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Episode 208


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This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, Episode 208 for August 17th, 2009. Hide the Boots

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It’s time for TWiT, ladies and gentlemen, the show that covers all the tech news of the week in some sort of a strange half-assed fashion and today, to help us in the half ass, from the Motor City ladies and gentlemen, Dave – Jay. We can edit that out, can’t we?

Jay Adelson Oh whatever.

Leo Laporte I wanted to say, what’s that guy, the – Dave – the guy that does the – anyway, Jay Adelson, okay. Take two.

Jay Adelson No, no, no.

Patrick Norton I don’t think I’ve ever seen you do take two on anything.

Leo Laporte There’s no take two. There’s no take two.

Patrick Norton You’ve never been [ph] called before.

Leo Laporte Jay Adelson, of, the CEO, it’s Jay. It’s great to – we met ages ago on the screensavers, you were at Equinox.

Jay Adelson That’s right, that’s right. I have always dreamed of being on TWiT and thank you for having me man.

Leo Laporte You’re welcome Dave. And then – oh, is this going to be – this is going to be one of those shows, isn’t it. I can tell. Also to my left, Shwood, Brian Brushwood, who has been instigating for about an hour.

Brian Brushwood I’m sorry. I’m a bad man.

Leo Laporte He did the demon eyes; he’s doing all the thing. Of course the star of Scam School on Revision3.

Brian Brushwood Yes, you’re referring to my acting debut on film riots, the demon eyes.

Leo Laporte That’s cool. The current film riot, you’ve got to see it.

Brian Brushwood Yes, those guys are so great. Check out film riot.

Leo Laporte Yes. Don’t – it’s like you don’t want to tell anybody. It’s – don’t watch the trailer of this. You want to be surprised.

Brian Brushwood There is an awesome surprise if you watch the first two minutes of film riot, correct.

Patrick Norton Does it involve ping pong balls in your hair?

Brian Brushwood No.

Leo Laporte Damn. Is that a trick that you’ve always wanted to do Mr. Patrick Norton, ladies and gentlemen in the house. Hey, Patrick.

Patrick Norton I not only covet Brian’s actual [ph] prejurisdiction, which is a word I can’t say, and your hairline, but your fabulously spiky hair.

Brian Bushwood I was about to say, is it the spikes or the fact that it’s there at all that...

Patrick Norton It’s the fact that I’m convinced that you walk into truck stops in Oklahoma, in like, in between gigs with the hair in full array just to watch people react.

Brian Bushwood You know what’s funny, I don’t even notice it anymore. People have to remind me. They’re like oh, did you see the way somebody look at you? I’m like, I don’t know, I guess.

Jay Adelson Yes, but has anybody seen pictures of him with his hair straight. It is frightening.

Leo Laporte On Twitter.

Patrick Norton Yes.

Leo Laporte On Twitter, we’ve seen it on Twitter. We’ve seen everything on Twitter. Except for John C. Dvorak, who right now is dreaming of not being here. He is in his fortress of solitude. He’s actually – look at this, you look kind of like you’re in a dreamscape there. It’s just quite – what is that you’re holding?

Brian Brushwood I think it’s a pen.

John C. Dvorak A pen.

Leo Laporte I thought it was…

John C. Dvorak A magical pen.

Brian Brushwood Did you put Vaseline on the lens John?

Leo Laporte It’s in his contract, it’s in his contract. He doesn’t want to look old.

Brian Brushwood Like Barbara Walters.

Patrick Norton They’re calling it the flashback can in the chat room.

Leo Laporte Yes, Barbara Walters.

John C. Dvorak It works for me.

Leo Laporte I like it. It’s good. So, it’s good to have you all on the show today. I don’t know what we’re going to talk about but I have a feeling it’s going to be kind of a wild one.

John C. Dvorak [ph] Prestidigitation.

Leo Laporte Thank you. It could be magic. It could be.

Patrick Norton Someone should [ph] make use of that word.

Leo Laporte It could be magic. What is the big story? I guess John, you really were the big story. You personally were the big story of the week this week.

John C. Dvorak Big story.

Leo Laporte Well, you used your, for the first time ever that I know of, you used Dvorak Uncensored as, your blog, as an actual news – have you ever written an article like this for Dvorak Uncensored?

John C. Dvorak Not to this extreme – I wanted to. We’re going to have to do more of that because I was looking at the way numbers are going on blogs. It’s apparent now to me that more original material is needed.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s another story which we will get to a little later on which is, it seems to be the blog is back, baby. And we’ll kind of explain what I’m talking about there but let’s talk about your story.

Brian Brushwood It went away?

Leo Laporte It did go away, briefly, Twitter and Facebook, the microblogging pages, kind of – you never had a blog, what did you know?

Brian Brushwood See, I read blog. I am a blog consumer.

Leo Laporte You read them.

Brian Brushwood I have been consistently.

Leo Laporte Well, people are going to back to saying, I want to own my own content. The failure of [ph] TRIM, the sale of FriendFeed to Facebook, these are things that make people think maybe I ought to own my own content. Anyway John, you put it on You had uncovered what – I mean on the face of it, appeared to be resume inflation and lies on the part of the U.S. CIO.

John C. Dvorak Well, it’s mostly resume inflation and the problem that I had with it stemmed from something I saw him do on C-SPAN when he was giving a testimony on the broadband initiatives in the United States. And he wasn’t reading from something and he was actually ad-libbing. And he was talking about things like combining weird words jump-skip and COBOL binary interfaces, and stuff like that. And it was like – it was obvious to me that he didn’t know anything about technology. And I think if anyone wants to – we played most of these tapes on "No Agenda". I think it’s – I have to get the number of it, but it was like last week and that would be the last Thursday show last week.

And I was just kind of aghast and started looking into this guy and I saw like for example he was the CEO – he kept bragging about being the CEO of [ph] Criestar, which was kind of named after a company that bought his – a company he had previously worked for. And you look it up, and it wasn’t even a company, just him at his house. And when I see somebody continually using the word CEO, which you can look it up in Webster dictionary, it’s got – it’s a specific word that means you’re actually managing more than yourself. I found it pretty offensive, if not disgraceful. And then what was interesting was watching all these people come out of the woodwork defending this practice.

Leo Laporte Om Malik immediately took issue. He had just – we’re talking about Vivek Kundra…

John C. Dvorak Kundra.

Leo Laporte … who is the CIO, the U.S. CIO, he had just completed a triumphant tour of Silicon Valley and made a lot of friends among the digerati including Scoble and Om Malik. So Om kind of rushed to his defense.

John C. Dvorak Well, he wasn’t the only one. There was a bunch of people that kind of rushed to his defense and they were condemning me for pointing any of this out because obviously...

Leo Laporte I think the White House called you a muckraker.

Patrick Norton Did they really?

John C. Dvorak Something, yeah.

Leo Laporte Oh, they had some nasty phrase for it, yes.

Patrick Norton Wow, you got the White House’s attention.

John C. Dvorak I got somebody’s attention.

Leo Laporte Om Malik called the White House, I think that’s where it all...

John C. Dvorak No, no, they called him.

Leo Laporte Oh, they did?

John C. Dvorak Yes, as far as I can tell.

Leo Laporte Interesting.

John C. Dvorak They didn’t want [ph] wouldn’t call me, but they could have. I mean it’s not like I’m hiding.

Leo Laporte Did you place calls to them? Did you ask for their…?

John C. Dvorak Yes, I sent it. They have a process and I never heard back from them on any of the stuff but I figure it was just going to come out anyway.

Leo Laporte White House spokesman said the article was a gross smear on Kundra.

John C. Dvorak Everything is a smear to these guys.

Leo Laporte And called it highly inaccurate.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte So how does it stand now? Do you stand by any of the charges? Some of it was, he was at a different college. He was at University of Maryland’s, University College instead of College Park.

John C. Dvorak This college that he went to, I mean he keeps saying University of Maryland. If you find his old Facebook entries he keeps indicating that everything is at College Park, which is the University of Maryland. This other thing called the University College is kind like of Berkeley’s extension. And we don’t even know and we can’t seem to find out whether he was going to night school or it was all done by correspondence, which is quite likely. And so – and I actually had one of my people there go to the college and try to find out if he had written a dissertation or a thesis and there was apparently nothing. And then – but the thing is, it’s like, if you go to the University of California, Riverside or you go to an extension school and you get a degree, you don’t say you went to Cal.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak I mean I run into people every once in a while that go to Cal State, Hayward, which is not Cal State Bay Area, and occasionally they say they went to Cal.

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak And I think [ph] if you...

Leo Laporte That’s not Cal.

John C. Dvorak It’s not Cal. And this is the kind of thing about that Masters degree that he has. And the other thing is he kept talking about his Biology degree. I got a degree in Psychology and Biology, he said it over and over and over again. He’s finally pulled the Biology thing, but I called him out on that and nobody, the Biology, I guess he just put it on. I don’t know – why did he put it on if it wasn’t – he didn’t have a degree...

Leo Laporte So he doesn’t have a degree in Biology and nobody disputes that.

John C. Dvorak Nobody disputes it, but nobody seems to care either.

Jay Adelson Well, I mean the real question is what does he do?

Leo Laporte Yes, what does he do?

Jay Adelson This is what we’re trying to understand.

Leo Laporte What does the CIO do?

Jay Adelson Well, I mean I love the idea that on – that there’s a focus, somebody who cares about modernizing the technology but...

Leo Laporte If John’s assertion is that he’s at twit, and I use that in the generic sense, is that a good person to have doing whatever it is the CIO does?

Jay Adelson I don’t know. I think [ph] Kevin … CIO.

John C. Dvorak He is in control of billions of dollars – oversight on billions of dollars of government contracts. This guy should be somebody with some experience. And the fact that the New York Times called him a technowiz and other people called him wiz kid, and I’ve got all those quotes, and nobody questions this is beyond me. It took him six years to get his degree in Psychology.

Jay Adelson Yes it’s, you have to be able to execute within the confines of the White House bureaucracy – with the bureaucracy of the government, that is something that very few people has been successful at. And frankly I don’t care if you have a degree if you’ve proven you can do that. That’s the hard part.

Leo Laporte John you – one of the things you accused him of is kind of spouting the, kind of the mumbo jumbo, the social media and mumbo jumbo, the meaningless mumbo jumbo that you hear about Twitter and Facebook and where that’s going to transform government. You don’t buy that.

John C. Dvorak Well, I mean for one thing, I think he was at Virginia at the time that they had that break-in and all those medical records were stolen and some guy decided to extort the state. I mean when you’re like tied up and you don’t really understand technology and you’re talking about Twitter and Facebook and Google Docs and how it’s going to save the government money, you’re not really concerned about real security it seems to me.

Brian Brushwood Not at all.

John C. Dvorak You’re just kind of spewing the stuff. And I think that’s one of the reasons that Tim O’Reilly was so irked at me, because I think he – in fact he did an ad hominem attack, which I thought was kind of chicken. But he, essentially what these guys are doing are spewing back his Web 2.0 philosophies back at him and he looks at them as they must be geniuses.

Leo Laporte O’Reilly says “Chopra grasps the power of open source software Web 2.0 user participation and why it’s better to harness the ingenuity of a developer community than to specify complete top-down solutions”. That’s not bad.

Jay Adelson Well, let’s see what he does.

John C. Dvorak It’s not bad but what does it mean? It’s meaningless drivel.

Brian Brushwood Well, it’s also, it’s like you – the problem with any organization of this size, whether it’s a corporation, educational institution or oh yeah, the United States Government, is it’s, the usage is so [ph] striated, the security levels are so – there’s so many layers of mayhem and the idea – are we going to move the entire government to open source? Is the government going to actually commit to that, is the NSA suddenly going to start using all open source materials? Does the NSA already use it’s own flavor of Linux still?

Leo Laporte I hope not...

Brian Brushwood In some ways…

Jay Adelson The answer is no. I mean we know. The answer is no. I mean they can’t.

John C. Dvorak Of course it’s no and it’s going to remain no. And the funny thing is, is that this idea of the thing that really kind of frightens me is if anybody would even suggest that the government go to Google Docs when we’re already freaked out about Google knowing too much about us already.

Patrick Norton I’m pretty sure Google Docs is still in beta, is that right?

Brian Brushwood [ph] And we see that worked well for certain Web 2.0 companies. I just think it’s unrealistic to expect any, maybe one division, a small not important division of government could start using things like that. Now could there be a secure cloud-based technology that everyone could just jump on and it could be wonderful, maybe, I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t like putting anything out there in the cloud because it freaks me out.

Patrick Norton I think that Congress should just put laws on the books and then have everybody either dig them up or dig them down [ph] from now on.

Leo Laporte Jay would like that.

Jay Adelson Oh, I don’t care. But there is too much. I mean that’s one of the things people don’t understand about the federal government, is just the sheer volume of data that they need to sort and shift through is ridiculous. And nothing out there today can really help them. I mean it’s a unique problem.

John C. Dvorak It’s a nightmare. But the point is I was just – my concern is I don’t this guy was qualified for the job. I thought he got the job through some cronyism that takes place all the time. And I think him and his buddy Chopra are pretty much two guys tag-teaming the public and…

Leo Laporte Chopra is the CTO. He’s the guy that O’Reilly likes so much.

