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Episode 230


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Leo Laporte Audio bandwidth for this WEEK in TECH is provided by AOL Music and where you can get free MP3s, exclusive interviews and more. Video bandwidth for TWiT is provided by CacheFly at This is TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, Episode 230 for January 09th, 2010. Nerd Bling.

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It’s time for TWiT; this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers all the technology news and this week we are in the locus, the center, the epicenter, ground zero for technology news the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada 2010 edition. We want to thank all the folks who have brought us down here. Ford and the Marvel and Sync,, Citrix and GoToMeeting and of course I want to thank my staff for making this possible. They have been working their butts off and here we are in Vegas with a great panel. Let me go around the hall and say first hello to Tom Merritt from CNET's Buzz Out Loud. Great to see you Tom.

Tom Merritt Good to see you Leo.

Leo Laporte Dressed all in black like Johnny Cash.

Tom Merritt Yeah, trying to fade in.

Leo Laporte I am very impressed, fading in, is that what they call? Some of the kids call it.

Tom Merritt Yeah right into the – no, no one calls it that.

Leo Laporte Just you. He is fading in ladies and gentlemen. Also fading in Ms Molly Wood.

Molly Wood Hello.

Leo Laporte From CNET's Buzz Out Loud. Molly is – there we go.

Molly Wood Oh!

Leo Laporte Finally got a camera.

Molly Wood I’m here, I’m here!

Leo Laporte She is somewhere out there.

Molly Wood I am just tucked in here fading in.

Leo Laporte You got the distant camera.

Molly Wood I know.

Leo Laporte Good to see you.

Molly Wood Thank you. It’s good to be here.

Leo Laporte I got to do Buzz Out Loud with you guys on Thursday.

Tom Merritt Yeah thanks for coming up. That was a blast.

Leo Laporte That’s was a treat.

Molly Wood That was fun.

Leo Laporte Yeah it was really fun. You made some announcements, best of CES announcements as well, didn’t you Jim and Molly?

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte Look, there, he is pulling it out. The envelope please.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Leo Laporte Oh you guys don’t have a laptop!

Molly Wood No.

Tom Merritt No, no.

Leo Laporte So this is good. This is awesome. . Tom Merritt I feel a little disconnected from the chatroom

Molly Wood No, I know I do miss the chatroom. But other than that I’m [Indiscernible] (02:57) my camera anymore.

Leo Laporte So you can watch my chatroom. Molly’s got a Droid.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte And Tom has an iPhone.

Molly Wood I feel like we should have some sort of a browser race.

Leo Laporte Go ahead. Ok Three, two...

Tom Merritt I already pulled it up.

Molly Wood No I already pulled it up too.

Tom Merritt We’re too proud.

Leo Laporte Oh, you guys suck.

Molly Wood Yeah, no we – because we prepare for your show.

Leo Laporte Did you look at the Nexus One? Oh no, see that’s something that I don’t do. So would you please stop it; it’s really embarrassing.

Molly Wood Alright, we don’t prepare for our show but we prepare – I did look at the Nexus One actually. I got to play with it yesterday.

Leo Laporte What do you think compared to the Droid?

Molly Wood What I really want desperately, I mean aside from, it doesn’t have keyboard. So there is that. it’s a beautiful piece of hardware. The really thing that I want desperately is their widget, the built-in google weather and news widget. That’s like the big addition in 2.1. I couldn’t figure out what else they added in 2.1, than I really want except for that one widget which is just like super useful.

Leo Laporte But it’s right on your desktop. It shows you not only the weather but the news.

Molly Wood Yeah it’s got like a news feed coming into us.

Leo Laporte That’s cool, yeah.

Molly Wood And it was so addictive, I mean literally like I just saw a couple of headlines and I would click that, I mean it’s probably terrible. I am sure I’ll crash the car.

Leo Laporte Here’s something that puzzled me. And I was talking to – was it a Android party an Android event last –

Molly Wood [Indiscernible] (03:54)

Leo Laporte I am sorry.

Molly Wood [ph] I’ll (4:00) laugh.

Leo Laporte That was funny Molly.

Molly Wood Thank you.

Leo Laporte That’s what I like. That was amusing.

Tom Merritt That was funny. That was quite amusing. Veronica does that to me all the time.

Molly Wood That was hilarious.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah.

Molly Wood Hilarious.

Leo Laporte Very funny.

Molly Wood Sorry.

Leo Laporte What was I saying?

Molly Wood You were saying you were at a party.

Leo Laporte Oh I was at a party, I was at a party. So there you go. Oh there is more.

Tom Merritt The Nexus One.

Leo Laporte I was at an Android party.

Tom Merritt You were out partying with the Nexus One.

Leo Laporte One of the designers of the Nexus One was there. And I asked him about multitouch and he said well actually multitouch is built into the Nexus One, it’s built into the operating system, it’s built into the hardware. You know what it’s missing. The google apps, like maps. The picture’s app.

Tom Merritt And why is that?

Leo Laporte I don’t know but if they update it, you have got multitouch.

Molly Wood I know.

Tom Merritt Because Veronica’s theory was that Eric Smith coming from the Apple Board had made some pact with the devil that he wouldn’t do multitouch in the U.S. but it sounds.

Leo Laporte No.

Molly Wood I thought that was my theory, anyway yeah something like that.

Leo Laporte No, no.

Tom Merritt No, it’s Molly’s.

Leo Laporte Apparently it’s just a question of updating the AppSearch and they will do so.

Tom Merritt So why didn’t they have the AppSearch multitouch before.

Molly Wood Well why didn’t they? Because they have it in Europe on the Milestone which is the Droid.

Tom Merritt Right.

Leo Laporte You know. I don’t know if that’s the case.

Molly Wood I think there is, I think there is a total U.S. licensing issue.

Leo Laporte I don’t know if that’s the case, people have told me they have it in Europe but I don’t know if that’s they have in Europe in the same way that Nexus One has it but it doesn’t do it. Have you seen somebody do. Anybody in our chatroom in Europe does the Milestone actually do multitouch or is it capable of multitouch which is what the Nexus One and by the way the Droid is.

Molly Wood Well the Droid is too, yeah. It’s perfectly capable, it’s built-in. I think that there was a little bit of a licensing thing in the U.S. and –

Leo Laporte No that’s not funny. [ph] TalkTitus (05:17) says my girlfriend has multitouch, I don’t think that’s what we are talking about.

Tom Merritt No, a different kind.

Molly Wood Inappropriate.

Leo Laporte Inappropriate.

Tom Merritt [Indiscernible] (05:24)

Molly Wood Anyway I thought it was certainly very hot but it didn’t make me regret buying my Droid.

Leo Laporte No and I guess if the Nexus One gets multitouch, your Droid will get multitouch.

Molly Wood I think so.

Leo Laporte I think – I don’t think they are holding it back. What deal with who?

Tom Merritt It doesn’t make any sense.

Leo Laporte Makes no sense. They are not holding it back and that’s why I wonder if the Milestone really does or maybe who did the Milestone, Motorola? That’s the Droid’s version.

Molly Wood It’s the Droid, yeah.

Leo Laporte Maybe Motorola in Europe did something, I don’t know, maybe they may have modified the apps.

Tom Merritt Had a different agreement or a different patent situation or something.

Leo Laporte I would like to know more about this.

Molly Wood Yeah, I am convinced that it’s just a different licensing or patent situation

Leo Laporte I would like to.

Molly Wood And so it’s okay in Europe. I don’t know why it would be, that doesn’t seem because I have - I don’t know.

Tom Merritt But the multitouch was one thing I was bothered with on the Nexus One, otherwise I really love the phone.

Leo Laporte It’s beautiful.

Molly Wood It’s really a good phone.

Tom Merritt It works really well, it’s easy to figure out how to do stuff.

Leo Laporte Doesn’t it make our Droid look like a terminator.

Molly Wood I didn’t feel bad about my Droid.

Leo Laporte Really?

Molly Wood I mean that was the one good thing is I thought the Nexus One was really neat and really pretty but I didn’t feel like I was missing a lot with the Droid. I mean it didn’t make me really like because sometimes that will happen you know, a new thing will come out.

Leo Laporte It’s so gorgeous, it’s so slick.

Tom Merritt I didn’t like the onscreen keyboard there.

Molly Wood I like my keyboard exactly, I like my keyboard.

Leo Laporte Let’s get Jay up here and Jay Adelson is here from and ask him because he probably does a lot of phones and while he is getting set let me do a commercial. This portion of this WEEK in TECH at CES is brought to you by Ford. [ph] Well it’s just (06:49) been a long Ford commercial, syncmyride. Somebody in the chatroom said, and I think it’s an appropriate question, why would you have a sponsor on? But one thing about our CES coverage; it’s very different from the coverage we do back in the cottage is we’ve had product people on all the time. And we will have more product people on, not just because they’re a sponsor but because what is CES all about but products. Normally I do not have vendors on.

Molly Wood And kind of Ford this year.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood I mean they owned this show.

Leo Laporte They owned the show and maybe it’s not apparent because Ford’s has been a sponsor and they’re a sponsor or yours too but it’s not been apparent but we aren’t talking about Ford because they are a sponsor as much as because they really owned this show, it was a Ford show.

Tom Merritt Yeah, you talk about Google, you talk about Ford -

Leo Laporte Right.

Tom Merritt You talk about Intel; I mean those are people making the news here.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Let me do – yeah – well we will talk more about all of that in just a second. Let me do a little bit of a Ford Sync commercial and then we will be right back. This trip – whole trip actually was brought to you by three sponsors. The folks at Citrix, the folks at Sync and the folks at So we are going to mention all three on the show today and thank them profusely. Ford Sync is, as you’ve just heard, the in-car hands free Bluetooth media player stuff that has done so well in the new Ford cars and you could find out more about it by going to the website I don’t think the news Ford mytouch and my touch – what is it my touch, they rebranded it.

Molly Wood It’s MyFord Touch.

Leo Laporte MyFord and MyFord Touch.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte Terrible. Sync is so much easier to remember.

Molly Wood I know.

Leo Laporte MyFord and MyFord Touch.

Molly Wood Sync is part of MyFord and MyFord Touch...

Leo Laporte That’s just even more confusing!

Molly Wood I know. It’s just a mess.

Leo Laporte Anyway I don’t know how much they have on the new – on the webpage there but you could read a lot of news about the – all of these new features and it’s just really exciting the idea of connecting in your car at that level. So I would invite you to go to, learn more about it and also of course the next time you are at a Ford, Lincoln or a Mercury dealer, give it a try, or test it out at your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury dealer Ford Sync, we appreciate their support, they brought us here. Jay you are not here for work, you are here on vacation.

