completely lost interest. But now I'm not a big trekkie guy. I went and saw this movie and all of a sudden it's evoking memories and like nightmares that I had as a kid.

Alex Lindsay Well I think that also they spent a lot more money on this Star Trek.

Leo Laporte You tell me something interesting. You said that JJ Abrams decided not to use models so much.

Alex Lindsay This was you know this was in Post - in Post Magazine there was an article about what they were doing – it wasn’t from any inside information. Just I was reading them – reading the article and what they were talking about was the fact that because a lot of the dynamic moves – one of the issues you get into is what you really want to make a lot of dynamic moves – you know you –

Leo Laporte You mean camera moves.

Alex Lindsay Yeah, big camera moves it's easier to do that with CG that it is to do it necessarily with miniature. Now the thing is, is that typically what happens when I work, for instance, on Star Wars, when we got really close to the ships when we’re flying right over the very top of them, we’re using miniatures. When we’re a little further away – we’re using 3D models because a lot of times it’s very hard for a CG model to hold up when you get really close to it. And I'm afraid that we saw a little bit of that the other night.

Leo Laporte I wasn’t sure, because we were sitting in the fourth or fifth row. We were fairly close.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I was second row.

Leo Laporte We were like IMAX close.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah

Alex Lindsay Right.

Leo Laporte And I thought maybe because we’re so close to the screen we're seeing it – you know, maybe if you're a little farther back, but to me it did not feel as real as a model might have.

Alex Lindsay And I will say that overall, I thought that the graphics were stellar. You know I thought –

Leo Laporte Little too many lens flares for my taste.

Alex Lindsay A lot of – yeah, lens flares are overused.

Leo Laporte I should have worn sunglasses.

Alex Lindsay There were a lot of lens flares.

Leo Laporte It’s like the sun’s constantly blinding you in this movie.

Alex Lindsay So it definitely gave it a look. The –

Leo Laporte That's a style. Yeah.

Alex Lindsay It’s a style, yeah, that Abrams went after the – I think that – as we got some of the very close shot of the ships I didn't feel like there was quite the same level of detail that we would get from a miniature. But it gives you a lot more dexterity to do a lot of different things, because you can rebuild the moves. The problem is when you use a miniatures is what you’re doing –

Leo Laporte You shoot it and you got it.

Alex Lindsay Well you’re doing a motion control camera, so you’re basically – you program the camera you run it through the thing and it’s a big deal to go back and do it again. Whereas with, when you're doing CG you just keep on tweaking it. And so that that gave him a lot more flexibility to create much bigger, more dynamic moves on a lot of the ships so…

You know and as I said I think that overall, there were definitely places where if you know what noisy smoke looks – what we tend to call perlin noise, whether it's actually perlin noise or not. So when – there's certain parts where the ships going through stuff that you can – that some of that smoke is obviously CG, from someone who makes CG stuff. I don’t know if it’s obvious to everybody.

Leo Laporte Oh you can recognise it. Yeah I didn’t recognise that.

Alex Lindsay I look at it and go uhh…

Leo Laporte Fake smoke. Saw fake smoke. Now alright, plot-wise though, I mean that was – it was a classic Star Trek plot.

Alex Lindsay It was but I thought it was much tighter, I thought that – I thought it was –

Leo Laporte Eugh…I think if some of these – I think if Louis Gray goes to see this and he's not a Star Trek fan he's going to say, “What? What is? Come on, oh come on! Oh please! Oh no – what he injected the red stuff? Oh come on!”

Alex Lindsay Right. There’s a little bit…

Leo Laporte There's some stuff where you go ‘come on’

Brian Daniel Eisenberg So do you think he brought, with the red –

Leo Laporte Wait a minute now don't – no spoilers. No spoilers – you can't say…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg With the red stuff, was he bringing stuff back from Alias?

Leo Laporte Is that from Alias?

Alex Lindsay I think so.

Leo Laporte The TV show Alias?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah.

Alex Lindsay There's some - there's some red stuff in Alias.

Leo Laporte I don’t think it’s the same red stuff.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah and Alias kind of just ended. Like I never…

Leo Laporte Oh, you think JJ actually is kind of tying his other stuff together?

Alex Lindsay Who knows, who knows?

Leo Laporte Oh that's an interesting – now one thing I liked, speaking of red. And this is not a spoiler. Who’s breathing, Carlos, are you breathing? Who’s breathing maybe that's - maybe that's Louis.

Carlos Xavier No, I am breathing but not in the mic.

Leo Laporte You’re not allowed to breathe. Whoever is on this – I think it's you Louis move that microphone a little away from your – there you go. He’s all het up because of the Star Trek stuff.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg He’s like ‘Star – I’m wasting my time on this?’

Leo Laporte He doesn’t want to hear any more of this Star Trek stuff.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg

‘I can’t talk about FriendFeed?’

Leo Laporte We’ll almost do, we'll talk about that FriendFeed a little bit. I'm trying to get away from the social media, now I’m overdoing the Star Trek stuff. I can't win.

Alex Lindsay Well there you go.

Leo Laporte But one of the thing I thought that – first of all, maybe because JJ wasn't a Star Trek fan and he had – I think he had a book saying you got to say this, this, this, this and this. He hit every post.

Alex Lindsay But I thought it was done well I thought when it…

Leo Laporte Oh, it was great.

Unknown Speaker When he inserted it, it was just inserted well enough that you really – it really ties it all together.

Leo Laporte Oh no and you can hear the gasps in the audience when Scotty says ‘Cap’n! I’m giving it all she got!’ and everyone goes ‘yeah!’ But did you notice? Red Shirt Guy. They even had a Red Shirt Guy.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And not only that, they had a cocky Red Shirt Guy.

Leo Laporte Did I not lean in, did I not lean in…

Alex Lindsay Yeah, yeah.

Leo Laporte …and say Red Shirt Guy?

Alex Lindsay The only thing Leo says during the movie is – because he’s quiet the whole movie but there's one part where this cocky guy in a red shirt – and Leo leans over and he’s like ‘there’s the Red Shirt Guy.’

Leo Laporte ‘Red Shirt Guy.’ I was so pleased that he did that because that was really…

Alex Lindsay For me the single thing was what came out and, well I can’t say.

Leo Laporte Don't spoil it, we haven't spoiled it yet.

Alex Lindsay It was something that was in I think Star Trek 2 or 3 that caused me a great deal of nightmares and that kind of stuff.

Leo Laporte Oh, I’m gonna have to think about that now. And somebody saying in the TalkShoe that he wasn't crazy about – it felt like it was a little forced when Bones says ‘damn it Jim! I'm a doctor not a physicist’ or Spock, I think it’s ‘damn it Spock!’ Little forced.

Alex Lindsay That one seemed a little forced, a little forced.

Leo Laporte And I think the guy playing Bones was almost doing an impression of Bones, kind of. Simon Pegg was so good as Scotty. This was the – this was definitive Scotty. I'm sorry James Doohan, but this was the definitive Scotty.

Alex Lindsay He – it was a fantastic Scotty.

Leo Laporte Well he’s actually…

Alex Lindsay And I thought the portrayal of Spock was good and Kirk.

Leo Laporte Chekov’s accent.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Chekov’s accent.

Leo Laporte I don't know what to say about it, just ‘Chekov’s accent.’

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah. He reminds me of the Russian guy in that stupid Bruce Willis movie Armageddon.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Yeah

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Or one of those crazy…

Leo Laporte Yeah it’s a little over the top.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg There’s a Russian guy up on the space station, yeah.

Alex Lindsay I think they were having fun with it. I don’t think they were –

Leo Laporte Well, they clearly were, because there was a comedic scene with him.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah, yeah.

Alex Lindsay So, I think that was a purposefully a little over the…

Unknown Speaker Scott TD is in our TalkShoe chat. Scott says he went to the movie and he went in costume.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Woo!

Leo Laporte Scott what was your costume?

Scott Well I'm actually studying engineering. My name is Scott so I went as Scotty in the Wrath of Khan era uniform.

Alex Lindsay There you go.

Leo Laporte Oh that's pretty awesome. Did you have that or did you actually make that?

Scott We made – me and two friends of mine, all in engineering made them last year for Halloween because we realised the movie was coming out so ordered the parts, my mom helped to assemble them, because she’s the master seamstress. So it was really awesome, people were taking our pictures.

Leo Laporte Oh, and say hi to your mom, because it’s Mother's Day.

Scott Oh, already did.

Leo Laporte Good. Good. She doesn’t listen to TWiT probably.

Scott No, my dad does though he’s going to be kind of confused when he listens to this.

Leo Laporte And what did you think? Give us your review of the movie. Were you satisfied?

Scott I was completely satisfied. It – I don't think the movie could've gotten any better and it could've been a lot worse, because it could've been wrecked but I think –

Leo Laporte It could have been. Oh, yeah it could have been a nightmare, absolutely yeah.

Carlos Xavier It’s JJ Abrams, come on.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Scott Yeah. It’s sort of the fact that he wasn’t married to Star Trek, like he wasn’t a big fan…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg That made it.

Scott …therefore he could just make it up. whatever he wanted to and then bring in the allusions to the old thing. The thing about Admiral Archer and his dog, which I even missed while watching it. and all these other little cute things he could bring in as opposed to having to write the story with needing those things to be there. So I think that's how it really succeeded.

Leo Laporte And you know every – I remember when the first Star Trek movie came out. There was this frisson when Kirk and Spock appear on deck that you’re seeing them again and there was this kind of wonderful sensation of wow, you know, they are back. And I will never forget that, I got chills seeing that first movie and he was able to do a little bit of that, seeing them young, the first time the kids says James Tiberius Kirk, there is just this little frisson of wow, that’s – we are back baby.

