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Episode 232


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This is TWiT, this Week in Tech, episode 232 for January 25, 2010: Bread and Circuses.

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It’s time for TWiT, this WEEK in TECH, the show that covers all the latest technology news, the gossip, the deep analyses, and the shallow thoughts of some of the best tech pundits in the world starting with the man from the Houston Chronicle,, Mr. Dwight Silverman is in the house. Hey, Dwight.

Dwight Silverman Hey, Leo, shallow are us.

Leo Laporte I don’t want people to – I like to lower expectations. I don’t want people to think they are going to get anything inprofound, here; just you know a chatter. This is ….

Dwight Silverman We’ll do what we can.

Leo Laporte We’ll do what we can. Dwight is going to be coming out to the big event, the Apple event on Wednesday. So we’ll see more of him on the TWiT network. I’ll tell you more about that in a little bit.

Also with us from his mansion in beautiful Brentwood is Jason Calacanis.

Jason Calacanis I’m actually at Mahalo, working on a Sunday.

Leo Laporte Working on a Sunday! Dude!

Jason Calacanis Barely working, barely. If you can call being a CEO, working. Sure I’m technically working.

Leo Laporte Sure, he’s working hard.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely.

Leo Laporte M-a-h-al-o dot com. But Jason also does some great podcasts and some really good stuff like This Week in Startups.

Jason Calacanis Oh, going so well.

Leo Laporte Going really well and I know you work with Kevin Pollak on his show.

Jason Calacanis Kevin Pollak's Chat Show.

Leo Laporte What else are you doing?

Jason Calacanis We are going to do – we just started another one called This Week in Android, just to focus on the Droid operating system, so ….

Leo Laporte You like it that much, you think it deserves a show of its own?

Jason Calacanis I’m just experimenting. I’ll like to see if one these hyper niche shows can work. I know you guys have the big ones. Somebody’s – are you doing This Week in Photography, or is that somebody else?

Leo Laporte Alex does it but he does it out of our studio. So it’s kind of a joint venture.

Jason Calacanis Right. So like there’s always big ones. I wanted to see if like a little niche one could work as a business.

Leo Laporte I think that is very smart. I think that that probably will work really well.

Jason Calacanis It’s sort of like a weblogs ink bottle.

Leo Laporte Exactly. Don’t the super niche, I mean, of course Engadget is the king.

Leo Laporte Right.

Leo Laporte But there are Android sites, fan sites that probably do very well.

Jason Calacanis I’m just interested in the whole concept of disrupting the mobile ecosystem. I think it’s much bigger than the phone system. I think it’s – what we are talking about a whole operating system here. So from tablets to refrigerators, I think Google has a bigger vision than just phones. I mean, it’s obvious they do. They’re going to talk about netbooks as well.

Leo Laporte And cars, let’s not forget cars.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte I think that – this Microsoft Auto is doomed in the long run because Android is going to come along and say, hey, we’ll give it to you for free.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte Or even better do – less than free model, we’ll pay you to use it.

Jason Calacanis The world has changed radically in the last 10 years in terms of charging for software, charging for operating systems and open versus closed systems. It’s pretty stunning but I think we’ve all come to the conclusion that more often than not, open wins.

Leo Laporte Yup.

Jason Calacanis More often than not, always.

Leo Laporte As you may know, I’ve switched off the iPhone and switched on the Nexus One and I’m not looking back, although – Dwight, you say you couldn’t make that switch?

Dwight Silverman Yeah, I – there are too many things about the – I really love the Nexus One. In fact if I was a T-Mobile user or had - was on the network where I could get 3G on it, I would probably consider switching to it. Certainly if was going to use a Android phone, this would be the one I would want to use. But it does – it doesn’t do enough of the things that I need it to do. I’d like having the choice of apps that I do on the iPhone. I’d much prefer having just one email client because I use both Exchange and Gmail. And you have to have two separate email clients to do that on an Android phone. As I showed you earlier, you can’t copy and paste out of an email message – out of the fixed text in an email message. So there’s just enough things that irritate me about it that I wouldn’t want to switch to it at the moment. But I could see myself over time being more interested in this phone. Of course we need to see what Apples’ going to do with the next generation of the iPhone.

Leo Laporte iPhone 4. And I think what happened to me – yeah, there’s a lot of things on both sides. I wouldn’t be able to – now that I’m used to dictating instead of using the keyboard everywhere, it’d be hard for me to go back to the iPhone but you know the biggest thing that makes it hard to go back is just simply the screen. Once you get used to an OLED screen, the iPhone’s screen just looks washed out. Low res and washed out.

Jason Calacanis Yeah. It’s definitely - the screen is a killer application at this point. It’s amazing, the difference and you wouldn’t think something that simple would make a difference.

Leo Laporte It’s huge.

Jason Calacanis Additionally the – you’re already starting to see early returns on the rapid iteration on applications. The fact that you can just load any application from any site at any time and do whatever you want with your operating system, I know this is like a broken record for 17 TWiTs we’ve been talking about it. But it actually is here now. And it’s pretty compelling when you can just like – I’m going to go to the application name or whatever it is and load it.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis There’s nobody between you and your – what you choose to do with your phone. I have a BlackBerry, an iPhone and a Nexus One. Right now I’m on the Droid and I’m moving to the Nexus One and I find I enjoy the Droid operating system - better and faster and the screens are better obviously. But there’s one or two applications that I have on my iPhone that are critical that I can’t get yet on Nexus One.

Leo Laporte What are they? I’m curious.

Jason Calacanis I have to have a very specific one called Remote Patrol which lets me look at the cameras around my house.

Leo Laporte That’s good.

Jason Calacanis And the camera I’ve installed in the nursery and I have a pan tilt and zoom camera in my nursery so I can zoom on the baby – if the baby is with the nurse, if I am out with my wife at dinner like I was last night. We don’t have any anxiety because I take, literally take out my iPhone, pull up this great product called Remote Patrol, costs $10, that goes into SecuritySpy which is a $300 program for IP-based cameras on a Mac mini in my closet and we can zoom in on the nanny with the baby and you just sort of feel calm. But there are some IP phones in the Droid store, I just saw in the last two weeks, so I think somebody’s going to get it right. And…

Leo Laporte There’s a Sonos application which I – it’s only for the Apple, but that’s a – but to me these are very specialized and there’s no reason why they can’t easily make an Android version of these things. It’s just a question of the market being big enough for Sonos or Patrol to do it.

Jason Calacanis And I have a thought that if we had full-feature browsers on these phones as opposed to handicapped browsers, this would be a less of an issue because a lot of the applications would actually run just inside the browser and maybe they can run at 80% or 90% but maybe that’s enough. And so…

Leo Laporte Right. Even Apple is going that way. I think HTML 5 is the key on that.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely, HTML 5 is the key on it. And I just don’t – I think Apple may have overplayed their hand if you know that term from poker where you sort of think your hand is a little bit stronger than it is. I think that the hubris is coming because the total cost of ownership of this phone, I saw one study that said, it’s half of the iPhone.

Leo Laporte What?

Jason Calacanis And yeah – just in terms of the monthly bill over a couple of years and the on-boarding price. So I think I have to take a little bit of a deeper look at it. Somebody can tell me...?

Leo Laporte I don’t know if that’s accurate because I’m a T-Mobile user; you do the…

Dwight Silverman The data prices are the same. The monthly data price is $30 on both phones. So it’s the same in terms of data price.

Leo Laporte T-Mobile has that even more plus plan which I think is $70 but it’s month to month which I like.

Jason Calacanis Right. The commitment and then what about the on-boarding price?

Leo Laporte What’s the on-board – you mean, the hardware price?

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte 529 unlocked, 179 locked with a two year commitment.

Jason Calacanis So what can you get into a iPhone for now?

Leo Laporte 199.

Dwight Silverman 199. [Indiscernible] (09:10) or if you want to get a cheaper iPhone.

Leo Laporte Get the $100 3G.

Dwight Silverman Get the $100, the 3G, the older 3G.

Leo Laporte So I think there’s, you know, maybe $20 a month that’s only $240 in the life of the phone. I don’t think half is right. I don’t see that.

Jason Calacanis $20 a month over two years or something like that maybe?

Leo Laporte $240, right. No, no $480.

Jason Calacanis Right. So okay. So maybe you save three – I mean I know it does seem like a lot for a professional guy who does this for a living but for a college kid or for my mom who has a phone that’s 11 years old now, I’m embarrassed to say!

Leo Laporte Wow! I’m impressed.

Jason Calacanis She literally has the next – no my mom came in to see the baby and we’re out at, I figure a lunch in Beverly Hills, like trying to be a good son, and she takes out this phone and pulls out the antenna. I looked at it and I’m like, “that looks like a walkie-talkie from the first Desert Storm.” And I’m like “Oh my God, what is that thing?” I was like, “I got you that one when I was the editor of Silicon Alley Reporter!” She’s like, “Yes, I got you, you got this for me. I never forgot it and it’s a very good phone and I’m not replacing it.”

Leo Laporte It probably has got four weeks battery life, I mean...

Jason Calacanis It doesn’t do text messaging.

Leo Laporte It doesn’t do anything.

Jason Calacanis I’m like, now I know why my mom’s not getting my text. Her phone doesn’t do it. I thought she was ignoring my text.

Leo Laporte That’s the one thing, it’s really funny to watch movies even a few years old because the phones were so primitive.

Jason Calacanis They pull out the Startec, I laugh.

Leo Laporte It just cracks me up and I think that this is going to be a bigger and bigger problem with tech in movies. If I were making a movie these days I’d put as little tech in it as possible because it’s going – it’s worse than hair styles. It’s going to date soon.

Jason Calacanis Did you see Caprica last night?

Leo Laporte Oh no. Is it great?

Jason Calacanis Oh it’s awesome. It’s so awesome. It literally is awesome. I’m like [ph] sideways open (10:50).

Leo Laporte So what is the relationship to Battlestar Galactica? I don’t know…

Jason Calacanis It is the pre-series.

Leo Laporte It’s a prequel. Okay.

Jason Calacanis It’s basically this is when Adama is a little kid.

Leo Laporte Oh! Oh! Neat.

Jason Calacanis And when the first generation of Cylons are made, so like the first episode without giving anything away, is basically of the guy building the first Cylons.

Leo Laporte Oh! That’s cool.

Dwight Silverman It explains how they became more human at the start of it.

Jason Calacanis And how they went to war…

Dwight Silverman But it’s a great series. Yeah.

Leo Laporte How inspired is that! That’s a great idea.

Jason Calacanis But the scene I wanted to tell you about was they basically take out a piece of e-paper and she’s on the subway or the mag lift and she is basically doing a minority report type interface on a piece of paper that she folds up and crumples and puts in her jacket.

Leo Laporte That’s not very far off. I think that will happen. That’s not far off.

Jason Calacanis I think that’s what Steve Jobs is announcing on Wednesday, right.

Leo Laporte We’ll see. We’re going to talk about that. I think this is all prequel to what happens on Wednesday. I mean, everything changes on Wednesday. We’re going to talk about that in just a second. In fact before we get going because I know that’s going to be a heck of a conversation, I wanted to just talk briefly about our friends at Citrix, the manufacturers of the fantastic GoToMeeting software. GoToMeeting is – you know, Citrix is really good at remote access. That’s what they made their bones, to use a Brooklyn term, on many, many moons ago.

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It’s very engaging, very dramatic, makes you look good, makes them happy because they are seeing what they need to see, makes that conference call much more interesting, much less boring. Great for product demos, for training, yes even if they don’t have the software, they can use it on your system after you show them how. Collaboration, I use it to rehearse speeches all the time because it’s real time, it’s fast.

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All right. Now, let’s see. Dwight is coming out here on Wednesday for the big event. You’ve got a golden ticket, Dwight.

Dwight Silverman I did get a golden ticket. They’re letting me out of my cave and out of my spider hole and I’m coming out there for the Apple event. And as we were discussing I do think this is probably Apple’s most important announcement since the iPhone and use the phrase “it will change everything.” I don’t know if it will change everything.

Leo Laporte Well, we – nobody knows and I’m willing to be skeptical but I have to say I am convinced Steve Jobs and Apple hope and plan that it will.

Dwight Silverman I’m still – you know, I’m not convinced that even a super cool neato tablet that is sexy, is thin, very intuitive to use is something that necessarily people want. And I think it’s going to be a particularly hard sell if it’s at the prices that Apple traditionally sells at. I think the Apple faithful will wind up for it and buy it regardless of the price but I’m just not convinced and I know that according to reports, Steve Jobs has been skeptical about this himself, he said he didn’t want to do just something that people would say oh, I can take this to the restroom and read on it; you know, I think that it would be – I think to assume that it’s going to be a hit is a mistake because I don’t necessarily think that this is what the masses necessarily want.

Leo Laporte Well, I’m with you. I’ve said for a long time, I’ve been saying for a year, I don’t want a tablet and anything that we’ve seen that qualifies as tablet including all the crazy devices we saw at CES are ho-hum, but I think Apple knows that, and I think Apple realizes that they have to do something dramatically different to make this have a chance. And I can imagine some things and I think they are – you know John Gruber said this, we talked to John on MacBreak Weekly, he is the blogger and an Apple observer, he said, and I think he was quite right, this has to be a new category change, this has to be an inflection point because nobody – there’s no demand for something that’s somewhere between an iPhone and a laptop; there is no need. So..

Jason Calacanis Unless it was something that was not very expensive and you could keep it on your couch and it wasn’t a thousand dollar device like the promise of the CrunchPad basically. If it was a $300 device you don’t think that we’d buy one or two of them to watch…

Leo Laporte No.

Jason Calacanis Movies or on a plane?

Leo Laporte No.

Jason Calacanis No?