Jay Adelson I am totally on vacation. Completely.

Leo Laporte Now see that’s my dream come true is to come to CES and not have to do anything.

Jay Adelson Well this is my first CES.

Leo Laporte You’ve never been here?

Jay Adelson I have sent people for years; I’ve never got to go. I have never got to go.

Leo Laporte Doesn’t he look like Ringo Starr?

Leo Laporte I think Ringo is here.

Jay Adelson I wish I was that cool.

Molly Wood Could you do the accent?

Jay Adelson I am sorry.

Molly Wood I think we are going to see it a lot.

Jay Adelson No I can’t.

Tom Merritt I think he honestly looks like a cooler Beatle than Ringo Starr.

Jay Adelson Yeah, that’s so nice.

Leo Laporte It is Herman from Herman's Hermits actually.

Jay Adelson You know what, that would be also cooler than me.

Leo Laporte No, no, no.

Jay Adelson So anyway.

Leo Laporte So this is cool, so you aren’t here working. You have never been to CES.

Jay Adelson Right.

Leo Laporte And you said I want to check it out.

Jay Adelson You know the thing is I have always been a gadget nerd my entire life.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jay Adelson I mean probably the king of the gadget nerds but I have never been allowed to CES to in like what would be my native habitat, right. And I got here and when my friends who are working here saw me, they were like oh, well you can’t actually see all of CES, it’s like too hard.

Leo Laporte No [indiscernible] (09:46)

Jay Adelson There’s only four days and there is like 8,000. I swear to you I think I might have seen everything already.

Leo Laporte Yeah! Finely, an authority.

Molly Wood Would you like a chair?

Jay Adelson You know it’s like my knees are [indiscernible] (09:52)

Molly Wood You must be in terrible pain right now.

Leo Laporte Can we get Jay a chair. I mean this poor guy, he’s just dying.

Jay Adelson I’m like, leaning [indiscernible] (09:55)

Molly Wood You are in agony. I know [indiscernible] (09:59)

Leo Laporte The reason I brought you in is we need you to help us with this Nexus One thing versus droid. Did you see – you must have seen it.

Jay Adelson Okay, I did, I did.

Leo Laporte First of all, let’s get this out on the table. What do you carry?

Jay Adelson Sure. I carry an iPhone today and by the way that’s novel because as far as I’m concerned and by the way you’ll notice no skin, no like glistening...

Molly Wood Okay.

Jay Adelson Special things, no cases...

Leo Laporte You go bareback.

Jay Adelson I go bare back.

Molly Wood Mayday.

Jay Adelson [ph] That’s OH (10:23). So, for me I couldn’t use an iPhone for all – since it came out because I was living in rural New York and it wasn’t – there was no AT&T coverage. So I moved out to California thinking hey, I can now – yeah...

Leo Laporte Yeah. Welcome to California.

Molly Wood Yeah. You should have emailed me I totally would have warned you about that.

Jay Adelson So it was a little tough and I can tell you – I could tell you right now I am investigating other phones to choose as an alternative.

Molly Wood It’s a good time.

Leo Laporte So did you look at a Nexus One?

Jay Adelson I looked at the Nexus One and I think – my first impression is I love Android, I love the operating system, I love the openness of that. I am excited – it has all – it has enough apps for me. The one thing it doesn’t have yet is Verizon or the CDMA Sprint style kind of...

Leo Laporte Coming this spring.

Jay Adelson Right. So am I going to get that, guys?

Leo Laporte Nexus One, coming this spring to Verizon.

Jay Adelson Yup. All right.

Molly Wood That’s what I’ve heard.

Jay Adelson So that I think might in fact be my phone.

Tom Merritt In the meantime you could get one of these and turn it on and then you actually get data.

Leo Laporte He’s got a Sprint – Verizon MiFi.

Jay Adelson That’s a good idea.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jay Adelson It is a good idea.

Molly Wood Verizon MiFi has saved Tom’s iPhone, I think.

Jay Adelson It is. Now the question is though, will the Android have RedLaser, one of my favorite apps of all time.

Leo Laporte Isn’t RedLaser great? RedLaser scans barcodes and tells you where you can get it cheaper.

Jay Adelson That is just – Android has...

Molly Wood Android has a barcode scanner.

Leo Laporte Android invented the product.

Molly Wood But I don’t know if it has – will tell you cheaper.

Leo Laporte No, it does it better than RedLaser. There are three products that do it, three applications that do it. All of them are free, and the thing about RedLaser is it’s a copy of those applications. ShopSavvy is the one I use from Big in Japan.

Molly Wood Oh, yeah. We are using ShopSavvy...

Leo Laporte ShopSavvy’s incredible.

Molly Wood a custom version for CNET too for electronics.

Leo Laporte It’s incredible. And the thing is you couldn’t do it on the iPhone until the 3GS because it didn’t have an auto-focus camera but the G1 did from day one so in fact that’s a category that Android owns.

Jay Adelson I should be fine – I should be fine with that. All right I’m all over it. I’ll look at that.

Leo Laporte You’ll like ShopSavvy.

Jay Adelson Actually showing me in real life...

Leo Laporte RedLaser’s pretty good.

Molly Wood I can download it now too, because I am on Verizon. I am such a douche.

Tom Merritt You know I had the BlackBerry for years. Leo, you know I was always a BlackBerry guy.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Tom Merritt And I had to – and I had to give it up.

Leo Laporte That’s kind of telecom kind of a thing, you have to use a BlackBerry if you’re in telecom.

Tom Merritt A little corporatey...

Leo Laporte Yeah, biz.

Tom Merritt But do you think we are going to see even better Android phones throughout the course of the year?

Leo Laporte Yes.

Molly Wood Yes.

Tom Merritt Because Google has said, ‘we’re going to roll out a ton of these things’.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s exactly what they told me at this party is that this is just the beginning and I said – and the other thing I asked them which kind of surprised me, is well, if that’s the case why do you sell an unlocked version. You have to use this with T-Mobile anyway. You have to buy a T-Mobile account. Why would anybody pay $529 for an unlocked version?

Jay Adelson Right.

Leo Laporte Versus $199, since you have to get a T-Mobile account.

Molly Wood All right.

Leo Laporte Now T-Mobile does offer a month by month account. So you can not lock-in on the T-Mobile system.

Jay Adelson Well, that’s worth a lot, though.

Tom Merritt Yeah it is.

Leo Laporte And apparently – what it tells me is that this is a phone a narrow niche that’s smart enough to know that, that’s smart enough to say I’ll buy unlocked. He told me that by far the majority of the buyers are buying unlocked not locked...

Jay Adelson Wow!

Leo Laporte far.

Molly Wood Well, there’s not – there’s also not any kind of upgrade path through T-Mobile. So anybody who’s already on T-Mobile, they’re not getting a discount. You know, like Verizon will give a discount if you’ve been with us a certain time.

Tom Merritt See, I thought that there – I thought I had heard there was an upgrade option. Maybe it was only like a...

Molly Wood There might be...

Leo Laporte You can’t buy it through T-Mobile. You have to buy it from Google.

Molly Wood They’ve actually – you have to buy it from Google which is why. So that – and then people are having – there may be some kind discount but they haven’t figured out how to apply it and then it’s led to that big customer service meltdown at Google.

Tom Merritt That’s not a good thing.

Leo Laporte So yeah, let’s talk about the customer service meltdown because their only complaint about the Nexus One to this point has been that Google is just unresponsive.

Molly Wood Right.

Tom Merritt Well to be fair, wasn’t Apple struggling in its first few days? I mean, we were all impressed with how fast they replenished supply in the stores but they had the whole store infrastructure [ph] to fall back on (14:00).

Leo Laporte To be honest the experience of buying a Nexus One was far superior. I waited six hours in line for the first iPhone and it was a nightmare and you’re right, it was – that servers were down. The Nexus One I ordered, it came the next day. Done.

Tom Merritt Is that because you had the option to wait in line, though? If you were forced to buy it on Apple’s website, would it have been the equivalent experience?

Leo Laporte Maybe. Now the other difference is the iPhone you have to activate through iTunes, and I think that that’s ultimately funky and stupid.

Tom Merritt That’s where they had support issues, was when that went wrong. But if I could choose...

Molly Wood At least there was someone to call, though.

Tom Merritt Well, right. But if can choose my provider then a certain amount of customer service experience is not going to be Google’s fault. It’s going to be who I choose might be good or bad so...

Leo Laporte And people who had never used the beautiful T-Mobile also complained just a tiny bit about T-Mobile.

Jay Adelson I have never used T-Mobile.

Leo Laporte I have used T-Mobile for a long time.

Molly Wood I thought they were pretty good.

Leo Laporte I had a blackberry, I had an N – right now it’s running my N900 but as soon as I get home, it’s gonna …

Tom Merritt Did you ever have Sidekick?

Leo Laporte Yeah. I did – I had a T-Mobile Sidekick. I forgot all of that. That actually was a pretty good...

Jay Adelson That was pretty hip.

Leo Laporte It’s a great way to meet chicks.

Jay Adelson That was my first time I ever saw a phone and went ‘that is targeting the teenage demo’ for a phone.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jay Adelson And I was like wait, teenagers have phones? Is that allowed? I guess so.

Leo Laporte We actually gave Sidekick the best of CES. Remember, Tom that was...?

Tom Merritt Yes.

Leo Laporte Back in TechTV.

Tom Merritt That’s right. It was the thing.

Leo Laporte It was still the danger communicator.

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte And we liked it because when it flipped it did the Star Trek sound, which they had to take out because Paramount would have sued the pants off of them. Actually speaking of lawsuits apparently Philip K. Dick’s family is threatening to sue Google over the name Nexus.

Jay Adelson The Nexus One because, yeah, it’s in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Nexus-6...

Leo Laporte That’s the Android...

Jay Adelson But it’s Nexus-6.

Molly Wood But I think there might, there may be a mention of Nexus One.

Jay Adelson But there is a Nexus – there was a reference, because the previous there was Nexus-1, 2, 3 and 4.

Leo Laporte Presumably there was a 2, 3 and 4, yeah.

Molly Wood Right.

Leo Laporte Maybe even a 5.

Jay Adelson Isn’t there a point...?

Leo Laporte Unless they use Microsoft numbering.

Molly Wood Is there a point where – just shut up. Really. It’s a cool name.

Jay Adelson Now do you think they’d be okay and not like charging I mean not try and license the …

Leo Laporte You know what, I think that they looked at the Droid advertisements that said Droid is registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. And they said hey. Little dollar signs appeared in front of their eyes.

Molly Wood Sure.