Alex Lindsay Right.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah, we are back and we can do whatever we want.

Leo Laporte He reset this movie. They have got now, they have got all the room in the world to play.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I was thoroughly entertained by that movie from start to finish.

Leo Laporte What was your favorite scene, Scott? You got to pick one. No spoilers but just…

Scott Well that’s the hard part. Actually I would have to say, like talking about the models and how it looked. I didn’t – I was fairly close up and I didn’t notice anything from the model being digital –

Leo Laporte Alex is different, Alex has an eye, he is looking with a professional’s eye. So, he is going to see stuff nobody’s going to see.

Alex Lindsay Having said that, I think it was fantastic. I don’t want to say that it wasn’t – it just, I felt like a physical model might have felt still a little bit more real than…

Leo Laporte You don’t get those great hero shots. Well they did a hero shot of Enterprise, for instance, where you’re seeing in all the windows and stuff. It didn’t feel to me like those classic hero shots of earlier movies where every detail is there. Like you are really looking at something real. It felt a little – I am not sure because I was so close, but it just felt a little soft. It didn’t feel quite as realistic as a model might have.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg The level of detail and what I am thinking here is like the scenes from Star Wars really, the Emperor’s looking out at space and you’ve got this…

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg …Death Star and that kind of thing, where that, it’s like wow.

Alex Lindsay Especially you notice it when they’re really, really like inside the ship, like going between support panels and stuff, where the ship is just full-frame. That’s where I felt like it wasn’t, I said it wasn’t completely Hallmark.

Leo Laporte See that didn’t bother me as much because I was admiring the fact that they made the ship real. It’s the first time you see pipes in the Enterprise. You see ducting. You see stuff happening. And it really looked like you were like –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Geeky stuff.

Leo Laporte Geeky stuff. Like you were in the bowels of an actual ship and we have never seen that before. I mean normally the Enterprise is sleek and clean and there is –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Sleek and clean and you know, buttons…

Leo Laporte Maybe Scotty is climbing inside the core, but it’s all beautifully lit. And this looked like it was a working ship. I liked it.

Alex Lindsay Yeah.

Scott There were pipes in the original series because they were all labelled GNDN, which is goes nowhere, does nothing.

Leo Laporte Oh Scott you are a trekker. Now I know.

Scott Yeah, I bet you never...

Leo Laporte Really? Goes nowhere, does nothing. That’s awesome, that’s hysterical, that‘s wonderful. Hey Scott, thank you for being on the show.

Scott Yes, no problem.

Leo Laporte Keep that engineering up for you might need it. Starfleet might be calling you up.

Alex Lindsay I thought the casting was very interesting all the way across.

Leo Laporte Excellent casting.

Alex Lindsay I thought it was really good casting. I thought that Winona Ryder did well.

Leo Laporte I didn’t know it was her until I saw –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah, me neither.

Leo Laporte Now, she was aged right?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I think she was aged.

Leo Laporte I don’t think Winona has those kinds of bags under her eyes. And you noticed in the credits there was a company that does…

Alex Lindsay Goes back and forth, yeah. Typically they are known for making people look younger than they are.

Leo Laporte But that’s the same as making somebody look older right.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Well, in some ways. So, Lola effects, that’s their specialty. So, in the credits they were there and their specialty –

Leo Laporte We should say that Winona Ryder is Spock’s mum if you want to watch for her.

Alex Lindsay Right.

Leo Laporte But you never, I don’t think you’d notice it unless you knew it was her. You noticed it Alex. I was shocked when I saw her in the credits.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I fully recognized but I was like who is that?

Leo Laporte Well I said, who is that? She is beautiful. She is somebody, I don’t know who she is.

Alex Lindsay Right. Right. And but even –

Leo Laporte Of course under her robes she had stolen three foam necklaces and a pair of gloves from – ow, I shouldn’t bring that up.

Carlos Xavier That’s another kind of bag, right?

Leo Laporte Yeah, exactly.

Alex Lindsay But even guys like – I mean thought that Ben Cross who played Spock’s father, is an actor that you see in lots of little places and you just wouldn’t expect to put him at the…

Leo Laporte He was great.

Alex Lindsay And he did really well.

Leo Laporte He had that bone structure that he made him look like a Vulcan, I mean there is something about his mouth and his bones, he just didn’t look quite human. And I thought that was really nicely done. I don’t know if that was makeup or if he really looks – does he look like that?

Alex Lindsay The center of his face looks largely the same. But obviously some of the other…

Leo Laporte They were doing something to him.

Alex Lindsay But, yeah, so anyway, but a lot of – and Eric Bana, you wouldn’t think of Eric Bana as Nero.

Leo Laporte No, he was a very good Nero. Oh boy.

Alex Lindsay He did really well.

Leo Laporte The Romulans in this movie are evil baby. They are bad…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah, yeah.

Alex Lindsay But here’s the thing is that they are bad –

Leo Laporte Hush your mouth, I am talking about Romulans. I am sorry, go ahead.

Alex Lindsay I think that one of the things about the Romulans though is that he did not – I guess the wrong word to say human eyes, but he did make it his beef real.

Leo Laporte Yeah, oh yeah!

Alex Lindsay Rather than – a lot of time, a lot of Star Trek you get these kind of crazy…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg That’s a good point.

Leo Laporte That is a good point.

Alex Lindsay …we’re angry, we’re going to do whatever and it’s…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg You almost wanted to feel sorry for him

Alex Lindsay He created a reason for them really to be angry, which I think is more story development than we see often times in Star Trek.

Leo Laporte That’s because he’s an actor.

Alex Lindsay But I mean as far as the storyline, yeah.

Leo Laporte No, no, in the script. I agree with you, I am just teasing you.

All right, We’re going to take a break. We are going to come back with a story – give a guess before we go to the break, give a guess how many homes in the United States do not have landlines but just what percentage of homes do not have landlines but just have cell phones? Don’t tell me Alex Lindsay. We are going to hold on, we’re going to come back in just a bit Carlos you can play this game too, even though you are in Brazil and I would like to know what the percentage is in Brazil. Louis Gray, thank you for listening through this entire boring Star Trek episode. You couldn’t care less, could you?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg He’s been on FriendFeed the whole time.

Leo Laporte He’s been on FriendFeed? Have you been posting on FriendFeed? He’s not saying.

Louis Gray Well, you have got a live chat there, so you might as well participate.

Leo Laporte It’s true. We’ve got 412 comments already and we are just a quarter of the way through.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg No I was watching that comment stream, it was amazing.

Leo Laporte We should tell people that I have lately on TWiT been starting – we have a TWiT room, a TWiT conversations room. We actually have a number of TWiT rooms on FriendFeed, which I created a long time ago. But there is one TWiT-conversations where every time we started a new show I’ll start a conversation. So, if you are on FriendFeed you can follow that and participate and we watch it and it goes quite – it’s really is kind of a static resistance chat room.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg A static IRC channel.

Leo Laporte Actually, when I ask you Louis, what do you think now that FriendFeed’s Beta is out, we will talk about this also in a little bit what do you think of what they have done with the –

Carlos Xavier Yay, social media!

Leo Laporte Oh, stop it, oh just stop it. By the way, Brian is on Twitter as…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Infinitely Meta.

Leo Laporte Of course he is. Meanwhile I would like to talk about Show of hands, anybody here using Squarespace, Squarespace anybody?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg We are going – Leo is just throwing me a softball here. We’re going crazy with Squarespace.

Leo Laporte What you do mean, we – Pixelcore?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg We started off moving TWiP Log, so TWiP, This Week in Photography –

Leo Laporte This Week in Photography is on it now.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg So we put up our online presence there as and it was so easy to adjust – Aaron Mahler and I, what was great is we would sit there on Skype and the two of us had a two hour session and like designed almost the whole thing. And I can move stuff around, Aaron can move stuff around. We could move, and so –

Leo Laporte You mean in design terms, it’s really cool that way. You can drag and drop the column widths and…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg You decide the width of the main content area, you can drag and drop everything that you need to do and here’s the thing that is important and why –

Leo Laporte Wait a minute. Rachel, you said you used Squarespace before we did?

Rachel Yes.

Leo Laporte Rachel I am going to see if we get the hat trick for you, get you in every commercial. So, Rachel now is an Audible and a Squarespace user. You have about 15 minutes to try our third sponsor. I am not going to tell you who it is Rachel.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg But I think that the thing that we are really excited about related to Squarespace is the idea that our people who are managing our content are not having to email somebody to ask them to make a change in the website. And so the thing is that when someone who is managing a certain area of our websites needs to make a change and there is a structural change that needs to be made, they can make it on their own. Now, we still are going to need to do some custom code to get some of the stuff done that we want to do. But it –

Leo Laporte But you can do that because it takes, Java script, you can do anything.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg You can make the adjustments that you need to. So, it is not like you’re limited to whatever Squarespace gives you. You can put, you can inject code in to the system but you can build the entire skeleton of what you are doing on something that is very malleable, very changeable. You can – if you decide somewhere down the road you don’t like Squarespace, one of the things that made us feel safe was that we could export it out to…

Leo Laporte I love it, import from Blogger, Movable Type, TypePad, WordPress, export to, Rachel what’s your site, you want to give it out on the air?

Rachel Oh, sure. It’s It goes on with one of my podcasts.

Leo Laporte Oh, so you are a podcaster.