Leo Laporte So, here is, okay, I’m going to tell you what I think it is and I would love to hear what you think about this and I think that we will hear some stuff on Wednesday that we didn’t expect; I think there will be, Gruber says there is going to be a a-ha moment where you just go oh, my God, all the pieces were there, why didn’t we see this. I think it’s very clear they are making content deals; I think there’s content deals with Harper Collins, we’ve heard that leaked. Conde Nast probably, well, all of Hurst, probably The New York Times, so that means it’s going to be a book reader. Now the Kindle is a very competent book reader but it’s not so competent I think when it comes to magazines and newspapers because it’s not in color and it’s very difficult to skim and browse, and jump around.

A faster color device would solve that problem specially with a little Apple UI magic and I don’t know what that magic will be but I think some UI magic could actually be a breakthrough product for reading magazines, there is nothing like that yet; very slim, very elegant I believe it will have an OLED screen; we were talking before the break about how OLED is kind of the killer feature of the Nexus One, once you use an OLED screen you just don’t want to go back to an LCD screen, now that means it’s expensive, a 10-inch OLED part is 300 bucks in quantity. So this isn’t going to be a cheap device.

However I’m going to add some features that might make it cheaper; first of all TV, subscription, Apple’s been pushing this idea of getting a 15 or $30 kind of network television thing where you get the best pf network television automatically, movies on an OLED 720P screen, it will be a gorgeous screen, gorgeous. Compete with your HDTV because it’s in your lap and portable, and, this is the most important part. I think it has to have always on wireless a-la the Kindle, Whispernet style wireless, I don’t think you ever can necessarily connect this to your computer and that wireless is subsidized and the cost is subsidized by the content creator so, even though it’s a thousand dollar device, I think you are right Jason, they’ve got to bring it, and they are not going to bring it at 300, but I think it’s got to be…

Jason Calacanis 5 to 600, 700.

Leo Laporte 700 it’s going to be what it is. And maybe they’ll do an LCD for 700 and OLED for 8 or 9, I don’t know but I think subsidy is going to be the key.

Dwight Silverman Multiple models, multiple models and in that way they can offer something that you know, if you don’t want to pay the subsidy because a lot of people aren’t going to want to pay yet another 20 or $30 a month, you can get it and it won’t be overpriced but if you do, if you want to get the 3G and the OLED screen, you are willing to pay it. There has been some discussion among the many rumors that have come out from the hardware suppliers that they are looking at a 7-inch and a 10-inch and I can see doing the smaller version is kind of an uber-iPod Touch.

Leo Laporte Jason, what do you think?

Jason Calacanis Yes, I mean, clearly based on the HarperCollins stuff and The New York Times stuff, this thing is going to have an e-reader functionality. You nailed it on The Kindle…

Leo Laporte Oh, I left out gaming. I left out gaming by the way.

Jason Calacanis Yes, so this means that it has got e-reader functionality and it runs the iPhone applications if it does games which means we are probably talking about the iPhone operating system, not Mac OS X, which means it doesn’t need to have the same hardware footprint, so it could be more like a mobile phone processor memory footprint which makes it cheaper obviously. I heard rumors two or three years ago and I wrote about them, I may have talked about them on here, that Apple was going to go into the TV business.

Leo Laporte Right, I remember that.

Jason Calacanis And that…

Leo Laporte And you were sure of it too.

Jason Calacanis Well, I got it pre- from like where I got it from is, I’m not going to say because of Apple’s position and how they do stuff, but I got this from a really good place and I’ll leave it at that, and that they were working on TVs, and it makes total sense, because…

Leo Laporte Sure.

Jason Calacanis If you think about the Apple TV…

Leo Laporte Sure.

Jason Calacanis That and the Mac mini, those things could easily be, in fact people Velcro those to the back of TV.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis And iMac, the new iMac is a television set essentially you put it on your wall, so what’s the difference between making a 30-inch cinema display monitor and making a 42-inch TV, 12 inches.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis That’s all – that’s the only difference, and you know that the gearheads and the Apple fanboys would absolutely love to have an Apple television set.

Leo Laporte But what if you could make a 10-inch quarter, a 10-inch diagonal quarter inch thick OLED screen; now if you hold a 10-inch screen in front of your face that’s kind of the same as a 50-inch 10 ADP across the room.

Jason Calacanis Yes. And I think what you are – what we’ve talked about on the show before, when you get on a plane today you see a dozen or two people with those little DVD players. This is a definitive market, portable DVD players, I don’t know the size of it, somebody in the TWiT Live chatroom should go do a little research on it, I don’t know how many of those…

Leo Laporte I think those are 7 or 8 inches, those are not super big.

Jason Calacanis Right. But you – I mean how many of those do you see, everybody with kids has those and then you see another couple of dozen people, or a dozen people on every flight with, you see kids with an iPod Touch watching a Disney film, watching a Star Wars, Clone Wars or something like that, so it’s a natural evolution that there is a younger generation that would buy, I agree with you, your premise that they would hold their television.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Jason Calacanis And watch it that way, and if it had a stand in the back that made it stand as opposed to a third-party stand that would be a very Steve Jobs’ish feature to add. So I think the media player with a subscription and an e-reader is as close as we are going to get without seeing it but yes, it’s somewhere in that kill zone.

Leo Laporte Is that enough? I mean you are an expert on content, is that enough?

Jason Calacanis You know anything Steve Jobs makes is going to be intriguing, we know that.

Leo Laporte It’s going to be gorgeous. Right? It’s going to be…

Jason Calacanis It’s going to be gorgeous. The Kindle is a total success and they shipped more e-books than they did regular books on a couple of days in Christmas, it’s a little bit of a misleading stat but I think they were sold through, not in stores obviously, so e-books are a definitive trend, Apple’s a natural for the e-book category, why they are not in it already is peculiar and why there is no e-book reader on the iPhone that they produce is a little bit weird, don’t you think, so obviously they are saving that for something…

Leo Laporte And it needs to be bigger.

Jason Calacanis It’s an e-reader plus, plus, plus…

Leo Laporte And…

Jason Calacanis E-reader plus, plus, plus.

Leo Laporte And that’s where OLED I think really does well, it is lower power screen, particularly crisp, very legible, very readable, and it’s not – it’s not great in daylight, it’s usable in daylight but not great in daylight, so the Kindle – you might keep the Kindle for your daylight e-ink reading but I do think that this is perhaps a compelling device especially if you think of it as a content device.

Now here is the interesting thing, do you put a browser on it? Maybe. I don’t think you’d put e-mail on it. I don’t you’d put you know, you’d put an onscreen keyboard, but just to be used as a Kindle keyboard is used to find content, I don’t think it’s a content creation– I think it’s consumption, because I don’t…

Dwight Silverman I mean if you can do e-mail, why not put e-mail, if it’s going to be the iPhone Os which has a very nice e-mail client I think e-mail is a natural, I think you’d definitely put a web-browser on it.

Jason Calacanis Yes, well, I mean, remember we are dealing with Steve Jobs, I mean, why wouldn’t you put cut and paste on the iPhone…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis I mean it took a year, I mean, it’s quite possible he’ll leave a browser out for now and then he’ll get beat up into doing it, just like he got beat up into putting a second, you know button on a mouse.

Dwight Silverman But why wouldn’t he from the get-go

Leo Laporte Simplicity.

Jason Calacanis Well, because he is Steve Jobs.

Leo Laporte Simplicity. I think you are selling this as a crossover device. If you’ve got a laptop, you know, you don’t need this. If you’ve got an iPhone you don’t need this. This is a crossover device to be sold, and now by the way I got laughed off of this WEEK in GOOGLE yesterday by Jeff Jarvis because I said this is to be sold to people who don’t have computers, he said who would that be?

But I think it really is a – it’s not to replace your laptop or iPhone, it’s to replace your TV.

Jason Calacanis Yes, and for people who want to read books and magazines on the train…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis You know there are a lot of people like that in New York City who maybe are not using their computers to consume their media…

Leo Laporte It’s on…

Jason Calacanis This could be their first shot at it

Leo Laporte It’s in the bathroom, it’s on your breakfast table, it’s on the subway, it’s on the train…

Jason Calacanis People will use this device if it’s the right price. It’s not going to be the right price out of the gate, so I think actually that’s where – that’s the only part of your logic, I don’t go for Leo, is, respectfully is that you, I think that they will go at a high price like they always do, get suckers to buy it because we have to have it and then you’ll see it available at 99, whatever, 299 next at Christmas time so it’s going to come out at 699, and by Christmas it’ll be 299 with a subscription.

Leo Laporte I don’t think they can sell a compelling device, I think that this is – you are right, there’s two sticking points that are huge; you got to do the content deals and right now you know if you look at what TV shows or movies you can get on any of these places it’s like who wants to watch that. So that’s problem number one. They have, he has to get, you know, he’ll get Disney but he’s got to get everybody to play on this. And number two is how do you make the price low enough and yet make the hardware compelling enough, it has to be gorgeous.

Jason Calacanis What if it has a PVR in it, and a digital tuner where I can plug it into my TiVo or my satellite dish and I can record stuff to it and then take it on the go.

Leo Laporte I think it’s too complicated

Dwight Silverman [Indiscernible] (25:50), apple TV.

Leo Laporte You are Cyloning, you’re Cyloning, Dwight, if you can plug and unplug and plug in. I think that Steve’s going to work really hard, this is why I have this issue with e-mail and browser, I think Steve’s going to work rally hard to make this a super simple device.

Jason Calacanis What about, what about the HD over the airwaves? Why not put an HD [ph] core in it for all the local news? (26:15)

Leo Laporte He might have WiDi in it. This wireless display technology that Intel’s been talking about. You could put that in it. Actually there you go. I think that’s important. Let’s put WiDi in it.

Dwight Silverman Well, it also has 802.11n which means you could easily stream HD content over WiFi.

Leo Laporte That’s basically, you saw wireless, well you weren’t at CS but Intel was showing this wireless display technology which basically that’s what it is. It’s WiFi, but it’s, but you get a receiver from D-Link or, yes, D-Link that attaches to the TV and then the laptop and Dell’s doing this and HP is doing this, the laptop will stream to that receiver, so it’s just a simplified thing. I don’t, you know Steve does not like a bunch of stuff hanging of the side. He wants – I think he wants a beautiful silver and black monolith.

Dwight Silverman Self-contained.

Leo Laporte Self-contained, I don’t think he even wants to put a display port adapter on there but if you could figure out a wireless connection, that just kind of worked, I could see Steve may be doing that.

Jason Calacanis And then maybe he will come out with something where the new, because new MacTowers are coming out supposedly and maybe there’ll be some way to connect to this to your computer if you want some of those functionality, some of that functionality where it could be…

Leo Laporte You know, remember the MacBook Air, remember he put in – didn’t have a DVD player but he put it on every Mac, this kind of remote DVD capability…

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Leo Laporte So you could put the DVD in the iMac and you can see it on the MacBook Air, that’s the kind of thing…

Jason Calacanis I use that to install stuff, so again maybe that’s the kind of thing.

Leo Laporte Yes. And it’s got to be that transparent where you just go, oh, why don’t you just put the DVD in the Mac.

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Dwight Silverman But you know if you already have this, if you already have this ecosystem of applications and content for the iPod and the iPod Touch, and then I’m going back Leo to your saying that he’ll keep it simple and won’t include some things, I think you have to have everything that’s on the iPod Touch and the iPhone in order to make it compelling and to make people go, oh, well I’d rather have an iPhone instead of that because I can do all this with it. I mean he’s got to have a web browser on it. I don’t think you cannot put a web browser on it.

Leo Laporte Yes, maybe, I just think he’s going to – he wants to create a new category. I don’t think he wants to cannibalize iPhones or laptops, I think he wants to make something that’s never before been seen.

Dwight Silverman But a web browser at 10 inches.

Jason Calacanis So it will have a phone in it?

Leo Laporte No, no phone, no.

Jason Calacanis No phone.

Dwight Silverman A web browser at 10-inches is a different experience than a web browser at 3.5.

Leo Laporte Especially in a 720P OLED.

Dwight Silverman And particularly if you want to do e-commerce.

Leo Laporte Yes.

Dwight Silverman If he want to encourage e-commerce…

Leo Laporte No, yes, yes, you are right.

Dwight Silverman You got to have a browser.

Leo Laporte I just – I know how Steve wants to control the channel though, and a browser kind of opens it up a little bit more than he might want. Well, this is going to be very interesting. I think everybody has agreed that something is going to happen Wednesday that will either be huge or a big fat dud and if that’s the case that’s a big story. There is no question. We are going to do a full day of coverage. We start at 9:00 a.m. from outside the event. Andy Ihnatko and I will be there. We will go into the event together. We’ll do our best job.

Alex Lindsay will be anchoring here at the TWiT cottage with as many people as we can get in here and we’ll do the best job we can during the event, you know, Steve never allows that to be streamed, but usually there’s somebody getting something out of there, and if not we’ll at least follow the, you know I’ll be typing and we’ll follow Engadget and then gdgt, and everybody typing and then when we come out of the event I hope you’ll come over Dwight, certainly Andy will be there, we are going to have Jason Sell of MacWorld Magazine, and we’ll do a MacBreak Weekly right after the event talking in obsessive detail about what actually happened. And then we are not going to stop, we are going to keep going till 4:00 or 5:00 that afternoon, so a full day of coverage of whatever Apple Announces.

It’s gonna be interesting.

Jason Calacanis It’s going to be a huge day and do you know anybody who is actually claims to have seen anything on the QT…

Leo Laporte No.

Jason Calacanis Because we have people in the TWiT circle who will say like, I can’t – off the air, ‘I did see something, I do… ‘

Leo Laporte Nope.

Jason Calacanis So none of those people, you don’t have like a Kevin Rose whispering in your ear? Nothing?

Leo Laporte Nope. Nope; there has never been a tighter lid. The only problem they’ve had is these partners and I think even the New York Times is being a little disingenuous when they say ‘we’re going to do this next year.’