Leo Laporte And they said why don’t we get a license for Nexus because really it’s a tribute to Philip K. Dick. It’s an Android operating system. Of course they call it Nexus.

Jay Adelson There’s not a confusion here.

Molly Wood But you can’t …

Jay Adelson Nobody is not going to buy Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? because there exists a phone called the Nexus–6 or the Nexus One.

Molly Wood Also I don’t think and I – this is out on a legal limb, but I don’t think copyright allows you to essentially claim. Does it allow you to claim every word that is in a book? I mean, really like if you invented a name for something in a book?

Jay Adelson Yeah but, you invented a name.

Tom Merritt Right.

Molly Wood It’s just a name.

Jay Adelson It’s different than just using a word.

Molly Wood It seems a little fuzzy to me.

Jay Adelson It’s pretty common for somebody like Lucasfilm or whatever to try and protect trademarks when the only reason they’re doing it because they have trademark that is necessary. I don’t think Nexus One kind of fits that.

Tom Merritt I think, yeah, I think LucasArts can make a claim, “hey! we’re out there merchandizing things, we make electronics, we put these things out there”.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Tom Merritt So this could hurt out business.

Jay Adelson Right.

Tom Merritt I don’t see Dick Estate doing that. I don’t see them [indiscernible] (17:03) marketing.

Leo Laporte I’m just glad to hear you say ‘Dick estate’.

Tom Merritt I knew you’d all love that.

Molly Wood We’re all just children.

Leo Laporte I know, it’s so sad.

Tom Merritt And one more thing, Xeni Jardin from Boing Boing had a great thread going on the day of the Nexus One with people making quotes from Blade Runner and playing off it with Nexus One things about the phone and how it worked and that was great stuff for the Philip K. Dick Estate.

Leo Laporte I’m sure they sold a lot of books as a result.

Tom Merritt They may have, yeah.

Leo Laporte So let’s not get greedy, Dick Estate.

Tom Merritt Don’t get [indiscernible] (17:33).

Molly Wood And title.

Tom Merritt And fade to black.

Jay Adelson Make sure those words are in the right order.

Leo Laporte Molly, you’re getting into it. You are looking for the title already. I like that.

Molly Wood I do, I like that for the title. That’s my nominee thus so far.

Leo Laporte That’s our nominee. We’re going to keep working on it though. 3D televisions were a big story here.

Tom Merritt Really? I hadn’t heard much about that.

Molly Wood I totally missed that.

Jay Adelson I was surprised by some things I saw.

Leo Laporte You liked it.

Jay Adelson The 3D televisions. When I first of all I thought I’d hate it. So I already had low expectations, right. And I went in and did think that the quality of what I was seeing was actually consistent with what I saw in a movie theatre. But the thing that really got me was when you combine it with gesture control with the CELL………

Molly Wood That was pretty cool.

Jay Adelson On that Toshiba.

Leo Laporte Oh, you thought that was cool.

Jay Adelson I knew it was out there for a while and they never gave it to us.

Leo Laporte So but there is good reason, did you – how long did you watch, did you go through a couple of those demos? Only about half the time was she able to get it to what she wanted to do. She had a very good patter. She would – so the idea is it looks like Natal where she’s waving her hands and there’s a 3D globe on the screen and she’s spinning it like Minority Report and spinning it left. But then frequently she said things ‘well, let’s just take a tour through the content’. It was clear that the globe had a mind of its own.

Jay Adelson But can’t they fix that?

Molly Wood Yeah. But it’s a demo.

Tom Merritt Well that’s the thing with CES.

Leo Laporte Do you really want that?

Jay Adelson Well, here’s the thing. Right now controls are the big problem with all these machines that we put in our...

Leo Laporte So maybe she is just being intuitive this, go like this.

Jay Adelson Well, either that – well, I mean, look we all want voice recognition. We all want simple things. We all want all-in-one remotes and nothing ever does the trick. So I just want them to try something else and maybe I can get there.

Leo Laporte That was one of the announcements Steve Ballmer made in his thrilling, gripping speech on Wednesday night.

Tom Merritt My favorite part was the power outage.

Molly Wood Suspenseful.

Leo Laporte It was kind of like a rain delay.

Jay Adelson Really? They practiced the power outage?

Leo Laporte They practically had the guy with a tarp coming – rolled the tarps over the seats.

Jay Adelson Over Ballmer’s head.

Leo Laporte And they started showing Hogan's Heroes re-runs and then finally, they started and yeah, I mean, the whole speech was re-runs basically. But one thing he did say is Natal is coming this year. That’s the Microsoft gaming stuff that made Veronica look so silly going like this – well it’s going to make everybody look silly.

Molly Wood You mean adorable?

Leo Laporte I’m sorry, adorably silly.

Jay Adelson Look, just try new things as often as possible.

Molly Wood Sure.

Jay Adelson We got locked in a rut, I don’t care if they’re silly or embarrassing.

Leo Laporte Jay I love you. You’re a refreshing breath of fresh air, usually we’re just a bunch of curmudgeons going; that sucks, what’s next, that sucks.

Jay Adelson Well, I want more things that suck because if I get more things that suck, eventually I will get something awesome.

Leo Laporte No, you’re right.

Leo Laporte Let them try stuff.

Tom Merritt That’s the argument for the late adopter, right?

Jay Adelson Right.

Molly Wood Right.

Tom Merritt You always buy like three-year old technology; everything works great. It’s fast. It’s perfect.

Jay Adelson That’s right.

Molly Wood LG introduced a motion remote that I thought was actually pretty cool.

Leo Laporte How did – did it work like a Wii?

Molly Wood It works like a Wii wand so that when you want to get to different quadrants of the screen and I thought this to me was the best sort of iteration because it doesn’t have as many potential bugs as just like ‘wave your hands in the air.’

Leo Laporte Right.

Molly Wood Because you just kind of go like okay I want my cursor to be over here now.

Leo Laporte That would work a little bit better but even the Wii, don’t you find a little difficult to navigate with the Wii wand and get it to do what you want to do?

Jay Adelson It‘s hard to get it to…

Leo Laporte It’s not very precise.

Molly Wood It’s not super precise.

Jay Adelson What about the Voodoo controller? Did you guys ever use that one, it’s a hand-held…

Tom Merritt Yes.

Jay Adelson It has a little bit of a motion component to it. I kind of like that.

Leo Laporte Motion is okay. You know – I’m going to give you that Jay, it’s okay, let them keep working on it; it’s early days yet; this one we had a camera, the Toshiba had a camera aimed at you, part of what they were showing off though was the fact that this is a TV with eight 3.2 gigahertz processors in it.

Jay Adelson Right.

Leo Laporte The IBM cell processor, which IBM has cancelled by the way so...

Jay Adelson Really?

Molly Wood Yes.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Leo Laporte So it’s kind of a…

Molly Wood So that $11000 dollar TV is basically obsolete, which is weird.

Tom Merritt Okay. [ph] Do you think (21:14) when the people planning CES six months ago kind of get there and go, do you think people are going to remember that?

Jay Adelson And it had the 2D to 3D conversion; that was interesting, yeah.

Molly Wood No, right, definitely, no.

Leo Laporte They had up-conversion, 2D to 3D; they also had up-conversion of 2K to 4K…

Jay Adelson Yes.

Leo Laporte Which didn’t look all that good and…

Jay Adelson Well, and the 2D to 3D they didn’t look great but it was an interesting idea.

Leo Laporte I actually talked to a guy who’s a graphics expert about how do they do that and he said, you know, the only way you can do it is with eDGe detection. If stuff is you know soft focus, it’s depth of, if there is a shallow depth of field and stuff is out of focus, well you presume that’s in the background. Of course that’s not going to work if the focal point is in the middle and there is stuff in the foreground; the focus it’s going to push it to the back, so it’s going to have some weird effects.

Jay Adelson That’s right. I don’t know. Personally it gave me a headache after a certain amount of time and my big issue with all of the 3D stuff, I’ll just be honest with you, you are sitting and watching this great football game having that immersive experience and you turn to your buddy and he’s wearing those glasses.

Molly Wood I know.

Jay Adelson I mean…

Tom Merritt That’s why you got to get the Gunnars.

Molly Wood Well, and so are you.

Jay Adelson Yes, and you know, it’s not going to be…

Molly Wood And your buddy is looking back at you going like man, your nose looks hilarious right now.

Jay Adelson Like shared love; we both look like idiots and yet, at least no one can see us looking like idiots because we are in the privacy of our own home.

Leo Laporte They are already giving us stylish glasses.

Molly Wood Some day you are going to – no, I don’t care how stylish they are, you are still wearing dorky glasses…

Jay Adelson And they have batteries.

Molly Wood And how many pairs of those, and they have batteries in them.

Jay Adelson What’s going to happen when the battery wears out; that’s like some funky weird battery and then you are sitting there in your house wondering okay, do I recharge it now?

Tom Merritt Well, you buy new glasses.

Molly Wood Plus you know those batteries are going to explode like the laptop ones.

Jay Adelson Yes, that’s on your head.

Leo Laporte Scalp burns.

Tom Merritt Into your eyes.

Leo Laporte I presume that you could flip a switch and turn off the 3D and watch it in 2D.

Tom Merritt That’s a good point.

Leo Laporte These TVs got to be able to do 2D too right?

Tom Merritt Yes, well, they of course they will.

Molly Wood I’m not – I just, I hate to say it and I don’t want to be the curmudgeon grouch about it but I’m not wearing those glasses at home. I’m not doing it.

Jay Adelson Right.

Molly Wood I want to lay on the couch and put my head on the pillow and I’m not going to keep ten or eleven pairs of glasses around for when I have party for the Super Bowl or for the Academy Awards.

Jay Adelson Right, right, B.Y.O.G.

Molly Wood That’ll be like a new box that you check on the e byte, you know, don’t forget your goggles!

Jay Adelson No, mark my words, within a year Oakley is going to have the Oakley active shutter.

Leo Laporte You’re right, Gunnar did those, yes.

Molly Wood Yes. Actually I think by next year we are going to see them rolling out the 3D TVs that don’t require glasses. I mean, I think then you’re going to…

Leo Laporte How, they can’t, there’s no way.

Molly Wood They are starting to do displays that like simulate 3D already.

Jay Adelson You can’t see it from the side though, that’s the big problem.

Molly Wood You kind of can’t with 3D glasses either.

Jay Adelson They have the display.

Tom Merritt With the shutter ones you can.

Molly Wood Oh. With the really heavy ones?

Jay Adelson But the problem is if you watch it longer than 3 minutes you do vomit.

Molly Wood So that’s a bummer.

Jay Adelson It’s a trade-off.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Molly Wood Yes, okay.