John C. Dvorak Chopra got him a job in Virginia and then he kind of leveraged that to get the CIO job and then he helped get Chopra, I think there’s other people involved obviously, the job as a CTO. And Chopra, who seems to be a much more straight-up guy, he actually has less credentials for this type of job because he’s got no technical background, from what I can tell, but he’s the one who speaks a good game. In fact the O'Reilly piece which is kind of interesting because he says the O'Reilly piece is why Aneesh Chopra is a great choice.

Leo Laporte He said he’s a rock star.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, he went on and on and he does mention at the end of his article that the guy has probably more charisma than he has chops. And I though, and I’m thinking well, here we go again, the [indiscernible] and all the rest of these hi-tech guys who have been suckers for the kind of an Indian style of guruism, including that Mahesh, what’s his name?

Leo Laporte Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

John C. Dvorak That guy and then Meher Baba.

Jay Adelson I don’t know, because we are Beatles fans. We know the whole story.

Leo Laporte That’s it, that’s it, yes.

John C. Dvorak But that you know these guys – transcendental meditation and all these crazy philosophies they – it seems to me that some of these guys can just sweet talk people like these tech guys who really have no spirituality whatsoever and they’re very easily swayed.

Brian Brushwood Are you saying Kundra is pretending is to be a guru and [ph] that is …

Jay Adelson John.

John C. Dvorak No, no I think [indiscernible]

Brian Brushwood And that [indiscernible] Northern California…

Leo Laporte I think he is.

Brian Brushwood …lack of spirituality?

Jay Adelson John, that’s a little bit of a stretch don’t you think?

John C. Dvorak I think [indiscernible].

Patrick Norton That’s pretty thin.

John C. Dvorak Aneesh, not Kundra. Aneesh.

Jay Adelson The bottom line is, is that to be in a role like that you do have to have a certain amount of style, great politics, great – you have to be a charmer because the constituencies you have to convince to move things along are really difficult. These are groups of people who have made a career in not moving forward. Conservatism wins.

Leo Laporte Well some say that what you want is people who are good, have a good public face, and politicians, and then maybe the anonymous guys in the background can handle the tech. Maybe these guys have a public face.

Patrick Norton Traditionally the White House also as an organization hasn’t had much more than a public image component, sort of thought leadership versus actual execution in the individual agencies.

Leo Laporte In the one area we know about, which is technology, it’s kind of not been a great success. You’ve got these two, the CIO and CTO, you can’t fill the cyber security czar position, nobody wants that job.

John C. Dvorak No he’s dead meat, that guy, whoever gets that job.

Leo Laporte The stimulus money, the broadband stimulus money seems a little bit tainted and it seems like this is kind of a bollocks. The one success, at least so far is Julius Janikowski at the FCC, at least he’s fighting for net neutrality.

Patrick Norton Although a lot of the people who are pro net neutrality are actually more afraid of FCC mandates on the Internet than they are of the lack of...

Leo Laporte That’s true.

Brian Bushwood I’m actually in that camp. I’m really hesitant to get all the [ph] middle neutrality.

Leo Laporte Even Google, the FCC is stepping forward to defend in this issue with Apple and the Google Voice application. Even Eric Schmidt said, well I’m not sure I really want the FCC to get involved in this. I’m glad they’re looking into it but maybe it’d be better to step back.

Jay Adelson It’s – nobody knows what they’re defending when they defend it. I mean net neutrality is a complex issue and when people just blindly say I support it or don’t support it, they really don’t know what they’re saying. Net neutrality means different things to different constituencies. If you’re a rural American say, you know, and you have one choice. I mean that’s going to affect you in a different way than me in [ph] Ring County, California.

Patrick Norton It’s like saying I am pro awesome.

Jay Adelson I mean it sounds good on the surface because obviously keeping the Internet open is important, but do you want the Internet regulated. There’s lots of different components to this and you want to protect against the edge case, making sure people have choice, but you certainly don’t want to get down the road of having regulation on the Internet. That would be very bad for everybody.

John C. Dvorak Well while you bring that up I want to mention the – nice look. When you bring that up I want to mention that – we talk about regulation on the internet, and the free internet and the open internet and all the rest of it. I again just last week got a note from some – one of my readers that says, you know is blocked at my company……

Leo Laporte It is in a lot of places. It’s the word uncensored, John.

John C. Dvorak … an adult site, and as a matter of fact it is the word uncensored, is the issue.

Leo Laporte It was blocked in China too.

John C. Dvorak Because the word itself obviously must mean that, even though uncensored doesn’t mean – have anything to do with adult content.

Leo Laporte Right, right.

Jay Adelson But it could, John and we have to protect everyone from themselves. For example, let us filter everything in the library so that occasionally if an unsupervised five-year old gets into a library computer they can be protected.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jay Adelson Because it’s not the parents’ responsibility, it’s every American’s responsibility to uphold standards of consumption. And if you can’t hear the sarcasm, people, that is sarcasm.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood Speaking of which.

Jay Adelson [Indiscernible] up there.

John C. Dvorak So I contacted the company, I’m sorry, I contacted the company and they took care of it. And they said well they changed the categorization to blog. And since it’s you’d think they would have figured that out but….

Brian Bushwood Well, it could be a blog about naughtiness. I mean, there’s a lot of…

Leo Laporte There are naughty blogs out there.

Brian Bushwood … people writing about naughty stuff.

John C. Dvorak Really?

Brian Bushwood Yes.

Leo Laporte I’ll give you some links later.

Patrick Norton I thought his blog was a naughty blog.

Brian Brushwood You guys unwittingly segued perfectly into the next story, what kids search for when they search the website, or search the web.

Leo Laporte This is from Symantec – Symantec, this isn’t a survey. Symantec knows because they have software that parents install to block kids’ searches. And, Brian, why don’t you go ahead and give us the top 10 teenage searches?

Brian Brushwood What’s funny is that I read the title of the story and I was like porn. And then, laughing, and then I went and read and sure enough number four is sex and number six is porn.

Leo Laporte What’s in between sex and porn?

Brian Brushwood That would be MySpace.

Leo Laporte Confusion of the nexus of sex and porn.

Jay Adelson I think the best part of this is that the children aren’t aware that the parents have monitoring software...

Leo Laporte Apparently not.

Jay Adelson … or child protection software on there and still search this. Or don’t understand, like there’s an entire generation of young people that still haven’t quite figured out that their parents can access MySpace and Facebook and see what they’re posting about.

Brian Brushwood And by the way, what’s funny is the first three of the top – the top ten, the first three don’t even count because you could tell it’s obvious that instead of typing in, they just searched for the word YouTube to get to YouTube. And in fact some people actually googled the word Google rather than…

Leo Laporte I’ll Never forget watching those live results in Google’s lobby going by and the top searches of Google, Yahoo!, people google Google, they google Yahoo!. How do I find Google?

Brian Brushwood They’re using, they’re just using the wrong bar. Instead of typing inside the address bar, they’re typing in the search bar. But literally the top 10 are; you have, YouTube, people are trying to get to YouTube...

Leo Laporte Number one.

Brian Brushwood …and searching for it instead. Google, number two; Facebook, number three; sex, number four; five, MySpace; six, porn; seven, Yahoo! ….

Leo Laporte But get ready for the next one. This is my favourite

Brian Brushwood So this is the first actual search term. Everything else people are just typing in the wrong box. Number eight, Michael Jackson; number nine, Fred; and then number 10, eBay. There’s only two real searches in there. And I guess, according to the article Fred Figglehorn is a fictional character who’s YouTube channel has become a hit among kids.

Leo Laporte If anybody has teenagers, they’ll know this voice.

Fred Figglehorn Hey it’s Fred, and I hope you guys are all having a great summer, because I know I [ph] don’t want to have to go to my grandma’s house.

Leo Laporte This is Fred, the most annoying thing in the world.

Jay Adelson Right underneath Michael Jackson and above eBay is Fred.

Brian Brushwood Maybe I’ll get lucky and the internet will crash before my son’s old enough to watch that.

Leo Laporte My kids watch this guy, they quote this guy. This is the weird thing, this is a 16-year – I think it’s a 16-year old kid who is making these with his webcam. He has – on YouTube, his YouTube channel, he has 50 some million views.

Jay Adelson Holy cow!

Leo Laporte His average video view is three million, his individual video is as high as seven million.

Patrick Norton Remember, Leo, these kids watch things over and over ….

Leo Laporte Oh I know.

Patrick Norton …and over again.

Leo Laporte They memorize them.

Jay Adelson And every time you restart a video, it’s a complete view in YouTube’s totals.

Leo Laporte Right. 58 million channel views, 1.3 million subscribers. Look, this ain’t no fluke, this guy’s got Seinfeld…..

Jay Adelson I’m not saying he’s not….

Patrick Norton No, no watching my children everyday I see them….

Leo Laporte You’ve seen? Do they [indiscernible] Fred?


John C. Dvorak What are they getting out of it? I’ve watched this guy…

Jay Adelson I smell a new channel on TWiT, this week in Fred.

Leo Laporte Yes, everything you want to know about Fred.

Fred Figglehorn [Ph] I’m at grandma’s house because my mom is partying in Miami with some friends and for some reason after being with me for a week my grandma thinks I need to see a therapist.

Leo Laporte It’s a very, it’s a very.

Brian Brushwood Actually it’s really funny.

Leo Laporte It’s very funny. It’s a weird meme, but I think it’s hysterical that it’s number nine in the ten top searches, above eBay!

Jay Adelson Well, the other problem is like, it would be really interesting to have like Google and Yahoo’s result of this. Obviously they can’t [ph] parcel out searches by age.

Leo Laporte No, and remember also, because it’s Symantec, these are people blocking their kids. So porn and sex may be higher on the list than they would be with normal kids. I don’t know.

John C. Dvorak This is the chipmunks, remember the chipmunks, it’s the same thing.

Patrick Norton But the fact that they’re being blocked from it makes for more intense searches?

Leo Laporte Mom and dad decided that they needed to do this, right?

Patrick Norton I got it.

Leo Laporte Mom and dad thought there was a problem.

Jay Adelson Now, I’ve got to tell you, as – I’ve grown up with all sorts of technology slowly introduced to me as it comes out, as you know, you’re sort of watching these new things. And as an internet guy watching my three kids’ exposure to the Internet I am terrified, and I’m kind of into this idea…

Leo Laporte Now, your kids are younger, Jay, right, how old are your kids?

Jay Adelson Yes, they’re 11, 9 and 7.

Brian Brushwood Do you let them have a computer with Internet access in their rooms? Because that’s the one that, that’s the one where I’m really…

Jay Adelson No.

Leo Laporte Don’t do that, yes.

Brian Brushwood I’m really not into letting that happen.

Leo Laporte Don’t do that.

Jay Adelson I mean obviously my kid’s not even two years old yet, but I’m already like...

Leo Laporte John’s been there before us. John, your kids had free untrammeled access to sex, porn, Internet, anything they liked.

Jay Adelson Yes, but it was dial-up. So that’s totally different.

Leo Laporte No, didn’t they John, you didn’t…

John C. Dvorak No, we always had good connectivity.

Jay Adelson It was [ph] ask key porn.

Leo Laporte You didn’t block your kids in any way, did you?

John C. Dvorak No, I give my kids full rein; I don’t see any evidence that it’s harming them. They don’t – I know my daughter doesn’t care…

Jay Adelson I mean, there’s a difference now though, with a like a six or seven year-old going online where…

Leo Laporte They’re almost bound to see sex.

Jay Adelson Yes, it’s…

Brian Brushwood The thing is all they have to do now is turn on the cable television, or look at the billboard. Walk outside of my house in San Francisco. Look [ph] out at the “Go, Daddy” ad.

Jay Adelson [Ph] And that’s why I’m hoarse.

Leo Laporte I’m sorry.

Jay Adelson This is why I have, I look over their shoulder, you know, I watch what they’re doing. Some of the things you know, frankly if I left it to the blocker it would get blocked. But I just – I’m an active parent and my wife Brenda is watching as well. We do our best but there’s a limit. And I think that once they become teens that’s the area that I’m really, I have to balance what is appropriate privacy controls…

Leo Laporte Would you read their chat logs?

Jay Adelson I probably would not, no.

Leo Laporte No, I don’t do that.

Jay Adelson I’m not. But I wouldn’t want to [indiscernible].

Patrick Norton You know what, I wonder if there’s a business model, I wonder if there’s a business model for a company that allows questionable content of a particular curated variety that…

Leo Laporte That’s good, like Playboy label.

Patrick Norton Adults, yes, that adults would feel okay about letting their kids discover.

John C. Dvorak No, please God.

Leo Laporte You can look at Playboy but not Hussler.

Patrick Norton And you can, yes, yes.

Brian Brushwood Welcome to Liberal Parent, the progressive blocking software for Americans that believe that sex should not be illegal.

Leo Laporte No pubic hair…

John C. Dvorak You know the...

Leo Laporte I’ve got to draw the line there.

Brian Brushwood What’s a Brazilian?

Patrick Norton I tell you, I’m going to make a mint with this idea.

Leo Laporte What, what is it, I don’t know.

Jay Adelson Mark that, edit that out.

Leo Laporte No, no, I was – I started it. It’s okay.

John C. Dvorak My daughter only recently got into Facebook and so she is…

Leo Laporte I like the way you say that, Facebook.