Rachel Yes, I have two podcasts.

Leo Laporte And one of them is called Girls Night In?

Rachel Girls Night In Radio.

Leo Laporte Okay, and what’s the other podcast?

Rachel Sims 2 Challenges.

Leo Laporte “Gyms to challenges”.

Rachel No, Sims.

Leo Laporte Sims 2 Challenges. Oh, I see you challenge people to do stuff in Sims.

Rachel Yeah, people write different challenges and then I review them.

Leo Laporte That’s cool. Look at this, this is beautiful. So, this on Squarespace. How hard was it to get that design in there?

Rachel Not too hard, I think it took me probably about four hours total to get the whole site up and running.

Leo Laporte And I notice it has a podcast player, that’s handy. So people can go there and listen to your show?

Rachel Yep.

Leo Laporte Very cool, So, there is a – unsolicited (until I put it on the air I guess I kind of solicited it at that point), but unsolicited testimonial for Squarespace. It’s more than a blog, it’s more than a podcasting medium, you can do forums, photo galleries. It’s really your next webhost as well as your next content management system. Complete permissions for multiple editors, it’s kind of how you use it Alex. Cloud architecture gives it speed and site stability, I mean you get Dugg, don’t worry about it.

Kevin Rose uses it, that’s, I guess that’s in Diggnation apparently., free to try, no credit card needed and if you use TWiT as the coupon code when you sign up, you are going to get 10% off. You could say Diggnation, but use TWiT okay. And I want you to sign up again Rachel with my coupon card, okay? No, you don’t has to, but I bet you Diggnation never gave you a plug for your blog and your podcast., we salute them, we thank them so much for their support.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Coming soon, Squarespace iPhone App. Now you got my attention.

Leo Laporte Now that’s interesting, I didn’t know that, iPhone App.

Alex Lindsay Like social I mean, Flickr, now you have my attention.

Leo Laporte These guys, Dane and Anthony who is the programmer are brilliant guys, they are really sharp.

Alex Lindsay Well, and like with other blog sites, I am starting to play with – putting stuff up through MarsEdit, putting stuff up through iBlogger on my iPhone and all of that just, you log in and boom you are just able to upload.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg What framework are they built on?

Alex Lindsay Their own.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I mean is it Java? Is it -

Leo Laporte It’s Java, it’s Java, it’s all Java. They did it themselves. These guys are very talented Java programmers.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Well, that’s what I have been doing for 10 years.

Leo Laporte You know a little bit about that, so you can –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I am not a programmer, but I know enough to be dangerous.

Leo Laporte They are using, wish I could remember because he told me the virtualization is done through Java as well. So, it’s very easy for them to add more capacity, it’s really cool.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Very interesting.

Leo Laporte Alright, so the CDC, apparently the Center for Disease Control keeps track of landlines and actually I was told in our chat room by a nurse the reason they do is a lot of Health Monitors use phone lines. So, something the CDC has to keep track of. They have put out some new results, huge growth in the number of people not using landlines, using cell phones only. What was your guess Alex Lindsay for the percentage of households that have cells only in the United States?

Alex Lindsay My guess is that it is a third.

Leo Laporte 33%. What do you think Daniel, I mean Brian? Brian Daniel.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah…

Leo Laporte You think a third’s too high, too low, think it’s about right?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg …I think it’s about right.

Leo Laporte Carlos what would it be in Brazil? It’s probably very high in Brazil, right?

Carlos Xavier In Brazil it’s still very high, cell phones. Mobile market it’s a big thing here, but a lot of people still have the landlines, a lot of them also get the usual land number with their cell phones.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s interesting, it comes with it. Oh, that’s very interesting. Hey, Louis what about you, are you – do you still have the landline, you are young, hip, kind of dude.

Louis Gray My wife has a landline, I will put it that way. 24% would be my guess.

Leo Laporte You guys kind of ruined the story, because it’s 20%. I thought that was a lot. That’s one in five people in the U.S., an increase of three percentage points over the first half of the year, the largest six month increase since the government started collecting such data. Now here’s the other side of it. 17% don’t have cell phones, 17% are landlines only.

Alex Lindsay We haven’t had a landline for 10 years. I haven’t had a landline for 10 years.

Leo Laporte You are one of those people.

Alex Lindsay Part of it was I was moving a lot for a little bit – in the early part of this decade and – but then I just couldn’t, I didn’t want to deal with people calling me. I didn’t want to deal with the all other pieces and I just wanted one number people could get a hold of, I didn’t want to say this is my home line, this is my cell phone…

Leo Laporte I’m going to say that you actually are probably correct, because in addition there’s a 15% of the households have landlines but don’t use them. They are there for emergency.

Alex Lindsay I have Comcast as my provider for cable, internet and VoIP.

Leo Laporte Right.

Alex Lindsay Comcast line I run an apartment, so that’s my business line. I don’t answer that phone ever.

Leo Laporte You never use it.

Alex Lindsay I have a voicemail, when I have apartments for rent, I put the ad up there and that’s it.

Leo Laporte So, you are in a large group of people.

Carlos Xavier Same here.

Leo Laporte Same thing Carlos, you have a landline, but you don’t use it.

Carlos Xavier I have the same deal yeah. I have it here for internet, phone and TV. It’s a whole package. I don’t use the landline, it’s just for emergencies and maybe my dad calling me from Brasilia. That’s it.

Alex Lindsay The crazy thing is that if I make a phone call from home and I am not using my cell phone, I am calling out of Skype. I’m not, I don’t think about, I don’t have any issue about…

Leo Laporte Me too, I rarely use my cell phone anymore, I use Skype all the time.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg The only thing I use my landline for a day-to-day basis is conference calls where I’m dialling an 800 number, because we have bridges – everybody in our company has –

Leo Laporte So, I think Alex you really get, you win this because about a third of people in the U.S. don’t use a landline, they use their cell phone in lieu of landlines, some of them still have a landline but it is vestigial. Of people 18 to 24, about a third of people only have cell phones, they don’t have landlines in their house. So, you are right there too. So, it’s really the older folks who are putting the landlines giving the landlines some cream. It’s a big shift.

Alex Lindsay It’s all that security, but I think that as you start to, when you start having people who are moving around a lot and are used to –

Leo Laporte That’s why. You want a single line.

Alex Lindsay You don’t want to tell people this is my cell number, this is my, and this gets back into…

Leo Laporte That’s where Google Voice...

Alex Lindsay That’s exactly where I was going because Daniel just, I have had a social account.

Leo Laporte Oh, you never upgraded.

Alex Lindsay I have never, never used it. When I called Daniel I was like vow, I have five cell phones like I –need it and it sounds like it’s a very good service.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg The first big thing for me was moving to where my business card now has my Google Voice number and that was a big shift over when I just – I am ready to commit to just giving someone one number and now I rout some people to my office, some people to my cell phone, some people – and I can set all that up on the web.

Leo Laporte The fact that you have control over that.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Absolutely.

Alex Lindsay I mean I carry three cell phones around, it’s ridiculous.

Leo Laporte Let me ask in the chat room, TalkShoe chat room if somebody wants to talk about Google Voice, who is in there that would like to talk about Google Voice? Looks like a lot of people. [Ph] Jeff Carter says he is using it for your students. Hi Jeff, welcome to this week in tech.

Jeff Carter Hi Leo, how’s it going.

Leo Laporte Good. So you are a teacher or professor?

Jeff Carter I am a professor, yeah. I teach science, biology, neuroscience, that kind of thing.

Leo Laporte And where?

Jeff Carter I do this here in beautiful Loma Linda, California.

Leo Laporte Awesome. So, you have a land line and you have a cellphone but you use your Google Voice line, how?

Jeff Carter I do – I tell you, I have got at least three different phone numbers. Google Voice what it does, what’s so great about it is it allows me to give my students one number, right? And it’s a number that’s not necessarily associated with my personal information. That being said what’s great about it is when the call me up with an excuse about why they can’t quite make it to class that day, it rings up on all of my lines.

Leo Laporte Right

Jeff Carter It’s pretty handy.

Leo Laporte You know what I love, and I don’t know if you use this. I have it text message me with the text of the call. Now the text is – the voice recognition is not great. But I can usually kind of figure out what’s going on based on the context. It gives me enough. Do you use that Jeff?

Jeff Carter Absolutely. As I get older and my students get younger I find that they very much preferred to send me a text message….

Leo Laporte Yes, yes, yes….

Jeff Carter As opposed to leaving me a voicemail. And what’s great is with the Google Voice service is when I reply back to their text message it reflects the Google Voice number, again protecting my personal……

Leo Laporte That’s nice. So you call back via Google Voice. I would think Skype might be a little threatened by Google Voice frankly because as Google Voice is going to offer cheaper calls to – international calls.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I think it still needs to be a little bit more – it’s still smoother as far as an experience goes to use Skype.

Leo Laporte To use Skype.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg To use Skype – I think that’s one of the things.

Leo Laporte Now, we have to say – I apologize for those of you who are listening and saying well, darn it, I want Google Voice, because they aren’t yet public. I don’t know when they’re going to do that.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg We don’t know when.

Leo Laporte They say they are going to it. But right now I can’t send you an invite. I would. You were lucky you signed up for Grand Central.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg That’s why I’m glad when early beta came out, I sign up for all that crap and one day –

Alex Lindsay Every time I see one of those things, I get an invitation from Leo or I get an invitation from somebody else, I’m always like, oh I just sign and put my name in.