Jay Adelson Well, it’s okay…

Molly Wood You said you wanted new stuff that might suck!

Jay Adelson Yes, well, that’s great. It’s good – it’s a good technology for certain applications but I just can’t allow myself to get sick.

Leo Laporte I’m not buying 3D. I just really think that the – what surprises me is that these big smart companies are spending so much money on technology…

Tom Merritt Wait a minute…

Molly Wood Some of…

Tom Merritt Avatar.

Leo Laporte Avatar.

Jay Adelson Come on that was awesome.

Leo Laporte I think Avatar would have been better in 2D. I would – just as good in 2D.

Jay Adelson Oh, I’m not sure.

Molly Wood You’re just making up things now.

Jay Adelson Did you just watch it in 2D and tell everyone you saw it on 3D.

Leo Laporte No, I watched in 3D, I kept saying God I wish this was in 2D, seriously. Don’t you think…

Molly Wood I’ve heard people say that. But it’s exhausting. It’s exhausting to sit there and have that sort of stimulus overload.

Leo Laporte It takes you out of the movie.

Jay Adelson I didn’t have that.

Leo Laporte It would’ve been a bit – trust me, watch it at home when it comes out on DVD.

Jay Adelson No, wait, wait, wait, but did you go to IMAX or regular?

Leo Laporte Regular.

Jay Adelson Okay, because I think the regular size film 3D for me was a better experience than my friends who went to see IMAX 3D.

Leo Laporte Well, IMAX even takes you out of it more.

Jay Adelson Right.

Tom Merritt I saw IMAX 3D and loved it. Loved it and I had a little bit of…

Leo Laporte See, I was thinking it was better at IMAX, so.

Tom Merritt Hard time at the beginning but when I, after I watched it for 20 minutes I was in. I’ve had no problems.

Jay Adelson Most importantly I looked at my daughter and my son who were sitting next to me and their minds were blown and I was the coolest dad ever.

Molly Wood That’s totally worth it.

Leo Laporte It’s a great movie, would have been better in 2D, [ph] TheGriff (24:48) points out, remember in 1978 what was the big story of CES? Quadraphonic sound.

Jay Adelson Yes.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Tom Merritt I don’t know.

Leo Laporte We’ve been here, done that.

Tom Merritt I actually think 3D is going to be in every TV. I think it’s just going to be a thing that’s in there…

Molly Wood This is going to be built in.

Tom Merritt And you can not use it like you say, or use it; it’s not that much more expensive to make the TV do 3D.

Molly Wood Right.

Tom Merritt And so I think that’s why we are seeing it explode so fast because they’re like you know what, it’s not that hard…

Leo Laporte Why not?

Tom Merritt And it makes people want to buy our TV because it comes with 3D even if they are not going to use it.

Molly Wood It’s really just iterative. And then let’s not forget that a lot of – a couple of these manufacturers let’s not name names – LG – really all they did was slap a slide into their press conference PowerPoints that basically said ‘and also we are also going to do the 3D this year.’

Jay Adelson Right, right.

Molly Wood Because they had, and because all of a sudden they kind of got wind of the fact that 3D was going to be the big thing at the show and Panasonic is the only one with a ship date.

Leo Laporte You know who did something stupid, is Sharp. Sharp announced red, green, blue, yellow TVs.

Jay Adelson No, no, no, no.

Molly Wood That’s adorable.

Leo Laporte Red, green, blue, yellow TVs.

Tom Merritt Not CMYK?

Leo Laporte No, red, green, blue, yellow TVs and they kept showing yellow tubas that looked, well, yellow…

Tom Merritt Yes.

Leo Laporte There is a real problem. I mean, what it did is it enhanced the color space but I was talking to our home theater expert he said, yes, you have a broader color gamut but you don’t want a broader color gamut; there’s an established defined color gamut for television and you want to stick to the standard, you don’t want to invent some standard, it doesn’t make – you want accurate color reproduction and adding a fourth channel does nothing so that was a very strange move. I mean, let’s put it this way, they’re completely capable of doing something stupid even if they do it in [indiscernible] (26:18)…

Molly Wood Oh totally.

Jay Adelson So, just like I said, the more stupidity…

Leo Laporte Is better.

Jay Adelson Well, eventually, somebody is going to hit the ball out of the park.

Leo Laporte Jay Adelson, ladies and gentlemen, more stupidity is better. Let’s take a break. I do want to talk about the best of CES, so…

Molly Wood We’ll get there.

Leo Laporte We’ll get there right after this word from the folks at Citrix who do the GoToMeeting product; GoToMeeting actually would have saved us a lot of money; we should have just stayed at home and used GoToMeeting to go to – how long before CES is done that way with Internet meetings. The whole point of GoToMeeting is you do more, you travel less, anytime you are on the phone with somebody and you’ve got a PowerPoint presentation, a spreadsheet, maybe some slides you want to show and all you have to do is say look, here, I want to show you this,, click join the meeting, here is the meeting ID, now they are seeing your computer on their screen, they are seeing it, that PowerPoint, they are seeing the spreadsheet, the slides, the websites and it’s engaging, it’s dramatic, it makes you more effective and it’s a great way to have meetings. Best of all it costs you a whole lot less than flying around the country to have your meetings.

I want you to go to right now., you can sign up for thirty days free, I’m not selling you a Pig in a poke, it’s going to post you nothing. You can at least try it out. Call your clients, your colleagues, show the boss, say, look this is, what do you think about this? You think this is going to save us money? Do you think we can get more done with this? I guarantee you they’ll say yes. Do more, travel less, easy to set up, just take you a minute or two, We thank them so much for their support of our travel down here. I think it’s kind of ironic in a way that they pay for us to come all the way here when we could have just done it GoToMeeting.

So, Cnet every year does the best in CES, you’ve been doing, actually I think you guys took over for TechTV. Right?

Jay Adelson We did. Well, G4 TechTV did it for the last time in 2005, and then we took it over in 2006.

Leo Laporte And you’ve been doing it, a much better job frankly than even TechTV did. That used to be fisticuffs in that room when trying to figure what the best of CES…

Tom Merritt Right, no, there is a lot of fisticuffs in our room.

Molly Wood Well, it might be, we just don’t go.

Jay Adelson Yes.

Leo Laporte Let me just run through some of the winners in the TechTV days, well, there was the Danger Sidekick.

Tom Merritt The communicator.

Leo Laporte And my favorite the [ph] Moxxy (28:28), big winner.

Tom Merritt Oh right, I forgot about the [ph] Moxxy (28:30).

Jay Adelson I love [ph] Moxxy (28:31).

Leo Laporte Well, it was a great product, never really went anywhere, in fact just declared bankcruptcy this year, so.

Molly Wood That’s CES in a nutshell.

Jay Adelson It really is, isn’t it, I mean, because you don’t see all the products that are going to come out in the year, and you know there is things like photokina and CTIA, so you don’t see all the products in every category necessarily and there is a lot of, I don’t know, there is a lot of [ph] fun (28:52) in the air…

Leo Laporte So the best stuff is not necessarily the best…

Molly Wood I know, I’m kind of looking for another…

Tom Merritt It’s the best of CES; it’s not necessarily the best products of the year.

Leo Laporte I do like the two that you’ve picked, let’s start with the television. You took the Panasonic VT25 Plasma TV; why did you guys pick that?

Molly Wood Well, the main reason because, like I said, that’s the only 3D TV with a ship date. I think in some ways…

Leo Laporte Really, are you kidding, of all the TVs in here, none of them have ship dates?

Molly Wood I’m pretty sure that is going to be the first one…

Jay Adelson There may be a few more but most of them don’t.

Molly Wood No, I think that’s the only one.

Leo Laporte That’s stunning.

Molly Wood It’s got a firm date.

Jay Adelson They’ve all got like you know summer and this and this and that, and Panasonic’s got a firm date.

Leo Laporte Soon?

Tom Merritt And it’s a really good TV.

Molly Wood It’s a really good TV. The display looks very good.

Leo Laporte I love Panasonic plasmas; they are excellent.

Tom Merritt We didn’t get it because it has 3D, it’s – that’s sort of the sideline, it’s just we love the TV, it’s got Internet connectivity, it’s got a great picture…

Leo Laporte I think, a couple of things here, it’s interesting that it’s plasma and not LCD because everybody is buying LCD these days…

Molly Wood Right.

Tom Merritt And it’s a lower power drawing plasma.

Leo Laporte Much lower, they cut it in half.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Jay Adelson The Internet connectivity really is a big deal.

Tom Merritt That’s, yes.

Leo Laporte No, come on Mr. IPTV, you better…

Molly Wood It is.

Jay Adelson I’m a big fan of being able to watch stuff but I think that the software that drives my consumption is better with another…

Leo Laporte You like Roku or Boxee Box, did you see the Boxee Box?

Jay Adelson I love Boxee guy. I love Boxee.

Leo Laporte Did you see the Boxee Box?

Jay Adelson I did. I saw the Box.

Molly Wood Do you kinda wish that it was just a box? I do. It kind of bugs me that it’s not…

Leo Laporte Instead of a box with a corner cut off?

Molly Wood Yes, like a little [ph] eh... (30:08)

Jay Adelson Okay, that’s a little weird, but...

Molly Wood I don’t know.

Jay Adelson But it almost doesn’t matter because then I look at the TV and it just, I melt with happiness.

Leo Laporte So for people who don’t know…

Molly Wood And Boxee is on it.

Leo Laporte For people who don’t know what is Boxee?

Jay Adelson Boxee – I can…

Leo Laporte Jay go ahead you’re obviously a Boxee lover.

Jay Adelson Well first of all Boxee, I believe, is based on the original Xbox media center, open source.

Tom Merritt It’s based on XBMC, that’s right.

Jay Adelson And it’s a software program that you can either download and install yourself or with this D-Link Boxee Box and have next to your television and basically it makes Internet video, everything, all the media on the Internet consumable on your television. And it’s, as far as I…

Leo Laporte Including Revision3, Including TWiT, CNET everything it’s all there.

Jay Adelson They have applications that can be installed on Boxee. So you can actually have – sorry – you can actually have applications that – like Digg and Revision3 and TWiT that allow you to consume it very easily. And as far as I am concerned the gracefulness of the UI is the key. And I have seen some really good UIs over the last couple of years, I love the Voodoo stuff and I absolutely think that Roku – I mean there is good stuff, but Boxee for me, maybe it’s because I’m a, you know, Internet nerd, I thought was really great. Which I am not going to, I don’t think I am going to get in the Internet televisions for your earlier point.