John C. Dvorak So she’s like on Facebook because she can keep up with her friends, you know, constantly as though they need to. Although I have to say her group in particular is not into cell phones or even text messaging. She…

Leo Laporte Really? So how old is she?

John C. Dvorak She’s 15 now.

Leo Laporte And so they don’t do texting?

John C. Dvorak She’s not doing.

Leo Laporte My 15 year-old is texting like crazy.

John C. Dvorak My son’s group, which is, he’s like 23 or so now. And his group is like – or maybe he might be 24, but anyway, his group is like extremely into texting but not talking on the phone.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood It’s different.

John C. Dvorak So there’s these different little generational things, but she seems to be really a admirer of Facebook and so...

Leo Laporte I love Facebook.

John C. Dvorak When she’s on the computer she tends to either be on Facebook or on some art site because she likes to do online art.

Leo Laporte deviantART?

John C. Dvorak No.

Brian Brushwood That’s a good site.

Leo Laporte I love deviantART.

John C. Dvorak It is a good site.

Leo Laporte No, no, that’s a great site.

Brian Brushwood Yes, that’s a great site.

Leo Laporte Blocked also by many filters.

Brian Brushwood Have either – have any of you guys read the book Born Digital?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood John Palfrey’s book?

Leo Laporte Yes. Great book.

Brian Brushwood I strongly recommend that to folks who are trying to just sort of dive into this the first time because we just don’t understand teens and texting and privacy, it’s just not our thing.

Leo Laporte The problem is they move so fast.

John C. Dvorak You could just ask them and they’d tell you.

Brian Brushwood Yes, pretty much.

Leo Laporte It moves too fast though.

Jay Adelson Maybe in your family, but I got cousins who lie like…

Leo Laporte Yes, yes.

Jay Adelson It’s what they were born to do about stuff like that.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jay Adelson And which is sad, is that they often lie about stuff they don’t need to lie about.

Leo Laporte I think there are a lot of teens that listen to this show.

John C. Dvorak It’s probably because they have mean dads.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jay Adelson Probably.

Leo Laporte Yes. John’s not a mean dad. He went to Cal.

Brian Brushwood I was going to say, he lived next to Berkeley, I mean you know, that’s an awesome city to live next to.

John C. Dvorak Hey, man, go do your own thing dude.

Leo Laporte Who was that? Whose voice was that? That was John.

Patrick Norton I smell a PhotoShop contest for…

Leo Laporte That was John.

Patrick Norton … for hippy Dvorak. That’s awesome.

John C. Dvorak There we go.

Leo Laporte Well you – weren’t you involved – I may be wrong, but weren’t you involved in the free speech protest at Berkeley?

John C. Dvorak Yes, I’ve heard that.

Patrick Norton For the other side.

Leo Laporte He’s denying it.

John C. Dvorak For the other side.

Leo Laporte He and [ph] Mario Savio…

John C. Dvorak You kids, you’re driving me crazy.

Leo Laporte Get off of my Quadrangle, you kids.

Brian Brushwood With his [ph] MC John and his “I heart Nixon” T-shirt.

John C. Dvorak No, I was no fan of Nixon. I used to write a column for the Daily Cal, which was a student newspaper called “The Wallstreet Radical”. And it was basically aimed at griping about Nixon.

Leo Laporte No.

Brian Brushwood So basically you’re saying that your entire theory of writing columns and creating an audience…

Leo Laporte Just piss them off.

Brian Brushwood … was essentially born…

Leo Laporte Piss them off.

Brian Brushwood … in your college years at Cal.

Leo Laporte If you could piss them off, you got hits. He invented LinkBay. So this is a phone you got to get – this is a phone you got to get for your Facebook kid. This is the new Samsung, it’s got two LCDs, one in back and one in front. So you could see yourself when you’re taking pictures of yourself.

John C. Dvorak Although you know what I’ve discovered – people have gotten so good at taking pictures of themselves, you know, they have their arm out…

Leo Laporte Yeah, the angle – the MySpace angles, yeah.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. And they shoot pictures of themselves and then check it. I think this camera is a note of genius just for that use. But I think people just are amazing – how many self portraits there are out there.

Jay Adelson Yeah, but this has existed for a while in cellphones, right? I mean you’ve – for a long time you’ve had a camera that could face you and a take a picture of yourself, right?

Leo Laporte That’s true. Yeah, that’s true.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Jay Adelson So this is just first time on a nice camera.

Brian Brushwood But one of the tricks on the camera is it’s not so much the ability to see yourself, but it’s got to have the right wide angle lens to where you can see your face and the face next to you to snap it. Because we switch from one camera to another and had a nicer more telephoto lens and we couldn’t snap pictures of ourselves anymore. We’d get like the left eye and that’s it.

Leo Laporte Right. I got to take a break for a commercial. I got so excited here I almost forgot to mention our friends at GoToMyPC. So John, you know what to do. You too Patrick? Okay.

Patrick Norton I’m going to check the dog real quick.

Leo Laporte Okay, bring the dog in.

Brian Brushwood I’m going to sit here and listen attentively.

Leo Laporte Thank you, Brian. Somebody…

Brian Brushwood Because I have this problem – I’m on the road all the time.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood And I’ve got all these files back at my home PC.

Leo Laporte Oh, you are smart! You even got the right sponsor.

Brian Brushwood But I’m on the road, I’m on the road.

Leo Laporte I can’t believe you [ph] got the right sponsor. Yes.

Brian Brushwood And there are times that people ask for certain edited files, and I’m like I can’t – I can’t have my wife edit together a demo [ph] reel specifically featuring these things.

Leo Laporte No. So what do you do?

Brian Brushwood Well at first I was – I thought I was [ph] hosed, but then it occurred to me that GoToMyPC has like a free 30-day trial.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood And even if I didn’t like GoToMyPC…

Leo Laporte Did you try the 30-day trial?

Brian Brushwood I did try it and I figured I’d just try it this one time, right? And I was able to log in, edit this file together, I burned out the DVD and my wife, all she had to do, the tray ejected, she put it in the mail to them, and in fact, as a back-up, I even sent an FTP to a site and everything worked out great. I ended up keeping my GoToMyPC subscription as a result of that.

Leo Laporte Very good.

Jay Adelson Wow Brian.

Leo Laporte He wins the Jason Calacanis award for sponsor butt-kissing.

Jay Adelson I was going to say I paid my taxes once over GoToMyPC but that’s – that’s not that interesting. No, I’ve done it.

Leo Laporte You could, it’s that secure, you could.

Jay Adelson I’ve done it.

Leo Laporte Really you’ve done it? See. Look at that.

Jay Adelson I’ve actually done it.

Leo Laporte Sometimes people are a little bit nervous about using new technologies. [ph] This is right out of the copy, listen to this. So good, you are so good, Jay.

Brian Brushwood This is [ph] an alley-oop right here.

Leo Laporte It’s an [ph] alley-oop. Man, I don’t even have to do the Arthur Godfrey thing. It always takes time for some of us to start using new technologies sometimes because it takes time for us to trust them. Most people used to be afraid of the security around online banking. Now many of us couldn’t live without it, and of all the convenience it gives us. That’s what it says right here “You could pay your taxes with this stuff” because they use 128-bit and SSL encryption. Citrix does it, so you know it’s easy to use and of course they’ve got that 24/7 absolutely the best support in the world. Easy to set-up. In fact if you go right now, go to – I’m sorry,, before I’m done talking you’ll have it installed, just takes a couple of minutes. Best Remote Access Software several years in a row from PC World Magazine, it’s just the best. We use it for a lot of different uses here at TWiT, and I invite you to try it. I’ve been using it for years. We thank them so much for their support of our show. Did you bring the dog in?

Patrick Norton Brought the dog in.

Leo Laporte What's your dog’s name?

Patrick Norton It’s Phelan. Phelan, say hello.

Leo Laporte Hey Phelan. Feeling groovy.

Patrick Norton It’d be awesome if they just barking at each other, go nuts.

Leo Laporte Just as long as they don’t hump.

Patrick Norton My [indiscernible] Phelan is a girl and…

Leo Laporte Well [ph] Ozzie’s is a boy, so and he is randy, so. What kind of dog is Phelan?

Brian Brushwood Wait Patrick, it’s, Phelan?

Patrick Norton Phelan.

Leo Laporte Like it’s Irish. He likes the Irish.

Patrick Norton Yeah, it’s Gaelic, I’m probably pronouncing it wrong, and it means little wolf.

Leo Laporte No, I think it’s right. Little wolf, wow. Feeling groovy.

Jay Adelson I was worried I was going to have to get a [ph] move puppy.

Leo Laporte What's a [ph] move…?

Patrick Norton If you do, I’ll tell you where to go. There’s like amazing dog like – there’s amazing dog adoption resources in the [ph] Bay area.

Leo Laporte What's a move puppy? Oh, for your move?

Jay Adelson Yeah, well you know the kids were not particularly thrilled that I was moving from New York to California.

Leo Laporte What? You mean you left them in New York?

Jay Adelson No, no, no, they are with me.

Patrick Norton No, moving the children too…

Leo Laporte Okay, because I can see that they might be a little unhappy about that. Kids, Daddy is moving [multiple speakers] but I’ve got a dog for you, so it should be okay.

Jay Adelson If you move out here [indiscernible] got to move, we got to move.

Leo Laporte No, they must be happy Jay because you were going back and forth.

Jay Adelson Yeah, it’s much, much better, more comfortable.

Leo Laporte But changing schools is hard for the 11-year old, I’m sure.

Jay Adelson Oh, it’s really tough and for a while there I was the anti-Christ. It’s like they just did not like the fact and I do miss the area I lived in in [ph] Pawling, New York and – shout out to all the [ph] Pokipsee day folks out there, great folks who took care of my kids for so long but I’ll tell you, it is – it was hard on the kids so – we’ll see how out it pans out. We just got here a week ago.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s cool. Are you living in the city or where you’re living?

Jay Adelson I am living in [ph] Marine in New Valley.

Leo Laporte Man, you’re just down on the road. You got to come up and visit next time.

Jay Adelson Definitely. If I didn’t have so much unpacking to do.

Leo Laporte Okay, okay.

John C. Dvorak So, did you ever see [ph] Bill Ziff’s old mansion in Pawling? It’s a monstrous place…

Jay Adelson I did.

John C. Dvorak A hundred thousand square foot house or whatever it is.

Jay Adelson It was crazy and he had the – do you know the story about all the vegetation that he had to move around all of the area to make native to that little – to that giant compound. [Indiscernible]

Leo Laporte Because [ph] they wouldn’t let them built it unless he moved it?

John C. Dvorak He moved a mountain I think at least once.

Jay Adelson I mean literally, he was – my understanding is that he was kind of obsessed with – making sure that all of the vegetation on his property was native. So like a tree, for example, you’d be like driving out on the road and there’d be this tree being moved onto his property that was – I guess original to the area and other…

Leo Laporte Wow.

Jay Adelson …trees being moved out and this went on for years and years I mean I don’t know, maybe John you might know better than me? I have no idea.

John C. Dvorak Yeah. [ph] he did some weird stuff.

Brian Brushwood We should point out that for those who aren’t familiar with [ph] Ziff Davis that was… [ph] Bill Ziff was the guy who ran the company for – like what 40, 45 years.

Leo Laporte We pretty much, you and I and John all worked from him.

Brian Brushwood And actually I got there literally right after he gave the company to the kids and they sold -- I got there right after the amazing expense accounts went away, literally about six weeks after they went away.

Leo Laporte

[ph] Gina Smith taught me how to handle a Ziff Davis expense account. She said; maybe you’d heard this phrase John, Hide The Boots. You ever hear that phrase?

John C. Dvorak [ph] No, never

Leo Laporte It’s apparently a famous Ziff Davis phrase; they had a manager who was in Texas and spent $500 on a pair of Tony Lama Boots and put it on his expense account.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, I know who that is.

Leo Laporte You even know who it is, put on his expense account.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible]

Leo Laporte The man, his boss – called him in and said, look dude, what’s this? He said, I bought the boots. He said, you -- look, you can charge it to the expense account but you got to hide the boots, dude. Say it was for a client, anything. Apparently that’s how it was.

I remember Gina and I going to Vegas for [ph] COMDEX and having a $400 Kobe beef, you know on Bill’s tab.

Patrick Norton And what – like 10, $43 taxi cab rides or…

Leo Laporte Hide The Boots baby. You know how to do that.

Patrick Norton Not like that.

Brian Brushwood You can’t. I literally got there like six weeks [indiscernible]

Jay Adelson [Indiscernible] stuff like that at [indiscernible] that’s for sure.

John C. Dvorak You know how they do. They got out to a dinner like that – you go to some ridiculously expensive dinner more so than I normally go to and I would go like this at the end of the dinner, say; okay, well that’s you, me and Jim here so let’s – who else do you think should be here. And then they’d add about eight people.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that explains the $8,000 tab, it’s easy.

John C. Dvorak [ph] Well, there you go

Leo Laporte Well now that I am the boss.

Brian Brushwood [ph] Patrick does [indiscernible] let you expense that stuff at [indiscernible]?

Patrick Norton Ha!

John C. Dvorak [indiscernible] was never really into the – in the mainstream of the real money flow.