Leo Laporte Just do it.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Just to reserve, you never know. We have them around the business but there are couple that I have, yeah…

Leo Laporte How about – you use Google Voice, Louis or is that something you’re aware of or..?

Louis Gray I am aware of Google Voice obviously. Not using it right now.

Leo Laporte Not lucky enough to have –

Louis Gray The Skype I’m using here you’ll see I get kicked off every 20 minutes, so.

Leo Laporte Why is that?

Louis Gray So far the iPhone’s the best thing. This has happened on other podcasts as well. We’re kind of used to it, so we watch the time and then in eight minutes, I’ll die off and we’ll start again.

Leo Laporte Who’s your internet service provider?

Louis Gray It’s Comcast just like everybody else.

Leo Laporte I have a feeling Comcast is screwing with you.

Louis Gray If that’s true we don’t have it nailed yet. But we can’t complain about this –

Leo Laporte Every 20 minutes is a little too regular if you ask me. That’s very strange.

Louis Gray It is. It’s pretty constant.

Leo Laporte Wow. All right, well that’s good. I will just keep an eye out and I’ll dial you back. Carlos, this is another service from – fine service from Google that they say they are never offering internationally.

Carlos Xavier Well it’s always the other countries that get this kind of services that ruled out.

Leo Laporte I have friends in Canada. I used to go to Canada all the time and the Canadians are bitter about the fact that iTunes – and then Amazon and Hulu and the Kindle. And this must really gripe you.

Carlos Xavier We are also locked out of iTunes not the apps store because the iPhone is a big thing here. But it’s been in Brazil – I don’t know, for less than a year. It’s huge, we can get the apps but we cannot get tracks from the iTunes store.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that ridiculous?

Alex Lindsay And this is all….

Leo Laporte This is not Apple’s fault.

Alex Lindsay It’s not Apple, not Google, it’s all of the inter-relationships.

Carlos Xavier But we do have credit cards.

Leo Laporte Yeah, and I imagine that there’s probably a pretty brisk market in credit cards with U.S. addresses. I know that in Canada that’s one way people handle that. If you have a U.S. address.

Carlos Xavier We have ways around it. I have an iTunes account I can buy tracks but it’s almost a hack, you know?

Leo Laporte Right.

Carlos Xavier You get yourself an American address, and then you just do it.

Leo Laporte Carlos..

Carlos Xavier People are actually doing it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, of course they are and because there is demand for it, and I guess, it’s really the record companies, the publishers and it’s people who are tied to business models that unfortunately are old fashioned, they are fading out. They are nationalistic and it doesn’t make sense.

Carlos Xavier I can see some movement being actually starting here to change this. We don’t yet have - for one, we don’t get Hulu here, we don’t get Hulu. But Fox just – yeah, we don’t have that and actually we are also locked out of because it’s only I think in the United States or Germany, right?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Carlos Xavier Without paying.

Leo Laporte Pandora too.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah, Pandora.

Leo Laporte Love Pandora.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg That’s why I hate liking songs on FriendFeed because I know everybody that’s outside the U.S. can’t listen to it.

Leo Laporte How about Can you guys do in ….

Carlos Xavier Yeah, sure we love

Leo Laporte Yes, is a way around this. And we talked to them, I love it. It’s kind of a Twitter for music. So, you pick the song and you blip it and then it goes on your Twitter or FriendFeed. But the songs are coming from other people’s posted MP3s so, it strikes me as completely highly illegal, however they say – we interviewed them on net@night, they said we have got a deal with the record companies. No, that’s okay. So I don’t know what they are up to. But I love, that’s the solution for people, international listeners.

Louis Gray What about

Leo Laporte he was just saying doesn’t work in Brazil, right?

Carlos Xavier It used to work before they passed that whole new strategy to charge for outside the U.S. and Germany, right?

Leo Laporte Oh! I am so sorry.

Carlos Xavier A lot of my friends got really bumped out about that. A lot of them just simply stopped listening to and they were really, really hooked. It’s a big thing – especially among tech people here.

Leo Laporte Well Jeff I thank you for being on the show with us and say hello to all your students in Loma Vista, Loma Linda.

Jeff Carter I’ll do that. Thank you so much for having me on.

Leo Laporte Great to talk to you, thank you yeah, I think we are big fans of Google Voice. We look forward to having it available, universally.

Here’s the final shoe, finally dropped after years and years of being the laughing stock of the gaming community. Duke Nukem Forever is finally well and truly officially dead. Thank God! This is actually – I should say thank God, I feel very, very sad for the developer of 3D Realms – developers at 3D Realms, I mean, they have been working on this thing for…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg 12 years.

Leo Laporte 12 years, I’m sorry, I am not going to laugh.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg 12 years, 12 years.

Leo Laporte I’m crying. I am not laughing.

Alex Lindsay And I thought enterprise software development cycles are long.

Leo Laporte 12 years and finally they just ran out of money.

Alex Lindsay That’s what we call mission creep. I think that was the issue.

Leo Laporte Take two.

Carlos Xavier The original was such a good game.

Leo Laporte Say again?

Carlos Xavier The original was such a good game.

Leo Laporte Oh I loved Duke Nukem, yeah.

Carlos Xavier Yeah, it got me hooked when I was a kid.

Leo Laporte The trailers we saw – we saw a trailer as recently as a year ago for Duke Nukem Forever. They made it look like it was imminent, it looked really good.

Louis Gray The problem was Forever was actually going to the production cycle. If they had actually given it a specific time span, it would have been completed. But their big problem was naming it Forever.

Leo Laporte You mistake is …

Louis Gray Because it takes forever.

Leo Laporte … is a bad name. Take Two says that they retain the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever, but they can confirm that the relationship was a publishing agreement only, it didn’t include providing funds and 3D Realms has essentially run out of money.

Alex Lindsay And evidently – and this is from the chat room, from Phil404, it said that Duke Nukem is now – it’s Duke Nukem ForNever.

Leo Laporte For never. Thank you. Duke Nukem Trilogy however continues the handheld version, continues under development with Apogee and Deep Silver.

Alex Lindsay Some of that also – if you do a little searching around I think I might have tagged this for TWiT but some of the art work, some of the folks who got laid off, some of the galleries…..

Leo Laporte Yeah, release some of that stuff.

Alex Lindsay Yeah, they have but there’s some galleries up there. I don’t know how long they’ll be there. So, if you’re listening or watching….

Leo Laporte Whatever collateral you’ve got, release it.

Alex Lindsay Go check it out because some of the individual artists I think they have released it. So…

Leo Laporte Couldn’t somebody come along and take an existing engine and say – port itover to that and say wow, we’ll do a open source Duke Nukem?

Alex Lindsay It could be a lot of work and Take Two isn’t – doesn’t have any real reason to make it that – make that possible.

Leo Laporte Or as Electronic Arts used to call it, Take Two billion. That’s what they are going to buy it for.

Alex Lindsay Wow!

Leo Laporte $2 billion, let’s see here we’re going to some more stories in just a second but I do want to mention – all right this is your chance. We're going to see one more time if Rachel uses this. Our next sponsor.

Alex Lindsay This is going to be a big curve, too.

Leo Laporte I have to check. I think it's – I don’t want to say it out loud until I know. Yes, it is GoToMyPC. Rachel, do you…oh she's gone! She didn't want to – oh wait a minute there she is; Rachel, do you use GoToMyPC? She's going for the hat trick, ladies and gentlemen.

Rachel I have used it. I actually just used it a couple of weeks ago.

Leo Laporte You're lying, you're lying to me now.

Rachel No, I am not. No, I am not.

Leo Laporte You're – you’ve actually hit for the hat trick, Rachel.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg The trifecta.

Leo Laporte The trifecta.

Rachel Yes.

Leo Laporte Tell me…

Rachel My co-hosts on my show, we're all in different states and so we take turns editing and it was my co-host in California’s turn and there were some mix-ups with the files and we had to like re-align all three of our tracks back up together and she had no idea how to do it. So she installed it and I went on and taught her how to do it.

Leo Laporte Unbelievable. Isn’t that amazing there you go – that's great for tech support. It's great for remote access to your system. You know nobody, nobody these days wants to stay at work any longer than you have to, especially if you're surrounded by people who are sick with the flu. You want to go home and if you're sick you want to be able to stay home, GoToMyPC lets you do that. It is, you don't have to be a tech expert, you figured – Rachel, would you call yourself a tech expert?

Rachel I'm medium.

Leo Laporte Medium. Did you find it difficult to set up, difficult to use?

Rachel No, it was very easy.

Leo Laporte Yeah. That's because this is from Citrix. These guys really know what they're doing. Sometimes it takes the biggest; the more, the more expert you are, the better you're able to make something easy to use and they've been doing this for years. Wherever you are in a hotel in New York, on a couch in your living room, an Internet cafe in Borneo, at Rachel's house trying to help her partner, you can use it, you can access any program, work on any file, check your email. Rachel, you're amazing. You've used every one of our products here. What you…

Rachel I could list off all the stuff from Daily Gizmos that we’ve bought to.

Leo Laporte What? Let me ask you on your podcast, is there any gear that you need for that podcast that you’d really like to have like a microphone, recorder anything I can send you as a gift to thank you for playing our home game?

Rachel Oh wow. Off the top of my head, I don't know.

Leo Laporte Well, think about it Rachel and let me give you my e-mail address. Actually how am I going to do this? Because I want to make sure it's actually you. What – is your e-mail address from your podcast?

Rachel That would work.

Leo Laporte Okay, so you'll be the only person able to use that address, Send me an e-mail at Tell me what you need, I am going to send you a prize just because you’re such a good listener, you bought everything we sell.