Tom Merritt Well I was talking to Boxee about that, I was like, you got this box and you guys are talking about doing other boxes, do you want to be on TVs and they said absolutely, we would like to make some deals with television manufacturers and get Boxee as an embedded system, so…

Jay Adelson If that happens…

Jay Adelson You buy a TV and it comes with Boxee.

Jay Adelson If that happens then your Internet television now, to me, makes sense.

Molly Wood Because you know what you’re getting now basically. Like it’s true; that the Veira Cast platform right, that’s the one that runs on Panasonic and it does have some good connectivity options, but for the most part it’s kind of like the difference between VCAST and iPhone OS.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood It’s a very proprietary UI. It’s a proprietary system. It’s tightly controlled in terms of what widgets you get and what – what actual program you can get and Boxee gives you basically…

Jay Adelson Opens it all.

Molly Wood All the web [ph] immediately (32:11).

Jay Adelson Yahoo widgets or any of the other built-in TV. Yahoo widgets is another very common TV platform. It is…

Molly Wood That’s almost like the thing they do.

Tom Merritt It is, and it’s fairly open, yeah.

Molly Wood Yeah, but it’s almost like that’s the thing they do just to show that they have it. I mean they are not, they are not going to stream all of the video from the web. They’re not going to have that really sort of, like you said elegant interface [indiscernible] (32:28).

Leo Laporte So Boxee you can download, you can put it on your computer. You can run it on an Apple TV if you hack it. There’s a lot of things you can do with it, but they’ve just now done a deal with D-Link to make a cube that has a corner cut off and sits funny.

Tom Merritt An [indiscernible]. (32:41) And an HDMI port.

Leo Laporte And it has the Boxee software. It has an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi [indiscernible] (32:46).

Molly Wood It has Ethernet or Wi-Fi, right?

Tom Merritt And it has an optical audio too.

Leo Laporte It’s a little pricy it’s 200 bucks right?

Jay Adelson Yeah, but when you compare that to the other boxes, set-top boxes it’s kind of in the range.

Leo Laporte It’s a little more than a Roku, though; Roku’s 129.

Molly Wood Roku’s 99 now.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jay Adelson Oh, really?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jay Adelson Really?

Molly Wood Roku’s pretty killer priced.

Leo Laporte Roku is, but Roku to Boxee, I mean Roku is very utilitarian. Everybody should have a Roku, beriod.

Molly Wood Oh yeah,

Tom Merritt It’s too cheap, not to use.

Molly Wood It’s too cheap not to have.

Leo Laporte It’s very utilitarian. But Boxee is so elegant and I even – the design is kind of elegant.

Jay Adelson And there’s also the Popbox from Popcorn Hour came out, and they are starting to get, they’re somebody to watch because they are getting as slick on the interface side as Boxee and on the technology side they have always been so.

Leo Laporte Okay, geek trivia where does the name Boxee come from?

Tom Merritt Oh, I have no idea of that.

Jay Adelson [indiscernible] (33:30)

Leo Laporte The android dog on Battlestar Galactica.

Jay Adelson Oh, was that Boxee? I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that.

Leo Laporte Well think of the logo; the Boxee logo’s a little dog.

Jay Adelson The daggit.

Tom Merritt Of course; that makes sense; daggit, right. Yeah, baby.

Molly Wood Wow, well done.

Leo Laporte Ok. No, the chatroom told me that.

Jay Adelson Where’s my daggit.

Tom Merritt If you go to the Boxee or to the D-Link booth or the MVideo booth or demoing it and I noticed that they won’t show like YouTube videos in the booth, because I guess they’re worried about copyright…

Leo Laporte Hulu shut Boxee down as a back and forth with Hulu. They don’t want to be on Boxee which is again…

Molly Wood Well and that is the one drawback.

Leo Laporte Which is again typical Murdoch BS; this guy – they don’t get it.

Jay Adelson But that makes no sense, I don’t get that.

Molly Wood I know.

Jay Adelson You can maybe still get Hulu if you try.

Molly Wood You can kind of...

Tom Merritt Yeah, you might be able to, yes.

Molly Wood Takes a little bit of work but it might be possible.

Tom Merritt Yes, I would – not condoning any…

Molly Wood No.

Tom Merritt No.

Molly Wood No.

Jay Adelson Although you can Digg things did you notice? Just want to point out.

Tom Merritt You can Digg from Boxee?

Jay Adelson Yeah, there’s a Digg app and you activate…

Tom Merritt That’s awesome.

Jay Adelson You can actually Digg the video when it opens up.

Molly Wood Oh, really? that’s pretty slick.

Leo Laporte Well Boxee already has social media in it; I mean that’s really kind of part of the fun…

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Jay Adelson You can Facebook share it.

Molly Wood Yeah.

Leo Laporte I think that that’s the future of everything. All right so the VT25 I think we’ll agree that’s a great TV and I think a very good pick, it’s a credible pick.

Molly Wood Sure.

Leo Laporte And I…

Molly Wood We thought – actually for a moment I thought the Boxee was robbed.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, really? The Boxee should have won?

Molly Wood We kinda did yeah. We don’t know, but we were like hmm?

Jay Adelson Maybe not best in show but…because Boxee wasn’t in the same category as the TV.

Tom Merritt It’s a different; yeah it’s a different thing.

Jay Adelson I don’t know.

Leo Laporte The TV is a little of a …

Molly Wood Maybe not best.

Leo Laporte A mundane pick though because there are a lot of great TVs.

Jay Adelson Well I think it says something about CES that it’s sort of a compromise pick. Nothing at this show stood out. Like the Palm Pre last year stood out and said, hey this is – this is something really revolutionary.

Leo Laporte Right. Anyhow, your computer hardware pick though did stand out I thought quite a bit.

Molly Wood Oh, yeah the IdeaPad. And that was the one...

Leo Laporte Yeah. The U1 from Lenova the IdeaPad U1.

Molly Wood And apparently our best in show voting super close and I think that it was, and it was between the IdeaPad and that TV because that is just so clever.

Leo Laporte Well, they both, I think they won each in their own category.

Molly Wood They each won their own category. And way to take...

Jay Adelson Tell me about this.

Leo Laporte Oh, Jay.

Molly Wood This is amazing.

Leo Laporte You’re going to buy it right away.

Molly Wood It’s a Netbook, but then you actually can undock it but, so it’s a Netbook running Windows 7 and you can undock the display and then the display becomes just on the fly like hot-swappable a slate tablet running Linux. And then…

Tom Merritt Yeah. Bluedog Linux tablet with a real simple interface for photos, video, web surfing.

Molly Wood Multi-touch interface.

Jay Adelson Wow.

Molly Wood And then you re-dock it and it syncs your browser and then just switches back to Windows 7 on the fly.

Jay Adelson Oh, that’s pretty cool.

Molly Wood And also it’s…

Leo Laporte It’s got Core 2 and Snapdragon, so it’s, and its battery life 10 hours, a real 10 hours.

Molly Wood And it is beautiful.

Tom Merritt The base continues to run when you pull the tablet out, so you can actually hook that up to a monitor and have two computers running at the same time.

Molly Wood Yes. Like you just can have your little tablet over here, doo doo be doo..

Jay Adelson For the low, low price of?

Tom Merritt Under $1,000 was all they would say. They wouldn’t give me a full price.

Molly Wood 999.

Leo Laporte Not cheap, not cheap. And it’s funny because it’s the size of a Netbook but it’s 3.5 pounds. So it actually feels a little heavy.

Tom Merritt A little bit. But you know what, the fact that you could just pull that thing off was so magical, I loved it.

Leo Laporte It’s beautiful design.

Molly Wood That’s the thing about true innovation in the…

Tom Merritt Feel like frickin HDTV host…

Molly Wood ... in the what’s-his-name way where it felt like magic, like it was so…

Leo Laporte Magical?

Jay Adelson I like it when things actually work.

Molly Wood He pulls out the thing and the thing turns into another thing and then you can touch it and then put the thing back on the thing! Ahh!

Jay Adelson That’s awesome.

Tom Merritt Because I was kinda sceptical until I actually picked it up and I pulled it out and in like, it was a flash, it flipped, the tablets started running. I was like: this actually runs. It’s not just a concept.

Jay Adelson Oh look at that.

Leo Laporte I also like it but even when you detach the top there is still like this Plexiglas shell and…

Molly Wood And it’s so pretty.

Leo Laporte I think that’s a nice touch actually. Then you don’t have kind of a keyboard without a – it looks like you broke it.

Molly Wood Right.

Leo Laporte You know, I think this is very interesting and also, by the way, the Snapdragon processor was everywhere. It’s in everything including the new phone.

Jay Adelson Including the Nexus phone right?

Leo Laporte That is an ARM processor, gigahertz ARM processor that has enough power that a lot of people are using it in CE devices. I think it’s one of the big stories here is that high powered chips are now becoming so easily and widely available that you can see them in cars. You can see them in CE devices and I think that that transforms everything. The voice recognition in Sync is powered by Nuance which does Dragon and I asked them and they said, I said how do you this is in a car, he said well because the car is practically your PCs now, they have enough horsepower in them, they have enough RAM in them that we can really do challenging applications like voice recognition.

Tom Merritt The other one that almost won best of show and won in it’s category for car tech was MyFord Touch which we talked about a lot earlier…

Molly Wood Yeah.

Tom Merritt It was a real close contender.

Leo Laporte I think this should have won. I don’t know if you guys nominated it. This was a very interesting product. There were a lot of eBook readers out there. There was the Copia that you mentioned which has social – it’s a kind of a Kindle with social networking.

Molly Wood No, not feeling that.

Leo Laporte But this one, the enTourage eDGe looked a lot like that Courier video that was on Digg a while back that was Microsoft concept product…

Tom Merritt Yeah.

Leo Laporte It was a two page eBook reader, the left page E-Ink; the right page a computer and you could drag from one to the other. You can, you could have a real computer on one side and a real eBook reader on the other side.

Jay Adelson I found the eBook reader really laggy on the one that I tried.

Leo Laporte Yeah, the prototypes they were showing around did not have the Snapdragon, the full Snapdragon…

Tom Merritt And maybe that will make a difference.

Leo Laporte So maybe it will faster. It’s a couple of things that were interesting; first of all it was a big eBook page. The E-Ink page was almost a 10-inch page. I thought that was kind of interesting and they put a Wacom digitizer on top of it, so you could draw on it.

Jay Adelson Although the drawing, again, was a little clunky.

Tom Merritt That would be very laggy.

Leo Laporte Yeah. They have to get the speed up.

Jay Adelson The drawing on the Plastic Logic QUE I thought was the best that I tried.

Leo Laporte Is it an E-Ink screen as well?