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte I think they, I think this is one of the tightest lids ever and I think that’s because Steve Jobs, the man who is the king of this, has…

Jason Calacanis He’s back.

Leo Laporte He’s back. This is his, maybe his last, I hate to say that, but this is very important to Steve. They have been – we know they have been working on this for seven years, since 2003. This – I think Steve sees this as every bit as important as the Mackintosh. This is a big announcement for Steve and I don’t think he – I think everybody at Apple knows your nuts are on the line here. This isn’t just your job; you’re going to lose a body part if you say word one. You know, Kevin asked for all the rumors. I don’t know if you saw this. He said let’s do a round up of all the rumors.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte I haven’t seen anything. He didn’t post; there’s no post!

Jason Calacanis And Gawker did the whole ‘we’ll pay people to break their NDAs…

Leo Laporte Gawker got nothing. $100,000; nothing.

Dwight Silverman You know if this is a dud and it doesn’t produce something, you know, you said it will be a big story. But kind of what does that say for Steve Jobs if it doesn’t? If it doesn’t score.

Leo Laporte You know what it says? Well, what it says is Steve is willing to swing for the fences, and he always has been, hasn’t he? He is a gutsy guy and I think Steve is not satisfied with anything less then excellence.

Jason Calacanis What’s the last dud? Was it the cube, I mean when’s the last time he – we’d say he did something and it was like embarrassing or just bad, just bad.

Leo Laporte I think the iBook, the first iBook was pretty bad. I think the Cube was not his fault; that was pre-Jobs.

Jason Calacanis Was it? I thought that he loved that thing.

Leo Laporte Or maybe he did, may be that was Jobs.

Dwight Silverman Yeah, that was his.

Jason Calacanis That was his, because he wanted to get rid of the fan, remember? He was like ‘I can’t stand the fan, nobody wants a fan, nobody wants a big computer, everybody wants an object of art on their desk.’ And everybody was like, ‘what?’

Leo Laporte I think you can make the case that the NeXTCube and the Apple Cube were successful as concepts, just they didn’t sell. The iBook sold well.

Jason Calacanis The Mac mini is the Cube, just flattened.

Leo Laporte The mini, yeah the mini.

Dwight Silverman Apple TV is kind of…

Leo Laporte That’s a flop.

Dwight Silverman That’s a flop.

Leo Laporte And Steve…

Dwight Silverman He deprecated that.

Leo Laporte He – because I was going to say, Steve deprecated it, saying ‘oh, it’s a hobby.’ I don’t think Steve ever had his heart and soul in that thing.

Dwight Silverman What about MobileMe?

Jason Calacanis Yeah, that was weird, I mean why did they come out with the Mac mini and the Apple TV? It makes no sense, because I was talking to somebody yesterday who has the Apple TV and he’s like, yeah I just can’t pull up a browser. I can’t do this and I can’t pull up Hulu and I’m like, I go on my Mac mini now.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis And I will load Hulu or Netflix in the browser.

Leo Laporte It’s much better, much better.

Jason Calacanis Much – it’s such a great…

Leo Laporte Boxee running on an Apple TV or XBMC or Flex running on an Apple, rather on a Mac mini is a great experience. It’s just that the connectors are a little bit…

Jason Calacanis And it’s more extendable, you can upgrade your Mac mini, even though it’s difficult, but it’s got all – more ports and all that kind of stuff. I just don’t understand that problem.

Leo Laporte No, it’s not that Steve is perfect. He is – the iPod hi-fi, that was a dud. In fact…

Dwight Silverman Oh, right.

Leo Laporte This could be the – I went to Cupertino for the big Steve Jobs announcement that was Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi in which he said ‘I wanted the perfect stereo system; I’ve thrown out my stereo system for this’ and sucks. iPod sucks. And this was the announcement, and I went out shaking my head. So it’s clear that Steve could, he could swing for the fences and whiff, but he hasn’t done it often and you got to say there’s no one in the industry who has four major successes; the Apple II, the Mackintosh, the iPod and the iPhone. There’s no one with that kind of success and this could be his fifth, and that’s enough to rest your laurels on.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I mean I don’t think anybody could ever say he is not the greatest technology product producer ever or maybe Sony; Sony in their heyday, Apple today are the two best producers of hardware at an innovation level. I mean all of the parts with innovation would be like some of the labs that existed in on the 60s and 70s…

Leo Laporte Sure, sure. Bell Labs and Lucent and then of course Xerox PARC.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I mean those – but that’s a research facility. I mean I guess…

Leo Laporte Well…

Jason Calacanis In some ways he has become the heir apparent to that.

Leo Laporte Well, look what happened. He went to Xerox PARC, he saw what they were doing and he productized it. He made – now he had the Lisa which was a flop, but that was the precursor to the Mackintosh which is anything but a flop. I mean he was the guy who productized that. So…

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte He – Xerox PARC famously created a bunch of great stuff which they never were able to ship.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte I don’t know. On the one hand I hope for a huge hit, because I – it would revitalize the industry to have another category, a new category.

Jason Calacanis I think the, I think the eBook done right, with multimedia functionality, is a slam-dunk. Because I, the only reason I’m not buying a Kindle is because I can’t check my e-mail or watch a movie or listen to Audible on it.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis If that device was – had a regular screen I would have one right now.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis And I think I’m not the only person who’s not buying it because it doesn’t e-mail, right. I mean or surf the web, I mean it’s – the Kindle is this absurd device. Like, the people who really love to read books love it, and then everybody else who would buy it is like, ‘what, I can’t check my e-mail or I can’t check the website?’ I mean, what? It doesn’t have a color screen; that doesn’t make any sense to me!

Leo Laporte The Kindle is so close and you still love it despite all of that, you still love it.

Jason Calacanis [ph] It’s very primitive though, very primitive. (35:41)

Jason Calacanis It’s so weird it’s sort of like; I don’t know, it’s like C-3PO or something like that. He’s just – it’s like a flawed – it’s a droid that is flawed in some way, but it’s got character.

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman One of the, one of those fun things about this will be is – at the end of Apple events they will some times have the executives sit-down and do a short Q&A with the press. And I’ll ask it or I’m sure someone else will ask if they bank heavily on content from books and magazines and newspapers to say to Steve Jobs, okay Steve; I thought people don’t read anymore and see kind of how he responds.

Leo Laporte He said that, didn’t he?

Dwight Silverman He did say that, that’s why Apple wasn’t doing an e-reader, because…

Leo Laporte Do remember though that Steve Jobs also said ‘I can’t imagine anybody watching video on a little screen.’ He is famous for deflection and it could very well be he’s just merely deflected.

Dwight Silverman Well, and Google’s getting pretty good at it too when they said they wouldn’t do their own phone.

Leo Laporte Yeah, we love that phone, by the way. Now you, I know Dwight you are not yet a convert, but Jason I think soon you’re going to be a Nexus One convert, and I cannot get over this phone, I just love this phone.

Jason Calacanis I have it right here and I am going to be switching from Droid to it, and all I need is the [ph] IP based (36:57) cameras, maybe Bejeweled 2 which is definitely going put [indiscernible] (37:00).

Leo Laporte Oh, no, no. Yeah, there’s a good one that’s a Bejeweled clone that I really like called…

Jason Calacanis I have to play Bejeweled now when I’m online for Starbucks or something.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I know.

Jason Calacanis I have OCD.

Leo Laporte I wish it had more games, although the number category on Android is – in the Android marketplace is games. Jewellust, take a look at that. It’s basically Bejeweled but I think it has a storyline, it’s very playable and it makes this nice plinking sound.

Jason Calacanis Oh, that’s Bejeweled.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s Bejeweled.

Jason Calacanis That’s Bejeweled, that’s satisfying.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I can’t stop playing it. It’s actually a little bit better than Bejeweled.

Dwight Silverman I [indiscernible] (37:33) just be quiet for a while so you can play it?

Leo Laporte Yeah, would you mind? I’d just like to play for a little while.

Jason Calacanis This game, it’s terrible that you actually showed Bejeweled or we talked about it, because this game is basically the crack of the…

Leo Laporte Well, it’s like Tetris was.

Dwight Silverman It’s like Tetris.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis It’s beyond Tetris and now they have one that – on the iPhone, connects to Facebook and so…

Leo Laporte I play that one, yup.

Jason Calacanis Now I see on my leader board all my friends. And I look at it and my…

Leo Laporte You’re right.

Jason Calacanis My two sister-in-laws are like, their mom’s…

Leo Laporte What’s your high score, what’s the high score you got on there?

Jason Calacanis I think I’m up to, like, 290.

Leo Laporte Wow!

Jason Calacanis [indiscernible] thousand (38:05) on Blitz, on the one minute blitz.

Leo Laporte Blitz is the one that’s shared. I play Blitz and a few of my friends, like, [ph] Nicole Kerako (38:09) is like at 250,000, like every week when they – because they start it new every week, how do you get that high? I can only get, like, to 80!

Jason Calacanis It’s very simple, very simple. The most important technique in Bejeweled, I don’t know if I should say this; this is where my score is. But you have to go fast and when you go fast you get cascading jewels.

Leo Laporte There’s a multiplier.

Jason Calacanis So when you have multiple jewels break it multiplies and then you get that jewel that says 2X, 3X, 4X.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis Then what you do is at some point while you’re going fast you get one of those megacubes which is a five in a row that blows things up.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis And you only ignite that; you leave it like a grenade and to hit like four or five or six X, because then it’s like four, five or six times more effective. So the only thing you should be worried about is getting the percentage up and then at some point you have an opportunity to hit that; that’s how you get good scores. 80 if it was – if you were on triple score or quadruple score would be 240.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis You have to get to that; that’s the key element.

Leo Laporte Because I accidentally, I didn’t how, I got to 120,000. I thought what did I do? I don’t know what happened there.

Jason Calacanis Right, it’s the multiplier.

Leo Laporte It’s the multiplier.

Jason Calacanis But anyway, it shows why Zynga is doing so well because now I’m in a competition with my two sister-in-laws every week. And when I’m basically in a commercial break if I’m watching TV [ph] and Live (39:23), I turn this thing…

Leo Laporte I ‘veve been playing Blitz too. I love that.

Jason Calacanis It’s addictive.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis It’s bizarrely addictive.

Leo Laporte But that’s, this is why I think a tablet with gaming, that kind of social gaming.

Jason Calacanis Yes.

Leo Laporte I mean I just, I think this is going to be that – Steve’s got to look at all of this social, what do you call this, social…

Jason Calacanis Social gaming.

Leo Laporte Social crack.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, social crack.

Leo Laporte This addictive social gaming. He has got a – he’s not stupid. He’s got to be looking at this and realize how powerful that is.

Jason Calacanis Right. And so basically this is a Nintendo – this taps into the Nintendo Wii effect which is your sister-in-law, your mom, my mom, your aunts…

Leo Laporte What if you could get FarmVille…

Jason Calacanis Oh, it’s Mark Pincus. Could you imagine FarmVille on a 10-inch tablet? That is the killer – I think we’ve figured it out; that’s what Steve Jobs is going to announce. You got like a 7-inch Farm or 10-inch Farm and it’s going to be subsidized by FarmVille.

Leo Laporte I think we just hit it, that’s it.

Jason Calacanis It’s the virtual currency in that. That would be pretty epic, if people could just be like, take out their Farm and they got people on the subway, not reading the New York Times, just planning a Farm that is meaningless.

Dwight Silverman That’s the end of civilization.

Leo Laporte It’s the end of civilization; it’s the end of this network. If you don’t hear a TWiT episode for a month or two, you’ll know why.

Jason Calacanis It will be Leo and I are playing Bejeweled on a 10-inch screen with 1000 gems.

Leo Laporte I think we’ve hit it.

Jason Calacanis And trying to beat each other’s scores and getting nothing accomplished.

Leo Laporte I think we’ve hit it.

Dwight Silverman Leo this is – we’re in an economic tesseract and you need to not be promoting this kind of – it will ruin the economy.

Leo Laporte This is the worst possible time. It would be Steve Jobs’ – he would be like Openheimer;’ now I am death.’ He will be like the guy who invented the atomic bomb and – but it was an economic atomic bomb and in 20 years when we are just living in rubble and nobody is producing anything and everybody is just looking at their tablet going, ‘I need artichokes’ we’ll know.

Jason Calacanis Heh, Mark Pincus and Steve Jobs collaborate to end the world.

Leo Laporte It’s the end of civilization.

Jason Calacanis It’s sort of like Idiocracy or Wall-E. You know like in Wall-E they are on those floating fliers with tablets, doing nothing.

Leo Laporte Right, that’s exactly what it is. He saw Wall-E and he said ‘that’s it!’

Jason Calacanis The picture guys gave him the vision for the future. Art imitating life or life imitating art: you decide.

Leo Laporte Oh my God, I think – you know what: that’s the final – the final jewel just clicked into place.

Jason Calacanis Social gaming on that tablet. It would be pretty amazing actually. When you think about the effect that…

Dwight Silverman There are some social – there are some like Wi-Fi games if you are on the same network you can play – like there is an air hockey game for the iPhone. And – but the problem is is that you have to be on the same network. If you could do something at that level, that fast, that speed…

Jason Calacanis What if the tablet turns into a tennis paddle, people would be swinging their $700 tablets, that [indiscernible] (42:16).

Leo Laporte No, no, no bad idea, bad idea. No this is like Surface, it stays there. What about Steve Perlman’s OnLive Company?

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte Where he – we talked about this, my friend Ryan Shaw – by the way he got a DMCA cease and desist – I have to ask him about this – from OnLive, because he was a Beta Tester and he did all these reviews and really great videos and it really was great. And he has been told to just – ‘take that down, you can’t do that. You can’t report on that.’

Jason Calacanis I hear it’s sick.