Rachel My husband uses a SpinRite as well.

Leo Laporte Oh man. Now I have to send you two prizes. Thank you Rachel. It's really great to have you on and I'm glad you use all of these products and you listen to all these shows and good luck with the Girls’ Night Out podcasts that sounds great.

Rachel In – Girls’ Night In.

Leo Laporte Girls’ Night In, not out. You are in.

Rachel Yeah.

Leo Laporte –


Leo Laporte Give me, you know what I need, a new brain. Can you give me that?

Rachel You got it.

Leo Laporte Thank you, Rachel. Think about what you need, a new microphone for your co-host. How about – how about GoToMyPC – unlimited GoToMyPC account, how about that?

Rachel That would be awesome.

Leo Laporte All right. I am going to send you that. We're going to get for you your very own year's subscription of GoToMyPC absolutely no charge. Now the rest of you could try it free for 30 days. Just go to, 30 days free. See everybody who listens gets something and I will send you a year Rachel of GoToMyPC, We thank them so much for their support. They're really a great company. I have known them for years, and they make a fantastic product. If you need remote access, that’s the way to go. Rachel’s so cool. We're going to do this every show from now on. Just going to – just going to get our listeners on here. So Biz Stone goes on the view. I am – these Twitter guys…

Alex Lindsay Oh. Don’t get me started.

Leo Laporte They become – they become movie stars. So now Biz Stone is on the view with – oh, look... I can’t start this story without getting Louis on. The 20 minutes are up. I got to get Louis back on because I don’t want to do a Twitter story without the FriendFeed guy on here. Louis is the biggest FriendFeed evangelist. Does – Louis you don't have an investment or stock in the company or anything, do you? You just…

Louis Gray I have no investment or stock in the company.

Leo Laporte You are just a fan of the company and I – as am I.

Louis Gray I've been using them for a long time. I recognized their potential very early on. I was responsible for getting Scoble on there. So I apologize on his behalf.

Carlos Xavier So that was you.

Leo Laporte Well but yeah, but Louis I think if because I can't remember how I got on but it probably was because Scoble was using it. It might been – might have been because of you, I don't remember exactly when I – but boy, as good as FriendFeed was, this new life, Real-Time Beta. It's a killer app now, I mean this is, this is so awesome. So the rumor…

Louis Gray It's obviously become a great destination for live events, you can see the chat room, just flowing.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah! 571 comments.

Louis Gray FriendFeed obviously – it really kind of has the two pieces to it, number one is your friend; that’s what the friend part is for, the second part is your feeds and that can be anything. It really is a topnotch aggregation service, gets all of your details from all the services that you are already on and then enables a conversation platform. A lot of people like to say FriendFeed versus Twitter but Twitter is an important ingredient in FriendFeed. It really does get those updates from around the web and put them into your feed and let you talk to your friends. And what it also let you to do is have threaded conversations, comments that last more than 140 characters, lets you have pictures, lets you have video. It just makes sense and so it's not one of those situations where you have to choose one or the other. But it's really kind of the difference between radio and a color television with cable.

Leo Laporte You sure you don’t own stock in this there.

Louis Gray I don't need to own stock to know it's a good company. So, Twitter has basically got one thing down and that’s text that’s short to your friends and following your friends and that's it, that's all they do. They haven't customized really anything in the last two years with the exception of making sure that the site doesn't crash every 20 minutes like my Skype connection.

Leo Laporte Well, you kind of admire them for keeping it simple, right? But at the same time the function – and you know some people, sometimes people say that the FriendFeed is hard to use because it’s functionality is so, you know – and I don’t find that to be the case to be –

Louis Gray I would say the same thing to be honest. At times I have requested that they find a way to make a lighter version for people who are coming in new. If I came in today and saw all the features that they have today, it might be overwhelming. I would have to learn how to hide things, block things, delete things. If you're used to something like Twitter where you follow thousands of people, you can't just jump in on FriendFeed and expect to do the same thing because it’s a much richer experience.

Leo Laporte Well Kim Kardashian can. Did you see – did you see that?

Louis Gray She followed 45,000 people. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get followed which is good.

Leo Laporte So, she is, as I understand, Kim is – of course Kim is some sort of B-grade celebrity with large mammary glands which apparently is her key to success. And if there is reality show on her, I believe.

Alex Lindsay Right.

Leo Laporte But I mean, I never heard of the name. But anyway, she was on Twitter I gather. And then had quite a few followers on Twitter, now there's this new thing on FriendFeed where when you join FriendFeed you can add your Twitter social graph to FriendFeed all your followers and friends – is that what it was Louis?

Louis Gray You can log in using your Twitter credentials using OAuth and in a single click, it will check your FriendFeed. It will check all of FriendFeed for people who you are already connected to on Twitter and automatically subscribe you to the…

Leo Laporte So that's what happened, right. She got her friends from Twitter just she added them.

Louis Gray Yeah. So if she already had hundreds of thousands, and I don't know, because obviously I don’t follow the lady but if you have got hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter and you happen to have 20 to 40% of them already checking out FriendFeed, then she would have been automatically subscribed to dozens of thousands of people. The interesting coverage around that was that, less than 1% of those people she followed, followed her back.

Leo Laporte Yes, I mean, if you look at her feed, there’s not much going on.

Louis Gray No, a lot of people tend to use FriendFeed as kind of a dumping ground for their tweets.

Leo Laporte Yes. And that’s the thing you don’t, you really don’t want to be doing on FriendFeed because people immediately suss, why she’s got 905 subscribers, 45,000 subscriptions.

Louis Gray Yes, so it’s a 2% return, right?

Leo Laporte So what that means is if she goes to FriendFeed, it's going to scroll by at a pretty rapid clip.

Louis Gray Well, yes, I don't think she's visiting to be honest. One thing if you go back up to the top, it should show how many comments and the like she's ever made and since they don’t display...

Alex Lindsay None.

Leo Laporte None. Zero.

Louis Gray ...the answer is none. So she's not the best person to give the good FriendFeed experience. If you would type in, either your own or my own address, you could get a better idea for the type of things that do occur.

Leo Laporte That's one of the neat things that you can do with FriendFeed is you can see – you can of, for instance, you can see Scoble’s FriendFeed, right? You can see what it looks like for him.

Louis Gray Right.

Leo Laporte And, what is it, friends/scobleizer, is that how I would do it?

Louis Gray Well, you would go to, and there's a link in there that would show who he is subscribed to.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Louis Gray I’ll go to the site with you.

Leo Laporte 23,000 subscriptions, and if I click that, will I see…

Louis Gray You click it, you get all the names.

Leo Laporte Okay, so can see who he's following. But then, I can also see his stream, and I can see how fast it goes. I am trying to remember what it – I think it's friends. I mean it's kind of fun, he did this to me once, he said, well type this in and then you can see how fast my stream goes, and it's kind of like scary.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg He did a quick video last week.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg That was just fascinating to me. Because I am always curious of how he handles the noise, as a librarian.

Leo Laporte He's a different person, from everybody else. Anyway, I – this started because we're – there was a really incredibly stupid rumor from Fast Company, I mean just stupid rumor that Apple was going to buy Twitter.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Which desn’t make any sense.

Leo Laporte Made no sense. Everybody – I mean, I’ll fall for these, I am pretty bad at falling for these, going woah, this is the big story.

Alex Lindsay Well, I thought Jared was dead because Kevin Rose tweeted it out.

Leo Laporte You fallen for that? Yes, see. I didn’t fall for that one. But I – and this one, this Apple's going to buy Twitter, immediately I said, I don't care who they know or what source they've got, that's ridiculous. And of course, Biz Stone goes on The View, and tells Baba Wawa we’re not for sale, which is what I always thought.

Alex Lindsay We’re just getting started.

Leo Laporte Well, I always thought that, first of all, Ev made plenty of money selling Blogger to Google.

Alex Lindsay Right.

Leo Laporte He’s sitting on a pile of money, a pile of dough, he doesn't need to monetize. He – he's going to make – it's going be more and more valuable, it's kind of like Mark Zuckerberg, why should they sell it?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Should we read what Jack is doing next? Because…

Leo Laporte Yes, Jack has a new – Jack Dorsey who invented the idea of Twitter, and was kind of forced out as CEO of Twitter by Ev just a few months ago. What's his new business? He's got something new.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg It's called Project Squirrel, that’s all I’ve – there was something out of TechCrunch, and it's apparently a hardware and software device for the iPhone that allows you to convert points of sale…

Leo Laporte I feel sleepy.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s a point of sale, you can take credit card – but they already got that.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Okay, so you keep coming….

Leo Laporte There’s a big ad, Apple shows a big ad of that that all the time, like, look you can take credit card, I don’t even know why I would want to! Apparently there's some hardware that you could slide the credit card through and it doesn't need power, because….

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes, and it looks like in acorn, which is why it is Project Squirrel

Leo Laporte Silly, silly silly.

Louis Gray They might as well add springboard modules, if you guys remember those?

Leo Laporte Oh, yes, that was – who did that? That’s –

Louis Gray Handspring.

Alex Lindsay Handspring.

Leo Laporte Handspring. Wherever happened to that?

Louis Gray Handspring was acquired by Palm, if you remember that. I actually had one of the first Visor phones, it was so –

Leo Laporte Visor, that’s what I was trying to remember. Visor.

Alex Lindsay Yes.

Louis Gray I had to put it on my desk because it wouldn’t fit in my pocket.

Leo Laporte Yes, and you could add all the – you could add the hardware, a little plug-in hardware there.