Jay Adelson It’s an E-Ink screen and you don’t have to use a stylus or anything. You just use your finger.

Leo Laporte So it’s not an issue of E Ink not ... that’s what I am wondering. Is it a processor or is it the E-Ink that’s slow …

Jay Adelson It myst be a processor thing, because you were able to draw on the Plastic Logic pretty fast, pretty [ph] good. (39:16)

Tom Merritt But when you get back to it, though, the killer app of these things is reading books on them.

Molly Wood Right.

Jay Adelson And newspaper I think, too.

Leo Laporte Why not just get a Kindle?

Tom Merritt Well that’s right I mean because it has to feel like it goes away, like you’re not holding it.

Leo Laporte Kindle feels like a book and yeah that’s the whole point of Kindle.

Molly Wood Yeah, also I have to say…

Leo Laporte This does not go away.

Molly Wood Given the reading factor I found the spelling of that product unacceptable.

Tom Merritt Oh, the inter-capped T and DG…

Molly Wood That is not – that is No.

Leo Laporte It’s the enTourage eDGe.

Molly Wood I actually think that I would not buy it because of that.

Tom Merritt Product marketing fail.

Molly Wood I have issues, I know.

Jay Adelson That was in the portable media category and this is part of the thing that as we evolve right, there is not really MP3 players anymore. In fact portable video players aren’t really a big thing anymore.

Leo Laporte No.

Jay Adelson So eBooks are in there but the Tivit is the one that won the category.

Molly Wood It beat out the enTourage.

Jay Adelson Yes.

Molly Wood The eDGe was a finalist. The Tivit is a little, a tiny little module like about maybe four times the size of a credit card or something that lets you do Mobile DTV over Wi-Fi. So, it’s the receiver for Mobile DTV.

Leo Laporte Kind of like a sling catcher or…

Molly Wood Well…

Tom Merritt Well, it takes the broadcast Mobile DTV which is that separate broadcasting of digital television that they use for phones a lot.

Leo Laporte Like the FlowTV?

Tom Merritt It’s similar to FlowTV and then it adds it to any device including a phone or a portable media.

Molly Wood Yeah it’s similar to FlowTV.

Leo Laporte Well, that’s interesting.

Molly Wood Yeah, over Wi-Fi.

Tom Merritt So that you can get 30 plus channels on your mobile phone and we’re able to broadcast.

Leo Laporte Well that’s kind of what Flow’s business model was too. Flow sells a little tiny TV but really they said that’s just almost to prove that we could do it, really what we are doing – doing is re-selling this 700 MHz television connectivity where we re-broadcast real time live sports and stuff and you can get it on your phone, get on other things. It’s V…is it V CAST? Is it the same as…?

Tom Merritt It’s the same kind of technology. I think it’s just different – different people doing it.

Molly Wood And V CAST was not using, I think, the DTV the… The DTV broadcasts.

Tom Merritt I don’t think it’s using this…the same one that Tivit is using. But the thing about Tivit that’s cool is that it adds it to everything.

Leo Laporte Right. So T-I-V-R-T, am I?

Tom Merritt T-I-V-I-T.

Molly Wood T-I-V-I-T.

Leo Laporte Ah…

Molly Wood It’s from a company called Valups, V-A-L-U-P-S.

Leo Laporte And how much is it going to be?

Molly Wood I think about…

Leo Laporte It’s a subscription thing, so it doesn’t really matter how much it’s going to be. It matters how much is it going to cost a month, right? That's going to be the big issue.

Molly Wood We’ll find out.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood So, it’s pretty and it comes in colors…

Leo Laporte So do you want to watch Live TV on your mobile.

Jay Adelson No. Well, there are very rare occasions and that’s the problem with the whole product.

Leo Laporte Like the Academy Awards and you are stuck in the subway and you can’t…

Jay Adelson Or some game that you recorded on your DVR.

Tom Merritt I say no like that but you know what I don’t want to watch like Lost on my…no, I would rather, you know, but I might want to watch a live event and I definitely watched – I was watching blizzard – BlizzCon on my phone while I was walking the dog because I had it on DirecTV. I was using Sling so yeah. And I have watched TWiT on the ustream [ph]applet (42:04).

Molly Wood I’ve watched the news.

Leo Laporte Well, there you go. Yeah, we are on the mobile phone, I am sure all the Revision3 stuff is too, so…

Molly Wood So they say 90 to $120, no, I don’t think there will be a subscription.

Leo Laporte No, monthly.

Molly Wood It was just a broadcast. It is based – this is basically an antenna.

Jay Adelson Right.

Molly Wood I mean this is picking up a broadcast.

Leo Laporte Oh I get it.

Molly Wood So, it’s just a fancy antenna that goes in your pocket and has built-inWi-Fi.

Leo Laporte So, Flow is a re-broadcast service. So you would have to pay a monthly fee because they’re actually cashing and re-broadcasting. The advantage of Flow is they cache it so you can lose connectivity and it won’t buffer – I mean it’s almost like of buffering in the phone.

Molly Wood Right. Right. I don’t know. I could see wanting to have – although you would have to be a pretty big TV buff – but I could definitely see it for news. I mean there is going to be those moments when you get a CNN breaking news alert, how cool would it be to just [ph]do do do (42:48)?

Leo Laporte Don’t we want to, Jay, as the IPTV guys, don’t we want to be everywhere? I mean that's the idea. I would like to be on the big screen, but I would also like to be on the little screen.

Jay Adelson Of course.

Molly Wood I want my Tivit to work with my Ford touch-enabled car.

Jay Adelson Well my thing is – my thing is you want to be on something that someone already has in my opinion because asking people to carry more stuff is insane.

Tom Merritt But only when you are pulled over, Molly Wood.

Molly Wood I know that’s the problem.

Leo Laporte Or even buying a Tivit. I mean it should just be a part of what – that's part of the service that you get.

Molly Wood See, that's the problem with the glasses too.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Molly Wood More stuff.

Jay Adelson Yeah, that’s absolutely true.

Leo Laporte I could just see all those 3D glasses gathering dust underneath the TV.

Molly Wood Oh God. The clutter factor alone makes me crazy.

Leo Laporte And you gotta buy more because if you have family, big family, family gathering, people come over and you can’t watch. Yeah, no, it’s not good.

Jay Adelson You’ll need kid’s size.

Molly Wood And you need chargers and then your kids going to break them like my toddler, come on.

Leo Laporte Do I have the [ph]strike though that (43:35)..?

Molly Wood I’m not letting them anywhere near those like fancy Panasonic charger jobbies.

Tom Merritt Does Tivit broadcast over Wi-Fi to your device so could you use more than one device on one Tivit.

Leo Laporte It’s the funniest thing. No, no, it’s just little, little tiny mini Wi-Fi, right?

Molly Wood Well that’s what I wonder, yeah, could you [indiscernible] (43:45)?

Unknown Speaker Okay, [indiscernible] (43:48) range.

Leo Laporte But the Tivit is itself a station that it does a little bit of a zap over to your phone. It probably has like a 1-mm range, otherwise, you know, people would be watching your TV.

Jay Adelson Yeah, you could just start up a TV station in your building.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you are listening to TWiT, watching it too, I hope, at with Molly Wood and Tom Merritt from CNET's Buzz Out Loud, Jay Adelson from and we are going to have more of the news from the consumer electronic show in Las Vegas in just a little bit but before we do that, I would like to mention my friends at, does anybody here listen to audio books, anybody at all? Nobody. Yes.

Molly Wood Yes.

Jay Adelson Yes.

Tom Merritt Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte Yes, yes, good. You know I think it’s interesting. Well, it’s funny because when we first started doing this years ago, it wasn’t – not that many people did – but I think now all geeks do some audio books because we all have little devices that we can listen. I guess that kind of thing really confirms what we just said that it’s – you gotta work on the device you got, right?

Jay Adelson Yeah.

Leo Laporte And the idea I just – I mean to me I would rather listen to an audio book than watch television on my device because the picture that I see in my head is so much better than anything that I am going to see even on a big screen TV and that's what I love about audio books. I read a lot. The other thing I love is that I have a busy life, and I don’t get as much reading time as I would like and if you are in the car and you are not reading or you are at the gym on the treadmill and you are watching Oprah, it probably add up all those times where you can’t hold a book but you have got some time to spare. You only get two or three hours a day of reading. Imagine the world that will open up to you, all the books, all the things you have wanted to read, all the material you wanted to keep up and that's what Audible is so great for., 65,000 titles, radio shows, comedy performances as well as books and books in every category, fiction and non-fiction and home improvement and self-help and science fiction, the best collection of science fiction ever. I know Sword and Laser you always are recommending when it’s possible an audible version of the book because again who has time to read but we always have time to listen. is the URL. If you’d like to sign up for the platinum account and get two free books, The Platinum account is two books a month. That's the subscription plan I have. I easily go through two books a month. I find out people, I talk to people who have long commutes that have two or three platinum accounts because they go through two, four, six books a month. Two’s a good one to start with. Two books a month, first two books are yours, absolutely free. You can cancel it anywhere and you get to keep those books. So there is no cost, no obligation to you. Go to and sign up for Audible today. I think you are going to thank me for it later. It really is a great way. And I think a lot of geeks are doing Audible. I really do. I think it’s become the – kind of the in-fashion thing to do is listen to audio books because, you know, we all listen to podcasts. It’s kind of…

Tom Merritt. You know what’s interesting about audio books that I like is that you know exactly how long it’s going to take you to finish the book.

Leo Laporte That’s a good point. I never thought of that.

Tom Merritt You could say like oh I need to finish this by Tuesday for a discussion or whatever. You can schedule the time.

Leo Laporte David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest took me 15 years to read. You know, I mean some books just take longer than others but in Audible, you know, hey…

Molly Wood I am reading that on my Kindle which I find vaguely encouraging because it’s like you are 30% of the way there.

Jay Adelson That dot, those dots.

Molly Wood I don’t have to look at page numbers, I’m like 30% sounds like a lot…

Jay Adelson Sounds good.

Jay Adelson That’s right. No, it works for me. I have read 10 times as much since I stopped being intimidated by the size of books.

Leo Laporte That’s a good point. Kindle, they are all the same size.

Molly Wood Totally. I never and then someone gave me the physical copy just as a like a supplement.

Leo Laporte Huge.

Molly Wood And I thought I never would have picked this up.

Jay Adelson Cryptonomicon, you know.

Molly Wood Oh yeah.

Jay Adelson Right.

Molly Wood Anathem, no.

Tom Merritt The Baroque Cycle.

Molly Wood Don’t even get me started on those, oh…

Leo Laporte Not, this is – we are not doing an ad at this point but Cryptonomicon and Anathem are both on Audible and really good listens. Those books will engage you and pull you. I loved Anathem. I thought that was such a good book.