Leo Laporte Well, it’s really interesting because the idea is you could a low-end device, in fact one of the devices they show looks a lot like an iPhone attached to a TV or a good display, and then over the internet it gets the game and the game is rendered out there in the cloud where you have faster computers and sent to you. Now what if this – what if something like that is built into this thing?

Jason Calacanis Yeah, that would be very interesting if the mainframe style computing was done over the network or something like that, but I don’t know that it’s necessary because he’s got this huge library of casual games.

Leo Laporte Right, casual games are it.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, the casual games don’t require that much and you know that the processing power in the mobile processors are going to double and triple and – it’s the sort of, they’re going to – they’re good enough now, they’re only going to get better.

Leo Laporte What about DRM? Will there be DRM in this, copy protection? Has to be, right?

Dwight Silverman Oh sure.

Jason Calacanis Well, if he’s doing the macro – if he’s doing the iPhone application it is.

Leo Laporte Right, yeah. It’s built in.

Jason Calacanis So – and it’s pretty clear why would he go and put Mac OS X on it, it makes it more complicated.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I know. You don’t put OS X on it. You know some of these mock ups have a dock; no, no, no. I think it’s simpler than an iPhone. It’s just boom, simple.

Dwight Silverman You admit to the idea of going to the cloud for a lot of the computing for this, you know Apple is building that data center in North Carolina.

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah.

Dwight Silverman And so what if you – what if that was kind of the farm for a lot of the stuff that they were doing that was offline or online rather?

Leo Laporte Well, we’re going to find out Wednesday. I think this could be huge, could be the biggest dud and we will talk about it next week, and we’ll talk about it. I am calling it our obsessive compulsory coverage all day Wednesday from 8:30 or 9 a.m. until we can’t talk anymore, right.

Jason Calacanis Until your voice is so hoarse that you cannot utter the words ‘Steve Jobs.’

Leo Laporte [Hoarsely] I found it; FarmVille, FarmVille! I can’t stop playing!

Jason Calacanis [Hoarsely] It’s amazing!

Leo Laporte Jason’s on a rant; he’s on a rampage, he is on a tear. He is ready, ready to destroy one of the key companies on the internet and he’s going to tell you why in just a little bit. But before we do that, I want to mention our friends at This is a company that I think is a miraculous company, started as a kind of a blogging tool by two guys in college. It’s now become, I think, one of the most amazing hosting sites. So it’s both hosting, it’s a hosted website with incredible software. That’s the combination we are talking.

I want you to go to, you can take a look at it, right. In fact, you can try it free. It makes it very easy for you to take your existing site whether it’s a blog with Movable Type or TypePad or Blogger or WordPress and move it over, if you’ve got a photo site you’ll love the galleries, you’ll love the templates, you’ll love the ease with which you can take these professionally built, I think there is 50 professionally built templates, and then customize them so it’s unique. It’s always been this kind of push-and-pull between having professional templates but then having every site look exactly the same.

Squarespace has totally solved this because they give you the great start, the incredible templates, but then you go from there to make – make it your own to customize it with this very easy drag-and-drop AJAX-y customization. And the hosting is great because it’s – the virtual hosting that they are doing means that whenever your site gets hit, they can add bandwidth easily, you never run out of bandwidth, you just – it responds to being dug or slashdotted like nothing. And SEO optimization is automatic, stats are brilliant. Jason, you were going to say something?

Jason Calacanis I was – yeah. You know, I’ve been tracking this company for a while, it’s a New York Company and I’m looking at the examples on their site, if you go to the examples tab. And this is really interesting for businesses, you know, you used to hire a firm and pay – what would you pay, $2,500?

Leo Laporte More – tens of thousands, yes.

Jason Calacanis Five thousand – yeah, but even if you are doing like a mom and pop store, you know, maybe you get your uncle, cousin to do it, your cousin know somebody, you pay $3,000 or $5,000 and it’s – you can never edit it again and that person goes off and becomes a lawyer, and you never hear from him again, like, this is the sustainable solution for $50 a month for a business or $30 a month for a business or for a band if it wants to have a professional site.

Leo Laporte Absolutely.

Jason Calacanis And you get support and all this kind of stuff, they got an iPhone app.

Leo Laporte Social integration – oh, the iPhone app is incredible. I mean I have to say that’s a…

Jason Calacanis Three years ago these guys applied for TechCrunch40 back in the day and they had already had the product out, so it sort of wasn’t qualified for it because, you know, we have to launch the product brand new, but I was very impressed about it three years ago and they’ve really – it’s really a high-quality product. I think anybody who was building the business site should very much consider it, I mean for $10 a month or $20 a month, whatever they are charging, I mean it’s nothing for what the value you get. So before you go spend the four, $5,000 building the site, you should try doing it yourself for $30.

Leo Laporte If you look at the, topically the Yéle Haiti site, imagine the traffic that this has sustained over the last two weeks for the earthquake fund, on Squarespace, never down for a moment, you know. Marc Ecko uses it. I mean, just look at some of the examples. And the thing is they all look different, they all look unique. They don’t look like somebody kind of templated this site, and yet it’s so easy to do, so straightforward, you’re just going to – you’re going to love Squarespace. Why don’t you try it for free. Go to; 10% off if you decide to buy, but you can get two weeks free right now, no credit card needed or anything and – it’s just – if you are thinking about building a site, you are right, a small business – or even a big business – a lot of big businesses use Squarespace now. It’s just a great choice;, give them a try. I think you are going to like it.

So, Jason, I got your newsletter. You call it a newsletter, your email, I guess.

Jason Calacanis I’m old school, it’s my email newsletter. Yeah, I just email it to 19 – it’s 19,000 people now, it’s kind of ridiculous.

Leo Laporte It’s fantastic. And it’s free – is it still free, can people just sign up?

Jason Calacanis Yeah it’s free, just you go to – if you go to there’s a forum. [ph] I put up a little Google doc (49:05) I import it every couple weeks, and – you know, thousand people seem to sign up a month, I’ve been doing it for a year now.

Leo Laporte You know, this is what kind of replaced your blogging although occasionally you will do, I know, when something like this – when it’s a big story you’ll put up – put it in the blog as well.

Jason Calacanis I have to put it on the blog now. So I send it to my email people first and then maybe couple of hours later when I, you know, get the time between changing diapers I’ll put it on the blog.

Leo Laporte How is the baby by the way?

Jason Calacanis It’s – I have to say like it’s, of course it’s life changing, but it’s – it’s one of those things where people tell you this is amazing and it’s not overrated, it’s underrated.

Leo Laporte No, it is.

Jason Calacanis But people say all the time like this is the greatest thing ever…

Leo Laporte Oh, no, you don’t know.

Jason Calacanis …and I’m like – I just sat there this morning I had like that allure time for an hour with her and now she, just the last week she started giggling or just smiling, and I’m just sitting there for an hour staring at my daughter and she is laughing and giggling, I’m just like my life is complete. I didn’t realize how – how much more there was to life until I spent time with her.

Leo Laporte You can’t know. And, we are all dads here and we’ve all – I’m sure Dwight you’ve had this experience, you see somebody who is about to have a baby and you just – you just kind of shake your head, you cannot communicate what is about to happen, you are about to walk through a door that will – everything is different.

Dwight Silverman It makes you a better person in ways you have no idea is coming.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it’s really true. So, congratulation Jason, I’m glad you are getting some time.

Jason Calacanis I’m loving it. And…

Leo Laporte Yeah. It’s wonderful.

Jason Calacanis …everybody told me it would take my – I would take my edge away but I still have this thing where when I see somebody getting bullied…

Leo Laporte You’re still a son of a bitch.

Jason Calacanis No. If is see a situation where people are being bullied…

Leo Laporte That seems to be your new thing, isn’t it? Because that – you did that with the angel funds and now with this.

Jason Calacanis I did it with the angel funds, and I’m doing it again now.

Leo Laporte Jasonslist, why we should boycott comScore and perhaps why traders should short their stock, that’s the incendiary thing.

Jason Calacanis It’s pretty incendiary except I go on to explain like I do not own any stocks, I do not buy stocks, I know nothing about stocks.

Leo Laporte I was surprised to see that. You only have bonds and angel investing.

Jason Calacanis Well, put it this way – bonds, when I buy bonds, I buy the California ones that are backed by revenue. What that means is they get paid off by the money that comes in from the taxes for the toll roads. There is no way for them to go bankrupt. You would have to have stop having revenue on the toll road, which is not going to happen.

Leo Laporte Plus they’re double tax-free in California, which is a very nice thing in a 7%, or 8% or whatever the hell it is.

Jason Calacanis So basically I can sleep all night. I don’t have any problems sleeping. I know that – I know my nut’s not going anywhere. And…

Leo Laporte Right. But, and so now much more risky, the angel investing, but much more fun I imagine.

Jason Calacanis A lot of fun. I did four last year, and I’m going to do 10 this year. I typically put $25,000 to work or $50,000 to work, it’s not a lot of money for me at this point in my career, but it is…

Leo Laporte Oh, it’s huge for the company you are investing in, not just for the dollar but because they now say Jason or Kevin Rose and I know you do some stuff with Kevin – they can say your name and that carries a lot of weight.

Jason Calacanis I guess it does. It’s kind of flattering.

Leo Laporte It definitely does, yeah.

Jason Calacanis But I think that the bigger value is that I’m a product guy and I’m – I’ve been – gotten my butt kicked many times in business, I’ve been through the – I’ve been through the war, I’ve laid people off at two companies, I just have – I’ve gotten my ass kicked so many times…

Leo Laporte You have a lot of knowledge.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, that I can just – I basically give them my cell phone, I say listen, when you can’t talk to your spouse, when you can’t talk to your Board and you can’t talk to your employees, call me.

Leo Laporte Been there, done that, yeah.

Jason Calacanis Because I’ve been there and it’s the loneliest thing in the world to be an entrepreneur sometimes.

Leo Laporte I can imagine.

Jason Calacanis And – you are now. And so think about the times when, you know, when the bills at TWiT or, you know, the money wasn’t coming in and your wife or your kids need stuff and you know, like, maybe this is going to work, maybe it’s not, you know, we had great advertising for two months and now nobody is calling us back. You know, these things happen in every business. And it’s – it can be…

Leo Laporte I’m calling you when it does, Jason.

Jason Calacanis You – I mean, it’s just – it’s you have to have somebody to talk to. So that’s what I provide. [Indiscernible] (53:01).

Leo Laporte By the way, Jason is always – Jason is not – we don’t have investors, but Jason has always been a wonderful sounding board. You’ve taught me so much – unwittingly, I think, because sometimes it’s just you being on TWiT talking, but I’ve learned so much from you and the times that we have corresponded, you are a wonderful valued advisor, you are really great at this.

Jason Calacanis The way I look at my life is I’m – there is a term in poker called freerolling, which is when you get, basically put into a poker tournament for free, so like full tilt [ph] page (53:28) response – you’re freerolling. No matter what happens, you are not going lose anything.

Leo Laporte Right. You can’t lose, you are using the house’s money.

Jason Calacanis And I have officially decided that I’m freerolling on life, you know.

Leo Laporte Congratulations.

Jason Calacanis My entire life is a goddamn freeroll.

Leo Laporte Good for you.

Jason Calacanis So therefore – therefore, I’m going to [indiscernible] (53:47) companies and pay it forward and have a great time…

Leo Laporte Pay it forward. Yeah, good for you.

Jason Calacanis And when I see somebody being a bully, as was the case in Keiretsu Forum and as was the case – is the case in comScore, I’m going to step up and say something, you know what, this does open me up to tremendous attacks from people, personal, professional…

Leo Laporte I can imagine.

Jason Calacanis And, you know, I just don’t care at this point in my carrier if somebody is going to be a bully I’m going to use my platform to call them out on it and if there is ramifications for it and people want to unsubscribe from the list, they can.

Leo Laporte Yeah, you are in a position where you can do this. And I think a lot of people don’t feel safe doing this. So let’s talk about comScore. There are a couple of companies, Quantcast is somebody I use, Google Analytics I also use. comScore is a company like that that publishes traffic numbers.

Jason Calacanis Correct, they publish traffic numbers. And so in the early days of the internet we looked at our log files, we were like, wow, we have log files, we can go look at this stuff.

Leo Laporte Yeah, why do you need somebody like this? I know exactly my numbers

Jason Calacanis Right. And so what happened was the – they went – they created this company comScore, they got two million people to download toolbars and they made a sample. What the sample is, it’s just Nielsen. So they went back to the old technology. You say, why would somebody go back to the old technology and do a sample. It makes no sense. We have actual logs we can look at. Well they did this because now they – once they reached scale, everybody had to pay them. And for years when I had weblogs inc. they would under-report my sites. And I would call them. And I would…

Leo Laporte You mean – would they intentionally under-report them?

Jason Calacanis Well they’re doing a sample. So their sample doesn’t include people at work…

Leo Laporte Which is not accurate.

Jason Calacanis …and it’s not big enough, it’s inaccurate like any other sample.

Leo Laporte The same way Arbitron is on radio and Nielsen is in television.

Jason Calacanis Exactly. And the bigger you are, the more accurate it becomes for two reasons. Number one, it’s a sample so you have a greater chance of getting picked up. So, and then number two, from what I’m told by everybody, and there is many blog posts you can see, there is some correlation between when you are a subscriber – previously there were some correlation between being a subscriber to comScore and their ability to – your numbers to be correct.

Now that was undercover, like people – that was like always this rumor in the industry. I begged them at Weblogs, Inc saying, please fix our numbers, it’s really impacting my abilities to sell ads on Engaged or [ph] our blog (56:00). They told me to pound salt. And I had nothing I could do. And I tried to say this is wrong, and nobody listened to me. Now I’ve got a bigger megaphone and so they came out and said, you know what, we are going to – you know, for ten years we told you are sample was the best, we’re changing to be like Quantcast and Google Analytics now and we are going to include that; and everybody is like, what? This is after a decade of telling everybody in the world that tracking pixels are wrong and here’s why.