Alex Lindsay I had a andspring, yeah.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right.

Alex Lindsay Well, I think that one of the things as far as importing stuff, and I don’t know anything about Project Squirrel, but I know that the one thing about point of purchase is that you can’t use the iPhone to take pictures of the barcodes, because it doesn’t focus.

Leo Laporte That’s why I have a Clarifi case, because now I can do that.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg But you can with my G1.

Alex Lindsay Does it really?

Leo Laporte Oh, yes, you haven’t seen this? This has a little magnifying glass that you – slides over so you could take close-ups.

Alex Lindsay Yes, yes.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I just lost mine.

Leo Laporte You lost Clarifi? I love it.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I lost the top part of it.

Leo Laporte Oh, that’s a bummer.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Just like two days ago.

Leo Laporte I love the clarify case.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Well, the G1 can do it.

Leo Laporte G1 is a great phone, and you are a G1 user, Brian.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes, I do both. I mean, these are my two development platforms.

Leo Laporte Me too. Well, I don’t develop, I just, these are my two –

Alex Lindsay You have a very sparse iPhone.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I can’t – my problem is?

Leo Laporte You know why, I just restored it.

Alex Lindsay Oh, I was like, wow, that’s what I call sparse.

Leo Laporte No, I just restored it, the thing, the thing, I jail broke my phone, and I screwed it up. There's this mode, DFU, which stands for – it should stand for what you think it stands for, because the disk is a FUed. And so I jail broke it, and it never has been right since. I restored it, it’s never been right since. So finally I did the DFU restore, and I'm hoping this will be. So you want to take a picture of something?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I am trying to find a barcode. Could you just grab me one of those books?

Alex Lindsay Yeah.

Leo Laporte, McNealy says project squirrel – no, that’s not it! Become a citizen scientist, click here to record your squirrel observations. I don't believe that’s Jack Dorsey’s next business.

Alex Lindsay Yes, that wasn’t it.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg No, there was something on TechCrunch.

Leo Laporte No, no, no. I think this was a wag. A wag making a joke.

Alex Lindsay I does look clear.

Leo Laporte Yes, no, no, it’s a really nice thing, it works with Evernote very nicely if you're going to do a – you want to use the Evernote.

Alex Lindsay Because that's been the big thing that’s been missing as far as the being able to just buy stuff.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Let me try it with the G1.

Alex Lindsay Being able to just buy stuff from your iPhone.

Leo Laporte Yes, he’s going to show off, now, Brian’s going –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I’ve never tried – I’ve just –I mean I just got this phone less than a week ago.

Leo Laporte Oh, you’ve got to try the barcode application to look up the thing, find the cheapest, it's outrageous.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes, yes, I’ve got the barcode, there’s a couple of…

Leo Laporte Louis, are you an iPhone guy?

Louis Gray I've got mine right here.

Leo Laporte When are we going to get a FriendFeed iPhone app, that's what I want to know?

Louis Gray That’s a good question. A lot of people are talking about that.

Leo Laporte What – you don’t – you did –

Louis Gray If you go to…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Real time doesn’t work too well.

Leo Laporte Right.

Louis Gray is there, it’s a great improvement over the original mobile app, which was, which is still good for non-iPhone mobiles.

Louis Gray The FriendFeed interface is intended to actually just work in the iPhone.

Leo Laporte And it does.

Louis Gray But they have not yet made it a dedicated app.

Leo Laporte But I would love to see real time in an iPhone, it would be awesome.

Louis Gray Right, there’s also Nambu, Nambu, is another….

Leo Laporte Yes, I use Nambu, too, yes. But again, not real time, it would be really – what we really want is some scrolling. Nintendo is hot, more gaming news, Nintendo's annual profit up 8.5% thanks to success of the Wii and the DS. Doing much better than even Toyota and Hitachi. They’re actually, probably one of the most successful international companies in Japan right now. They say they're going to expect a 7.5% rise in net profits. What are you doing over there?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg That’s what it needs…

Leo Laporte Yes, no, I have used that, and it’s incredible, so you took a picture –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg If I was Amazon, I’d be threatened by this.

Leo Laporte Well, you took a picture of the barcode and looks it up and finds it online, in fact you can be in a bookstore, take a picture of a book…

Alex Lindsay It’s not Amazon that should be threatened, its Borders.

Leo Laporte Borders is what’s threatened. You are going to Borders and you take a picture of the barcode and then…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right. It’s the retail outlets.

Leo Laporte And then it says, oh, you can find it cheaper down the road.

Alex Lindsay Well of the worst parts for me is that I sit there and take a picture of the cover of the book, because I can send it to Amazon Remembers. And so, I look at it, oh I really want in this book and I take a picture of the cover. We had an argument over when you should buy a book from Borders Online, and it's – some people will order it from Amazon while they're still in the store, I say that you have to get out to the sidewalk.

Leo Laporte All right, we're going to wrap this up in an unique way, this is the volunteer addition of TWiT, and it's been great. And I think we should, we have so many people in our TalkShoe chatroom, that I'm just going to cycle through them, what's your big story of the week? So we're going to just cycle through the people who have asked to be called on, starting with Ben Gold, you are first. I'm sorry, it’s not you Ben (1:25:00), it’s Feles, how do you pronounce it?

Feles Feles.

Leo Laporte I am here, yes, we are here. How do you pronounce your handle?

Feles Okay. It would be Feles.

Leo Laporte Feles, and where are you from, Feles?

Feles San Jose, California.

Leo Laporte And what do you think is the big story that we should be covering here on TWiT this week?

Feles I don’t know, I was thinking about Windows release candidate and how well it’s doing, and some people in the chatroom were wondering, still wondering how you felt it was going to do in terms of –

Leo Laporte We haven't mentioned the fact, and that is actually big story I kind of left out, thank you for reminding me, that Windows 7 release candidate came out this week. I'm sure millions have downloaded it. I haven’t seen numbers, I immediately downloaded, and I have to say, it's a, I have – I was saying the best version of Windows since Windows 2000, I'm now saying the best version of Windows ever.

Alex Lindsay Wow.

Feles Really?

Leo Laporte Yes, this is a remarkable comeback, I think from Microsoft.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes.

Alex Lindsay Now what made it –

Leo Laporte Well you know, XP was a big improvement over Windows 98, they went to the NT Kernel, they got some robustness, some multi user functionality – a log in meant something in XP. But it looked like a Fisher Price interface. I mean it had colorful buttons. It was just goofy looking; the “search dog”. Give me a break, the “search dog”?! You go to search; a little puppy comes out you have to wait for it to come out. Then you type your search and you have to wait for it to go look! What do they think we are; four year old morons? So okay, XP; not my favorite operating system, not to mention all the security issues.

Vista, you know the problem with Vista is, it was five years in it wasn't done and they said we can't hold on any longer so they released it, knowing that they were going to be faced with huge – it was not only heavy but huge compatibility issues. And, and it really hurt Vista. By the time Service Pack 1 came out Vista wasn’t any lighter but at least it worked with everything. But, it was too late. The perception – the public perception of Vista was this thing is ugly, it doesn't work. So they said I think they did the right thing which is that they said – we're not going to make any major changes in the, you know, the core of this thing, but we are going to polish it up, we're going to – we're going to get rid of the bloat. We're going to make sure it works with everything. And that's what they've done.

And so really, Windows 7 is Vista. For all intents and purposes – with all the rough edges polished off. It's slick, it's fast, it's much faster, it runs fine on a netbook. You can put on the Acer. Oh man, it runs great.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah.

Alex Lindsay In a lot of ways, isn’t that what Snow Leopard’s going to be for Apple?

Leo Laporte That's what Apple –s

Alex Lindsay The same operating system that – but we’re going to…

Leo Laporte I don't think it's a coincidence. I think what's happening is that operating systems are fairly mature. It is not a lot of new stuff you could put in one. This is the time for both Apple and Microsoft to say let's sit back let's make it – let's take what we've got, not add major new features not change the file system, but make it better. Now, what Apple needs to do is they really need to update the file system. HFS is long in the tooth, it is not the best file system out there. They're – I presume moving to ZFS.

Alex Lindsay Which is just fantastic.

Leo Laporte Which is a huge improvement over any file system anybody's ever used, I mean this is the file system of the future. Everything that you get with RAID, all the redundancy, the, you know, the Time Machine stuff.

Alex Lindsay Oh, you really start moving towards being able to do a cloud of data.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s the way it should be, yeah.

Alex Lindsay I get a bunch of drives that are all piped in, I can pull drives out, put drives in, yeah.

Leo Laporte So we're still HFS on the Mac we're still NTFS on Windows. However, in every other respect I think it's time to sit back, retrench, and say let's make this better. And that's what they – they really have done that with Windows 7. So Feles to answer your question, yeah I think it's great. Now, I did this on the radio show and I think what I – I made a mistake because I think a lot of people started downloading Windows 7. Some things to remember: it’s beta, it's not released yet. You’re going to have to reinstall at some point. If you - either when it comes out in September or October and we know by the way that it will be out October 23rd because Acer accidentally told everybody that. They say we're going to sell a computer yeah we’re going to sell a computer with Windows 7 on it October 23rd. So basically, that's pre-announced from Microsoft. They may even be before them.

Alex Lindsay Right.

Leo Laporte But even if you do install the beta, and by the way they're not limiting it; anybody can get it. You can download the 32 bit or the 64 bit or both, you get a serial number, it’s going to be good for a year. It’s going to be good through 2010.