Leo Laporte But he’s another [ph] Ziff-er really.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, he’s been in and out of the company forever.

Leo Laporte Yeah, lifer, a [ph] Ziff-er lifer, we call them. Now that I am the boss, no ‘Hide The Boots’. We are all going to go Vegas though for a CES...

Patrick Norton You’re going to… I’m sorry?

Leo Laporte I am taking the whole company to Vegas. I know I have done it in years.

Patrick Norton I am sorry. You are -- Mr. ‘I don’t have to go to CES’. [ph] I find the word from my friend John C Dvorak.

Leo Laporte You know why I am going?

Patrick Norton Why? Somebody is paying you?

Leo Laporte I think this is going to be no, no, no, no. Thanks. Screw you.

Patrick Norton No, I don’t mean it like that.

John C. Dvorak Screw you, Norton.

Patrick Norton My second least favorite email because it’s so redundant is like, why don’t you ever have Leo on your show? And I am like because the arduous 45 minute journey might kill Leo and he won’t come down.

Leo Laporte I never leave! I’ll come down, I’ll come down. No, we are going to bring the whole – I wanted to reward the company. So, all of us are going down there. [multiple speakers]

Jay Adelson I still have never been the CES ever in my entire…

Patrick Norton Well, come out this year because you can actually do it as a -- much like the TWiT crew apparently and actually get a badge and spectate which is the way everyone should see it.

Leo Laporte Well, I am going to probably do the radio show from there and that will get me and everybody in as press but, but the other real reason I am doing it, and I hope the CEA is not listening, the Consumer Electronics Association, is because I am pretty convinced that this is one of the last CESs we are going to see, I think we’re seeing in the last Macworld, I think these trade shows are going away. I really do…

Patrick Norton I don’t think trade shows are going away.

Brian Brushwood But on the flip side, E3 was bigger – they decided that having E3 be so small was a bad idea and they made E3 bigger this year and more of an online spectacle.

Leo Laporte They might [indiscernible] the same video game sales lately?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, I can put it on record that August 2009 was when the recession finally hit Brian Brushwood. Seeing that the video games sales are in the [ph] tank really broke my heart.

Leo Laporte For the fifth month in a row.

Brian Brushwood Fifth month in a row and I don’t know if it’s – this is what busted the theory that video games were recession proof and that makes sense but also it’s the doldrums and there’s not been a lot really new or exciting. All the three major console systems are now mature. There’re no more Wii shortages and…

Leo Laporte We still need a good PS3 game though, come on. If a good one came out, they could sell it.

Brian Brushwood Well, exactly that’s the thing, when’s the last -- I mean look at the line-up. Last year around this time, it was Grand theft Auto IV which was mega huge, big…

Leo Laporte Halo

Brian Brushwood And all of the big titles we’re still waiting for this year, we’re waiting for Stars Wars, [ph] the Old Republic. I had a list in my mind already which I can’t remember all of a sudden.

Patrick Norton How many of those are going to come out between now and Christmas?

Brian Brushwood Almost all of them I believe.

Patrick Norton So it could be like the biggest Q4 in the history of video games?

Brian Brushwood Hopefully, because everyone’s been saving their money.

Leo Laporte Well, the recession is over. That’s the good news.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte I keep seeing that in CNN. They keep putting an economist on saying the recession is over.

John C. Dvorak Oh yeah, it’s over.

Patrick Norton Wait, would this be the same group of economists? What was the macro – the society of macroeconomic economists.

John C. Dvorak There’s a dog behind you wagging its tail.

Leo Laporte Welcome to the video, John.

Patrick Norton [ph] That’s Phelan, Phelan’s tail actually controls the stock market.

Leo Laporte Has he eaten Ozzy yet? Because Ozzy is pretty quiet. Where is Ozzy?

John C. Dvorak Has he eaten Ozzy? Who is Ozzy?

Leo Laporte Ozzy is my dog who would be a bite -- a spoonful.

Brian Brushwood By the way, on queue the chat room is correcting me: StarCraft 2 is coming out by the end of the year, [ph] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is coming out by the end of the year.

Leo Laporte I thought they delayed – oh, no they delayed – they were having trouble with the server for…..

Brian Brushwood [ph] Diablo. Yeah,, I’m sure

Jay Adelson Not easy to do.

Patrick Norton [ph] I’ve got the dog now John

Leo Laporte [indiscernible] Oh!

John C. Dvorak Oh! Isn’t that cute.

Leo Laporte Start your tape recorders, ladies and gentlemen, we are having a Norton moment.

John C. Dvorak Yeah kiss on the lips there, Patrick.

Leo Laporte Well, he’s French kissing his dog.

Patrick Norton I’m not French kissing my dog.

Leo Laporte Well, he has got bad breath, we’ve just had a bunch of – Patrick goes to one of the best burger places in town, [ph] Pete’s Henny Penny and buys his dog a burger with fried onions on it.

Jay Adelson You’re kidding – really?

Patrick Norton No, I bought my dog – I said a plain burger patty. I opened up the box and there was like four pounds of onions over the burger…

Jay Adelson Wait, is that okay for a dog?

John C. Dvorak You’ll be smelling dog farts for a month.

Leo Laporte A month?

Patrick Norton I removed the onions from the patty everyone [indiscernible] chat room can stop now. I did not order onions; I did not ask for onions, I asked for a plain burger patty.

Leo Laporte So, do we – what is this? Actually John, you’re our official economist.

Patrick Norton But that was the – the thing I was referring to – like the guy was like, we invented macroeconomics as a response to the depression. Through the science of macroeconomics we have prevented another great recession literally like I think six months before the housing market disintegrated and…

Leo Laporte There are some who say we are in the eye of the storm. Yes, yes because some of these metrics are turning around. We have hit bottom it looks like. But some say that’s just the eye of the storm. Where do you come down on this, John? Isn’t this – don’t you think – I think you were the one who said this is the end of the world and everything we know and love. I think you said that.

John C. Dvorak I am looking at this differently now that I have seen some of the Federal Reserve numbers coming out of St. Louis where they show the actually amount of money that’s actually in distribution.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

John C. Dvorak And I have got a – this is helping me finish my crazy cycles book because now I am seeing an understanding that [ph] Bernanke by the way who is a student of the great depression, he is like a fanatic about the great depression, and being so I have to know that he is – that means he is a student of all economic downturns and all economic cycles, which would include the 1907 fiasco and specifically the 1857 -- which many consider to be our first true depression, 1857.

In fact, that’s the year that it kind of triggered -- there’s more. Every time there is a big economic fiasco, a whole bunch of writers come out of the woodwork and they write all this analysis -- 1857 was the first year where that really became a trend. And there are a lot of books at Berkeley and elsewhere, right now that you can still check out, they were written around 1860, 1870 that are about this 1857 fiasco.

And what [ph] Bernanke has to note is what I’ve noted, which is there is something wrong with the economic cycles in 1849 which should have been a great depression very much along the lines of the 1929 crash; never happened. And it has always been an anomaly to me and I realized and by the way this may actually explain why [ph] Bernanke doesn’t want to open the books to anybody. I have always been baffled by this and then I realized and I started looking into the actual numbers that the reason there wasn’t a depression in 1840 or 1849, 1850 and on was because, and there should have been, was because they discovered gold in 1848,1849. And it turns out that during that period from about 1849 to about 1857 they pumped in $3 trillion worth of old money and that -- back then, $3 trillion worth of money into the system and that -- which is the equivalent when you do the calculation of between 30 and 45 trillion dollars in today’s money.

Patrick Norton And they didn’t pump in the sense that they do now where they print more dollars or...?

Leo Laporte It was real money, it was gold.

Patrick Norton

[ph] It was actual, physical wealth yanked out of the ground.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, but physical wealth or is it just representative wealth? Because a lot of people think there is, there is...

Leo Laporte There is no inherent value in the gold is what you are saying.

John C. Dvorak There is no real, I mean if everybody said that gold is worth a nickel it would be worth a nickel.

Patrick Norton Yeah, but there are scarcity issues

Leo Laporte Right.

John C. Dvorak So gold is just a phony -- a mechanism....

Leo Laporte It’s just like printing money.

Patrick Norton Okay, I am with you.

John C. Dvorak So, if you consider that, if you consider money to be kind of specious anyway, in other words it could be shells – seashells, or you just take a loose view of it. They essentially pumped all, it was just similar to printing money, only it was gold, that’s what I think they are doing to us and I think they are sneaking this stuff in and I think they are going to try to get it -- I mean right now we are talking about...

Leo Laporte But it only put off the depression, didn’t it, it didn’t...?

John C. Dvorak Yes, in 1859 it was a whopper. So if they do everything according to [ph] Hoyle and meanwhile [ph] Bernanke gets out of there and the thing does not collapse in a couple of years which it could, I think that by 2017 it would be a massive whopper.

Brian Brushwood This week in optimism.

Leo Laporte I was just waiting for the bottom line and okay, so I got till 2019,

John C. Dvorak No 2017.

Leo Laporte 2017.

John C. Dvorak Yeah, because that’s the [ph] -- that matches up with the 1857.

Leo Laporte I won’t care, I am over 60 then I will have Medicare.

Jay Adelson All I got to know is how much grain do I have to buy, and how many guns.

Brian Brushwood I would like to also point out to anybody who starts stockpiling, the worst possible thing you can do, as a former [ph] FORTRAN programmer, is tell everybody the location of your stockpile of 10,000 gallons of diesel and your seeds and your guns in your location in Oklahoma...

Leo Laporte I Twittered it, I Twittered it. So that’s not a good idea.

Brian Brushwood My favorite thing was like leading up to the [ph] 2000 thing, like I got 22,000 gallons of diesel, the big, it was the great big epic [ph] Oklahoma accent.

Leo Laporte I swear, John has an oil tank under his house and is telling no one.

Patrick Norton Not in his house, not in his town, [indiscernible] yanked that thing and put in a plastic one years ago.

Leo Laporte Chevron, he has built his entire house over a Chevron station and that’s a...

John C. Dvorak There is a lot of gasoline on the back side of the Chevron oil refinery. There is a whole bunch of tanks and I am pretty sure and there is a bunch of underground tanks and I am pretty sure that they haven’t drained those tanks because they used to be filled with World War II [ph] off-spec in other words this stuff has basically fallen [ph] off-spec because certain components have evaporated. [Indiscernible] fuel 140-octane, stuff that was used in those P39s and things like that.

Leo Laporte You just add a little alcohol to that and you got some, you got something pretty precious there.

John C. Dvorak You got something you can use.

Leo Laporte You can use it...if you can get it to pour you can use it.

John C. Dvorak It’s got like a pound of lead in each gallon.

Jay Adelson John, you get to protect yourself against the zombie apocalypse [ph] before you have to worry about the economic apocalyse.

Leo Laporte I agree, I agree. The zombies are coming [indiscernible].

Patrick Norton I certainly hope it’s a zombie apocalypse because that’s certainly the one I am most prepared for.

Leo Laporte We’re ready. We are ready for that. It’s so pathetic.

Patrick Norton We’ve been training for years.

Leo Laporte This generation: zombies, we’re ready -- anything else…

John C. Dvorak Forget it.

Leo Laporte Zombies or maybe a big comet coming our way. We could, we could get Bruce Willis to solve that. So we are set if it’s zombies or comets.

John C. Dvorak Talking about [ph] news reel, did you see that report like it was I guess last week where NASA said that they can’t keep up with all the asteroids and they are going to stop tracking them because it’s like hopeless.

Jay Adelson No, no, no, really?

John C. Dvorak


Leo Laporte But I just moved here he says. So what do we do, John?

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible].

Leo Laporte Call Bruce Willis.

Patrick Norton That was the best part of Armageddon though. Billy Bob Thornton: It’s an asteroid the size of Texas, why didn’t we see it? Well we are [ph] – our budgets let’s us monitor 2% of the sky and it’s an awfully big, goddamned sky, sir.

Leo Laporte That’s probably the case right now.

Patrick Norton I just love that movie.

Leo Laporte It’s probably the case right now. So Microsoft got some bad news from East Texas.

Patrick Norton And some good news.

Leo Laporte Bad news and good news. So, it evens out, judge in East Texas, I say East Texas because our friend Dwight Silverman says Texas, it’s a pretty big state. Could you say East Texas please. So I am saying East Texas, I don’t know why, but that jurisdiction is notorious, in fact that’s where all the patent suits go because they are notorious for supporting these patent lawsuits. The judge took a look at some of the emails going back and forth at Microsoft and decided that the XML code that Microsoft was using was actually patented in 1998 by a company called i4i. They said to Microsoft, Son, you are in trouble and [indiscernible] ...

Jay Adelson By the way, I will say that’s a [indiscernible] Kentucky.

Leo Laporte That’s not Texas?

Jay Adelson No, no, no. Kentucky.

Leo Laporte I will say Son, you are in – well, it’s east Texas, that’s like Kentucky?

Patrick Norton [Indiscernible] sir this is an insult, I will not have you malign my states.

Leo Laporte [ph] I’m getting out the blends. So anyway, the judge says $200 million and you got 60 days to stop selling Microsoft Word. That’s it, it’s over for Microsoft Word. I am throwing in the towel.

John C. Dvorak Yeah.