Leo Laporte So, the way Quantcast to Google Analytics and others, chartbeat is another one that you told me about, I know you are an investor in chartbeat

Jason Calacanis Yeah, fantastic. No, not an investor yet, advisor.

Leo Laporte Oh, you are not? Okay. Just advisor. You put a little JavaScript or you could put a one by one pixel in there but you put something on the webpage that then calls their server and so they can monitor it. The reason you have to do this, I mean, yeah I have logs, I know what my logs are, but an advertiser is not going to believe me when I say this is my traffic. You need an…

Jason Calacanis Right, third-party verification.

Leo Laporte …you need an independent third-party that people trusts like Nielsen or Arbitron. But Nielsen or Arbitron have always been kind of famous in broadcasting as being – it’s the dirty little secret of broadcasting, broadcasters don’t – they know the samples are wrong, but they are terrified of getting accurate numbers because they are afraid of what they might find out. But the web has always been accurate. We’ve always known.

Jason Calacanis Right. Yeah, and so here is the punch line. They come out with this new system that they are calling Media Metrix 360 methodology, which is basically using the tracking pixel and using their two million sample which has never worked well. So they are basically saying that old system that we told you was the best system, it is not actually the best system anymore, I’m paraphrasing here, but you use this new system, and by the way, at least this was the news last week, it’s $10,000 a year.

Leo Laporte Oh!.

Jason Calacanis And it’s like, okay what happens if I don’t pay that? And they said, well we’ll just produce your numbers like we’ve always done it.

Leo Laporte Inaccurately.

Jason Calacanis So basically – yes. So basically here is your choices. It’s pretty binary: one, you pay us this money and we will produce correct statistics for you, the same correct statistics you get for free at or Google Analytics. Pay us the money, we can fix it. Don’t pay us, we use our old system, which is sample based, which we have just told you is inaccurate. And we admit it’s inaccurate now, that’s why we’ve added this pixel tracking. You know what that sounds like to me?

Leo Laporte What?

Jason Calacanis A Sopranos episode. It sounds like extortion.

Leo Laporte It would be a shame if something were going to happen to your numbers.

Jason Calacanis Listen Leo, you have numbers, we have numbers, we have a business to run. You are making money, we should make us some money. You have to eat, we have to eat.

Leo Laporte But this – you know, this is where [ph] it goes south (58:40) is the complicity of media because – and I still see this all the time. Media is always quoting Compete, they are always quoting…

Jason Calacanis Another sample size, yeah.

Leo Laporte Compete sucks. They are always quoting Alexa and Alexa-based services, and they are always quoting comScore. And we all know because we know what our numbers are, that this don’t relate to the actual numbers. And yet the media reports these numbers.

Jason Calacanis Which is what I’ve done, I’ve begged people, please, journalist bloggers out there, do not use these numbers because your, it’s self re-enforcing. But now we have Quantcast that’s out there and Quantcast is crushing it. And if you go there…

Leo Laporte Good, good. I love Quantcast.

Jason Calacanis …if you look at the top 100 sites, top 200 sites, you see this thing quantified. So they do a sample and then they also do tracking pixel. And you can start – you’re starting to see that out of the top 500 sites, like I think they’ve got a third of them or two-thirds of them have now done it.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis comScore as they’ve vowed to go away. And this is what I was getting at. I think that their stock and their company is going to go away because you are charging for something that is now free. It’s the same thing with Google Analytics, who is going to pay for Omniture if Google Analytics is for free. And so I basically unloaded on them and said, listen, I am going to do this the same way I did with Keiretsu. We’re going to do it the hard way or we can do it the easy way. I basically laid out the demands and I said I want you to stop charging companies or go to a freemium model but you should be committed to giving everybody the same correct best methodology for statistics regardless of if they are customer viewers or not.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis And I think that's completely reasonable.

Leo Laporte Absolutely.

Jason Calacanis And so did you know when you…

Leo Laporte Dwight, Dwight, you must quote site numbers. Do you have any policy about which numbers you use? What is the classic…?

Dwight Silverman The case with a lot of journalists is they get who gives it to them the fastest.

Leo Laporte They get a press release.

Dwight Silverman And they get it right. It’s the easiest to get.

Leo Laporte Yup.

Dwight Silverman The kind of things I write about I don’t generally do that unless I am and I stay away from sites like Alexa and those that use the tracking – the sampling because it generally means that you aren’t getting the accurate result. You want something, you know, where it is based primarily on your – on the number of cookies and the actual hits. We use omniture at the Chronicle for our site.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Dwight Silverman And when I get it from somewhere like that I do. Interesting Jason that Linda Abraham has responded to you and…

Jason Calacanis The CMO responded very…

Leo Laporte What did she say?

Jason Calacanis Go ahead.

Leo Laporte Is she mad at you? Would she be mad at you? What did she say?

Jason Calacanis She went on [indiscernible] (1:01:19) a little bit. I don’t have it in front of me. I’d have to pull it up…

Leo Laporte Do you have it, Dwight?

Jason Calacanis It’s pretty good.

Dwight Silverman Yeah, I have got it.

Leo Laporte I am just looking at the traffic numbers I get from Quantcast. I just – have you – is it your experience, Jason, if you compare to your logs that it’s accurate, it should be, right?

Jason Calacanis Quantcast is probably about 1 to 5% less than Google Analytics and I think it’s because we put Google Analytics at the top of the page because we wanted to make sure those numbers are totally accurate and we put Quantcast at the bottom because we don’t – we want to save time and make these prints faster for users. So there is another issue that’s going on here. We have Google Analytics, Quantcast and Chartbeat and so I am going to work with those companies and ask them to make one tracking pixel that they all share.

Leo Laporte That would be nice.

Jason Calacanis This – I can’t put four tracking pixels on a...

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah. I already have way too much – I have way too much JavaScript on my page and…

Jason Calacanis So whoever…

Leo Laporte …a lot of people who listen to TWiT block JavaScript anyway because we keep telling them to do that.

Jason Calacanis So that's the thing about the tracking pixel. The goof of this all is the tracking pixels are 5% less, 10% less than reality…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis …because of people on phones, phones with JavaScript turned off, people who leave the page or stop to hit the stop button, whatever, you know, but who cares if it’s 90% correct or 95% correct that’s great but Comscore has been - I mean you just ask anybody to go look at their Comscore numbers, that's why Comscore does not publicly put out their numbers; because they are so bad that they are like a magnitude off. Like 100% off, two times off, three times off. When – I had to beg them, I was like, you’re showing Engadget with 100,000 people, we have two million uniques or a million uniques and they wouldn’t – and you know what, this is – when you’re a bully and you bully the little kid and the little kid grows up and he gets big, you better be careful. Because, you know what, I had – I didn’t have any influence then but I can tell you I have influence now…

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis …and I am not going to let this issue go until they capitulate.

Leo Laporte You don’t mess with the kid from Brooklyn.

Jason Calacanis The kid from Brooklyn. No, I am dead serious about this. I am not – they can sue me or whatever they want to do what, you know, just like the Keiretsu Forum threatened to sue me and they didn’t but we will solve this one way or the other and the way we solve it with Keiretsu Forum is I launched the Open Angel Forum and now it’s in four cities.

Leo Laporte Right. Oh that's great.

Jason Calacanis And it’s free.

Leo Laporte Oh congratulations. That's great to hear.

Jason Calacanis And I think Quantcast is a solution, so I would launch my own metrics company or invest in one but I don’t have to do that because Quantcast is already out there doing it and they are doing a bang-up job. So I think the market will solve this problem.

Leo Laporte I think so to. I think it has to. We are going to take a break and talk about Jason’s favorite subject but before and when we come back I do want to talk about a very controversial or maybe not, but a very scary column by Bruce Schneier who was one of the most respected security guys in the world who says you can blame our government for what happened to Google. That is coming up in just a little bit but first I do want to mention, okay, go ahead Jason,

Jason Calacanis Are you – are we mentioning Audible?

Leo Laporte Audible,

Jason Calacanis You know what I love about Audible…

Leo Laporte What did you love about Audible?

Jason Calacanis Well, I mean there is so many, how much time do we have?

Leo Laporte By the way Audible loves Jason. Audible says we will buy two ads when Jason’s on the show. They love you.

Jason Calacanis I am not even goofing. I, you know, I…

Leo Laporte No, we – no, this is sincere. You know…

Jason Calacanis I did this long before. Everybody knows I love this company for a long time.

Leo Laporte Since 2001.

Jason Calacanis I loved them before Amazon even bought them.

Leo Laporte Yup.

Jason Calacanis But now on Blippy which you are a member of, I’m a member of…

Leo Laporte I love Blippy by the way.

Jason Calacanis I love Blippy. I’m an investor in it, full disclosure.

Leo Laporte Thank you for doing it. By the way, disclosure here is also as long as we are talking about that I don’t invest in tech companies as you know Jason and…

Jason Calacanis I know.

Leo Laporte …I am sure Dwight, you don’t either but it just kind of…

Dwight Silverman No.

Leo Laporte …what we have to do so that people know that when we talk about something it’s not because we are getting a deal out of it.

Jason Calacanis Right. You don’t invest in anything. I have invested in four of the…

Leo Laporte You are not a journalist. Exactly, you are, you are…

Jason Calacanis …and I always say right up front I have been an investor in this…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis You know like I say because I am proud of it, anyway but Blippy lets you import the Audible stuff, so now I have been sharing my picks from Audible on air and a whole discussion, and you know, it’s kind of cool because I have the gold membership which is two credits a month which is the one I recommend because I can’t listen to more than two and I am getting backed up now and the great thing is they let you – if you don’t use the credits that month, it’s not a problem.

Leo Laporte No, they add up.

Jason Calacanis They add up.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis So then let’s say you finally take that vacation or you’ve got that long flight or you are going on a road trip. You might have two, three credits left, you can bank those and they have a list of all the top books of the year on there right now, like editor’s picks. They have some – there are some – there are some audio book awards. I don’t know the name of it but they had it on their site and so I literally went through all the…

Leo Laporte They are the Audie – Audies, I think, they are called.

Jason Calacanis The Audies, yes. So I went on there and I am looking at my right now and I got Bright-sided: ‘How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking…’

Leo Laporte What a great series.

Jason Calacanis ...blah blah blah, because that was one of the best self-help and then I did ‘World Wide Wave: Creating triggers that get millions of people to do stuff’ and then ‘Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Other People’ and this is the great way to do it, is you just find the award-wining books and you skim the cream and you’re basically guaranteed to get a winner. And even if you don’t you listen to the first two hours of it, you can get something out of it. You move onto the next one because you are going to have 24 audio books a year, you are going to have a library and, you know, my wife now listens to the ones that I am done with. I can burn a CD. You know it’s a very…

Leo Laporte I was really glad you got Audible too, you got them to add Audible because that’s just…

Jason Calacanis That’s the good part about being an investor in the company.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis I told them – they said – they’re like how – what do you think, what should we do? I was like you got to get Audible up there and I – they got it up in like two days and now can you give us our password? Your password? I am like, absolutely I will give you my password to Audible and they did all the backend work to data normalize but you can see what the people on Blippy who are – that’s the cool part, is you can click on Audible there…

Leo Laporte Blippy is fun.

Jason Calacanis …and you see all the people who have Audible subscriptions and it’s a lot of intelligent people. It’s pretty much a known fact that if you have an Audible subscription, you increase your IQ by, I think, it’s 12 to 15 points now.

Leo Laporte I think that’s yeah, yeah at least.

Jason Calacanis It’s 12 to 15, somewhere like - because you know when you’re an adult? I don’t want to get too deep into this but as an adult, I mean, you know, when was the last time either of us were in school? When was the last time we learned anything? This is when – this is what Audible’s about. It’s the way to make yourself a better person, to learn more and educate yourself after you don’t go to school anymore and you got kids, you got a family now, you are too busy, half an hour drive turns into a half hour lecture…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis …and you don’t have time to read because you are on your computer screen all the time. I can’t say enough good things about it and if you are a fan of the show This WEEK in TECH which you do get for free by the way, you should really thank Audible.

Leo Laporte Absolutely.

Jason Calacanis You should thank Squarespace and you should thank…

Leo Laporte Citrix, yup.

Jason Calacanis …Citrix and I am going to do something here. It’s a little freestyle here, I hope you don’t mind. I have a Nexus One. I bought 10 of these because I gave them away to Mahalo users and people follow them at Twitter like user appreciation but I save this one for – specifically this purpose. Whoever thanks the sponsors right now and I think it’s, @squarespace and @citrix. We’ll just thank those three people, put #TWiT on the end or hit the hash tag for #TWiT and…

Leo Laporte I think it’s – I think it’s citrix_gotomeeting, is that what it is? I don’t know but you have to do it on Twitter, right?

Jason Calacanis On Twitter. You just thank the three sponsors and I will give this to somebody randomly.

Leo Laporte So, you are just going to go through those tags and find somebody and just pick somebody.

Jason Calacanis [ph] My assistant is… (1:09:04)

Leo Laporte Yeah, let’s [indiscernible] (1:09:05) do it. Well, I will tell you what. I am going to…

Dwight Silverman [Indiscernible] (1:09:08).

Leo Laporte Yeah, he is good. I am going to give you…

Jason Calacanis [ph] It’s like a $600 (1:09:10) device, right?

Leo Laporte That’s a fantastic price. Thank you so much for doing that, Jason. I can’t thank you enough. That’s very kind of you.

Jason Calacanis Okay, it’s a great phone and I am…

Leo Laporte It is a great phone and you probably – if you listen to TWiT, you know, you have heard me singing its praises like for the last two weeks because I just fell in love with it. I actually wake up in the middle of the night and play with it.