Feles I’ve got a number of friends that go “oh, I wish I could run it”. Well, believe it or not, you can. You can just go and get it free for a year. And it’s a Windows operating system, perfectly legitimate. It’s wonderful.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg It’s an important paradigm shift Microsoft.

Carlos Xavier Have any of you guys tried on a – using it on a VMware as an image?

Alex Lindsay Yes.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah.

Carlos Xavier Does it work well? I just got my Macbook Pro and I'm thinking about trying it.

Leo Laporte I'm going to tell – I've got another little thing – in fact I’ll probably tell you about this on MacBreak Weekly also. I started using Sun’s VirtualBox which is a free version of Parallels or VMware. And it's free, it's every bit as good. And Windows 7 runs great on it.

Alex Lindsay Well and the thing is this is really right now if you're going to have a dual boot machine, this is a great way to do it, because you get it free for a year

Leo Laporte Free for a year.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg So, you are going to get VMware or ParaWells [ph] or Sun, the thing to do is do that. And then –

Leo Laporte So, now, now you get either with the boot system. What is it?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg A boot camp.

Leo Laporte Boot camp. Or with VirtualBox from Sun, you get a completely free – Windows 7. Macintosh users get Windows free for a year.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Free. For a year. I doubt that they're going to be a lot of them sliding over.

Leo Laporte In a year it's going to stop running every two hours. It's going to have the Louis Gray effect.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg But as you’re starting to try to figure out how much are you going to actually use it and how much – because there are a lot of – all of our new machines all are dual boot. And there are definitely legitimate reasons for going over to Windows. Now we have to, I have to admit, we're still on XP. So we'll – we'll move up.

Leo Laporte This is time, I really think this is the program that you're going to want to use it. It is a really awesome program. Feles thank you for reminding me. And yes I do think it's the best version of Windows ever in terms of performance, reliability, security. I mean if you're – if you're still using XP, for security alone you need to move to Windows 7.

Unknown Speaker Definitely.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I'm not crazy about IE8. But so what? You put Firefox on there and you’re fine.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right.

Leo Laporte Thank you Feles for calling I appreciate it.

Feles No problem at all, Leo. You’re great.

Leo Laporte Take care; thanks for listening. Thanks for being on our first volunteer TWiT. Element one.

Element J Hey, Leo, Element J

Leo Laporte I'm sorry one looks like J to me because I'm old. Where are you calling from?

Element J I’m in San Antonio.

Leo Laporte Did we miss a big story element, J?

Element J No, I – you just hit on it with Windows 7. I'm just surprised that I – out of my closet I dug up six year old ThinkPad, installed Windows 7 on it and completely just amazed at the performance that I got out of that six year old laptop.

Leo Laporte Wow. That's something. That’s a testimony.

Alex Lindsay Yes.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes.

Leo Laporte And then it makes you wonder well, what – why couldn't they that before?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah what the hell were they doing before?

Leo Laporte What were they doing with Vista? Took them five years and they came out with a pig.

Alex Lindsay Well, I think it's – when you’re writing fast and you’re adding features it's a lot harder to get back to clean code to get back straight to the metal.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Right, there’s no put optimization.

Leo Laporte So maybe that's the key is, yeah, you're a developer Brian. So the key is you sit back and you say okay, let's fix this. We’ve got, we got our template we've got our – let’s go back, let’s sit back and fix it.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah, I suspect that Windows, that Vista got so bloated as a project that it became almost impossible to manage. When you're like a code – developer and you have write unit tests

Leo Laporte Lean on to the mike there, you’re a little far, yeah.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Functional tests, unit tests, it just – it makes really hard to match.

Leo Laporte Now you're using a netbook there. Windows 7 would run great on that. That's ADAM based, right? You're a fan of the ADAM processor? You said something kind of provocative before we began. You thought ADAM was going to be a revolution.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I think the ADAM processor is a game changing device.

Leo Laporte Why?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Because I get seven hours of battery life with the N280 chip.

Leo Laporte What?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah.

Leo Laporte You’re getting seven hours?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah.

Leo Laporte That – you're using the ECC.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg This is the brand new 1000HE.

Leo Laporte How much – is it a six cell or a nine cell?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg It’s a six cell battery.

Leo Laporte You’re getting seven hours?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Just about. Between six and seven.

Leo Laporte Wow, I have to trade in, because I’ve had an [indiscernible] and I’m not getting that.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I’ve had it on for the entire time I’ve been here and I still have an hour and a half left.

Leo Laporte That's awesome.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And that was – I was on the entire time.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you were sitting out in the – yeah wow, that’s impressive.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And it was 400 bucks. It was 400 bucks and the day I got it.

Leo Laporte That's the new Asus Eee PC, what's the model number?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg 1000 HE.

Leo Laporte Oh, the HE. Okay, okay.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Amazon is where I bought – I bought five of them.

Leo Laporte Not for yourself, for your employees.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah. And I dropped – I dropped it on the first day on concrete. Literally. And it chipped off a piece, but it didn't crash XP. It still works.

Leo Laporte Lean in. Use that mike.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I’m still using it.

Leo Laporte That's your mike.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And I love it.

Leo Laporte Element J, you had a question?

Element J No I was just wondering, Brian, what kind of battery life do you get under the G1?

Leo Laporte Oh, Brian and I both use the G1.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Okay, so so…

Leo Laporte Sucks.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg …iPhone G1.

Leo Laporte Suck.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I charged them up in the morning and they don't last me to the evening.

Leo Laporte Even the iPhone you’re not – I’m getting better battery life on my iPhone.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I – no, I think I get better battery life on the G1. Personally. I don't know if my iPhone just sucks or what, but I can't get through a day with either of them. And I’m using both of them for similar things. I’m posting pictures in the Internet. I'm browsing FriendFeed, I'm doing Twits, Tweets, whatever.

Leo Laporte I love this software, I love Android. I really think that this is just bad hardware. Now we're going to see this week in fact, T-Mobile says Version 1.5 cupcake, codename cupcake, of the Android operating system will be out.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I don’t know if I’d really name my version cupcake.

Leo Laporte Is that the official name, cupcake? I don’t know. That’s what they’re calling it. That could make a big difference in a lot of things, including as we've seen with the iPhone, it could be battery life.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Well a 3.0 iPhone, apparently that's the big.

Leo Laporte Well, I was impressed with 2.2. 2.2 got much better battery life for me. I think you're getting unusually bad battery life.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I think I am.

Leo Laporte Yes. But not on the G1, that’s just terrible. Do you have, Element J, are you thinking of buying an Android phone or..?

Element J No, I got one when they came out back in October and I sent mine back because of the battery life and I stuck with my iPhone 3G. But I get –I get some poor battery life also on my iPhone. I go the whole day and it dies by 1’o clock in the afternoon. But I’m not using it, it’s in my pocket all day.

Leo Laporte All we ask – look it’s a smart phone, it’s not going to be like your Motorola ROKR, it’s going – you are going to have to – but all we ask is we get through the day

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yes, it’s an Internet device.

Leo Laporte Just let me get through the day. Now one of the –

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And don’t tell me to turn off features.

Leo Laporte Yes, without turning off Wi-Fi.

Alex Lindsay I don’t mind – I find that with my Second Generation iPhone, if I charge it every night – and I don’t charge it every night, now if I turn off Wi-Fi I can go three – three days, four days…

Leo Laporte Well yes, if you turn off the wireless, yeah.

Alex Lindsay But with Wi-Fi on I – typically, I never have an issue whether it runs out of battery inside of a one day period. Unless I’m playing Minesweeper too much or Field Mines.

Element J Is that with Wi-Fi and 3G off?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg I don’t –

Alex Lindsay No, no, no I mean with Wi-Fi and 3G on, unless I am playing Field Runners too much, on a bus or on a plane, I will not run out.

Leo Laporte It’s interesting, it sounds like there’s some real variation.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Yeah, well, I mean, because I don’t play games, I used as an Internet – I browse the Internet, I send SMS messages, I do GPS, I do maps and that’s about it.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg And I can’t get through a day.

Leo Laporte I want to – J, thank you for being on the show.

Element J Thanks, Leo, appreciate it.

Leo Laporte Thank you for calling, I think we lost Louis once more and it doesn’t seem to be getting back through, so Louis Gray I thank you for bring here, And next time you know you just got to shout out, you just got to yell if you want to be on this show, right Carlos? You just yell – you just say ‘I got something to say!’

Carlos Xavier Yes, of course, always.

Leo Laporte Yes, I mean it’s always been like – as it ever has been, it’s a little harder when there are people in the studio as Brian and Alex and I are, if you’re a person on Skype and so I apologize for making a little…

Carlos Xavier It’s okay. It’s a different interaction.

Leo Laporte Yes, but I thank you for being here, I really appreciate it Carlos.

Carlos Xavier Hey thanks for having me.

Leo Laporte It’s great to talk to you.

Carlos Xavier And I will send you some cachaça maybe ….

Leo Laporte I don’t know if I want any cachaça it sounds like it’s going to burn a whole in my –

Alex Lindsay Correct me if I’m wrong but what you need is the proper amount of sugar and limes.

Leo Laporte Oh all right.

Alex Lindsay And then you gotta fine drink.

Carlos Xavier You need – you need the green limes, not the yellow ones.

Leo Laporte Absolutely, the little green limes, so you take some sugar, you take some green limes .You squeezed the lime, you mixed in the sugar, you take the cachaça, you throw it out and you drink the lime juice and sugar.

Alex Lindsay No, no, no. I will make you some

Leo Laporte No?