Leo Laporte So…

John C. Dvorak And Microsoft says forget it, we are going to keep selling it, you know, screw you.

Leo Laporte Screw you!

I like Paul Thurrott’s attitude towards this. He said, finally the Microsoft we know and love is back. They knew it was patented and they said, ah screw it. Let’s just go ahead and do it.

Brian Brushwood They could buy east Texas for the kind of money they have.

Leo Laporte Well, I think what’s going to happen is -- exactly they are going to write a big check and keep on going, right?

Brian Brushwood I mean that seems like the way you just get someone’s attention. That’s getting a $200 million lawsuit judgment is a way of like knocking on the front door and then saying, okay now we can talk.

Patrick Norton Well, actually it was really bad like five or eight years ago where a bunch of companies were basically funded primarily to take on patent lawsuits and was…

Leo Laporte This was, this one’s a real one.

Patrick Norton This is, by the way we all got stunned as we were left in charge of the show. We all just got up [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte [ph] Well, I am on top like that, I am always like that son.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] can you Leo?

Leo Laporte I think it is, yes it is.

Patrick Norton It’s sealed in wax.

Leo Laporte Sealed in wax, baby. So…

John C. Dvorak You missed a line.

Leo Laporte Huh, what was the line? Say it again.

John C. Dvorak The line which you can’t go an hour, Leo, then I realized you didn’t have your headphones on, you couldn’t hear me. It was funny.

Jay Adelson So, by the way I was surprised at how few articles, I really was not able to find any specifics about how the judgment was given. Nobody actually explained what code from where and so on. So I guess we are all assuming that it is a legitimate claim, I guess, since they…

Leo Laporte Apparently everybody seems to agree. In fact there was some concern that the Open document format is also impacted, then Open Office might be the next for this lawsuit.

Jay Adelson That would be [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte That would be bad because they don’t have the deep pockets that Mr. Microsoft has.

John C. Dvorak Who uses docx anyway?

Leo Laporte Nobody, everybody immediately changes the default format and says I am not saving that. Nobody else can read it, I don’t want it.

Brian Brushwood Maybe that should have been Microsoft’s defense, your Honor, who uses docx anyway? Can we really?

Leo Laporte Who uses it?

Jay Adelson I just don’t know what the – I mean I am really getting tired of this – this whole method of funding yourself with lawsuits [indiscernible] and patent trolls.

Leo Laporte No these guys to their credit are not patent trolls. They actually created this patent. This is what they do. They created it legitimately in [ph] ’98.

Patrick Norton And what did they do with it, what do they do with their patents?

Leo Laporte It was an xml patent. They used it to – I don’t know the details but it’s not a…

Brian Brushwood See that’s just it, nobody could find the details.

Leo Laporte Well it’s not a – but my point is, these aren’t guys who came along and bought somebody else’s patent.

Patrick Norton This isn’t one of those companies that basically is a legal team…

Brian Brushwood Okay.

Patrick Norton … that was put together to take money out of other companies.

Leo Laporte My understanding is this company really did create this technology. They really did patent it. And they patented it a long time ago, and furthermore the reason the judge was so peeved is because there are smoking gun e-mails from Microsoft that said eh, don’t worry about it. We’ll just go [ph] with the deals.

Jay Adelson Don’t worry about it, we’re going to ignore the patent. Well you know, that’s uncool. That’s totally uncool.

Patrick Norton So now they get a much…

Jay Adelson Microsoft I’m sure will – this will go away because Microsoft is simply going to settle this and get it – put it out of our minds, so.

Patrick Norton And hopefully, the people who filed the lawsuit are getting a much larger settlement now than they would have if Microsoft had come up on the front side and purchased the patents from them.

Jay Adelson Right.

Leo Laporte It’s a three-person company. They’re each going to get like $10 million, it’ll be fine. Microsoft says, it’s Bill Gates’ cigarette money, no big deal, we’ve got that much money in the couch cushions, just give it to them.

John C. Dvorak Couch cushions.

Leo Laporte It’ll go away. Hey as long as we’re talking court decisions, this one may impact us a little bit more. Two court decisions that essentially say that DVD ripping and DVD ripping software is illegal under the DMCA.

Patrick Norton Okay.

Brian Brushwood Once again…

Patrick Norton Two very different court decisions, one of them effectively is arguing about the legality of backing up disks. The other one is…

Leo Laporte This is the real DVD case.

Patrick Norton Yeah. The other one is more of point encounter, point on contract law in California.

Leo Laporte So we won’t worry about the kaleidoscope case but let’s talk about the Real…

Patrick Norton Kaleidoscope’s talking about pushing it up. I think both these companies, this might – everybody – a couple of years ago the big thing was like, there’s going to be – a couple, like five years ago now – there’s going to be a test case with DMCA. There’s going to be a test case. They’re going to push it to the Supreme Court.

Leo Laporte Well, this is the one.

Patrick Norton Well either one of these companies is going to be pushing it really hard. The Real, [ph] the one incident about Real where the judge basically said, I [ph] don’t know if you have the document in front of you, basically said there may be – you may have fair use rights to copy these disks. However – and then it gets into that whole like, you probably have fair use rights to copy the disk but it’s illegal. But the DMCA makes it illegal to traffic the tools to…

Leo Laporte It specifically says…

Patrick Norton … allow you to do that.

Leo Laporte Yeah. And it specifically says fair use does not overturn this particular issue.

Patrick Norton Right.

Brian Brushwood And I guess the point of contention is the breaking of inscription, that is that you have to do in order to back up.

Patrick Norton If a work is copy-protected, even if it’s really, really awful, pathetic copy protection, it still falls under the DMCA.

Brian Brushwood And that – okay. So this was all like, previous to what was it 1999, ’98, when the DMCA actually went through. It was always – it used to be always like a civil claim against like – if somebody pirates your stuff, you could sue them directly but they weren’t necessarily breaking federal law. And then it became a felony after the DMCA, correct?

Patrick Norton Right. I mean basically it becomes federal law after the DMCA.

Leo Laporte Here’s the story from the Associated Press. Federal judge – this is about four days ago, August 11th – has barred RealNetworks from selling a device that allows customers to copy DVDs to their computer hard drives. That’s all it was. Pending a full trial, so there will be a trial now. Disney, Sony, Universal sued saying it’s an illegal pirating tool. Real says, our product legally meets growing customer demand to convert their DVDs to digital form. It’s – there is – this is why it was a big case, and an important case, there is piracy protection. DVD owners can make one copy only.

Patrick Norton Right.

Leo Laporte So, it’s not like you’re giving them a printing press here. They also say the device provides consumers with a legitimate way to back up copies. And this is the problem is that there is no legitimate way to make backup copies despite the fact…

Brian Brushwood There is no legal…

Leo Laporte There is no legal way. There is plenty of ways to do it.

Patrick Norton There’s plenty of legitimate, in the sense that they work, ways to make it.

Leo Laporte So there’s a preliminary injunction from Judge Marilyn Hall Patel against RealDVD.

Patrick Norton I mean this comes back to – if you want to be able to back up movies you need to email your Congress person over and over and over again.

Leo Laporte That’s what Larry Lessig says.

Patrick Norton Not email them, you need to fax them and write them letters and call them and get to know them on a personal level.

Leo Laporte Yes.

John C. Dvorak Use stamps.

Patrick Norton So you can say look, I know you’re really big on trying to bring back the…..

Leo Laporte Use stamps, that’s right, yes.

Patrick Norton … 50 mile, 55 mile an hour, speed limit in the United States and I appreciate your interest in that. But let’s do something more legitimate for your constituency.

Jay Adelson Well and clearly posting the key to Digg isn’t going to help you either.

Leo Laporte Says Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg. Digg in the code, baby.

Jay Adelson Yeah, you know, it’s something that’s been around now though for five years right. We’ve had these programs to back up DVDs.

Leo Laporte Absolutely.

Jay Adelson They all have to crack the code to do it, which is a private code. So somewhere you have to break the law to make it work. I just – I don’t know if it’s fair.

Patrick Norton Well, and it also comes down to – I mean, look trade negotiations with Russia were essentially halted while the RIAA got their due out of shutting down what was essentially….

Leo Laporte

Patrick Norton which they claimed – I think’s claim to legality under Russian law was specious at best. It was a pretty weak claim. But it was like – foreign diplomacy is being dictated or slowed down or altered basically because the RIAA and the MPAA are very effective lobbyists.

Leo Laporte That’s all right. He’s fine. There’s nothing he can eat in there I don’t think.

Brian Brushwood You’re still talking about the RIAA, right?

Leo Laporte He doesn’t eat wiring, does he?

Patrick Norton No, [Ph] Filine mostly sleeps and chases tennis balls. We [ph] heard her growling just last week.

Leo Laporte Great. You should bring her in anytime you want. She’s been really fantastic.

Brian Brushwood So, I guess here’s the question, is in some way could not the DMCA actually be crippling innovation on building better ….

Leo Laporte Hell, yeah.

Brian Brushwood …better encryption, because if there wasn’t a law to hide behind…

Patrick Norton This all comes back to – what was that, I can’t remember his name and I loved reading his quotes for so long, the guy who headed the MPAA?

Leo Laporte Oh god, Jack Valenti.

Patrick Norton Jack Valenti is like the VCR is a criminal – he didn’t say criminal [ph] but.

Leo Laporte He said it is the – it is to – the VCR is to the movie industry what the Boston Strangler is to the woman home alone.

Brian Brushwood Wow!

Patrick Norton It is so beyond completely inappropriate. I don’t even know how to [ph] react to that.

Leo Laporte It’s such a great quote.

Patrick Norton Yeah it’s just like – and the reality is, the VCR basically not only revolutionized the movie industry, it gave them so many more channels to make more money.

John C. Dvorak It saved the movie industry, saved them.

Patrick Norton Yes, absolutely.

Jay Adelson Of course, it did, it did. But now we’re in the digital download world so.

Brian Brushwood It’s really weird to see, also just as the music industry is finally calming down over the revenues, the revenues are at an all-time high, and even though the number of CD sales is down, they’re finally figuring out, okay, there’s a lot deeper sources of revenue with ring tones and all these other tertiary ways to get revenue. And it’s funny to see the MPAA right where the RIAA was seven, eight years ago.

Patrick Norton Well, they’ve made a lot of – the MPAA has made a lot of smart decisions by basically watching the RIAA.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Patrick Norton And learning from their gratuitous and overt mistakes. Dot, dot, dot. That said, when it comes to the backing up stuff, they definitely do not want anybody to have – even a relatively closed tool, they don’t want people to have for this. I don’t know.

Leo Laporte No. Well, and the RIAA for a while tried to convince people that ripping a CD was illegal as well.

Brian Brushwood They were very crafty in their use of language. Really killed me.

Leo Laporte These guys try every scheme in the book and hope that some of them stick.

Patrick Norton While the American consumer does have right of first sale and some legal experts have interpreted the American – it’s like, you’d listen to this and you’d be like, there’s no – there’s nothing illegal about …

Brian Brushwood People would ask like, is it illegal for me to rip an mp3? And they’d say, if you rip an mp3 and give it to a friend, that is illegal.

Patrick Norton Which actually in the American Home Recording Act is essentially – most people [ph] think that’s the

Leo Laporte But it’s not for digital.

Brian Brushwood [ph] …intention of the American Home Recording Act.

Leo Laporte That’s the problem, that was for analog.

Patrick Norton That’s for tapes sir, it’s not for these CDs. It’s like ugh.

Leo Laporte Angels cry when you rip an mp3, that’s all I can say. Here’s another bad idea from Yahoo!. Yahoo!, don’t you guys have something important to do Yahoo!, like, save the company. Yahoo! wants to reinvent the postage stamp to cut spam. Researchers are testing a scheme where the user will pay a cent, $0.01 to charity for every email you send. All right that’s going to work. And then of course because spammers don’t want to pay for it, all I have to do is say, I’m only going to accept email with a Yahoo! stamp on it.

John C. Dvorak Oh, yeah.

Brian Brushwood This is actually similar to a really old idea.

John C. Dvorak About as dumb as anything.

Brian Brushwood Didn’t Bill Gates write an op-ed about this?

Leo Laporte Yes he did.

Brian Brushwood Where he suggested that…

Patrick Norton Yes, yes, yes. This is good stuff.

Brian Brushwood Yeah, yeah. And it’s actually an okay scheme if you’re the one who gets paid, but their scheme is, well we’ll give all the money to charity. And I’m like, I don’t want to give the money to charity.

Jay Adelson Well, you break down to the fundamental issue, which is that if it costs a spammer money to send emails then in theory it would stop happening in this kind of volume. So the question is really more – it’s less about you and me sending emails to each other, obviously and subscribing to it for a service, it’s more about how do you enforce a common standard.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s what Goodmail was trying to do, weren’t they?

John C. Dvorak Well, hold on a second here, let’s stop before we get too carried away. How long, with some of the most creative people in the world doing spam, how long would it be – would it take them to spoof the system completely…

Patrick Norton Oh absolutely.

John C. Dvorak …and make it look as if they’re sending pennies to heaven and still spam the crap out of you.

Patrick Norton That’s what we need to declare an open season on spammers.

Brian Brushwood I think John’s got a very good point.