Jason Calacanis Are you talking about the phone?

Leo Laporte Yeah, right, of course.

Jason Calacanis Yes, I am sorry. Back to for program, back to the Audible ad.

Leo Laporte Yes, back to the Audible ad. Now I am going to make…

Jason Calacanis [ph] I think we saved the show by the way. (1:09:34) I wake up at night and play with it.

Leo Laporte …and play with it. I am going to give you [indiscernible] (1:09:39).

Jason Calacanis [ph] 374. (1:09:40)

Leo Laporte I do have to say this is – and it’s kind of ironic that you are doing this because the – unfortunately the one thing that is missing on Android to me, the biggest single thing missing on Android is an Audible player. But I have it from…

Jason Calacanis Trust me, it’s going to made in the next 10 days.

Leo Laporte It is. No, I have it on good authority that they are working on it right now. Generally the way Audible works is they give an STK to the partners and they ask that the partners develop it for the phone and I understand they are working with Google to do an Audible player and that will be coming soon. However, until then it does work on your iPhone, your iPod, your Sansa, your Zune, your Kindle, your GPS devices, hundreds of different devices. You can also listen on your computer, download your books instantly, high quality, they sound great. My recommendation this week. I went into the Audible Frontier section. This is where they are digitizing classic sci-fi that was never recorded.

Jason Calacanis What?

Leo Laporte Well, a lot of times in sci-fi – there is no money in sci-fi audio books. So a lot of these guys are shoe-string publishers. So for instance William Gibson’s classic Mona Lisa Overdrive has never been an audio book, so Audible recorded and released it last month. This is a great audio book. Jonathan Davis reading. Let me play a little bit of Mona Lisa Overdrive. I am a huge Gibson fan.

Jonathan Davis The ghost was her father's parting gift, presented by a black-clad secretary in a departure lounge at Narita. For the first two hours of the flight to London it lay forgotten in her purse, a smooth dark oblong, one side impressed with the ubiquitous Maas-Neotek logo…

Leo Laporte I love William Gibson. I just – his stuff is…

Jason Calacanis Oh he’s my favorite.

Leo Laporte The Neuromancer created the cyberpunk genre. His books, Count Zero, Burning Chrome, All Tomorrow's Parties.

Jason Calacanis Oh, Burning Chrome is great.

Leo Laporte Is Burning –

Jason Calacanis All Tomorrow's Parties is great.

Leo Laporte Yeah, they are now all on Audible thanks to Audible Frontiers. Thank you Audible for recording them and if you are looking for a great way to listen to books you just don’t have time for, You are going to get two books because you are going to sign up for the Platinum account. You can cancel it anytime. Those books are free, yours to keep forever and I would suggest Burning Chrome and Mona Lisa Overdrive, two of the great William Gibson classics but you get to pick. There’s 70,000. I am sure you will find something. and if you twit, thank you Citrix, thank you Audible, thank you Squarespace. Jason will be looking for those hash tags or Tyler will and one of you will win a Nexus One phone, thanks to Jason and Mahalo. Thank you Jason, I really appreciate that.

Jason Calacanis Of course, of course. Big supporters of those sponsors, I mean…

Leo Laporte They love you, I will tell you that, you know, when I went out there Don Katz said, “I love Jason.”

Jason Calacanis Don’s a great guy. I see him at some of the industry events and, you know, he had a real vision for the company and people don’t know this, this company has been around a long time before it was owned by Amazon which is another one of my favorite companies and they struggled. In the early days meant that that company Audible was struggling. They had – they couldn’t get the rights to the books.

Leo Laporte You got to get the publishers. This is the same problem Apple’s going to have.

Jason Calacanis They couldn’t get them at the beginning. It was really hard for them. You know what Don Katz and his team, I give kudos to them and I didn’t believe it. When I was a journalist I had written some pieces a little negative about it like because I didn’t - the experience wasn’t perfect and they were doing this before the iPod. They had their own MP3 player.

Leo Laporte That's right, that's right.

Jason Calacanis And that’s how visionary Don Katz was. That's how visionary Audible is and now they are just hitting their stride. I mean every book is in there and to do things like take the old classics and actually have them read. I mean that's a mitzvah. I mean that's really just…

Leo Laporte Isn’t it great?

Jason Calacanis It’s like what Scorsese is like, you know, he’s – Scorsese is still the man and the other night he’s like he’s accepting some lifetime achievement award or something at the Golden Globes and he’s like, listen the most important thing we can do is preserve these films and then he rattles off 16 names of films and they show the audience, they have no idea what these films are. These actors are like, huh? What film is that? They don’t…

Leo Laporte That’s why they got to preserve them. This is our heritage. This is our cultural heritage.

Jason Calacanis And he’s doing it. Don Katz is doing it, great company and well it’s great that they support independent media because where are you going to get This WEEK in TECH? I mean TechTV, you know, shot themselves in the foot. Then they shot themselves in the other foot. Then they shot themselves in the leg then they cut their leg off. I mean they had all these great programming and they just…

Leo Laporte I know it’s sad.

Jason Calacanis …destroyed it and it’s being reborn again by the people who have a passion for it. That's what independent podcasting is about and I just – I love the [indiscernible] (1:14:05).

Leo Laporte No, I am very – I am with you. I am very grateful to these companies because it’s taking a chance to buy an ad on a podcast and now they know, they have been here – these guys have all been with us more than two years and so they know that it works but their first buy must have been a little scary.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, absolutely and obviously the buzz is significant because when I go places, I mean I have people. I told you this once where I went to Australia, the guide came on the plane and the first thing he said to me was oh Audible, I love Audible.

Leo Laporte You are famous now for that.

Jason Calacanis And I’m like, wait a second! I’m not even a - should I be getting a favorite for being a super fan? I am fine. I like being a super fan of things.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah.

Jason Calacanis That’s what it is about. We are fans of technology.

Leo Laporte What’s wrong with that? No, we are and…

Jason Calacanis A super fan.

Leo Laporte …that's the key to the whole thing. So let me talk about Bruce Schneier who is a – he is just, I think, right Dwight, I mean he’s just a guy when it comes to security.

Dwight Silverman He is so famous and so well-known in terms of security that the Chuck Norris Facts, the joke about how what a tough guy Chuck Norris is, somebody on the web did a Bruce Schneier Facts and it’s very similar…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Dwight Silverman …security geek…

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Dwight Silverman So if you become the subject of an Internet geek MIME, you are the top of your game.

Leo Laporte CNN published an article – Bruce’s blog is, must read Schneier on Security, but CNN published his essay on the China Google hack. And I hope, in their opinion section, I hope it gets a lot of attention. The headline ‘U.S. enables Chinese hacking of Google’, now unfortunately he kind of makes a statement in here which he – I don’t - there’s no reference, no link, no backup. So I don’t know - he is taking it as read that – I”ll read it, this is the quote, “In order to comply with government search warrants on user data, Google created a backdoor access system into Gmail accounts and that is the feature Chinese hackers used to gain access.” Further…

Dwight Silverman There is no source, there is no source for that. He doesn’t say where he got that, and the information that both Microsoft and Google, which hasn’t really said anything definitive, had put out that it had to…

Jason Calacanis I know where you got it.

Dwight Silverman …vulnerability.

Jason Calacanis That came from Google.

Leo Laporte You think it came from Google?

Jason Calacanis They are back-channeling.

Leo Laporte Because they want everybody to understand, look this is here because the government makes us do this.

Jason Calacanis Yes, yes.

Dwight Silverman They rather know - they’d rather people think that than think that they are using Internet Explorer 6.

Jason Calacanis Or that they created this backdoor because they want to look at their competitors emails that are using Gmail, or start-up companies or that they’re doing something nefarious like why would you put a backdoor in? You don’t need a backdoor if you’re an email provider. If somebody forgets their password, you reset it. Why would you need a backdoor?

Leo Laporte Right. Well, this is his position. He says, “Google’s system isn’t unique,” I am quoting again, “democratic governments around the world in Sweden, Canada and the U.K. for example are rushing to pass laws giving their police new powers of Internet surveillance in many cases requiring communication systems providers to redesign products and services they sell. There is also data retention laws which require them to keep it in courses we well know. The National Security Agency has been eavesdropping on all of us with the help and compliance of AT&T and Verizon who have been protected by Congressional acts. So they are not liable for this, and the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act in 1994 required them to do so.

So he says official misuses are bad enough but it’s the unofficial uses that worry me more. Any surveillance and control system must itself be secured, and infrastructure conducive to surveillance and control invites surveillance and control both by the people you expect and the people you don’t. So I have to say – because Bruce is so well respected, I am just going to have to take his word when he says there is a backdoor. I think you’re probably right, Jason, he must have gotten that from Google.

Jason Calacanis Yes, the writing is there. And interestingly in the same article he says, “NSA analysts collected more data than they were authorized to.” This is talking about NSA.

Leo Laporte Of course they do.

Jason Calacanis And use the system to spy on one’s girlfriend and notables such as President Clinton.

Leo Laporte That we know, that we know, yes.

Jason Calacanis Any system that can be hacked will be hacked. Any system that can be abused will be abused. Therefore, it’s reliant on the people who build and manage the systems to really take this seriously and not build backdoors into it. I wonder what would happen if somebody provided a service, I mean this would be an incredible company, provided an email service that was absolutely secure with no backdoors in it and that didn’t have any - had a data retention policy of zero which basically meant we delete every email in the system after 10 days.

Leo Laporte Hushmail.

Jason Calacanis Oh, really is that what Hushmail is?

Leo Laporte Phil Zimmermann, the guy who created PGP, worked with these guys. Who knows though because if the law requires everybody have a backdoor, even Hushmail have a backdoor, but it uses PGP in the background for fully encrypted mail that no one can - in theory no one can read. And I know Phil – I mean, look, Phil is not the kind of guy who’s going to put a backdoor in anything. I guess the only way you know for sure though is if it were a completely open source, right, because then somebody could look at the source and say well, here’s the backdoor or not.

Dwight Silverman Or if there is indeed a law. I mean I’m not familiar with the law that specifically says that you have to have a backdoor into email systems. There is a requirement for wiretapping communication systems.

Leo Laporte Right.

Dwight Silverman But I think that has been interpreted to primarily mean telephone. The question is…

Leo Laporte Well that’s the question. We’ve got these FISA courts, we’ve got these black courts that no one knows what’s going on inside. I mean I understand we have to fight terror, but the upshot of it is though that all of the stuff can happen completely behind closed doors and no one will know. We don’t know, the press doesn’t know. No one knows.

Dwight Silverman And the backdoor exists, and because it exists people will walk through it. And if Schneier is correct, it’s possible the Chinese walked through it in this case.

Leo Laporte And then you got to ask the question, well who is really to blame then?

Jason Calacanis And it’s pretty obvious who’s to blame.

Leo Laporte Yeah. Yahoo!, according to the journal, Yahoo! was also targeted in the Chinese attacks.

Jason Calacanis And they didn’t step up.

Leo Laporte They do not step up as Google did, and Yahoo! has really always been kind of complicit, more complicit with the Chinese government than anybody.

Jason Calacanis Yeah. Well, that’s part of the reason why they sort of got out and did the…

Leo Laporte They sold out.

Jason Calacanis They sold out because you know what I think Jerry Yang, who is Taiwanese, he couldn’t live with himself. And it was pretty famous at the D Conference a number of years ago, the Wall Street Journal’s really excellent like [ph] C-level (1:21:10) event, Terry Semel was on stage and they asked him famously like what would you do if – [ph] Scott Sherman (1:21:18) asked him ‘what would you do if the Nazis came to you asking for emails’ or something like that, in the same way the communists –China has. And he says, ‘Well, you know we really – who knows what you would do in what situation; there’s a lot of factors.’ It was the worst answer you’ve ever heard, because the only thing you’d say when people ask you that Nazi question is, like, ‘I would fight to the death, you know, against the Nazis.’

Leo Laporte Even if you wouldn’t, you say it.

Jason Calacanis Even if you’re a coward.

Leo Laporte Pay it lip service.

Jason Calacanis Exactly. And knowing what you know now, of course, but…

Leo Laporte But the fact that he didn’t is almost – it’s an admission of guilt.

Jason Calacanis It’s a tell.

Leo Laporte It’s a tell.

Jason Calacanis It’s a tell, it’s a tell.

Leo Laporte It’s a huge tell.

Jason Calacanis And basically Yahoo! – I don’t think Yahoo! management is the same as Google management. The founders – this is obviously Sergey – is very much driving this and he’s a – both those guys, very principled guys. And Sergey has immigrant parents and I think they suffered a little bit.

Leo Laporte You know who else – who else knows spying? The Obama administration; they were going to send a complaint to China and they backed down.

Jason Calacanis This is an incredibly complex issue now because of the geopolitics and the intertwining of our economy.

Leo Laporte They could bankrupt our economy by no longer buying our paper.

Jason Calacanis And we could create a civil war in theirs by not taking their imports.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis You realize how many people have moved from the north to the south to work in factories.

Leo Laporte Just to work at Shenzhen and the other factories.

Jason Calacanis And those places, and if we stop buying and consuming their products, they had a stimulus package that was – 20, 30% of their economy. We had a stimulus package that was 1 or 2% of our economy. And they would – it’s quite possible China could go into a complete civil war. I know that sounds like something out of a William Gibson novel.

Leo Laporte No, it’s completely possible.

Jason Calacanis This is what they think…

Leo Laporte They are walking the edge economically, they always have been. They had a famine under Mao that killed – I can’t remember what it was, 21 million people.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, when you have billions of people and an uncertain future economically and you don’t have the sustainability to feed them, to house them, it could turn into a really big problem. Their economy is vibrant in some ways but it’s controlled in others. They regulate their currency, etcetera. So the interdependencies, I don’t think that people actually know what would happen if we disengage from each other, let alone went to war with each other. And this is the mind-blowing thing; this is over a couple of dissidents’ email boxes.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis This is what shows you…

Leo Laporte So the dissidents got what they wanted, which is to destabilize the situation.