Carlos Xavier No! Drink the whole thing! It’s one of the most popular drinks around man.

Alex Lindsay When I was in –when I was in Brazil, I have to admit I think I was comfortably numb most of the time on caipirinhas. I was so…

Leo Laporte

Oh my! Caipirinhas are a great drink actually.

Alex Lindsay I got in a little trouble

Carlos Xavier After the second caipirinhas it’s all down hill…

Leo Laporte Yes.

Alex Lindsay That’s why you drink them on the beach.

Leo Laporte Carlos, how is that your English is so good, did you study in English in school or..?

Carlos Xavier I lived in Oklahoma

Leo Laporte There you go.

Carlos Xavier With the rednecks.

Leo Laporte That’ll do it. Well it’s been great having you on the show. I really appreciate you’re being here.

Carlos Xavier Thanks so much. Thanks all of you guys.

Leo Laporte All right our volunteer TWiT, Carlos Xavier. He’s on Twitter, CarlosGustavo, one word. Follow him.

Carlos Xavier Please.

Leo Laporte Please.

Carlos Xavier Twitter followes.

Leo Laporte Twitter – he needs Twitter followers.

Carlos Xavier I’m trying to beat Ashton Kutcher.

Leo Laporte You know that would be a great goal, just to pick somebody out of the blue and say let’s beat Ashton Kutcher, let’s take Twitter back.

Alex Lindsay You should just release a press release.

Leo Laporte Leo Laporte – not me.

Carlos Xavier You should do that.

Alex Lindsay Or Carlos.

Leo Laporte Not me. Carlos, Carlos.

Carlos Xavier Yes.

Leo Laporte Just some random person.

Carlos Xavier Follow me.

Leo Laporte Thank you Carlos.

Carlos Xavier Okay, thank you so much

Leo Laporte Take care, take care. We are going to hang up on Carlos. I have a few more people in our TalkShoe though, let’s go quickly to our next Talkshoe caller and that’s Flargo. Hey Flargo

Flargo Hello everyone.

Leo Laporte It’s good to have you, where are you calling from the day.

Flargo I am up in Seattle, I’m a listener, I started following you about five months ago.

Leo Laporte Well thank you, welcome to the show.

Flargo So, everyone else seems to be talking about Windows 7 and while that’s a [inaudible]. I’m actually going to chime in on Duke Nukem. I have been following that game for over 10 years and never really hoped that it will come out, but it kind of a little tears from my eyes [inaudible] cancelled.

Leo Laporte Yes, I mean it’s a heartbreaker. Although it was the butt of many a joke I mean, I think we all saw the writing on the wall here.

Flargo My jokes included.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes. Duke Nukem Forever. That was the mistake, was the name.

Flargo Did not finish.

Leo Laporte Did not – did not finish. Well it’s great to talk to you Flargo. We appreciate you being here and thanks for listening to the show.

Flargo I appreciate you being there. Nice to hear from you all.

Leo Laporte All right. Take care, bye bye Flargo in Seattle. Now Datalor, hey Datalor, where are you calling from?

Datalor Dublin in Ireland

Leo Laporte Oh ! It’s nice to talk to you, thank you for calling . It’s kind of late at night. We appreciate you staying up late.

Datalor Or early in the morning.

Leo Laporte As the case may be. I hope you don’t have to work in the morning.

Datalor I actually do believe it or not. But I am working on a college project tonight, so you can feel sorry for me now.

Leo Laporte That’s great. Well are there any stories on your mind that we missed or anything that you want to comment on on what we’ve talked about so far?

Datalor Oh yes, mostly there was an article that I came across yesterday on CNET regarding the European Union wanting to make software makers liable for their code. But you were talking about like – with the trouble with Vista and stuff like that. I know the BSA aren’t really going ahead with any plans, they’re actually criticizing it, but I think, personally I think software makers software makers, software developers should be liable for their code.

Leo Laporte Well that’s going to – maybe you’re right, maybe kind of morally and ethically they have some responsibility, but my goodness if you are considering a software business and you know that you could be sued if your code doesn’t live up to somebody’s expectations, that’s going to put a pretty big chill on the business. Look at – Brian, you’re a developer. What do you think of that idea that you should be liable. What if companies sued you?

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Well they wouldn’t sue me, they would sue the company I worked for.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Maybe in the open source community people can be held liable if they contributed a piece of code that blows chunks or brings down a site, but…

Leo Laporte Every time they open the some code, it says ‘we are not liable Don’t – however you use this…’

Brian Daniel Eisenberg That’s, there’s – every time you install piece of software, there’s a checkbox and you have to agree the terms.

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg …and those terms typically spell out the service level agreements for that type of thing and it’s not any one single developer that’s going to be held liable – I mean, I, you know, If I check in a piece of code and it breaks Banc Of America’s financial transaction system, I am not going to sued, my company is going to sued.

Leo Laporte So here is the point. Comissioners Viviane Reding and Meglena Kuneva say that consumers have protection for physical products failings. If you buy a tire and the tire fails you can sue the manufacture, why shouldn’t software makers be liable in the same way? But I have to ask you, Datalor, sometimes I feel like the EU Commissioners are very anti-business. Is that something typically European? Here in America, business rules doesn’t it?

Datalor Yes, well I suppose, it depends. Like I work with my team manager so I have got things that I need to make sure that they’re reliable, particularly like protection, security and antivirus and if those products don’t live up to their expectation, my Managing Director would have a kitten canary and he would want to point the finger at somebody and I think that’s the problem is that people who are responsible for this need be able point the finger at someone. And there has be some sort of consumer protection involved, whether it be consumer or business protection, you know.

I don’t think it’s easy just to kind of let this go, because you know, particularly with antivirus software like Opera where you’re protected with antivirus software. We all know that if we download AVG free for example, stick it on our machines, it’s not going to be as resilient as Norton or MacAfee.

Leo Laporte Right. BSA public director of policy, Francisco Mingorance said “unlike tangible goods, creators of digital content cannot protect with a high degree of certainty both the product’s anticipated usage and its potential performance” He says “we shouldn’t be held to the same standard as a toaster is you know what you are going to do with a toaster.” Software could be used in a variety of situations.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg When you build a car you have – if you drive it off road you know that’s kind of they are saying well, that’s not what they’re designed for.

Leo Laporte Now you’re off the hook.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg You’re off the hook and in many ways there is, on a PC there might be 20 or 30 different variations of what that software has to run against.

Leo Laporte I tell you I don’t think this maybe would hurt commercial software you know, Microsoft you know this is their business. But it’s going to kill open source software. If you are in – and by the way they wanted to extend it to open source software as well. If you’re an open source developer and you know you could be sued if somebody uses your code and has a problem…

Brian Daniel Eisenberg You’re not gonna submit.

Leo Laporte …you are not going to make your code available. So I think the unintended consequences of this is – I mean I agree, consumers should be protected. But the unintended consequences of this is to kill open source software and I don’t think you commissioners are aware of that at all. Do you agree Datalor?

Datalor Yes I would have to agree with that, but at the end of the day like it’s really what you pay for. If you get something free , you are not going to expect it to be that resilient, do you know what I mean? At the end of the day it’s more about and the paid for software. The software you depend on. Let’s say if you go OpenOffice and install it on your machine and it dies, fair enough you’re able to take control of it, open source software.

Leo Laporte I guess a court would recognize that too, would say, ‘well look you didn’t pay for it, what do you expect? You can’t sue the developer here.’ Yeah. Although they explicitly say this, we want this to cover open source software. Hey great subject, I am glad you brought that up Datalor. That’s a very interesting point. I think unfortunately we miss a lot of stories out of Europe. We tend to be a little bit U.S centric, because it is a – was originally a U.S. only Podcast. But I am glad that we have listeners in Dublin and I am really appreciate your being here.

Datalor I’ll do my best for you, Leo, no worries.

Leo Laporte Thank you, Datalor. Take care. I think we’re going to have to wrap this up. We have many, many, many, many, many, many, many more callers but we have really made this the longest TWiT in the history. So – but it’s a volunteered TWiT, it should be longer.

Alex Lindsay Exactly

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Mmm.

Leo Laporte Alex Lindsay is at the pixelcorps, is where the podcast lives, soon to be a Squarespace site. is the place to find about his guild of multimedia artists, the kind of people who make Star Trek possible. Alex it’s always great to have you. We’ll see you on MacBreak Weekly on Tuesday.

Alex Lindsay Two days.

Leo Laporte In just a couple of days. And I really want to thank you for coming up and leaping into the breach, Brian Daniel Eisenberg. You didn’t know that you were going to be on the show, but we appreciate your being here. is your company and also your Twitter handle.

Brian Daniel Eisenberg Great well thank you much for having me, it’s been a pleasure.

Leo Laporte Thanks for being here. Thank everybody who watched the show, who participated in the chat rooms, who participated in FriendFeed. We had 739 comments. And especially for the guinea pigs who tried out the show on TalkShoe, I think we are going to do this more, I think that really work very, very well. And a tip of the hat to everybody who was on the show on TalkShoe, on the chat room on TalkShoe and we will keep using TalkShoe for future shows, because I think that’s a great way to do it. TWiT the volunteer edition is in the can. We’ll see you next week, bye bye.

So before we leave, let’s say good night and good night everybody to everybody in TalkShoe. Good night everybody see you later! And here is a Star Trek spoiler, everybody shout out your Star Trek spoiler right now. The Red Shirt Guy dies…

Thank you everybody, isn’t it great, it’s so fun to have the TalkShoe, thank you TalkShoe room. You guys are great.


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