Jay Adelson I have a lot of faith though in the technology. I think that it could be built, at least [ph] white-list systems where to send me an email it’s going to cost you a $0.01.

Brian Brushwood No, I think John’s got a point.

John C. Dvorak Just like uncrackable copy protection schemes.

Brian Brushwood I think clearly the only way to make this work is a single government-run server system that manages all emails.

Leo Laporte Maybe Vivek could do that, he’d be great. Oh yeah, and then come to your house and bring it to you.

Jay Adelson It’s about effort – it’s about the amount of effort because if it’s not – if it’s even a slightly higher cost, just the cost of cracking the code so that you could spoof it, is high enough cost that it would prevent it from happening.

Leo Laporte Right, that’s Goodmail’s idea, because Goodmail was a fraction of a cent, it wasn’t even close to a cent, it was…

John C. Dvorak It’s hopeless.

Leo Laporte By the way Goodmail failed miserably, everybody said no way. And that was that. So I don’t know how they’re going to get by with a penny.

John C. Dvorak It’s hopeless. The only thing to do is to find some big strong bruisers and track down these guys and beat the crap out of them.

Patrick Norton That’s what I just said, open season on spammers.

Leo Laporte Yeah baby.

John C. Dvorak Well that’s one way of putting it.

Leo Laporte I just saw a stat, I don’t know how valid it is, but this is an incredible stat that says that we spend so much energy in this country finding and deleting spam that if you took all the energy used, and you know it’s just a fraction per person, but you took all the energy used finding and deleting spam in each and every one of our inboxes, you could light – in one year you could light Chicago for two years.

Patrick Norton Cool! Federal law, we’re going to build it into the MCA, right, we’re going to – this incredible opportunity for federal legislature, make it a capital crime to be a spammer.

Leo Laporte Yes. Capital.

Patrick Norton Capital.

Leo Laporte Listen to the man.

Jay Adelson Leo I would…

Leo Laporte We got a fatwa against spammers, baby.

Patrick Norton By the way I’m terrified that anyone…

John C. Dvorak Fatwa.

Leo Laporte Fatwa.

Patrick Norton …will think I’m serious whenever I say the solution is government anything, it’s like I want to make it so clear.

Leo Laporte We know, we know you’re joking, we know you’re joking. So a fatwa against spammers, Patrick Norton calls for it. 20-year-old Australian man has been charged with affecting more than 3,000 computers, released a virus designed to capture banking and credit card data. Finally, you know you don’t hear a lot of prosecutions of spammers.

Patrick Norton You don’t hear a lot of spammer, you don’t hear a lot of…

Leo Laporte Or virus authors.

Patrick Norton This wasn’t a spammer, this was a...

Leo Laporte Virus authors. Adelaide Court, the man whose name will not be released until September 4th has been charged with several computer offenses, prison terms of up to 10 years.

Brian Brushwood I’m just impressed he achieved so much by the age of 20, I mean I couldn’t have done anything like that.

Jay Adelson All the script kiddies, I mean this is something that’s being going on – the thing is, is that for every one that’s caught every month…

Patrick Norton You’ve got a thousand.

Leo Laporte You can’t. You can’t keep up.

Jay Adelson You don’t hear about it here anymore you know.

Leo Laporte [Ph] Whack them all.

Jay Adelson What's unique about this is it’s Australia, and it was an interesting case, and he was combining both DDoS attack Bots. He had launched his virus so he would capture the command and control system in a Botnet, as well as...

Patrick Norton Oh really.

Jay Adelson …a virus to capture credit card numbers and so forth, which by the way are directly related. Because when you want to buy a Botnet on – in the secret netherworld of DDoS attacks, you trade credit card numbers for access to these command and control Botnets.

Leo Laporte Oh, you don’t buy it with cash, you say here’s some numbers I’ve got.

Jay Adelson That’s right.

Leo Laporte Here’s 20,000 numbers, give me a Botnet. Wow.

Patrick Norton Well, you’ve got to remember right…

John C. Dvorak Jay, I heard that there are cash deals that go down.

Jay Adelson There probably are.

Leo Laporte BBC did it. BBC bought a Botnet of a couple of thousand computers, for I think it was $10,000 or maybe it’s the other way around 10,000 computers for 2,000. And they did it for a documentary, they actually bought it and then they – then they actually made a mistake, they violated British law. Do you remember this?

Brian Brushwood Yeah, well they were trying to do a good thing, so they wanted to let everyone know that their computer was compromised so they used the Botnet to change everyone’s screensaver to a little note that says, by the way your computer is compromised, please change everything, love the BBC.

Leo Laporte That got them in some...

Jay Adelson That’s incredible.

Leo Laporte That got them in some trouble.

Jay Adelson Of course MediaDefender did it too, right?

Leo Laporte That’s right, remember that, yeah.

Jay Adelson They were attacking Revision 3.

Leo Laporte Were they? That’s right.

Brian Brushwood Oh that’s right.

Leo Laporte You were the – you were DDoSed by MediaDefender, which was the record company’s “defender against peer-to-peer sharing”.

John C. Dvorak Whatever happened in that, Jay?

Jay Adelson Well it was just, we exposed it at the time and we look at [ph] them...

John C. Dvorak But did you ever sue them or anything?

Patrick Norton You got a million dollars of free publicity, that’s what happened.

Jay Adelson We looked at the cost – we looked at the cost of prosecuting these guys and we were not the company to prosecute those guys. However, exposing it alone I think stopped the practice by and large, so.

Leo Laporte Well that’s good.

Jay Adelson That’s something.

Leo Laporte Well that’s good. Well done.

Jay Adelson Yeah.

Leo Laporte Microsoft announces its Zune HD pricing, very aggressive pricing, they’re undercutting the iPod touch for two weeks, that’s good, until Apple announces it’s new pricing in September.

John C. Dvorak Right, which will be the same thing.

Leo Laporte Which will be lower probably, by a buck.

John C. Dvorak Why bother, just make it the same.

Leo Laporte Because nobody is going to...

John C. Dvorak Actually make it a little higher, like 10 bucks higher.

Leo Laporte Yeah just to – just to make them hurt. It’s 10 bucks more, but nobody still buys the Zune.

Brian Brushwood But the…

Patrick Norton The new interface is really nice.

Leo Laporte Actually the Zune HD looks good. It looks really good.

Brian Brushwood It really makes me feel bad for the Zune. I see the story and I read this aggressive pricing where it’s like the 32 gigabyte model is only 289, and then it says, and Zune’s current market share is 2%, compared to Apple’s 73.

Leo Laporte Patrick, you saw it at the GDGT event, didn’t you?

Patrick Norton Yes I did.

Leo Laporte Did you like it?

Patrick Norton I liked it very much.

Leo Laporte It’s very slim.

Patrick Norton It’s a…

Leo Laporte All LED screen.

Patrick Norton Yeah, the screen is gorgeous. The – I like the interface, the new interface is very, very nice.

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s different from the old Zune interface?

Patrick Norton Well it’s just I have – it’s been a while since I’ve [ph] had my paws on a….

Leo Laporte I always liked the Zune interface.

Patrick Norton It just, it’s [ph] really clean.

Jay Adelson Everyone I know who has had one loves it.

Brian Brushwood Well, and especially the...

Leo Laporte All four of them.

Brian Brushwood But the Zune Pass, it looks like a great deal.

Leo Laporte I have a Zune Pass.

Brian Brushwood For [ph] 14.99 and you get unlimited downloads.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood And you get to keep, what is it, 10 a month?

Leo Laporte Yes you get 10 records, so in effect you get – you are only paying 4.99 for this if you – if you remember because you have to remember because it expires every month and I never remember. But it’s cool to be able to fill up a device of 32 gigs or 16 gigs.

Brian Brushwood They had a great marketing campaign where they said it cost $60,000 to fill up an iPod and stuff like that.

Leo Laporte Yeah. That wasn’t such a great marketing.

Brian Brushwood Well, well …

Patrick Norton Yeah, but I got to tell you...

Brian Brushwood To put it in context to make it seem like such a good value...

Leo Laporte Right.

Brian Brushwood I mean I thought it was pretty cleaver.

Jay Adelson But the thing that keeps me on the iPod though, it’s iTunes software because I finally got that down…

Leo Laporte I can’t figure out the Zune.

Jay Adelson …and it works for me.

Leo Laporte The Zune...

Brian Brushwood So basically what you’re saying is – as an early adopter consumer electronics maven, a technology professional that helped alter the way the internet functions on a commercial level, you are basically sticking with iTunes because it was such a wicked ripping pain in the ass to get it do what it was supposed to do out of the box. That’s a glowing endorsement man.

Jay Adelson There are some areas of technology I was a little slower on perhaps than others.

Brian Brushwood No, no, I completely understand what you are saying, I am just not saying that’s a – it’s just...

Patrick Norton It was hard, it was difficult.

John Dvorak It’s a dubious rationale is what he is saying.

Leo Laporte Hey, if you’ve ever tried working with the Zune software, not fun.

Patrick Norton Yeah.

Leo Laporte Very weird, maybe it’s me. Yours – you are a Windows guy ‘Shwood.

Brian Brushwood Yeah. But I have an iPhone and I am on iTunes.

Leo Laporte Did you see the new iPhone app that this – this small bank USAA, which actually I am a USAA customer...

Brian Brushwood There not that small.

Brian Brushwood My brother, my brother’s got it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, if you are military officer you get USAA insurance, it’s the best insurance in the world, but they have a bank. But it’s – but they don’t have branches, right?

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte So they made an iPhone application that you take a picture of the checks front and back and that’s the deposit.

Brian Brushwood And that’s it – you don’t even have to send it in.

Leo Laporte You tear up the paper.

Brian Brushwood My brother loves USAA but I never switched to it because I am too terrified to put checks in the mail and like hope it gets there.

Leo Laporte Right. Well I don’t know what you do with cash –

Patrick Norton So this is better?

Brian Brushwood You just take a picture of the cash and then you would promise to tear it up. It’s amazing.

Patrick Norton Cash.

Jay Adelson I don’t know, there is something, something about this which is it’s like I love it for the convenience, its cool, it’s a great iPhone app. But, I mean, do I feel comfortable doing my deposits that way? It’s just –

Leo Laporte Somebody does, $1.5 million in checks deposited in the first three days. I mean, there is not a lot of customers to this bank, 58,000 users.

Jay Adelson I’m going to start using really interesting looking checks in low resolution for the iPhones.

Leo Laporte Is it a dollar, a million dollars?

Patrick Norton That’s what kind of fascinated me was that they considered the iPhone camera like high resolution enough to take the pictures and they can actually get back because they use to do it...

Brian Brushwood If you look at the scans, if you look at the scans on Bank of America...

Leo Laporte They are pretty low res.

Brian Brushwood …they are really low, I mean iPhone is way better.

Jay Adelson But they are still doing it.

Leo Laporte Right, but they capture the check.

Patrick Norton Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Yeah well that’s true, but then they just give it back to you anyway after they take a picture of it using their scanning software. I get all my checks...

Leo Laporte You get the checks back? They don’t keep it?

Brian Brushwood Well I do.

Patrick Norton Well they cancel the check, they cancel the check and they also log it. So if Bank of America, yeah, you could either choose to have it sent to you or they will keep it, but in the end they have that stamp on it that says okay I received this.

Leo Laporte Right.

Patrick And if there is a question later from…

Leo Laporte Then they could ask you.

Brian Brushwood Well they also made it clear on the USAA thing that it was only for qualified customers, you couldn’t just open an account right now and then send in a check for a million dollars. So it’s like they had – you have to have a history and be on the hook for – like they had to have you number.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Patrick Norton That’s interesting, that’s interesting.

Leo Laporte That’s a great idea.

Patrick Norton Well, if the whole checking system is such an amazing, it’s a consensual act.

Leo Laporte No kidding.

Patrick Norton It’s an agreement.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Patrick Norton It’s a long-standing trust between banks.

Leo Laporte It’s like gold.

Patrick Norton Yeah.

Leo Laporte Speaking of gold, I want you to get that Audible Gold account. Actually I got a better deal for you, the Audible BlackBerry app. Have you seen this yet?

Brian Brushwood What?

Leo Laporte Do you have your BlackBerry here?

Brian Brushwood A BlackBerry app?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood Crazy talk.

Leo Laporte Crazy talk.

Patrick Norton I’m ready.

Leo Laporte Audible.

Patrick Norton I am ready.

Leo Laporte You are ready? Fire it up, get your BlackBerry out, this is an OTA download and you’re going to get a free book in this and actually it’s a really good book. I want you to go to, t-w-i-t-b-b, that’s the URL you will get – you have to sign up for an Audible account and when you do, you get Hot, Flat, and Crowded – Thomas Friedman’s excellent book.

Jay Adelson It’s very good.

Leo Laporte Yeah. All about – he is all about globalization. I read the book before this, I haven’t read this one. But I love Tom Friedman. He is just brilliant. The Audible BlackBerry app,

Brian Brushwood bb? Why those are my initials.

Leo Laporte How did they know he would be here?

Brian Brushwood This was made for me.

Leo Laporte Don’t say BlackBerry, he is still a little bit – you know he is in denial of the whole thing, he doesn’t really know.

Jay Adelson Hey look at – I have been using this for a lot, will it work on this thing, Leo?

Leo Laporte What is that, is that a Veri – is that a – what is that, is it a Trio.