Dwight Silverman Wars have been started for less.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis And if – and there’s just one or two people who’re responsible for holding the line. Two, tremendous entrepreneurs in Larry and Sergey and you have to give them a lot of credit because there’s not many billionaires…

Leo Laporte Eric didn’t want to do it.

Jason Calacanis Eric didn’t want to do it, supposedly. And people have different philosophies; engagement versus isolation, but at some point you have to draw the line. And I think that they picked a good point.

Leo Laporte Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that Larry and Sergey have announced they’re going to sell off $5.5 billion worth of shares and give up majority voting power?

Jason Calacanis Absolutely not.

Dwight Silverman That was predetermined; they were going to do that already.

Leo Laporte Okay.

Jason Calacanis Anybody…

Leo Laporte It’s not like saying, ‘Okay, I think that I want to get out of here.’

Jason Calacanis No; anybody who has that amount of wealth in one stock…

Leo Laporte Yeah, you want to diversify.

Jason Calacanis They set a computer program to diversify them over years; automatic trading so they can’t ever be said to be trading on inside information.

Leo Laporte I got a tip for them. California bonds backed by the highway fund. I heard it from…

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I don’t think there’s enough California highways, actually, for them to back.

Leo Laporte 5.5 billion? No? Oh well.

Jason Calacanis They have to buy some Chinese bonds.

Dwight Silverman So Leo, you mentioned Yahoo! What about Microsoft? Microsoft – Steve Ballmer said they would follow the law in order to do business in China, and that…

Leo Laporte They – he kind of mocked Google, he said Google – these guys are dopes.

Dwight Silverman Right. Right.

Leo Laporte I mean not exactly those words, but – and then furthermore, when asked if they were hacked, they said, ‘well no, we think everything’s okay.’ Of course, Internet Explorer had a little bit of a problem.

Dwight Silverman They’re using Internet Explorer 6.

Leo Laporte Maybe they’re using Firefox and so they feel safe, I don’t know.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Dwight Silverman Well, Google didn’t have that much in terms of investment in there. They were still building kind of what they were doing. They had – of the companies that exist that had a foothold in there that could have been hurt, they’re the ones that had the least to lose in terms of pulling out.

Probably intentionally, because in the past four years, they’ve been very careful not to put servers there, not to put any other assets in there, to do as little as possible and still have a foot in that market. I don’t know what’s going to happen.

All right, if that didn’t make you angry enough, how about this one? PayPal has frozen the assets of Wikileaks is an amazing –

Jason Calacanis Lame.

Leo Laporte PayPal, wake up! – an amazing site where – very valuable whistleblower site, they have published hugely important documents. If it weren’t for Wikileaks, there’s all sorts of stuff we wouldn’t know is happening. And now as of the 23rd, which was yesterday, PayPal has frozen their assets. PayPal does this from time to time with various sites. I live in fear that they’re going to do it with our assets, but that’s why I transfer money out as quickly as I can. Because that’s the donation system we use; we’re working to make it – expand it to Google and other systems. But –

Jason Calacanis I’ll tell you what’s crazy about this. I just sent you a link in the chatroom from the Guardian, which has a picture of a Chinese Google user putting flowers on the Google office logo.

Leo Laporte Oh, isn’t that great.

Jason Calacanis The Chinese users now are backing – the Chinese citizens, and users of Google are backing them.

Leo Laporte Well, of course they are!

Jason Calacanis Right, but this says something now. Where they are trying to use our systems to enslave and possibly murder and torture their own citizens, their own citizens are protesting in favor of the American companies. This should give you hope because…

Leo Laporte This guy is very brave, though. I mean here he is pictured in the paper doing this. Ay ay ay…

Jason Calacanis That guy’s probably in a secret prison right now. But I can’t say enough about the two entrepreneurs who actually put their asses on the line for what’s right.

Leo Laporte Thank you, Larry and Sergey.

Jason Calacanis It’s so rare. People are such sellouts. And Steve Ballmer – I don’t even expect him to do the right thing. eBay, you know what, I don’t even expect eBay to do the right thing; it’s just so sad. And Wikileaks is a fantastic site, and whistleblowing laws – we give rewards, a percentage of the money recouped by the government because of IRS tax evasion and this kind of stuff – goes to whistleblowers. That’s a formal program that our government has.

Leo Laporte I didn’t know that. Wow.

Jason Calacanis Yeah. And so we are actually trying to get more people to whistleblow. So why is eBay freezing their accounts? Makes no sense.

Dwight Silverman eBay hasn’t said why, have they? They have not explained…

Leo Laporte No, they haven’t. They don’t have to really, and they don’t. I just thought I’d bring it up.

Jason Calacanis It could be a court order or something like that, where they just said, ‘freeze it,’ and…

Dwight Silverman They did the simplest thing.

Jason Calacanis They do the simplest thing.

Leo Laporte They don’t have – don’t expect spine. Spine is a rare commodity in the corporate world.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte All right, we’re going to wrap it up. This is – boy, this is a great show. There’s a bunch of other stuff we could talk about like Italy saying they want to regulate online Flash player installations.

Jason Calacanis What? Italy or [ph] illy (89:19)?

Leo Laporte Italy. Silvio Berlusconi is pushing through measures that would give the state control over online video content, and force anyone who regularly uploads video to obtain a license from The Ministry of Communications.

Jason Calacanis Is this because they got pictures of him with his mistress or something?

Leo Laporte Yeah, I’m sure it is!

Dwight Silverman [Laughter].

Jason Calacanis Wasn’t he the guy who was having the parties at his house with all those strippers? [Laughter]

[In bad Italian accents:]

Leo Laporte ‘This will not happen again.’

Jason Calacanis ‘You do not understand, Leo.’

Leo Laporte ‘No, I’m sorry, you cannot do this. I got to tell you.’

Jason Calacanis ‘These pictures have been stolen from my private collection. I cannot have these on the web!’

Leo Laporte ‘No!’

Jason Calacanis ‘This is crazy!’

Leo Laporte ‘You’re starting to sound like Mario!’

Jason Calacanis ‘I mean I want to have [ph] it on MySpace (89:57) and I’m going to put it on my computer…’

Dwight Silverman And this is fast-tracked, too.

Leo Laporte Oh yeah, they’re going to rush this through, this is ridiculous. And by the way, YouTube is one of the companies that would be heavily affected by this. It would force YouTube to police, in effect, police content, which is undoable, untenable on a site where they’re uploading twenty hours of video every minute.

Jason Calacanis I think the right thing to do with these company is to just extract themselves. There’s enough money to be made in democratic countries. Get out. If they don’t want the service, get out.

Leo Laporte I think you’re going to start seeing that. Because this undermines the fundamental premise that the internet is global. And if you’re going to do this, if you’re going to Balkanize the internet, well, okay, we’re not going to play.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, opt out.

Leo Laporte Opt out. All right. The White House unveils an iPhone, iPod Touch application. Where’s our Android version, White House? O’Reilly – this is a good one – O’Reilly drops ebook DRM, sees a 104% increase in sales.

Jason Calacanis Uh, wow. No brainer.

Dwight Silverman Actually David Pogue had done that with his books, which is also O’Reilly, and he noticed – he was very nervous about doing it – and he noticed that after doing it that his sales went up.

Leo Laporte We’ve just got to keep saying – every time this happens, just keep reporting it so that people will finally get the message.

Jason Calacanis Here’s what it is. Like I buy the book, I’m done with it, I want to give it to somebody else.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis Even if I’m at a company and I’m a small company and I buy one book for HTML and give it to seven people, you know what? I wasn’t going to buy it anyway. All you’re making me do is buy the print book and then hand it around the office or have somebody photocopy it.

Leo Laporte And as much as we love Audible, Audible’s required by publishers to do the same thing. I’m sure Amazon is required on the Kindle to do the same thing. It’s really the publishers who are going to have to say – just as the music industry did – okay; it’s not working.

Jason Calacanis Right.

Leo Laporte And kudos to O’Reilly for having the sense to do that.

Jason Calacanis Well I think it has to be content driven. The companies who are the enablers – the technology companies – they don’t have a choice. So you can’t go out and say, oh, you know, it’s this person’s fault or that person’s fault. I mean if you look at Apple, they showed the labels that they could un-DRM stuff. It took how many years? But they showed them it’s not that big of a deal. Don’t be too scared.

Leo Laporte Exactly, and that’s why I report this. It’s gonna be okay, guys, you can drop the DRM, it’s not helping.

Jason Calacanis Calm down, it’s not the end of the world.

David Silverman Anybody know what the acceleration rate for sales in the iTunes store was after they took the DRM off? How much faster it went up?

Leo Laporte That’s a good question. Remember, EMI was the first to do that, it was the big experiment everybody watched, and I do believe EMI sales went up quite a bit when they dropped it, so. I think that was the impetus to finally drop it completely in the music industry.

We’re out of time. I really appreciate your spending some time with us. Of course, all of our listeners, Jason, you’re the best, Jason Calacanis is at, he’s got a Nexus One he’s going to give away. You still have some time if you want to tweet thanks to our great sponsors and tell them you appreciate the support they give us and then Sergeant Riley there will go through it and pick one for the next one. I don’t even want to inquire on how he’s going to do it, we’ll just assume it’s random and above board.

Jason Calacanis I’m going to pick whoever has the best avatar.

Leo Laporte [Laughter]. Okay. You should look at mine.

Dwight Silverman [indiscernible] (93:15)?

Leo Laporte You’ve got one, you’ve all got one, we don’t get to play.

Jason Calacanis I don’t have a James Bond avatar.

Leo Laporte Oh, I do.

Jason Calacanis I know you do.

Leo Laporte Thanks to [ph] Jackie Free (93:24). You want one? I can get Jackie to do one.

Jason Calacanis Of course I want one, who doesn’t want to be James Bond? Come on.

Leo Laporte Who wouldn’t? Jackie’s a great designer down here on the Peninsula, she brought us cookies. And she’s a great photographer, and she said well can I do you…

Jason Calacanis Easy on the cookies; you got that Withings Scale.

Leo Laporte I’m not eating – I know, the Withings, I know. You got one too!

Jason Calacanis I got one and I took your line; I weigh in public.

Leo Laporte I weigh in public. What’s your Twitter account for the scale?

Jason Calacanis I did the same format as you. I think I’m jasons_scale. Or maybe it’s jasons_fatbastard. No, it’s jasons_scale.

Leo Laporte We have a standard for this. Yeah. And so Jason and I both have WiFi-enabled scales and when we weigh – look at you, you got great weight loss, there though.

Dwight Silverman That’s great! That’s great, I might have to do this.

Leo Laporte Yeah, join the club of crazy people who live in public.

Jason Calacanis Don’t be fat. Get a scale.

Leo Laporte Don’t be fat. Get a scale.

Jason Calacanis I’m telling you, is it not terrifying every time you get on that scale every morning?

Leo Laporte And I do it every morning, and it hasn’t gone down in about three, four days, and I’m thinking, oh shoot.

Jason Calacanis You gotta think weekly, gotta think weekly.

Leo Laporte Yeah, I know.

Jason Calacanis Anyway, you know what’s really interesting about it? Do you ever get on the scale and you’re thinking, I don’t actually know how much I weigh? It sort of makes you like a contestant on The Biggest Loser because you can’t like jump off the scale and not have it sent.

Leo Laporte Yeah, no, I hear a drum roll, every time I get on my scale, I hear a drum roll now.

Jason Calacanis It calculates it, and there is no way to stop it from uploading. So if all of a sudden you’re two pounds heavier…

Leo Laporte Too late!

Jason Calacanis Too late, it’s already on your Twitter account. Everybody knows you’re fat.

Dwight Silverman So what is the scale? What is the name of this scale?

Leo Laporte It’s called the Withings, W-I-T-H-I-N-G-S dot com, it’s on Amazon, but you can also get it directly from Withings. It’s 159 bucks, it’s not a cheap scale, but it’s beautiful.

Jason Calacanis It’s a good looking scale.

Leo Laporte It does body – it does BMI calculation, it also does your fat…

Jason Calacanis What’s your BMI?

Leo Laporte My BMI is too high, I think it’s 31, it’s…

Jason Calacanis I’m like 28 point something

Leo Laporte That’s good. You’re good.

Jason Calacanis I’m still out of the range

Leo Laporte We’re all going to get there, we’re all going to get there. We’re going to do it in public.

Jason Calacanis I know. It’s going to take time.

Leo Laporte It’s harder when…

Jason Calacanis You can hook it up to your Google Health.

Leo Laporte I did that.

Jason Calacanis I did that and then there is this other thing…

Leo Laporte

Jason Calacanis Dailyburn, I was just checking out Dailyburn, that’s amazing.

Leo Laporte That’s a great site.

Jason Calacanis I have a really good iPhone application tip, just a final thing, I’m not involved with this company or anything, I just – it’s called iFitness and this application…

Leo Laporte I use it, I love it.

Jason Calacanis Oh, you have it?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis And so you pick what you want to work out. So like, I pick what I want to workout…

Leo Laporte I’m doing the chest workout.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I was doing – I like your chest.

Leo Laporte Thank you! It’s manly.

Jason Calacanis It’s – what are you doing after the show? Anyway, no, but it’s really cool because you can pick, like I want to do this barbell press and then…

Leo Laporte It’s give the…

Jason Calacanis [indiscernible] (96:02).

Leo Laporte Yeah, it shows you how to do it. It has a description and you can record it.

Jason Calacanis And it has video.

Leo Laporte You record it as a video.

Jason Calacanis It has video now there, they’re putting video for each one…

Leo Laporte I love it.