Molly Wood I thought that was a wonderful book. I’s actually just pushed it on a friend of mine who normally doesn’t read that kind of book and she texted me yesterday like I love this book.

Leo Laporte Well it’s so strange. This is the newest, newest Neal Stephenson novel. He has got the Snow Crash and, you know, the Baroque Cycle which I never did finish. That was…

Molly Wood No, I couldn’t even get through the first one.

Tom Merritt You loved it?

Jay Adelson I finished it. I got hooked.

Leo Laporte That’s because you are… educated.

Molly Wood He’s that guy.

Jay Adelson Because I have nothing, no life.

Molly Wood He likes books that are just about knowing things which is basically…

Jay Adelson No.

Molly Wood Near as I could tell that’s all Quicksilver was about.

Jay Adelson No, it’s interesting. It’s interesting stuff. That stuff takes you some place. It takes you some place.

Molly Wood I’m sure.

Leo Laporte I loved though Anathem and what’s funny is it’s at first it’s a science fiction book and then it’s a book about monks and then it’s – it just goes all over the place but it engages you. It makes up a new language and you have to figure out what they are talking about but it somehow resonates, he is a master. I just loved it.

Molly Wood I loved the sense of scale in that book, the idea that humanity had progressed 5,000 years and that, you know, societies had come and gone and people, I mean there was sort of this really like perspective-inducing read.

Tom Merritt Do you know what just came out? It’s probably not on Audible yet. Is Daniel Suarez’s Freedom. It’s the sequel to Daemon which I know Daemon is on Audible but…

Leo Laporte I don’t know either book.

Molly Wood Oh Daemon is great.

Tom Merritt You got to read Daemon.

Leo Laporte Oh I never heard of it. What’s it about?

Tom Merritt D-A-E-M-O-N. A game – a guy who owned an online gaming company dies and a daemon goes off and starts investigating his death and it – yeah like a D-A-E-M-O-N.

Leo Laporte A daemon.

Molly Wood Not really, not just investigating his death though. Causing all, wreaking all kinds of havoc. It’s almost like a giant booby-trap.

Leo Laporte So, it’s like some weird kind of universe where demons exists.

Tom Merritt No, no, no. It’s an Internet, it’s a computer game.

Leo Laporte Oh an Internet thing.

Molly Wood A computer game.

Tom Merritt So it starts using the network to investigate his death and starts taking revenge and then start setting up a darknet and it… Oh, it’s fantastic.

Leo Laporte Oh I got to find out more about it.

Dr. Kiki Sanford This sounds exciting, I don’t know what I have walked into.

Molly Wood Weirdly, you seemed to have walked into a book group. It was a tech podcast and now it’s a book group.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Now it’s a book, I like it.

Leo Laporte It was, yeah.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Then it’s a book I like.

Leo Laporte Dr. Kiki is here. She has been on the show floor all day.

Dr. Kiki Sanford I have. It’s been so great, so exciting.

Leo Laporte You know, to the people who are just watching and also listening to TWiT, they didn’t know we have been at CES, you know, for all four days of CES and doing kind of weird, wacky stuff. We have been streaming live, we’ve been recording all the shows here and Dr. Kiki has been here as co-host but she is also, we got this crazy, wireless rig that Colleen built.

Tom Merritt That is so impressive. I’m so blown away by Colleen.

Leo Laporte She’s amazing. Colleen’s amazing and it uses EVDO and it’s just – but you weren’t doing streaming, you were just recording but we were using it to stream.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Yeah, yesterday, we were doing live streaming from the show floor, running all around South Hall, upstairs South Hall, Center Hall. Today it’s just been to tape. So no live stuff.

Leo Laporte But we’ll get all of that out on the feed in the next couple of days you’ll see more and more stuff. So if you go to All of our coverage will be there.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Yes.

Leo Laporte And I think our goal was – it’s funny I used to say this when we were at TechTV is to do a virtual trade show but we were so tied to the form and the big lights and the big cameras and the stage that we couldn’t really do what you do at the trade show, and this wireless rig has let us walk around, go to parties.

Dr. Kiki Sanford It’s been great. I have been running around, and we weaved through the crowd and come up and interview people on the spot.

Jay Adelson Really feel like the listeners are actually at the show.

Tom Merritt Yeah. The real experience without the foot pain, the sweats.

Molly Wood Without the agony.

Dr. Kiki Sanford At home you can put your feet up and rest and relax but here we are getting sore feet.

Leo Laporte Yeah we sure are.

Tom Merritt Or you.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Or you.

Molly Wood Actually here we are getting - I am going to go a step further. No pun intended. We are getting permanent nerve damage for you.

Tom Merritt Yes.

Molly Wood Some years after CES my little toe will be numb for like months.

Tom Merritt Oh, that’s right.

Leo Laporte If I don’t - Tom and I were talking about this because every year you forget. It’s like childbirth. Otherwise you’d never repeat it. Every year you forget how awful it was and you go back and with the highest of hopes like oh, I am going to see the show, I am going to…

Jay Adelson But you know what it is? Sleep deprivation causes long-term memory loss.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jay Adelson No, no, really.

Leo Laporte No, I know that makes perfect sense.

Molly Wood That’s why it’s actually really – I think that really is why you forget childbirth. It doesn’t have anything to do with the pain it’s just that you are so tired.

Leo Laporte You’re just tired.

Jay Adelson It also explains why fathers are supportive because they are not obvious – obviously they are losing sleep too, right?

Molly Wood Yeah, totally. Otherwise they would bolt..

Leo Laporte I don’t how we got to turning CES into childbirth.

Molly Wood Okay, so we went from book group to moms group.

Tom Merritt And let me tell you about the shoes I’m wearing.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Dad’s group.

Leo Laporte Lets talk about shoes. So did you see anything today, Kiki, that was interesting?

Dr. Kiki Sanford Oh, I saw all sorts of things. Couple of my favorite things today at the Panasonic booth I love – I always love the earthquake booth behind us but…

Leo Laporte I don’t know - you may here on the audio podcast. I think it’s rolling off on the video stream because it’s about 20 hertz. I mean it’s as low as you can get. It’s all about…

Jay Adelson We are all getting a good massage from it.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Hello, the Panasonic foot has a great eco section and that was something that I went through and took a look at their home fuel cells and their solar technology, their home energy management system that they have developed so that you know where you are using electricity and how you are losing it in various ways, how you are using it so that you can better it and more effectively use your energy and lower your energy costs. So that’s something that’s really cool. Also for those only available in Japan. So we just have to wait for them to bring it over here. And then there is a Fujifilm, little 3D camera. Handheld digital camera, 3D, 2D capability…

Leo Laporte Oh great. Now I can make my own 3D movies

Dr. Kiki Sanford …oh, yes, yes. It does still and video photography and you can it’s just that. The trick is that it has these two lenses that are eye distance apart. So it has a stereoscopic effect.

Leo Laporte Right. That’s what you need, yeah. That’s cool.

Molly Wood Oh, yes, last year at EyeStage there was that 3D web cam. I can’t remember what it was called but it had the two little eyeballs. Just cute as heck.

Leo Laporte I am going to feel so left out if everything goes 3D.

Molly Wood It’s okay. Don’t worry.

Leo Laporte You and me, Mo lly, we are going to – we are going to be the old farts that go. “I want 2D, You got a 2D movie here?”

Tom Merritt I want 1D.

Leo Laporte 1D?

Tom Merritt Yeah, that’s harder.

Jay Adelson Flat. That’s audio.

Molly Wood My line in the sand is that I am not doing it until I get ocular implants.

Dr. Kiki Sanford That’s right, get the implants. The chip, that’s the chip.

Molly Wood I’m holding out for the new eyeballs.

Jay Adelson Very good. That’s come in 8-bit, we’re going up.

Dr. Kiki Sanford I mean that’s the thing we all report on this – that the advancements in technology and where this next step is and we see what’s coming but we’re used to watching things in 2D. Our kid - and that’s what we grew up with. Is it that kids of tomorrow we are going to grow up with 3D in watching it and that’s what they will be used to. And so that will just be the thing. And then when video or images go a different direction, will they be the old farts going “when I was a kid - this 3D thing’s never going to happen.” Is it just a generational thing?

Jay Adelson I don’t know. I say bring it on. Bring it all on.

Leo Laporte Jay is so open….

Tom Merritt I’m with you on the 3D part.

Jay Adelson You know what. Could I tell you though – so here’s – so I went to a demo of – I saw the Dolby - 3D and I saw the real 3D and I got both those demos. And in both cases part of what they showed you was not the things filmed for 3D effects, just regular old stuff like a football game or whatever.

Leo Laporte I think sports is really the killer app.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Yeah it really is.

Jay Adelson Looking at that stuff I said to myself well I am not aware of it. It just feels like I am standing next to the field.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jay Adelson Then suddenly 3D isn’t really a big change for you, it really just feels more normal than 2D at which point - if it’s done really well. Unfortunately wearing those stupid glasses…

Tom Merritt And I think that’s the idea…

Molly Wood I just keep coming back so that I know it seems like a small thing but it is actually the thing like…

Leo Laporte For years I won’t bowl because you had rent the shoes. It’s the same basic principle.

Jay Adelson Wow! You know you can buy your own shoes.

Tom Merritt You know they’re probably gonna come out with all this buy your own shoes.

Molly Wood Really?

Tom Merritt I am just going to point out, you could have bought your own shoes.

Leo Laporte That’s too much of a commitment, I’m sorry.

Molly Wood And then you could bring them.

Leo Laporte That’s too much of a commitment

Jay Adelson I can picture you with the bowling bag.

Leo Laporte Is Ralph Kramden here?

Jay Adelson It’s awesome, Midwest where I’m from that’s what you do, you bowl.

Molly Wood Nobody messes with the Jesus.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I have to grow my pink – my little pinky finger. I just by the way added Freedom and Daemon to my audible…

Molly Wood Is Freedom available too?

Tom Merritt Yeah freedom just came out two days ago. We’re actually going to interview Daniel on Sword and Laser next week.

Leo Laporte I’ll be listening. And is Freedom as good as –

Jay Adelson I’m about three quarters the way through Freedom and it’s awesome.

Molly Wood This is back to book group.

Leo Laporte Back to book group but no I want to make those my audible picks. We do get two books if you go to, so now you can make those your two picks, we could do a Daniel Suarez marathon.

Molly Wood Hot ding-a-ling.

Leo Laporte I’m excited.