Jay Adelson It’s a Verizon BlackBerry 8830.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Jay Adelson World phone.

Brian Brushwood Hey you know what the difference between that and my iPhone is Jay? You can get reception.

Leo Laporte That’s cool. Yeah, it will work on that, just try it right now. Actually Brian did it yesterday and we checked it out. Brian’s got it on his – that’s – he has got the new Tour by the way.

Jay Adelson Look at that.

Leo Laporte Is that a slick phone?

Jay Adelson Can I get that for Verizon yet, Brian?

Leo Laporte The Tour?

Jay Adelson Can I get it, Brian…

Leo Laporte This isn’t ‘Shwood, this is Brian Bommarito, it’s a different Brian. You’re on Verizon, aren’t you?

Brian Bommarito This is a Verizon.

Leo Laporte Yeah it’s a, yeah it’s a Verizon phone.

Jay Adelson You can get that on Verizon.

Leo Laporte Yeah it’s beautiful. Jay, it’s – I think it’s time to upgrade. You have had that phone...

Jay Adelson I think it’s time, that’s true.

Leo Laporte …for a long, long time.

Jay Adelson But when it works, you know...

Leo Laporte Yeah I know.

Jay Adelson Why fix it?

Leo Laporte And – but I’m sure the Tour will work worldwide. I don’t think that that’s – I think I am sure it has all the GSM frequencies. Anyway, this is not a BlackBerry Tour or Verizon ad, this is an Audible ad, so maybe I will just get along with it. What do you say?

Jay Adelson Okay.

Leo Laporte, they are sponsors and you know 60,000 tiles every genre you could imagine, the app works on the Storm, the Bold, the Curve, the Pearl and the 8800. So no Jay, it will not work on it.

Jay Adelson Yes, no it’ll work, 8800 series.

Leo Laporte Oh you have the 8800, all right.

Jay Adelson Yeah.

Leo Laporte BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve, Pearl or 8800, the app is completely free and now you can listen to a download sample, audio books from the entire 60,000 title collection at And you get that free book. So whether you have a BlackBerry or not, of course you can always go and get two free books going to to sign up for the Platinum account. So get your choice., if you want to do the Platinum account and then you could still download the BlackBerry application, just use your credentials when you download it. So get two books that way or do it on the BlackBerry and get your free Hot, Flat, and Crowded from great Tom Friedman. Real quickly, offer good in the U.S. and Canada and that’s about it, just want to make sure I had all the legalese in there.

Brian Brushwood So if you still – if you sign up, is this for only for existing Audible customers or?

Leo Laporte No, no, no, you will – you actually sign up as you download it if you are not an existing customer.

Brian Brushwood Okay.

Leo Laporte So it’s for new customers only I think to get the free book. But if you are an existing customer, you can get the application.

Patrick Norton For free.

Leo Laporte Just don’t get the free book.

Brian Brushwood Right.

Leo Laporte If you know what I am saying.

Jay Adelson Audible rocks. Audible rocks.

Leo Laporte Are you An audible fan?

Patrick Norton I’m an Audible fan.

Jay Adelson Without any kind of – any of that is just such, I mean as a commuter…

Leo Laporte A long commuter, with a five-hour flight commuter. Yeah. I mean this got to be a lifesaver. When I was – I used to drive down the first show that we did for Ziff Davis, it was in Cupertino. I used to drive out from here to Cupertino, it was two hours and 45 minutes without traffic.

Jay Adelson I was going to say, on – like at midnight, maybe.

Leo Laporte Yeah. I mean I’m six or seven hours everyday in the car. That’s when I really started listening to audio books, Audible wasn’t around at that time and I was really glad when they came around. Because the nice thing about Audible, you want a book, you get it right away, you get downloads in a minute. And so before you leave, you could say I need a new book and you get it. Right now I am listening...

Patrick Norton Or a sequel.

Leo Laporte Or a sequel.

Patrick Norton Right.

Leo Laporte I do those trilogies. Have you, you know Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont turned me on to the Game of Thrones.

Jay Adelson Oh, you are– you are deep into it now.

Patrick Norton [indiscernible].

Jay Adelson The new one is coming, I hear.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jay Adelson It’s like, close.

Brian Brushwood Any minute now. But you know also the HBO is making it into a series.

Leo Laporte


Brian Brushwood It’s going to be amazing.

Leo Laporte That’s – you know I’ve had it on my phone for a long time and I finally said I’ve got to read this before the mini series.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Brian Brushwood Yeah his reading is exceptional.

Leo Laporte He is wonderful. That’s four – let’s see, four times eight, 32 hours.

Brian Brushwood Four years’ worth of audio.

Leo Laporte That’s just volume one. That’s just volume one, and then there is like – there is three now and fourth to come.

Brian Brushwood I think it is like 42 hours per book or something.

Leo Laporte Yeah, Yeah, oh it’s great. I like that kind of stuff because you know you just get immersed in it.

Brian Brushwood I’m doing a – I’m in the middle of kind of obscure, I don’t know how obscure it is but it’s a science frction novel called Pandora's Star. Did you ever read it.?

Leo Laporte Obscure? Obscure?

Brian Brushwood It was obscure to me because I hadn’t heard of it, somebody...

Leo Laporte Peter F. Hamilton is a god.

Brian Brushwood I’m blown away, I am already through the second book right now.

Leo Laporte And then Judas Unchained.

Brian Brushwood Well, I am half way through Judas Unchained right now. So no spoilers, but I am really enjoying it.

Leo Laporte Awesome.

Brian Brushwood The reading is excellent on it.

Leo Laporte Yeah, is it?

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Leo Laporte I asked them to read his book, they don’t have it yet, Fallen Dragon, which is one of my favorite sci-fi books of all time. And they – because they want me to read a book, they said not for you that’s too long, it will take like two years to read it. But I am reading it, it’s not for Audible. I am going to do a Cory Doctorow book. He has – he is having, he had Neil Gaiman do one, he’s got a short story collection. He is doing all his own free audio of And he asked me to read one of his old…

Patrick Norton That’s so Cory. That’s so cool.

Leo Laporte Isn’t that Cory? That’s so Corey.

Brian Brushwood Yes, it’s cool.

Leo Laporte Not Corey Haim, not Corey Feldman, that’s Cory Doctorow for you kids.

Patrick Norton Sorry, trying to envision a Corey Haim version of Cory Doctorow…

Leo Laporte That’s so Corey.

Jay Adelson Get the two of them in the studio together.

Leo Laporte How about this, Royal Opera House. John, you are going to love this, the Royal Opera House of London is asking Twitter users to write the libretto for its next opera.

Brian Brushwood Wow.

Leo Laporte Is this a bad idea?

John Dvorak Talking about crowd sourcing.

Jay Adelson Yeah, well you can crowd source anything now.

Leo Laporte Well, I should read you a little bit of how bad this opera is.

John Dvorak Sing it to us Leo, sing it to us.

Patrick Norton Libretto is not the opera.

Leo Laporte No you’re right. In fact librettos are often crappy to be honest with you, it’s the – it’s the music that makes an opera. So I guess that’s why they don’t care.

Brian Brushwood I just see somebody just seeing random tweets that come in that happen to be the opera.

Leo Laporte They might as well be, let me just read you a little bit of what that they’ve got. This is so far.

Patrick Norton I’m going to get lunch, to get lunch, to get lunch to the bathroom. My boss is a – delete expletive

Leo Laporte Fail, epic fail, I like it it’s good.

Patrick Norton For the win, for the win, epic fail, epic fail, for the win!

Leo Laporte You know what, we might have it here, that’s pretty good. The Twitter Opera, wow! I don’t want to – I don’t want to read you what they got so far. They could have been better.

Patrick Norton Hello and welcome to the Royal Opera House blog.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Patrick Norton Unfortunately we’ve not been very good at the blogging in the past, [ph] wow, this sounds like everybody else is wrong.

Leo Laporte So you get 140 characters and so far the story starts like this, they started it off. One morning very early, a man and a woman were standing arm and arm in London’s Covent Garden. The man turned to the woman and he sang. And then the Twitterers take over.

Patrick Norton Wait, wait, scroll down a little bit to the part in red, that’s like the best part. Wait, right above that. Star updates star, as of Monday 9, August at about 1:00 p.m. whatever [indiscernible]

Leo Laporte This is what our slightly crazy story looks like. In brief, at the end of Act One, Scene One, William is languishing in a tower, having been kidnapped by a group of birds.

Patrick Norton What?

Leo Laporte Who were anxious for revenge after he has killed one of their number. Hans has promised to rescue him, the woman with no name is off to her biochemistry laboratory to make a potion to let people speak to the birds.

Brian Brushwood This is nothing new. This is Mad Libs.

Leo Laporte It’s Mad Libs.

Brian Brushwood All they’re doing is Mad Libs with opera.

Leo Laporte If you want to participate,

Jay Adelson I got to say, if you want to see something cool, check out the Metropolitan Opera House, they actually do live in HD. They don’t do it for download yet, but you can actually subscribe and go see the opera in HD at digital movie theater.

Leo Laporte Well they are showing at theaters, I know. Have you gone to those?

Jay Adelson I have actually, I just found about that recently and I am looking for –

Leo Laporte I’ve – they do it in Petaluma because we have a beautiful digital theater with a Christie DLP and I really want to do that.

Jay Adelson I’m trying to decide which opera I should take [ph] Seamus to.

Leo Laporte Sony presents your first opera.

John Dvorak Well talking about Sony presenting something, has anyone seen District 9 yet?

Brian Brushwood We’re talking about that.

Leo Laporte ‘Shwood was talking about – no spoilers. First of all, we want to say – and in this context a spoiler would even be describing what the movie is about, right?

Patrick Norton Yeah, I don’t even...

Brian Brushwood Yeah I think so, like or even what kind of movie it is, because they did such good of selling the movie on the back story and the ambience, I had no idea if this was going to be – for all I knew, you know a love story or whatever, but I was very – like half way through the movie, I honestly had no idea what would happen next, which doesn’t happen very often.

Leo Laporte No usually, you know.

Jay Adelson That’s why – you know I have heard the movie is fantastic, but I got to say you know every time I watch that trailer, I think of well, I think of V. Remember V?

Brian Brushwood V was awesome. They are rebooting the V franchise on [indiscernible].

Leo Laporte V was not awesome.

Patrick Norton V was not awesome.

Brian Brushwood What? Oh come on, World War II allegory it was fantastic

Jay Adelson V you know Marc Singer and the gloves, I just – I don’t know if I can go back there again.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jay Adelson But if you tell me it’s great, I’ll go see it.

Patrick Norton Brian and I can go back there.

Brian Brushwood Yeah we will. Well they – first of all, they are remaking V, it’s going to be on ABC coming out soon, and the teaser trailer is already up on YouTube.

John Dvorak Let me make a note.

Jay Adelson Of course they are.

Brian Brushwood But second of all, definitely see District 9, here is the thing that’s breaking my heart, everybody loves it, it’s a critical masterpiece. The attendance apparently it’s getting stomped at the box office.

Leo Laporte So we’re going to turn that around right now.

Jay Adelson Yes, everyone go see it.

Leo Laporte Everybody go, see it.

John Dvorak Let’s have District 9 party.

Brian Brushwood Oops sorry.

Patrick Norton The advertising for it has just been super creepy in San Francisco.

Leo Laporte Do you want to have District 9 party? It’s supposed to be very – first of all we should say, not for kids, it’s a very violent, right Brian?

Brian Brushwood Yes, wait no, I mean how did you, I said no spoilers.

Leo Laporte That’s not a spoiler. It says it right at the beginning.

Brian Brushwood You will...

Leo Laporte Rated R for extraordinarily outrageous violence.

Brian Brushwood Yeah.

Jay Adelson Is Rowdy Roddy Piper in it?

Brian Brushwood Yeah there are so many things, no spoilers.

Leo Laporte Is what?

Jay Adelson Is it like “They Live”? Is Rowdy Roddy Piper in it? Because I will go see that, I will definitely go and see that.

Leo Laporte All right. It sounds like everybody should go to see District 9.

Brian Brushwood You really cringe at moments, and you really care about what happens, and it’s such an amazing story and how the movie came to be, the lead actor, this is his first ever major motion picture to act in and he is phenomenal, you – you feel...

Leo Laporte Peter Jackson produced it.

Brian Brushwood Correct. Directed by Neil Blomkamp, which I could say, you see I studied it up.

Leo Laporte But it’s based on a short – that’s on YouTube, what’s the name of that?

Brian Brushwood Alive in Joburg. If you want to get an idea for what the movie is going to be like, without having any spoilers for District 9, it’s like a 10 or 15 minute short film called Alive in Joburg on YouTube and…

Leo Laporte And Neil made that.

Brian Brushwood Neil made that, and based on that, and apparently he made several other short films and from that, Peter Jackson really dug his stuff and gave him, originally he was on tap to be – to do the Halo movie, but when that cratered, this ended up being what they went with instead, which I couldn’t be happier, I’d probably rather see this than a Halo movie.

Leo Laporte That’s our recommendation…

John C. Dvorak Well, it’s not good if he’s – [ph] Digg doesn’t pay back and I mean if something gets – something is wrong here, something’s wrong with the marketing.