Jason Calacanis So they record it on a white background and then you can say – I did this many reps, and anyway this is all coming together…

Leo Laporte Dailyburn also has an application that will upload your food; they have several applications that will upload your food and your workout.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I just got Dailyburn.

Leo Laporte I like Dailyburn. Dailyburn’s great.

Jason Calacanis I think that was – one of these companies out of like not Y Combinator, but another company TechStars had a [ph] boulder (96:33).

Leo Laporte Interesting.

Jason Calacanis Which is one of those like incubators where you go for like – a 10-week course and then you start a company, so it’s a really – I like this whole space – I just – remember I was [ph] doing fatblog (96:44) a couple of years ago and I was like…

Leo Laporte Yeah, yeah.

Jason Calacanis There’s something here about the community support which I guess is what Jenny Craig is about, but with the WiFi devices it’s…

Leo Laporte We’re doing it. We’re getting the support and I have 2,000 people following my scale and saying ‘good job’ or ‘whoa, better get back on the diet’ and I think that’s very valuable.

Jason Calacanis Every time I look at a plate of food, I think about that god damned twitter account. Every time. I’m just like –

Leo Laporte It works! It sounds crazy but it works...

Jason Calacanis Oh, last night my wife had these Belgian brownies. And she had this – Belgian brownie, like this– she’s chomping away at a Belgian brownie and I’m just sitting there dying.

Leo Laporte I do not know and I’ve got a list of tweeting-scales at leos_scale,; not one woman.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, no, no, no, no…

Dwight Silverman Oh! That’s interesting.

Leo Laporte No woman would do this.

Jason Calacanis I think as a guy you rewarded for being fat, You’re like – I’m drinking beers, I’m gaining weight, eating pasta; whatever, who cares?

Leo Laporte Look at Tony Soprano, nobody…

Jason Calacanis Ayyy!

Leo Laporte Ayyy!

Jason Calacanis What? Girls still love me.

Dwight Silverman Speaking on multiple accounts on this scale, if I got it can I do it so my wife wouldn’t do it?

Leo Laporte You can, yes.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Dwight Silverman Okay.

Jason Calacanis Multiple accounts, and they don’t all have to tweet. You can just set it up privately – it has all the privacy settings.

Leo Laporte You know what’s great, if your – my wife got on it and it knew there was another person used it, said would you like to add another person; it knows you didn’t lose 180 pounds in one day.

Jason Calacanis Yeah. It’s pretty sweet, it actually figures out who you are and if somebody goes on it, who is not in the system when you go to the interface, it’s like who is this person and then you can assign it.

Leo Laporte You can add them.

Jason Calacanis So if you didn’t use it for a week, you can be like oh no that is mine, I did lose that amount.

Leo Laporte It’s really cool. Yeah, no that’s really cool.

Jason Calacanis It’s well done. For a 1.0 product, pretty amazing.

Leo Laporte By the way, Dailyburn, you were talking about things like Y Combinator and Tom Friedman has a great article in The New York Times; (Steve) Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, in which he says the thing we need to do right now is incubate start-ups, this is what’s going to save our economy.

Jason Calacanis That’s why I’m investing in them. That’s why I’m bullish.

Leo Laporte Yeah, that’s what’s going to save this country, but that’s what we need to spend, not on stimulus, support – start-up support entrepreneurs get new businesses started that’s a solution, jobs, jobs, jobs.

Dwight Silverman is at the Houston Chronicle, he blogs at and of course you must read his tech blog, it’s a really great source of tech news every day. And we’re going to see you if you feel better and I hope you do at the Apple event and we’ll get you on our obsessive compulsory coverage.

Dwight Silverman Yeah, you’ll see me regardless of how I feel, you may not hear me…I’ll be there.

Jason Calacanis What time on Wednesday does coverage start?

Leo Laporte We start, I’m going to commit to 9 AM, we might said a little bit earlier maybe 8:30 AM, that’s Pacific time and the event is 10 AM to whenever I don’t know usually about 12 – 11:30 or 12.

Jason Calacanis Are you bringing on couple of like different WiFi wings or different EVDO cards to try to report from there, how are you going to do that?

Leo Laporte Well we can’t – obviously stream from inside the event they don’t let you do that, but we will – yes, exactly we’ll stream from outside the event with EVDO and the same thing when we do it at the CES and we’ll also – after the event we’ll then have a round table – we’ll do MacBreak Weekly of everybody who is around there including you Dwight I hope, kind of obsessively decomposing what Apple has said deconstructing what Apple said. And we’ll just keep going – I’m going to come back to the studio we have – this weekend computer hardware show, it’s at 4, we’ll continue to talk about the – whatever we know about the hardware, I think there’s a lot to be said and we’re going to cover it, because, truthfully, what else are we going to do. We could cover the state of the union, but I think this is better for us.

Jason Calacanis Much more important for the economy.

Leo Laporte It may be, it may be more relevant. It may well be more relevant.

Dwight Silverman That’s right.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis Oh! Obama.

Leo Laporte I’m excited – we’ll talk another day.

Jason Calacanis Yes, another show. This Week in Disappointment.

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis This Week in Ineffective…

Leo Laporte Not for Dwight. Dwight knew, we’ll give him credit, all along.

Jason Calacanis

Dwight did know.

Leo Laporte I think so.

Dwight Silverman I knew what?

Leo Laporte Didn’t you. You weren’t exactly in the Obama camp.

Jason Calacanis I want to believe.

Dwight Silverman Oh! Well I can’t say which camp I was in.

Leo Laporte He’s a journalist, look at that, see how objective he is?

Dwight Silverman Yes, I can’t say.

Leo Laporte See how objective.

Jason Calacanis I want to believe…

Leo Laporte I wanted to believe.

Jason Calacanis I just want effectiveness, let’s get something done.

Leo Laporte A leader, can we have a leader, please? Anybody?

Dwight Silverman I’ll say that, I believe in that: effectiveness please, please.

Leo Laporte Not in this day and age. In this day and age we know how to do these things. Let’s do it.

Jason Calacanis I mean, how on earth – I know it’s not a political show, but when you look at the Afghanistan decision, it’s like – it’s not the decision of the right where they wanted to send in a whole bunch of troops.

Leo Laporte No he splits the baby every time, every time.

Jason Calacanis Yeah, and it’s like that’s not leadership.

Leo Laporte Well, there is the tech angle which is – and this is what baffles me, he galvanized, he mobilized an entire cadre of young, wired people using tech tools like twitter and Facebook and webs and then what happened? For the last year…

Jason Calacanis He didn’t talk to them.

Leo Laporte Didn’t talk to them!

Jason Calacanis You know why? Because they’re going to have - there’s going to be so infuriated and not agree with his decisions…

Leo Laporte Well they are now.

Jason Calacanis [indiscernible] (101:42).

Leo Laporte Well they are now, he had the opportunity…

Jason Calacanis [indiscernible] (101:46) town hall meeting now?

Leo Laporte Maybe he doesn’t.

Jason Calacanis Where’s the town hall meetings now?

Leo Laporte Maybe he doesn’t.

Jason Calacanis If he does a town hall meeting now. It’s going to be 1,000 people saying, I thought you said we’re going to get out of this war?

Leo Laporte What did you do – yeah what happened?

Jason Calacanis What happened? We can’t win in Afghanistan. There is no winning. It hasn’t been won for a thousand years. We’re not going to change things.

Leo Laporte Now – see now we’re really going – now we’re getting depressing. Let’s stop right now.

Jason Calacanis Let’s talk about the [indiscernible] (1:42:08).

Leo Laporte We need candy. This is what’s – what Apple is going to do for us, even though it is going to be the beginning of the end of all productivity because it will be FarmVille everywhere, but at least, it’s like bread and circuses, it’s soma; at least we’ll die happy.

Jason Calacanis Absolutely.

Leo Laporte And on that high note –

Jason Calacanis Can this thing have a Bluetooth wireless like headset, wouldn’t that be awesome? If it was – like had Bluetooth that just connected so you just put it in your ears but like each one was independent, just Bluetooth onto the device?

Leo Laporte From your ears to Jobs’ ears.

Jason Calacanis He’s not really into that Bluetooth, is he?

Leo Laporte No, he didn’t like the Bluetooth.

Jason Calacanis Why? That’s – is that not weird, Steve Jobs [indiscernible] afraid of the (1:42:44) name?

Leo Laporte Yeah.

Jason Calacanis He didn’t like the tooth thing or the blue?

Leo Laporte He doesn’t like Blu-ray either.

Dwight Silverman He doesn’t like Blu-ray either, Blu-ray or Bluetooth.

Jason Calacanis It’s the blue; he doesn’t like the blue.

Dwight Silverman He doesn’t like the licensing for that.

Leo Laporte It could just be the color.

Jason Calacanis The color blue.

Leo Laporte He just could hate the color blue. It could be that simple.

Jason Calacanis No Blu-ray.

Dwight Silverman So if they called it Silvertooth they’d be [indiscernible] (1:43:02).

Leo Laporte Wait a minute, no wait, because remember the first time iMac was Bondi Blue. It can’t be that.

Dwight Silverman Oh that’s true, that’s true.

Leo Laporte Yeah, it can’t be that.

Dwight Silverman That’s true.

Leo Laporte Jason’s twitter account is simply @Jason, I don’t know he is magic, he was able to do that, and there is a great picture of –

Jason Calacanis My girl [ph] Athena (1:43:15).

[Cooing noises]

Leo Laporte Dwight Silverman is also on Twitter, what’s your Twitter handle Dwight?

Dwight Silverman dsilverman.

Leo Laporte dsilverman. Easy to remember.

Dwight Silverman Dsilverman.

Leo Laporte And follow him, and now I’m on the suggested user list, so stand back world: here I come, I’m verified too.

Dwight Silverman The new improved suggested user list.

Leo Laporte You know what? I actually like the way they have done it now is the right way to do it, but they should have done at this way all along.

Jason Calacanis We have breaking news.

Leo Laporte You’ve got lists, you’ve got – it’s not automatic, so there is nobody getting a million.

Jason Calacanis But you are getting a thousand a day.

Leo Laporte I think I am.

Jason Calacanis [indiscernible] (1:43:52) per day.

Leo Laporte All of a sudden I’m getting quite a few more hits. Is it a thousand – I don’t know if it’s a thousand, but it’s quite a few more hits.

Jason Calacanis Michael Arrington headline; Overheard: Steve Jobs says Apple tablet will be the most important thing I’ve ever done.

Leo Laporte That Mike just said that?

Jason Calacanis Yeah, he – somebody overheard Steve Jobs says the most important thing I’ve ever done.

Leo Laporte That’s clearly what they are leaking. That’s clearly the message coming out of Apple is that this is Steve’s capping achievement, his crowning achievement.

Jason Calacanis Yeah.

Leo Laporte That’s why I’m excited about Wednesday.

Jason Calacanis Wednesday, starting at 9:00 o’clock, be there or be square. Maybe I’ll call you at the end of the day when we –

Leo Laporte Please do, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Jason Calacanis Just like the end of the day, like, the last guy when you’re closing the shop.

Leo Laporte Yeah, please. Please.

Jason Calacanis Like, what is it, like five, 6:00 o’clock you close up?

Leo Laporte Make it five. I don’t want to – I probably exhausted but –

Jason Calacanis Yeah, I’ll back clean up.

Dwight Silverman This is why I just love sci-fi TechCrunch and Arrington. We haven’t heard this firsthand but we’ve heard it multiple times second and third hand from completely independent sources.

Leo Laporte Which means, everybody is just repeating everybody else.

Dwight Silverman Right.

Jason Calacanis You can complain all you want, the TMZ and TechCrunch are right more often than they were on.

Leo Laporte Maybe.

Dwight Silverman That’s true but it drives me crazy.

Leo Laporte It’s not journalism, just because you’re a journalist…

Dwight Silverman Right.

Leo Laporte And by the way, Mike does this all the time. And half – he’s not right all the time, I mean –

Jason Calacanis I know but he got a lot of things right. I mean he’s broken a lot of stories, you have to give him credit.

Leo Laporte All right, I’ll give him a little credit, but doesn’t matter –

Jason Calacanis Basically he [indiscernible] (1:45:20) knowing that he’ll post a lot, he’s going to be a little bit freer with what he posts.

Leo Laporte It’s like the Gawker of – it’s good, it’s fun. I don’t have a problem with it.

Jason Calacanis They’ll run with things, and you know what? They run with them and it’s a new technique that sure makes journalists crazy which is they run with the rumors...

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis …to see if they can get confirmation.

Leo Laporte Right.

Jason Calacanis Whereas a journalist picks up the phone and said, I heard a rumor, can I get a confirmation. These guys use the blog and the public channel to get the next thing which is why they beat journalists all the time, because they are willing to put out the rumor.

Leo Laporte Exactly.

Jason Calacanis It’s a technique.

Leo Laporte It works – it works for him.

Jason Calacanis We invented it at Engadget.

Leo Laporte Okay, well no wonder you know so much about it.

Jason Calacanis [ph] Peter Ross (1:45:57) invented it.

Leo Laporte Now we know where it comes from. Jason, Dwight great, a great show. Always a pleasure. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you all for watching, remember we do this live every Sunday afternoon, 3:00 PM Pacific, 6:00 PM Eastern. You can watch at and we will be back here Wednesday with full day coverage of Steve’s most important thing he’s ever done. It’s going to be big.

Jason Calacanis No pressure Steve.

Leo Laporte I am going to be front and center for that one, I cannot miss that one.

Jason Calacanis Wouldn’t it be great if his presentation crashes, like a big blue screen of death; he’ll kill somebody [indiscernible] (1:46:33).

Leo Laporte Somebody will actually die for that, yeah.

Jason Calacanis Literally, he’ll cut somebody’s arm off.

Leo Laporte Yeah. We’ll see you next time. Another TWiT is in the can.

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