Jay Adelson So I have a question, I think there should be a most curious and weird, like –

Leo Laporte All right, I got one, what’s curious and weird, it is a Bluetooth ring called the Orb and you put it on your finger…

Jay Adelson I saw it.

Leo Laporte …did you?

Jay Adelson And it’s the caller ID.

Leo Laporte It’s the caller ID, it goes on OLED screen across…

Molly Wood On a ring?

Leo Laporte …it, it says, Jay’s calling…

Dr. Kiki Sanford An OLED screen?

Leo Laporte An OLED screen, you could push your button, it sends a text, it says I’m busy call back later, or you take off the ring, you unfold it, you put it over your ear and it’s your Bluetooth headset.

Jay Adelson That’s what we’re talking about.

Molly Wood Oh you stop that right now.

Tom Merritt Okay that’s curious and weird but almost useful.

Jay Adelson Winner winner chiken dinner in a –

Leo Laporte But that has a use. How do you explain USB cigarettes?

Molly Wood I love that. That was going to be mine. You took mine – no I’m not mad because…

Leo Laporte I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Molly Wood …I’m so happy that you went there.

Leo Laporte So is their slogan ‘Smoke em or Mount em’?

Molly Wood No they are sold… I think the company’s called [Indiscernible](56:52)

Tom Merritt Burn through your data. I just couldn’t figure out what the marketing gimmick was? I mean I think it was generally quit smoking but you actually smoke.

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, it’s an actual cigarette?

Tom Merritt No.

Molly Wood It’s an electric cigarette.

Tom Merritt Yeah, it’s an electric cigarette with a little charge in it.

Leo Laporte It’s a vaporizer.

Jay Adelson You smoke and you blow smoke back out, as you breathing in. The question is, is that healthy?

Leo Laporte No it’s not a cigarette.

Molly Wood No I think it’s not.

Dr. Kiki Sanford You don’t breathe anything in.

Leo Laporte It’s a nicotine delivery system.

Molly Wood Right. But it’s not healthy. I mean you don’t get tar. You don’t have the tar build up in the lungs, but you do get the nicotine.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Right. You get the nicotine.

Leo Laporte Kids, am I the only one that realizes the real purpose of this?

Jay Adelson It’s for kids?

Leo Laporte Has nothing to do with tobacco. No seriously, it’s a vaporizer. What are you all looking at me funny for?

Jay Adelson No I get it.

Molly Wood We’re waiting, I don’t. I’m waiting.

Tom Merritt No but you can’t – you can’t load a joint on it or something.

Leo Laporte You can’t?

Tom Merritt No I don’t think so.

Leo Laporte Yeah you can.

Molly Wood You can’t, I don’t think it well…

Jay Adelson Oh! in the charge, you put that instead?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jay Adelson They put it a little [indiscernible] (57:41).

Leo Laporte But they can’t sell it as a…

Molly Wood That seems like a lot of work.

Jay Adelson Leo, I never – you know it’s funny I looked at it, it didn’t occur to me.

Molly Wood Why do you have to hack your electric cigarette just to get to the ganja.

Tom Merritt Of you – of all people, you look like Herman’s Hermits for crying out loud.

Jay Adelson You know what – you know what, I did just move to Marin.

Leo Laporte Okay. So – yeah.

Molly Wood Oh! You need one.

Tom Merritt Go to your local head shop, you’ll find this this year.

Leo Laporte All right, any other nominees for the weird products?

Tom Merritt Auto ergonomic keyboard.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Oh, yes.

Molly Wood Auto ergonomic keyboard?

Tom Merritt It’s a keyboard that actually moves, like once an hour or so, to change – it’s an ergonomic keyboard, but it changes the position of your arms, so that you’re not – because they’re like, look, even with an ergonomic keyboard, you keep your arms in the same position. So this thing, once an hour, just kind of subtly moves it.

Leo Laporte If they really wanted to do it right, they’d change the keys around too once in a while, so – Really kind of stimulate the brain.


Molly Wood Just to mess with you.

Jay Adelson To stimulate the brain. That’s just masochistic.

Molly Wood What about the thing that you breathe on to control the games?

Dr. Kiki Sanford Oh yes. The breath controller?

Molly Wood It’s like a breath control –

Dr. Kiki Sanford [ph]‘Zexorcist’?(58:38)

Jay Adelson Really?

Leo Laporte You wanna share that with anybody else?

Dr. Kiki Sanford You control it via your breathing.

Jay Adelson It was a device, and you just kind of – not, you don’t have to breathe very hard, but just kind of change the direction of your breathing, and it moved the cursor on the screen.

Dr. Kiki Sanford They say you have to breathe with your mind.

Molly Wood [Laughter].

Tom Merritt Coming next, tongue control. Ooh.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Ooh.

Jay Adelson Well, I saw the Hand-Glove, you know, the game –

Tom Merritt The Hand-Glove?


Jay Adelson I saw the glove –

Tom Merritt You know, I saw the Foot-Sock.


Dr. Kiki Sanford But the gaming glove is great.

Jay Adelson Gaming glove.

Tom Merritt Okay, somebody tell me the name of this, though, because I feel bad. Wait, wait, I think I might know the name.

Leo Laporte It’s in his pocket, he’s pulling it out of his pocket.

Tom Merritt No, they gave away – it’s Peregrine.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Peregrine, the gaming glove.

Molly Wood The gaming glove.

Tom Merritt Because they gave away – did you see this? It’s a vaporizer.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Oh, look at that! You want to sanitize your hand if you’re using those.

[Indiscernible] (59:20)

Leo Laporte The big schwag of the event wasn’t – you know, the foam rubber paperweights or anything like that, it was hand sanitizer, they were handing out.

Molly Wood It was. Totally.

Leo Laporte This will go down as the –

Molly Wood This place is Swine Flu Central, I mean –

Leo Laporte Here, throw me some.

Molly Wood We’re all going to die.

[Indiscernible] (59:40).

Molly Wood I have a three-year-old, I’ve totally had it.

Leo Laporte [Indiscernible] (59:48) on us ladies and gentlemen.

Dr. Kiki Sanford I am so clean now.

Molly Wood Oh wow, yours smells – Holy Hannah. It smells like…

Dr. Kiki Sanford Minty fresh. Alcohol

Molly Wood Yes it does.

Tom Merritt You know what? Now all of our skin is going to be even drier now than it already was.

Molly Wood I know [laughter].

[indiscernible] (60:05).

Dr. Kiki Sanford I don’t have anything that’s like, cute and weird, but I did – not cute, cute is what I was thinking.

Leo Laporte Weird would be good, or cute’s fine.

Molly Wood I don’t have weird, I have cute. It was upstairs in South Hall, there was a company that had a little rhinestone-studded heart pendant that contains a four-gig flash drive, so you just –

Leo Laporte Aww.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Aww.

Tom Merritt Valentine’s Day.

Molly Wood So you can carry your data in your heart.

Tom Merritt It’s the gift for your nerd girlfriend.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Love it. Aww, it’s nerd bling.

Tom Merritt Nerd bling.

Dr. Kiki Sanford That’s adorable.

Tom Merritt That is nice.

Jay Adelson Offload all those text messages and save them.

Tom Merritt That is special.

Molly Wood Nerd bling?

Dr. Kiki Sanford If it wasn’t before, it is now.

Leo Laporte It’s been a wonderful CES and a great TwiT from CES, I want to thank you all for being here. Tom Merritt and Molly Wood, it was practically a Buzz Out Loud show.

Molly Wood I know!

Leo Laporte It was great to have you, you guys are so great. Buzz Out Loud is at

Tom Merritt It’s or for the live version.

Leo Laporte That’s great. And there’s still more to come from CNET from CES.

Molly Wood God no.

Tom Merritt No, that’s it. We’re done. We’re going home.

Leo Laporte You’re done? Are you going home?

Tom Merritt Yeah. We’re going home tomorrow.

Molly Wood Yeah. Now we start drinking and then tomorrow we get on a plane. Mostly drunk.

Leo Laporte I couldn’t believe – the CNET setup here was amazing, you had a Jib camera. The best thing, though, was they had a special pen for the editors. All of the - they had like a dozen video editors and they’re all penned up in this glass wall.

Tom Merritt They had them in like an aquarium?

Molly Wood You could watch what they’re doing.

Dr. Kiki Sanford It smells terrible in there.

Tom Merritt Watch them surf Facebook.

Leo Laporte All that coverage will be at or –

Molly Wood is the home of all that stuff.

Leo Laporte Jay Adelson is the CEO of

Jay Adelson Thank you very much for having me Mr Laporte.

Leo Laporte It’s great to see you, I’m glad to see that you’re on vacation and get to do this.

Jay Adelson I’m just – I’m so glad I finally got here.

Leo Laporte It’s the best way. The best way to do CES is to not work CES, to just enjoy it.

Jay Adelson Yeah, I partied the whole time on the floor. It was great.

Leo Laporte That’s great. Fantastic.

Dr. Kiki Sanford What’s party? I don’t know what that is.


Leo Laporte Dr. Kiki Sanford is of course the host of This Week in Science, the great science radio show; and of her own podcast, Dr. Kiki’s science hour, which is heard every – or seen every Thursday at at 3 p.m. Pacific, 6 p.m. Eastern, and you can subscribe to it at

Dr. Kiki Sanford dksh.

Leo Laporte So thank you for being out on the floor, there’ll be a lot to see with Kiki and the whole gang, everything that we’ve done is still going up, editors are still working even though they don’t have an aquarium.

Dr. Kiki Sanford There will be things posted to the RSS feeds for the next couple of days from all the footage –

Leo Laporte You guys did – how many hours did you do?

Dr. Kiki Sanford We got about two hours.

Leo Laporte Wow.

Dr. Kiki Sanford Over an hour of a half of footage today. So I mean that’s going to be at least two RSS episodes, I think? I mean – and there’s stuff from yesterday, the day before yesterday, our live coverage that we’ve done, all of that has been recorded down and we’re cuttin’ and choppin’ and the editors are turning it into a beautiful summary of what we’ve done for you.

Leo Laporte And you can find all of that, all the content at I’m Leo Laporte. We thank our sponsors once again for bringing us here, the great folks at Sync, go to to find out more;, to get your two free books, I think those Suarez, those Daniel Suarez novels are going to be a pretty great way to do it. They’re coming up next. And of course, to Citrix for GoToMeeting, go to to learn more.

We will be back tomorrow for those of you watching the live stream all day Sunday, I’m not done, I’ve got to do The Tech Guy radio show. The fun part is to be here at the very end of CES when they start announcing, ‘get your stuff and leave,’ and the big – it’s really fun. And then you watch people run to the exits.

Thank you for being here. We’ll see you next time. Another TWiT is in the can.


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