Brian Brushwood But they made it – they made it for only $30 million [indiscernible] …

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] it’ll pay back.

Brian Brushwood It’ll definitely pay back and be profitable.

Leo Laporte It probably already has paid back but it is sad that…

Patrick Norton The box office mojo…

Leo Laporte It is sad that that while the word of mouth is good, people aren’t seeing it. So we are going to …

Patrick Norton It’s already made $37 million this weekend …

Brian Brushwood So District 10 will be coming out next year.

John C. Dvorak Yes.

Leo Laporte But not as good as District 1 through 8, those were the originals.

Patrick Norton Yes, it’s made its money back and now it’s making gravy.

Brian Brushwood Well good.

John C. Dvorak Well, that’s a good thing.

Jay Adelson [Ph] I’m trying to figure out where go to see movies again I just spent five years in [ph] rural New York trying to figure out…

Leo Laporte In [ph] Marine now they in Corte Madera there is a – they only show one movie at a time…

Jay Adelson The Pacific Marine right, wasn’t it…?

Leo Laporte It’s huge – Lucas designed it; it was his original screening room.

Patrick Norton Yes.

Leo Laporte And it’s a very nice theatre.

Brian Brushwood It’s one of the last…

Jay Adelson That’s where I want to go.

Brian Brushwood Large theatres left in Northern California.

Leo Laporte Yes, it’s a really big theatre.

Brian Brushwood All the really big theatres almost -- not all of them but all the really cool old theatres except for, oh my goodness, [ph] Cerefina works there I can see the image of the place in my head, it’s on the [ph] Balboa.

Leo Laporte Oh yes, [ph] Balboa.

Patrick Norton Most of the large single screen theatres in San Francisco have all shut down and been turned into office buildings...

Jay Adelson Which is just pathetic.

Leo Laporte Yes, they may not have opened District 9 in [ph] enough screens because they are saying in the chat room that everywhere they went that lines were around the block to see this…

Patrick Norton Oh that’s fantastic…

Leo Laporte So it may just be that’s it was not on at very many screens.

Jay Adelson Maybe it is a marketing scheme.

Leo Laporte I know, I wanted to see it on Friday night and it’s not at our local theatre.

Patrick Norton Actually it’s in 3,000 theatres…

Leo Laporte Oh, well.

Patrick Norton So, it’s not that small a distribution. Maybe it’s just that popular.

Brian Brushwood Well I think the news was that it’s getting stomped by other movies. I think there is more bubblegum movies that are doing better this weekend.

Leo Laporte There is The Time Traveler's Wife, which a lot people went to see.

Brian Brushwood Is there any actual time travel in that movie?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood Oh okay.

Leo Laporte He has got a hormone imbalance.

Jay Adelson No, no for crying out loud.

Brian Brushwood I don’t think that [indiscernible] really…

Patrick Norton I can’t, I have no…

John C. Dvorak I have heard about this problem.

Leo Laporte It’s a chick movie.

Patrick Norton Look, I love chick movies, I just – Eric Bana and the whole premise on this movie…

Leo Laporte I can’t - Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana I want to…

Patrick Norton I mean the trailer I saw for it actually made Rachel McAdams look annoying…

Leo Laporte She is a terrible actress.

John C. Dvorak Yes, can we get that – Leo, can you get me a copy of this show because I got to get this ‘I love chick movies’ quote from Patrick.

Patrick Norton I love chick movies.

John C. Dvorak [Indiscernible] different from other.

Patrick Norton Chick movies and teen comedies.

Jay Adelson There you go.

Leo Laporte By the way…

Jay Adelson [Indiscernible] [ph] Bernie 7.

Leo Laporte John Hughes, may he rest in peace.

Patrick Norton Yes.

Leo Laporte 59 years old, a recluse, Les Paul also, 92 years old and…

Brian Brushwood 94, excuse me…

Leo Laporte One of the guitar designers...

Brian Brushwood Well not just one of the great…

Leo Laporte And guitarist…

Brian Brushwood He was not just a great guitarist, this is also the guy – this guy is directly responsible for modern recording because he was working with Bing Crosby who was interested – Bing Crosby didn’t like working in the live studio environment; he liked the casual environment. He wanted to pre-record his radio shows.

Leo Laporte Sure he did. He was going to look for [ph] an orange grove …

John C. Dvorak He [ph] invented multi track too.

Brian Brushwood Well that’s what I was leading up to…

Leo Laporte Les Paul did…?

Brian Brushwood Yes, Les Paul [ph] ostensibly took one of the first Ampex tape recorders and multiplied the heads because he was tired of bouncing back and forth tracks on…

Leo Laporte Wow.

Brian Brushwood He used to bounce his tracks going from one LP cutter to another LP cutter back and forth, then he basically took the original tape recorder from Ampex and turned it into a multi-head recorder he was directly, like Bing Crosby…

Leo Laporte We wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing today without Les Paul…

Brian Brushwood Absolutely.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Brian Brushwood And also he was one of the – he was carrying around the [ph] log , which was one of the original electrical guitar prototypes for a decade before Fender had success and Gibson went, yes, Les we talked about the thing, we want to, you know…

Leo Laporte Isn’t it sad…

Brian Brushwood Where the Gibson Les Paul came from.

Leo Laporte Awesome.

Brian Brushwood He was an amazing guy, plus he did all those recordings with Mary Ford, he is a cool cat.

Leo Laporte Right Les Paul, Mary Ford…

Brian Brushwood And his shows in New York with great, he used to do shows every Monday night in Manhattan.

Leo Laporte It sounds like you went to them.

Brian Brushwood I went to several.

Leo Laporte That’s really…

Brian Brushwood He was a [ph] hoot, man, get up there and entertained.

Leo Laporte That’s [ph] incredible.

John C. Dvorak Yes, I went to one too and they play in that club all the time and they hustled him out, I couldn’t get his autograph.

Leo Laporte John, it looks like you are shuffling through papers, do you have any incriminating smoking gun documents there. Anything you would like to share with us?

Brian Brushwood Anything you’d like burn before you…

John C. Dvorak All I got is this article which…

Patrick Norton By the way in the chat room as they are often able to do – has me corrected, the news was saying that District 9 was not doing well but apparently the final numbers are coming in and apparently it did end up still in the number one spot so that’s…

Leo Laporte There you go.

Patrick Norton So definitely – it certainly deserves it.

Leo Laporte And this headline in – just in from John C. Dvorak.

John C. Dvorak Months ago.

Leo Laporte Obama…

John C. Dvorak Obama stimulus saves Microsoft billionaire hundreds of millions.

Leo Laporte It’s – I remember that it is fairly old, so you are actually now down to how many strata deep are you on [ph] the desk?

John C. Dvorak I am like going through the paper and that’s where I am.

Leo Laporte [Ph] It is in Jurassic era on his desk.

John C. Dvorak It’s unbelievable.

Leo Laporte It’s incredible. Ladies and gentlemen, I am so glad you were here for this, gosh, I am glad I was here for this, what fun this has been Brian Brushwood is the host and major domo at Scam School on Revision3.

Brian Brushwood That’s right, featuring a member of the TWiT cast this week, colleen will be on Scam School.

Leo Laporte Colleen is the only member of the TWiT cast who is on Revision3 like all the time. I don’t really understand. Anyway that’s great.

John C. Dvorak I [ph] digg Larry.

Brian Brushwood She comes to San Francisco more often. Actually…

Leo Laporte She lives in San Francisco; Dane lives in San Francisco, I am the one who won’t leave my little cubby hole here for -- I will come down, I’ll come down. Patrick Norton of course…

John C. Dvorak Well, if you are going to come down you might as well do Cranky Geeks while you are at it.

Leo Laporte See this is what happens. See this is what happens.

John C. Dvorak Dog pile on Leo, dog pile on Leo.

Leo Laporte This is why I don’t come to San Francisco.

Jay Adelson Leo’s like, what…?

Leo Laporte I will come down. I will come down. [ph] Here no doubt, no feeling, down, no, down dog! I am sorry. Patrick Norton of Revision3/tekzilla…

Patrick Norton Yes.

Leo Laporte Or just go to, TEK.

Patrick Norton Or Revision3/hdnation which is the [ph] show I’ve just started …

Leo Laporte That’s the new show, [ph] I forgot, yes. Thank you for saving Robert Heron after Ziff Davis and ExtremeTech [ph] went under Robert was on the beach for about three seconds.

Patrick Norton Robert – actually Robert is going to be starting up, he is basically pulling together his website which is going to be…

Leo Laporte Good.

Patrick Norton Continuing with his outstanding HD…

Leo Laporte He is the best…

Patrick Norton Equipment reviews and basically he is hosting HD Nation with me every week so…

Leo Laporte I’m so glad. I think that really means pretty much everybody except me is now on Revision3. I think that’s it.

Jay Adelson Leo there is always room for you.

John C. Dvorak Leo, I’m not there.

Leo Laporte You are not – John, how could - how did that happen?

Patrick Norton John, refused a long time …

John C. Dvorak No, it was conflict of interest.

Brian Brushwood John is at Mevio.

John C. Dvorak They won’t even invite me to do a cameo on that network.

Patrick Norton That’s not true.

Jay Adelson That is not true.

John C. Dvorak Oh.

Jay Adelson I hereby am inviting you.

Leo Laporte Jay, listen…

Patrick Norton Your house is listed. I can come to your house with a camera, we can solve this problem, John.

John C. Dvorak [Ph] Hi, I need to take a shower.

Leo Laporte Jay Adelson is the CEO of Digg and also on the Board at Revision3, one of the founders of Revision3. There seems to be some sort of nexus between those two companies. I haven’t quite oh yes, Kevin Rose…

Jay Adelson [Ph] Who is that guy…?

Leo Laporte That guy Kevin Rose, he is the only guy missing from today’s show.

Brian Brushwood Yes, where is he?

Leo Laporte I should have called Kevin. Well I just didn’t call him. I should have called him and got him on. Thank you, Jay. This is your first time on TWiT and you acquitted yourself admirably.

Patrick Norton You rocked it, Jay.

Jay Adelson Thank you. Thank you, guys.

Leo Laporte You rocked it, Jay. Welcome to the Bay Area. Now that you are here, let’s get you up here into the cottage.

Brian Brushwood And we [ph] have to introduce you to Della Fattoria, bread.

Leo Laporte Della Fattoria, and of course Della Fattoria’s famous Ho-ho knock off. They do it. They do their own Ho-hos; you don’t remember the Ho-hos? [ph] It was devil's food cake wrapped in a swirl. They call them big fat hos and they are good.

Jay Adelson Nice.

Leo Laporte They are good.

Patrick Norton That’s great. Not to be confused with the King Dong.

Leo Laporte No, no that’s something else. John C. Dvorak is of course at and a great fellow and a great friend and I don’t care what the White House says about you.

John C. Dvorak [Ph] They’re going to have more nasty things to say to me someday. [Ph] Dvorak Dvorak/blog don’t forget to check that out. But ChannelDvorak, I can’t get – people say wow I didn’t know you were doing that. If they just go to ChannelDvorak they would find it all.

Leo Laporte It’s all there, every bit of it. I am Leo Laporte

John C. Dvorak So simple.

Leo Laporte We are all here at We do this show every Sunday at 6 P.M. Eastern, 3 P.M. Pacific so you can watch as it happens and then of course release the show in audio on iTunes so if you have been watching and you want to hear it, you could – it sounds – it’s funny there is such a different between listening and watching.

Jay Adelson Yes.

Leo Laporte It’s like you get two TWiTs a week. The video and then the audio, it’s like a whole different show.

Brian Brushwood Are using a TriCaster for that?

Leo Laporte I am.

Brian Brushwood I got a tweet from Phil, he was like, [ph] what no love?.

Leo Laporte Oh really? Yeah. And thanks for the TriCaster, which is under my desk.

Jay Adelson Dry now.

John C. Dvorak I got your TriCaster right here.

Leo Laporte I spilt tea on it right at the beginning of the show. There was a big question mark of whether it would survive or not.

Brian Brushwood They are well sealed now.

Leo Laporte They are. If you open them up, they use a glue gun and everything in there. It’s like a pile of glue – hot glue in there…

Jay Adelson A lot of the cases are like that now, they [ph] hot glue in there.

Leo Laporte It’s a good idea because it keeps things from shaken loose.

Jay Adelson In the initial transit actually.

Leo Laporte Yes, you got a TriCaster at Revision3 now, yes?

Patrick Norton We are doing it for live events. We are using the TriCaster.

Jay Adelson That’s interesting.

Leo Laporte You know…

Jay Adelson I didn’t know.

Brian Brushwood I don’t remember approving that expense.

Patrick Norton We purchased it for [ph] well under market value.

Jay Adelson Well hold on a minute, wait a minute

Leo Laporte It’s marked as ‘boots’, I believe. Look for the Tony Lama Boots, $10,000 worth of boots.

Brian Brushwood [Indiscernible] back.

Patrick Norton No, no, we took advantage of an organization selling off a lot of equipment.

Leo Laporte Oh that’s smart.

Patrick Norton Excuse me, we actually did a sealed bid and got it for almost no money.

Leo Laporte And I am going to do that when Revision3 goes out of business so you keep buying that good stuff. I’m Leo Laporte, thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next time, another TWiT is in the can.


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